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Hi guys, tonight’s update sees the addition of Rogue Hunters.

Rogue hunters are less predictable than the existing hunter squads. They regularly pick new camping spots, and aren’t concerned with building large bases, instead favoring simple camps under the stars. Equipped with lower tiered arsenals and less armor, they present less of a threat during combat. However they can take the player by surprise due to their variable camping spots around the map.

They will begin to move into the world a few days after the existing hunter squads start building their bases. Players with established save games will have them begin moving in within a day.

The number of rogue hunter camps is dictated by easy/normal/hardcore modes, as well as the number of hunters occupying each camp. They can be disabled/enabled as usual using the checkbox when launching a game.

My hope is that they will introduce more interesting surprise encounters, as well as providing additional looting opportunities for players looking for a fight. They are currently fairly rare, so don’t expect to see them around every corner. I’ll wait for feedback from you guys before tweaking their frequency and behavior.

As always, this update is intended to be iterated upon, so I welcome any/all feedback. I know there are many other things that need immediate attention (such as animal/hunter interaction, lower-tiered weapons, map expansion, further base technology progression, etc). I really appreciate everyone’s patience as the early access moves forward.

Please do let me know if you experience any issues with the update, and thanks so much for all the feedback and discussion, it really helps a lot. I’ll be on the forum.

Have a great weekend!

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi there, another quick update. Here's a list of the more notable changes in tonight’s patch:
  • Added new fire-starter kit item. Many players rightly complained about the reliance on RNG for finding matches in crates (especially in hardcore mode). You can now craft an ignition source with purely natural items.

  • Reduced amount of matches spawning in supply crates (and from starter kit).
  • Added hud indicator for condition of buildables. So you no longer have to use a hammer to find the health of a buildable. When you are facing the buildable, it’s health will show top-center (useful for accessing damage when grenading into a hunter base).
  • Loot can now be found in several of the devices in hunter bases (rather than only the storage chest).
  • Now a chance of finding crafted solar panels in hunter bases when raiding.
  • Hunters now perform routine repairs to damaged base items.
  • Enabled hunters dropping kit on death in hardcore (previously disabled).
  • Hunters now occasionally skim the ash from their campfires.
  • Small animals can no longer be permanently kept in inventories or storage chests. They will eventually die unless placed inside an animal housing and fed/watered.
  • Fixed bug where hunter base lights would turn on/off when no hunters were present.
  • Jumping while crouched will now make the player stand-up (small thing, but used to really bug me).
  • Fixed a couple of areas on the map where players could get stuck in the geometry.
More substantial changes will be coming soon. I’m keen to continue taking steps away from such heavy reliance on supply crates and fleshing out the core gameplay loop, as well as building out the hunters and their behaviour.

Thanks to everyone that has been patient with the early access bugs and balancing issues. I really appreciate all the feedback and suggestions that players have been posting. I’ll be on the forums as usual!

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi guys,

I wanted to release a small mid-week patch to address some of the balancing issues with the new modes (primarily the Hardcore mode).

Prior to this patch the animals in Hardcore were way overpowered (in terms of stamina) and once a player was under-chase, there was little chance of escape. There was also an over abundance of resources, meaning seasoned players were not given a sufficient challenge (other than avoiding the OP predators and death). This patch makes the following key changes:
  • A new stamina system for predators (including hunters). Predators will no longer pursue with limitless stamina, and will need slow their pace for short periods once exhausted. However they can still compete well against the player, so if you’re malnourished or low on stamina, you will be forced to defend yourself. **Change applies to all modes**
Changes exclusively for Hardcore mode:
  • Reduced the amount of loot containers, ore nodes and harvest-able vegetation spawns.
  • Reduced the loot quantity within supply crates.
I also increased the lifetime of human corpses in the world. It was a bit jarring having the hunter and player corpses despawn so quickly (no changes to timers on gear drops).

It was awesome to see so many players trying out the new modes. The feedback has been crucial in making necessary changes to start improving these modes. Thanks for all the support and discussion on the forums. Please let me know if you experience any issues with the update.

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi there. Hope everyone had a great holiday. Here are the details for this week’s patch:

New Game Modes (easy/normal/HARDCORE):
Much of the feedback from players has been that they either want a greater challenge or a rest from the high-stakes to focus on building etc.

These new modes should now give players more choice to play closer to their own personal tastes. Here’s some key points on the two additional modes:

Easy mode:
  • Reduced amount of predators.
  • Option to reload previous save game on death (or continue and respawn).
  • Reduced hunter bases and the amount of hunters in each base.

  • Only a single life (however additional spawns can be purchased at the bed at an increasing cost).
  • Heightened animal senses and aggression.
  • Reduced starting kit (only an axe, glowstick and pants).

Player and animal spawns:
I’ve reworked the spawning system to address issues with close proximity to animals when spawning into the world (for both players and animals). I also addressed the bug whereby animals could spawn in player bases.

Singleplayer launch menu update:
Many players rightly complained about the issue of accidentally clicking on ‘Start a new solo game’ on an existing profile. Now existing profiles don’t display this option, and instead offer the option to clear the profile before starting a fresh save.

Clearing areas of predators:
Previously, the respawning of animals was extremely quick after killing them, and in fact would not persist in a save game (meaning loading a save game would respawn all animals). There is now a more lengthy cooldown on animal respawns (which persists after loading a save). This means if you clear the predators from around your base, you will have a period of peace.

Other small fixes:
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players the kill bears with the axe by standing on a foundation and repeatedly interrupting their attack animation.
  • Balanced animal spawns in certain areas.
  • Fixed bug where player’s dropped kit would spawn on the roof or upper floor when killed in a base.
  • Added hints regarding dropped-kit despawn time, animal leveling system and free starter M9.
  • Many other small fixes.

I’m really excited for how the game will evolve throughout 2017, I have a lot I hope to achieve. Thank you so much to everyone that’s been supporting the project, and those posting feedback and suggestions on the forum (i spend a lot of time reading the threads). It helps immensely to read thoughts and feedback from active players. Please let me know if you have any issues with the update. I’ll be on the forums.

Happy new year!
Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi there! Here are the notes for tonight’s update:

* Hunters can now be enabled/disabled for save game profiles. This will work for existing save games. Disabling hunters and loading an existing save will wipe them from the world. You can re-enable them again, but they will need to build up from scratch. Note: An autosave needs to occur before re-enabling them. I will be making further improvements to the menu system in the next few updates.

* Added a new system to provide contextual hints and guidance for new players starting out.
* Nails can now be crafted from the Workbench (Weapons bench has been renamed to ‘Workbench’).

* Remodeled foundation stairs so they can be snapped together without looking crooked (small thing, but this was just bugging me).

* Fixed bug where extra laser would temporarily show in the refinery when purchasing the power efficiency upgrade.
* Increased max-stack-counts of several items:
-- Logs: 50
-- Planks: 50
-- Scrap metal: 40
-- Weapon parts: 50
-- Bandage: 15
-- Berries: 50
-- Cloth: 50
-- Protein bar: 40
-- Sticks: 50

I know there are lots of other issues that need attention, in particular the overall balancing and hunter system, as well as lower-tier weapons, etc, etc. I’m always reading the feedback on the forums, and you guys have been giving me great insight into the main problems that need attention (as well as giving some great suggestions for new features).

I’m excited for the continued evolution of the game into in the new year. Thank you so much to everyone that has been supporting the project since the early access release. As always, please let me know if you experience any issues with the update. Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas!

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi guys. Today's update see's the introduction of craftable Solar Panels.

Since limiting the BCU's to allow only one that will auto-generate power/mass, many players have been asking for additional means of generating power. Especially now ammo casings require power to craft.

The Solar Panels are not cheap, but provide a trickle of power that can exceed the limits of what the BCU is able to provide. They can also be upgraded to further increase their power production. They can be placed on any base structures, as well as the terrain surrounding the base (although they are fairly fragile, so be wary of bears tearing them down).

Obviously the time of day affects their ability to generate power, and throughout the night they will not generate any at all.

The balancing will almost definitely need tweaking, so please let me know your thoughts if you feel it is unfairly balanced as it currently is (or needs nerfing).

As always, thanks so much for all your feedback and discussion on the current state of the game, it really helps a lot. I do try to read all threads.

Dec 7, 2016
Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi there, no real update. Just had to push a hot-fix to prevent an exploit where players were able to enrage bears to destroy hunter bases.

Also to fix an issue that was preventing fresh-spawns from spawning with a bandage (causing lots of understandable rage-quiting for new players).

Just keeping everyone informed when things change.

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi guys, here are the details of tonight's update:

* Zinc has now been introduced as a new mineable resource and can be refined down into Zinc Fragments.

* Ammo casings can now be crafted in the weapons bench using Zinc, Copper and Scrap (also a small amount of power and mass). This is another small step towards moving away from reliance on crates for ammo. Also, hopefully better equipping players to fend against later-game hunter squads. You’ll have to let me know if the balancing seems off.

* Grenade bounce has been reduced to ⅓ of what it was. This is a temp measure until better raiding tools and mechanics are implemented.
* Hunter base loot has been slightly increased (to counter the reduction of firearm damage to doors).
* Falling damage height has been slightly increased.
* Fixed bug where weapon bench craft recipe previews wouldn’t update power and mass as it fluctuates.
* Increased frequency of hints to build a BCU for new players (I’ll add an option to disable these hints in a future update).

Please let me know if the balancing seems off on the new changes (i'll be on the forums as usual). I know that a lot of systems desperately need work, but with gradual iterations and your guys feedback, I hope the game will start to gain much greater depth, and ultimately… be more fun to play.

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi there. Here are the patch notes for the update that just went out. This week it's primarily exploit and bug fixes:

* Fixed a game-breaking bug where hunters would stop spawning under certain circumstances. If your save has abandoned hunter bases, they will start repopulating within a day.
* Fixed exploit where multiple BCU's in a base would provide additional mass (they can still be used to extend your base build radius).
* Now only one player base at a time will auto-generate power and mass. This prevents the exploit where players could build an exterior base and farm lockpicks/water/etc.
* Fixed exploit where players could build in hunter bases by extending their build reach using the numpad keys.
* Reduced effectiveness of bullets/shells on base items (including doors).
* Fixed bug where recycling weapons was giving way too much mass (and not taking into account upgrades). Now weapons with upgrades will yield more mass than standard ones when recycled.
* Fixed annoying bug where butcher icon would should when looking at a dead rabbit/chicken.
* Fixed bug where refinery and mass fabricator state was not saving on save games (which was resulting in them always being turned off and reset when loading a game).
* Increased hunter turning speed.
* Fixed bug where config and graphics settings would reset after an update.
* Fixed a couple of rock formations where it was possible to get permanently stuck (if you find anymore, please let me know).

Thanks so much to everyone that has been posting in the forums and letting me know about the issues they've encountered. I read the forums regularly and it's been awesome having you guys helping out as the project continues to make progress. It is very much appreciated.

I'll keep everyone updated as new content is added.

Community Announcements - ColdGames
Hi guys. I've just pushed a patch that 'should' address many of the causes of game-crashes players have been experiencing (in particular when picking up items from the world).

Thank you so much for those who have been sending your logs to help me investigate. It has been a huge help, and I'm truly grateful for your support.

I've also included a few other small fixes:
* Fixed exploit whereby player could keep generators/woodburner/etc fully fueled at no cost by spamming fuel into the slot.
* Added pre-baked collision caching for many of the world items, preventing collision needing to be constantly cooked at run-time.
* Found and fixed small memory leak in the hud application.
* Bumped the berry-water max stack count to match that of water.

I'm still committed to improving stability, and this patch will not address ALL issues. So if/when you experience a crash, it would really help if you could send me your log file (details here:

As always, please let me know if you experience any other issues with the update. I'll be on the forums.


Edit: There was a small bug with the initial patch whereby the fridge hud would get stuck. You guys let me know immediatedly (thank you), and it's been patched. Sorry about that guys, I'll try to do better next time.

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