Community Announcements - Noxy
UK CTF #1 .... BRING IT!
Community Announcements - Noxy
We've shipped a new patch folks! Featuring two community created craft by Darth Wilson and support for the italian Language! Thanks to Matteo Guareschi and Luca Pontiroli, Last but not least , theres a launcher tool included in the patch too. To help anyone having problems loading the game :).

We should be running some events tomorrow to celebrate the 1st anniversary. So keep your eyes peeled!
Product Update - Valve
Change Log: 14.June.2011
v. / v.
Updates to Dogfighter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes/fixes/additions include:
DogFighter is 1 year old today!


- Vanguard Fighter
- Harbinger Fighter
Both craft have been created by community member Darth Wilson. Many, many thanks mate!

- Italian Language Support (thanks to Matteo Guareschi and Luca Pontiroli).
- DogFighter Launcher Tool (toggles graphics and language settings).
- Additional debug commenting for runtime.log

This patch is dedicated to the memory of Janet Parish-Whittaker.

Product Update - Valve
Updates to Dogfighter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Some minor graphics tweaks
  • Fixed bug that stopped players keeping pitch inverted
  • Server stability issues improved
  • Server Crash on start up on some Windows7 set ups
Community Announcements - mooTV

We are indeed muppets of the highest order and you have every right to kick snot out of us.

BUt we have FIXED the problem.
We are now performing maintenence on our hosted servers but you can grab the server app for yourself here

GET IN!!!!

PS I will let you know when the official servers are back up and running.
Community Announcements - Noxy
Check out or the Steam Storefront for the trailer of the new content!

Thanks for all your support guys!
Product Update - Valve
Change Log: 16.March.2011
v. / v.


- Ace's High Level
- KillerBee and AngelFire plane

Change Log: 3.March.2011
v. / v.

DEMO UPDATE - The Demo on steam has finally been given much needed love!
The demo is now up to date with the main version of the game, the biggest change of which is
that it now includes a tutorial mode!

- New weapon configs added for new craft
- New tracer visuals for Machine Gun and Vulcan (better visibility in multiplayer)
- Localization framework for other languages
- Multiplayer chat supports more special characters.
- Transparency for level icons
- Plane selection changed to deal with more incoming planes.
- Host checks if player is known on low level network list before handling messages

- Undefined string when selecting an already-in-use key (in controls options)
- Mouse cursor now shows during loading screen
- Typo on Credits page
- Problems with spaces in swift cockpit mesh fixed.
- Issues with missing faces on volcano rocks.
- Joining a server running old gods now correctly shows the mini level icon
- Ability text clipping on plane selection / help.
- Steam crash in spawnPlayer() (Steam error ID 27876457)
- Problem with back button from level selection to main screen (bug 5976)
- A crash sometimes caused by a dead-lock in Input Manager
- Mouse Cursor navigation by x-joypad works again
- Unicode characters were wrongly converted to text event
- Super-charge consumption when unlimited boost for loop, immelman as well as for barrel-roll
- Deleted some obsolete graphics files
- Crash when doing QuickMatch->Cancel->QuickMatch
- Keyboard/Joypad initial settings

- Vulcan damage increased by 300%
- Machine Gun damage increased by 300%
- Machine Gun and Viper only now fire 1 bullet at a time (down from 3)
- Increased Samnite health by 25 points (both normal and boosted health)
- Visual improvements to Old Gods Sea bed
- Added greener sand for Old Gods
- Disabled some memory checks
- Resized a suspect Shambhala skin
- Resized menu screen texture assets
- Resized Splash screen
- MOTD can now take some basic HTML

Announcement - Valve
To celebrate upcoming St. Patrick's Day and the free 'Aces High' content update, DogFighter is on sale now through Thursday, March 17th 10am Pacific Time.

DogFighter is a fast paced, arcade aerial combat game with arena style gameplay. Players can compete against up to 15 opponents in 4 multiplayer modes, or go solo in 7 single player game modes, using beefed up biplanes sporting over 20 different offensive and defensive weapons...
... and that’s just the start.

Community Announcements - Noxy

You can also check out a post on our new company website :), it also has the video, if reddit ain't your thing.

Thanks guys for helping us meet this goal, Unfortunately I don't have any prizes to give out, but I will tell you that the new content patch for DogFighter is coming this Thursday! (Steam Time!) 2 new craft + 1 new level and some balanace changes / bugfixes :).

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