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Hi guys. Today’s update finally brings co-op multiplayer to the public build. Thanks for everyone’s patience while I worked through this one. MP has easily been the most requested feature since EA launch, so I’m excited to start getting some feedback and moving forward with the project.

For this first step, players are able to host their own games to play with friends (dedicated servers will eventually follow). Any host has 5 multiplayer profile slots (similar to singleplayer), allowing groups to shut down their server and resume any profile at a later date.

Note: In order for hosts to be seen in the game list, they may need to forward their Steam port (27015). For assistance with troubleshooting, please refer to the community forums, where many community members have been helping other players (thanks for all the help!).

Also, please be sure to set a password if you intend to play with only friends.

Co-op (PvP?):
Currently the game design is focused around co-op. Building and upgrading a base together, while surviving, fending off hunter attacks, and attacking hunter bases. While it is possible to kill other players, PvP is not a focus at this point.

When a player establishes a base, they can add/remove players as base-members from the ‘Players’ tab in the BCU. A base-member is able to open doors, build, move items etc, whereas non base-members are limited.

Hunter Aggression:
Just as in singleplayer, players can choose to enable/disable hunters at any point. If disabled then re-enabled, they will need to build up from scratch.

In co-op the hunter presence and aggression is greater than that of singleplayer. This is an attempt to balance the difficulty, as players will be able to better defend themselves in groups. Please note that this balance is something I’ll be continuing to iterate on. I’ll be listening to feedback and making changes accordingly.

Focus on fortifying your base walls with armor plating, upgrading your weapons and wearable armor to better resist the pressure from hunter attacks.

Some other changes/tweaks:
  • Higher resolution skies and sunsets/rises. I’ve reworked the day/night cycle to have higher detail, as well as draw-out the length of transitions during mornings and evenings.

  • Grenades now only require 1 sinew to craft (3 was way too much).

  • Fixed audio glitch causing heavy splashing sound when entering/exiting lakes.
  • There are now 5 single player save profiles. So if you’ve been meaning to try out a new build, you have 2 new slots.

  • Eating most foods now depletes hydration. There wasn’t enough emphasis on collecting water, as too many foods gave a supplement of water. This change is subtle, but should improve the overall balance (let me know).

  • Reworked the woodburner model and particle fx. The woodburner model was previously extremely high poly and suffered material artifacting (and flames that clipped through the model). The new model addresses these issues and has 20% of the poly count (so much better performance).

  • Fixed bug where a phantom glowstick lights would appear in the world.
  • Hunters now move at a greater speed when closing in on a target player base.
  • Increased despawn time on fired arrows.

Thanks so much for everyone’s patience and support since the last update. The multiplayer netcode has required much greater work than typical feature updates. As this is the first step into multiplayer, please expect some technical issues while I iron-out the kinks. I’ll be working hard to resolve player issues. Also, a big thanks to everyone who have been helping with connection troubleshooting on the forums.

With this milestone passing, I’m hugely excited to start moving forward with new features and expanding on the gameplay and mechanics. There are many things I’ve been eagerly waiting to start on.

As always, keep me informed with issues or feedback on the new changes (I’ll be on the forums), and have a great week!

Subsistence - ColdGames

New Predator - Cougar:
A new predator now occupies the high-grounds of the world. The cougar is rare and presents a greater threat than the other wildlife, being faster and with heightened senses. Players should avoid encounters unless well prepared.

To help balance the early-game, Cougar’s will not enter the world until the player has established a base (placed their BCU). Unless in hardcore mode, where they will be present from day 1.

As with all other predators, Cougars will engage hunters when necessary, and vice versa (so use it to your advantage where possible).

Some tweaks and nerfing may be required, so I’m keen to hear feedback from players. I plan to further build upon the Cougar’s behavior patterns and stats moving forward.

New items and crafting changes:
Butchering Cougars will yield Sinew (yield size is based on animal level). This is used in many existing crafting recipes. It is also used for crafting Rope, which is now used on many of the advanced weapon, armor and base upgrades. The intention is that these are later-game items; harder to obtain, yet not crucial for early-game (so a new player is not expected to hunt Cougar on their first day).

It’s now possible to craft Metal Ingots in the Workbench using Copper and Iron. The aim here is to simplify the higher tier crafting recipes, while allowing a means to process raw materials down into higher value items.

There has been a sizable restructuring to the craft recipe system (across the board). There may well be some imbalance in item requirements, so I welcome feedback and intend to iterate on these changes.

Auto Log Collection:
Logs will now auto-drop into the player’s inventory while harvesting. I understand that some player may disagree with this choice, but I feel it can be too frustrating when dealing with thick foliage.

To balance this change, planks now require 3 logs to craft. This should not impact the grind by much, as players will spend far less time searching for dropped logs.

Other Changes:
  • Tightened the spread on the shotgun. This change is subtle, but should make a difference during mid-range combat.

  • Fixed bug where starter Canteen’s would sometimes not fill the water meter on plantbeds and animal housing.
  • Fixed bug where dying while in shallow water would cause the player kit to not drop.
  • Added sound and particle effect for hand-catching chickens.
  • Improved player death-ragdoll (no more extended fingers etc).
  • Increased texture resolution of animals, players and hunters at close/medium range.
  • Smoothed animal movement over angular terrain.
  • Fixed bug that was allowing animal attacks to be interrupted/reset during a fight. This may impact balance/difficulty (let me know if things are off).
  • Added low-pass filtering to predator idle sounds at distance.
  • Added new death camera. Also removed several hud elements during death scene, allowing the player to better assess what happened.

As always, thank you SO much to everyone that has been supporting the project. The feedback (forum comments, uploaded gameplay, etc) has become so essential while working on the game. It really highlights for me how incredibly impactful an early-access community can be for a project, for which I’m so grateful.

Please let me know any issues/thoughts on the update (I’ll be on the forums). Have a great weekend!

*Edit* Hotfix updates (Aug 19th):
  • Added ability to optionally disable auto log pickups (it's enabled by default). The option can be found under Options->Gameplay.
  • Added chance of sinew spawning in locked crates.
  • Dead chickens no longer squawk when picked up.
  • Updated ambient environment sounds.
  • Updated cougar falling animation (minor).
Subsistence - ColdGames

Water Collection and Purification:
It is now possible to collect water from the various lakes on the map. Survivors now spawn with a metal canteen (apart from in hardcore mode where players must craft their own).

The canteen can be filled at any water source, and can then be used to boil on a campfire or woodburner to purify the water. Dirty water is still drinkable, but runs the risk of illness (and provides slightly less hydration).

Illness and Medicinal Treatment:
Eating under-cooked or rotten meat, or drinking unpurified water now runs the risk of contracting illness. It’s also possible to become ill through infection from wild animals attacks.

Illness will reduce the player’s max health and strength to 60% of full. However illness is not terminal, and it’s possible to live indefinitely while ill, just with impaired stats. An antidote can be crafted to cure illness (found in default crafting menu):

Switchable Ammo Types:
There are now mechanics for switching through different ammo types on weapons. The bow now has a new ‘Premium’ arrow which is craftable at the workbench.

These new arrows do more than double the damage of standard wooden arrows, and have a higher velocity with less projectile drop. They also have far less chance of breaking, and can even hit rock surfaces without breaking.

Ammo types can be switched while moving around the world (using L-Alt, which is rebindable), or by simply clicking on the ammo type displayed above the weapon while accessing your inventory.

The new arrows require premium features to be crafted, which can only be acquired through domesticating chickens. As chickens level up in the animal housing, they will yield more premium feathers. I’m hoping this will add more value to the mechanics of domesticating animals, and I plan to build upon this further in future updates.

Death Crate Beacon:
One of the most requested features since launch has been a way to find the player’s dropped kit after death. I’ve been reluctant to implement this as I didn’t want to undermine the achievement of successfully surviving. However I could see that the current system was unbalanced and a source of frustration, and that I should experiment with some ideas.

Now when the player dies, a beacon will show, indicating the location of the dropped gear. However a third of the contents of the kit will be destroyed. This does not include weapons, although will affect ammo loaded in the weapon. I’m hoping this change will maintain the satisfaction of evading death, while reducing the frustration from losing a full kit of upgraded gear. Note: In easy mode no items will be destroyed.

Reduced dependency on medical supply crates.
Now that players are able to gather and purify their own water, loot spawning in medical crates has been greatly reduced (typically the primary means of acquiring water). This means players will need a greater focus on actual survival tactics, rather than relying on random supply crates.

Note: The supply crates have always been placeholder, to allow for balancing of resources as gameplay mechanics are slowly introduced during the development process. As the game evolves, the reliance on supply crates will be continuously reduced, allowing for a more tactical survival experience.

Other misc fixes:
  • Fixed placement-bug when moving a previously placed door.
  • Increased shotgun shell stack count to 20.
  • Animal corpses now disappear once looted.
  • Fixed bug where crafting an item with a maxed out inventory wouldn’t drop the crafted item.
  • Increased capacity of storage crate by 5 slots:

Thank you so much to everyone that’s been supporting the project. It really makes a huge difference to hear the thoughts and opinions from players playing the game. I know that lots of work is needed, but I’m truly excited for the future of the project.

Please do let me know if you experience any issues with the update, I’ll be on the forums. Have an awesome weekend!

PS: I'm afraid the update will reset controls to default, sorry for the inconvenience here. Also there are a few minor changes I'd like to make following the update, so you may see one or two quick updates following this one.

*Edit* Hotfix update (29th July):
  • Items issued for free as starting kit no longer drop when the player dies. This should address exploits of using the death beacon to farm starter kits.
  • Illness now persists after a death/respawn (unless the player is yet to build a base). This should remove the exploit of suiciding to cure illness.
  • Fixed bug where canteen water would remain clean when refilling after using on the animal housing or plantbed.
  • Fixed bug where sounds of picking kelp underwater would be silent.
Subsistence - ColdGames

Hi guys, Today’s update finally sees the introduction of swimmable lakes into the world of Subsistence. It’s been one of the top requested features since release, and will open up a huge range of possibilities for future updates, map expansion and new gameplay mechanics. As well as introducing new scenic locations for base building, and battles with the neighbors.

The water is fully swimmable (which also means by predators and hunters). The new underwater areas introduce a new biome that will soon become valuable areas for specific resource gathering. It’s not currently possible to drink the water, but this will come very soon, so please stay tuned.

Harvest-able Kelp is a new resource that can be harvested on lake beds. Kelp has low nutritional value, but in quantity offers a viable alternative when other vegetables are scarce (or you can feed it to your bunnies). This is another step towards removing the reliance on random chance from crate spawns.

Currently there are 3 new lakes of varying size in the existing play area (the largest of which is found on the north side of the map). It seemed necessary to implement several smaller lakes in the existing play area before further expanding the map.

This means there have been some terrain changes that may impact player profiles. It’s possible you may find you have existing hunter bases submerged in water. If this occurs, you can always reset the hunters on that profile. This seemed preferable to forcing a wipe (which I will always try to avoid).

There has been a lot of work on the AI (hunters and animals), to allow them to negotiate the water and incorporate it into their existing behaviours. Especially to avoid opening up new means of exploits. However the extent of the changes will surely introduce some bugs and oddities, so please do let me know on the forums if you spot anything.

Few other unrelated small tweaks:
  • Added 3d bump-mapping to reinforced metal walls and floors.
  • Added blood-splatter decals for various surfaces.
  • Added fallback if player falls out of world. This is very rare, but has led to a few reports of players losing their gear. Now players will simply respawn with all their gear. I'm investigating the root cause of this.
  • Fixed behavior bug where hunters try to harvest invisible trees.

Thank you so much for your patience with this one, I know the wait has been longer than usual. I don’t like leaving such breaks between updates. I’d been putting this off as I knew it would hold-up other features to make it happen. However this now opens up huge possibilities for future updates. Thank you to everyone that’s been supporting the project, and those active in the community and giving feedback on the current state of the game (I welcome both negative and positive). Please let me know if you experience any issues with the update. Have a great week!

Subsistence - ColdGames
Map Expansion

Hi guys, This update I’ve taken some time to expand the map on the west side. This area was previously a wasteland, but now features some distinctive geometry, which should provide some navigational reference points, as well as opportunities for new base designs.

I plan to put more focus into world expansion and new biomes in the upcoming releases.

Ability to Move Placed Buildables:
A highly requested feature; players are now able to move any placed buildables in their base (apart from BCU’s). This works for base structures and machinery alike. Looking at an item and holding down the ‘Move Buildable’ key (which is now bindable in the controls), allows replacement within a fixed perimeter. Pressing ‘escape’ or any toolbelt slot will cancel movement of a buildable.

This should give players more freedom when items are placed by mistake, or for simply reorganizing a base.

Other changes:
I’ve added an in-game volume control. This was a point of frustration for players streaming/recording.

Greatly increased recoil on the .44 revolver. Also tweaked the handling sounds to make the weapon feel more weighty.

I’ve also fixed it so the weapon sits correctly in the Workbench when upgrading. Also added improved graphic for the .44 rounds in the inventory.

Fix issue whereby hunters would display less aggression towards predators. You can now expect to see/hear way more hunter/animal interactions in the world (and exploit them in your favor).

  • Fixed bug where mass cost was not increasing through weapon upgrades.
  • Fixed bug where arm/weapon movement animations would continue to play while player was in their inventory.
  • Increased the size of the workbench.
  • Reduced the amount of gunparts dropped by hunters.
  • Increased the brightness of campfires and woodburners.
  • Many other small changes and infrastructure work.
Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting the project and giving feedback in the forums (both positive and negative), I really do appreciate it.

I know that many players are waiting for multiplayer. Once I have the core base mechanics down, I will switch my focus to supporting MP (alongside evolving the game). I’m excited for the changes and challenges this will bring, but I want to ensure I have a solid foundation to build upon. *The single-player component will always continue to be supported as new modes are introduced. I hope you can be patient as the project continues to evolve.

See you guys on the forums. Have a great friday/weekend!
Subsistence - ColdGames

.44 Revolver
It's been a long time since a new firearm was added to the game, so I wanted to spend some time implementing one of my favorites.

The .44 Revolver packs some serious firepower, and is ideal for close to mid-range combat. The .44 rounds are a little more expensive than the 7.62's and the weapon itself requires weapon parts to craft. So players will need to open locked crates, kill some hunters, or raid a base before they can acquire the weapon.

I'm hoping the addition of the Revolver will add more depth and variance to the combat, and give players more choice in how they want to arm-up.

Hunters don't currently use the .44, but that will come soon. I want to get some feedback on the firepower before I add it into their load-outs. The Revolver can be upgraded in the WorkBench like the other firearms.

Big Performance Optimizations

Many players are still experiencing low fps (even some with beefy GPU’s). Solid fps is a huge priority for me, as I know how negatively a low fps can impact gameplay. It’s an ongoing mission for me to get the game running as best as it can, even for low-end machines.

Running profiling tests on system resources during gameplay, I discovered a large amount of CPU used by the AI and their thought processes. I’ve done a full overhaul on the system and have trimmed a huge amount of unnecessary calculations being made every game tick. There shouldn’t be any noticeable difference in their behavior from a player’s perspective.

The impact of these changes (on my dev machine) is more than +20% increase to fps. This could be much higher for players currently bottle-necked by an older CPU (or on laptops). I would encourage players to max-out their settings and see how the game runs on the new update.

Fiber visibility (hotfixed last week)

Since the color-grading updates, fibers became even more difficult to spot, leading to frustration for many players. I’ve updated them visually to be more apparent in the foliage, and slightly increased their size. I welcome feedback on this change.

Thanks as always to everyone giving feedback and suggestions in the forums. I try to read all the threads. It helps immensely when players share their thoughts on the current state of the project. Please let me know if you experience any issues with the update.

Have a great week!
Subsistence - ColdGames

Animal/Hunter Interactions:
One of the most requested features since launch. It’s always been particularly jarring and immersion-breaking to see predators standing side-by-side with hunters in their base. Finally, animals and Hunters will now fight against each other (regardless of whether the player nearby). Hunters are now at increased risk in the world, creating a more level playing field for players.

This also means players will not always be at a disadvantage when an animal gets involved during a battle with the hunters. The balance can swing both ways, and hopefully this will lead to deeper combat strategies and unexpected scenarios.

This has been a tricky one to balance, and there will surely be further tweaks needed once players have spent some time with the update (so feedback is welcome). I believe this change goes a long way to making the world feel more alive and dynamic. Hearing distant gunshots in the night, from unknown battles taking place certainly should help add to immersion.

Big-base performance optimizations:

Many players have built huge structures (which I love to see in the Steam screenshots). However these mammoth bases have led to some degraded performance, which sucks.

I’ve made steps to address this by implementing LODs for all base structure pieces and tweaking the lighting as they transition through the LODs. I’m seeing improvements of around +15fps while inside and near these large bases. Thanks to GameEdged for letting me benchmark my tests on his build (featured in the pic above). You can checkout his channel here.

Graphics Color-Grading Overhaul:
The in-game world just became a lot more colorful! I’ve done a full overhaul on the color-grading of the in-game render. This has been bothering me for a long time. The color pallet has always felt washed out and flat, with an overuse of grey and muted tones.

The new color-grading enhances the depth of shadows and boosts the vibrancy of the colors. I’m pretty happy with the result, but please let me know what you guys think.

Other notable changes:
  • Fixed bug where item hover-tip would popup without mousing-over the item.
  • Increased distance and added distance-lowpass-filtering to gunshot and animal attack sounds (allowing players to hear distant fights).
  • Added loot spawns to Workbenches in hunter bases.
  • Increase dropped gear expiry timer to 10 minutes in Easy mode.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to hide under foundations and axe animals to death.
  • Mounted floodlights can now be placed on the ground outside the base.

  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to spam the craft button in the BCU to craft multiple items without deducting the appropriate power/mass.
  • Slightly increased the range of the glowstick.
  • Increased the hunter’s turning speed (they needed a small stat boost now they’re up against predators).
  • Fixed bug that led to some player’s profiles to crash on load, after the wearable armor update.
  • Prolonged the duration that hunter corpses will remain in the world.
  • Fixed annoying gaps between windowed walls.
  • Reduced how much mass weapon-parts yield.

I know there are lots of issues that need addressing, and missing features needed. The feedback on the forums has been a massive help in prioritizing the issues, as well as some great suggestions and discussion on the future of the project. Thanks so much for all the support, it really means a lot.

As usual, please let me know of any issues or problems with the update. Have a great week!
Subsistence - ColdGames

Since the hunters began attacking player bases, night-time raids have led to some frustrating and underwhelming battles, where players were unable to see the hunters during the attack, and had to hide in their base, unable to fight back.

Craftable Floodlights:
Today’s update introduces craftable Floodlights to provide illumination for base exteriors. There are two types of floodlights; standard and mounted.

Mounted floodlights come mounted on a stand (useful for placing on decking), while standards can be attached directly to base walls.

Centralized Switches:
Players can also now craft Floodlight Switches. The switches can be placed anywhere in the base and provide a quick means to flip all base floodlights on and off. This can be particularly useful during surprise attacks.

The new craftable items can be found in the BCU crafting menu (let me know if the recipe balance seems off). Floodlights use more power than standard base lights, so make sure you have ample power and storage for when you need to use them.

As well as many other minor bug fixes, I’ve put some work into automating my release pipeline, making it much easier to roll-out releases. These changes will also prevent players having to agree to the Epic EULA after each patch (although this won’t take affect until the following patch). I’ve had to tweak the default control scheme again, so unfortunately some players may need to reset their controls after the update. There has been a lot of work behind the scenes this week, which doesn't reflect in the current update content, but is necessary to move the project forward. Please stay tuned for future updates and details.

As always, thanks to everyone that’s been supporting the project and giving feedback on the current state of the game. I read the forums everyday, so if there are issues you’re experiencing, please do share so I can work to resolve them.

Subsistence - ColdGames

Wearable Armor:
Since the last few updates, there has been an increasing need for better protection during combat (especially from lucky hunter headshots). Players can now craft the Combat Vest and Combat Helmet, both found in the default crafting menu.

Headshots: Without head protection, headshots do 4x damage. Wearing the helmet brings damage down to 1.5x. So it’s still worth going for headshots when in a fight.

Evolving, Geared-up Hunters:
Hunters can now make use of the new wearable armor. A new system allows hunters to gear-up based on the threat they’re under. Repeatedly attacking a hunter squad will force them to start crafting better armor in defense.

The hope is that players who enjoy waging war on the hunters, will be presented with a tougher fight over-time, whilst peaceful players will face less risk.

The hunters will slowly gear-up regardless of whether they’re being attacked. However to a lesser extent than those taking repeated attacks. The extent and speed at which the hunters will gear-up varies across easy/normal/hardcore modes.

Revamped Clothing Profile:
With the addition of the new wearable clothing items, I’ve reworked the clothing profile to allow extra clothing slots. Clothing items can now be added in any order (rather than specific slots for certain clothing types). They can also be added/removed by shift-clicking in and out.

Camera Movement Physics:
Prior to this update, the camera movement remained entirely static while moving around the geometry of the world, leading to movement physics feeling stiff. Now jumping, landing, crouching, etc, prompts appropriate camera movement, giving a more weighty feeling to character movement. This includes when taking damage. I may further tweak this based on player feedback.

Tweaks to Difficulty Modes:
Easy mode: Animals and hunters now tire quicker when chasing players, allowing for easier escape for players that enjoy a more casual experience.
Hardcore: Hunter bases can now hold up to 4 hunters per base (previously a max of 3). This, along with the new geared-up hunters will present an increasing challenge for survivors who enjoy hardcore mode.

Other fixes/changes:
  • Pressing the currently selected toolbelt item will unequip the item.
  • Added audio feedback for dragging and dropping items within inventories.
  • Fixed bug where hunter squads would stop periodic attacks on player bases if killed en-route to an attack.
  • Cloth can now be crafted using cotton.

  • Updated the default config and mouse sensitivity to better align with standard control schemes. Unfortunately this may reset current controls (which you can change back in the in-game menu, sorry for the inconvenience).
  • Hunter jackets can now be torn into cloth.
  • Added contextual hints of how to butcher animals, for new players.
  • Removed sound indicating when the last hunter in a squad has been killed.
  • Fixed bug where items wouldn’t auto-stack onto the last slot in the refinery.
  • Fixed crash when loading a save game, when base names contained certain special characters (sorry to those who encountered this bug).
  • Many other small updates.
As always, thanks to everyone who’s been submitting feedback and participating in discussions on the forum. It really helps to hear directly from those playing the game, and I try to ready all the discussion threads. Please let me know if you experience any issues with the update.

Subsistence - ColdGames

Base Armor Upgrades
Since the last update (when hunter squads began attacking player bases) players have reported a greater need for base protection. Today’s update introduces armor upgrades for nearly all base structures.

Upgrades can be made using the Hammer and require metal Alloy Sheets. Alloy Sheets can now be crafted at the workbench (while also found in locked crates and in hunter bases).

Armor-upgraded base structures have nearly 3x the hitpoints of wooden, and are cheaper to maintain. Please let me know if the cost and maintenance of the upgrades is off-balance.

New hunter bases
A new and larger hunter base has been introduced. Also hunter base sizes have been staggered, such that early-game hunters will build smaller bases, and later game-hunters build larger.

This is only the beginning of the progression I have planned for the hunters. I know that hunter/animal interactions are needed, and this is high on the list of upcoming features.

Other changes/fixes:
  • Fixed multi-BCU bug that caused base items to go missing when reloading saves (thanks to Zuleica for helping isolate this issue).
  • Fixed bug with second upgrade on the solar panels.
  • Added refinery to the smallest hunter base (so more loot when raiding).
  • Hunters will now build solar panels on their bases.
  • Reduced chances of night-time hunter base attacks.
  • Fixed bug where crafted items wouldn’t stack in the workbench.
  • Fixed bug where Refinery lasers would stay active when all ore was processed.
  • Fixed bug where rogue hunters were attacking player bases, unprovoked.
  • Health-kits now require 1*cloth to craft (I welcome feedback on this).
  • Reduced noticeable texture-tiling of wood base walls.
  • Fixed bug where domesticated animals wouldn’t re-enter the Animal Housing.
  • Added new footstep and landing sounds for many surface types.
  • Added new impact sounds for tools hitting ground and metal surfaces.
  • Added slightly warmer tones for daylight color-palette.
  • Repairs to wooden structures now heal more hitpoints (75 rather than 50). Meaning less resources required to make base repairs.
  • New sounds for player landing after falls/jumps.
  • Fixed broken LOD of wood doorway (would show incorrect texture when viewed at range).
  • Tightened-up aim in rifle.
  • Reduced time to disassemble base items.

I really appreciate all the support and help from the community. Player feedback and critique is playing a huge part in shaping the game as the project continues to evolve.

Please let me know if you experience any issues with the update, and I'll see you on the forums.

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