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Influencer ColeusRattus has published a new review of Heavy Gear Assault today. This new review looks at the current version of HGA since its latest patch on the weekend as compared to when we launched on Steam in December when he was quite critical of the first release here on Steam. While still not entirely happy Coleus notes the game has much improved in our 9 consecutive patches since hitting Steam.

Most of the quirks that ColeusRattus would like to see fixed are all issues our development team is currently working on right now!

The Steam Community has provided great feedback on the game so please keep it coming!

Check it out.

Remember to join our Discord Community and chat with the devs and our community directly about the game!
Heavy Gear Assault - Wildcard
Changelist: 06/23/17 Version 316

  • New and Refined versions of Port Oasis and San Lopez
  • Main Menu UI materials and hover effects
  • Additional weapon icons

  • Main Menu UI polish and refactor
  • Simplified Gearbay collisions
  • Navmesh generation settings have been adjusted to prevent bots from getting stuck
  • Spawn point placement have been adjusted in Pioneer and Lopez to minimize bot stucking

  • Numerous navmesh fixes in Pioneer and Lopez and Hydro
  • Missing Terrain material Port Oasis
  • Audio stuttering have been fixed.

Check it out!


Heavy Gear Assault - Wildcard
Hey Gearheads,

Heavy Gear Assault is available at a 40% discount during the Steam Summer Sales event!


Get in the action today!

Heavy Gear Assault - vam
The Heavy Gear Assault development team is very pleased to announce that Dream Pod 9 has renewed our Heavy Gear license until 2022. We are fully committed to the Heavy Gear universe and we are poised to continue bringing new features and content online in a competitive multiplayer format following our Early Access development schedule. We have some very exciting announcements planned regarding our first Early Access eSports tournament so please stay tuned!

Full press release:
Heavy Gear Assault - Wildcard
Changelist: 06/06/17 Version 314

Initial implementation of UI redesign

  • Increased damage output on all weapons
  • Updated HUD layout
  • Updated snow material and decals in Pioneer Outpost
  • Added rock LODs and updated rock and stone materials in Pioneer Outpost
  • Improved mortar and bazooka sounds
  • Decreased bot aiming accuracy

  • Bots can now return to navmesh within 10m of detaching from it
  • Resolved issue that caused the server and potentially the client to crash when playing against bots

Known Bug:
  • Some terrain textures do not tile properly. Will be fixed in next patch.

Check it out!

Heavy Gear Assault - vam
Hey Gearheads,

We have an awesome update for you today. Our Game Designer, AlexS, has posted a YouTube video talking about his recent work on Heavy Gear Assault.

Check it out!

Heavy Gear Assault - vam
Join us tonight (2017-04-27) at 6PM CST for a Twitch stream by https://www.twitch.tv/mohotashi

If you are looking for players remember our Discord channel is always open for business: https://discord.gg/rGG7SbN

See you there Gearheads!

Update: Looks like there was a mix up in timezones. Damn you Mountain time! We are going to reschedule and let everyone know! Sorry for the mix up!
Heavy Gear Assault - Houruck
This week's update brings with it a long awaited upgrade to our ONNet system. And for those of you that don’t know, the ONNet is the Gear’s Optical Neural Network, or on board computer which now communicates gameplay related information to the player via the Audio Warning System (AWS). The ONNet is that lone voice in your ear that informs you when things are about to get hot. When you hear that sexy AI voice you better react.

The CPU is found under the pilot's seat inside the Gear's cockpit. As our meta-game evolves, the CPU found under your pilot's seat will be considered one of the most valuable objects in-game. Considering its value, and potential resale value, retrieval and deployment gameplay mechanics are being considered very carefully for future updates to HGA.

Cockpit concept:

To in-game:

ONNet was originally developed by Abaline Research for Northco as part of the UMF's BOT Project & characterized by the crystalline cube structure that produced a sufficiently-powerful and sufficiently-compact computer system that could be 'grown' and installed onto a walker vehicle - was the critical breakthrough technology that allowed the development of the Hunter into the formidable war machine that would be the forerunner of all modern Heavy Gears. Without this piece of machinery, the Gear would cease to function for one very specific reason: the ONNet's capacity to not only think almost as swiftly as a human being, but also its capacity to be trained and to learn and to develop its own crystalline links within itself, thus increasing its response time while controlled by the pilot. Although anyone could reasonably purchase an ONNet, if they were to have the money, the reality is that a blank ONNet is just as likely to end up being next to useless outside of a standard construction walker.

We’d also like to thank our voice actress Suziey Block IMDB] for providing her voice for HGA action! And we’d also like to thank Sound and Music Composer Chris Upton for providing access to his studio in LA to record Suziey and all her great voice acting for HGA. Thanks for supporting the indie scene! And of course our in-house SoundFX Engineer extraordinaire Mike Green for his tireless efforts on making HGA sound as great as it possibly can! Mike has plenty of audio goodness planned over the next year as HGA moves towards release.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the release of the Gatling Laser Cannon!

Full Change List below.

  • ONNet voice over lines for some gameplay events
  • New Gatling Laser Cannon model
  • Idle animations in Gearbay

  • Weapons spawners can be activated with the ‘use’ key
  • Removed Gearbay doors on San Lopez

  • Holes in UI buttons
  • Message system now reports the correct players
  • Navigation and pathfinding issues on San Lopez and Port Oasis
  • Issue on Tershaw Valley where bots would get stuck on the corner of their base
  • Jump Jet visual and crashing bugs

Heavy Gear Assault - Houruck

We have updated the TRM application and published a Steam guide. It features the updated Tiger, Grizzly and Spitting Cobra.

You can read about the Gears' history and stats, and customise armour values on your own dedicated server.

The introduction of the track-based movement system changed the way we handle the feet section on Gears. The TRM site detects this and exports the JSON file accordingly.
Heavy Gear Assault - vam

The long awaited 'Heavies’ have finally arrived. The Southern Spitting Cobra and its Northern counterpart, the Grizzly fill the fire support role in their respective Polar armies. To support the additional weight of the bulky armour and weaponry needed to accomplish their intended purpose, they both feature a tracked secondary movement system.

We also introduced a new landing page. Simply click on the icon of the desired game mode to instantly join a server. The server browser is still accessible through the [ALL SERVERS] button. The new message system is still under development and it has some known bugs.

  • New Gears:
    • Spitting Cobra support Gear
    • Grizzly support Gear
  • Tracked foot support
  • New landing page with quick launch for gamemodes
  • Added weapon tutorial segment
  • New unified message system
  • New turn in place animation

  • Replaced customization Gearbay lighting with neutral lighting
  • Increased Gear spin speed in the customization Gearbay
  • Updated main menu to reflect changes with new landing page
  • New stock Gear loadouts
  • Lean animations now play on remote players
  • Updated strafe system

  • Tutorial text now displays [Unbound] keys
  • Two handed weapon pose head orientation
  • Brunesball scoring issues
  • Fixed an issue where players and bots would spawn in the middle of the air

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