Community Announcements - Flying Interactive
  • japanese translation
  • made game track time actually spent playing
  • made staff piece win active button in inventory (so one can climb on for higher score)
  • made throwing accessable via quickbar
  • allowed throwing of stones and steel balls
  • added effect icon for fighting unarmed
  • removed "immune to" messages from monsters off screen
  • refined fade out in light circle drawing
  • fixed double flaw deselection bug
  • made projectile animation speed depend on distance
  • increased visible map area in map view
  • made cauldron and grimoire show if used already by disabling "use" menu
  • added +- as additional hotkeys for quickbar row switch
  • added option settings to allow tweaking game difficulty
  • fixed local highscore bug
  • fixed robes' effects
  • fixed crashbug with arcane writing & empty spell list
  • fixed archipelago
  • fixed robe "breath of winter"
  • fixed firedemon exit
  • fixed gambler music bug
  • fixed weapon throwing bug
  • deactivated monster dodge if blind,sleeping or invisible player
  • fixed overpowered "witch sight" spell
  • star money places gold in a radius around player instead of all over the level
  • reduced monster spawn rate

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