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Hello everyone,

As of today we are currently testing a new build of HGA that addresses issues relating to our server outages last month. Unfortunately some of our server infrastructure including our backups for that infrastructure were lost after the hurricane that ravaged Florida earlier last month. We were in the process of migrating to our local servers in Canada when a critical motherboard failure knocked those servers offline which are hosting our company website, email, and other services. Unfortunately this server was an older model server and no motherboard was available for the server for days. Overall its been a hellish month of failing critical infrastructure and hurricane BS which we've had no control over.

After many discussions and brainstorming sessions we've decided the best course of action is to migrate entirely towards Steam's Session based hosting environment where players can more easily host Listen servers using Steam sessions. This move will ensure this disaster never happens again. We've also decided to migrate our player inventories towards Steam's Inventory Manager as well. And we are planning to embrace the Steam Workshop as well.

At the moment we have the integration 80% complete and we will be releasing this new build to the Steam community very soon. Once this new build is active you will no longer be required to have a third-party login account and we will be able to better integrate Steam's features into HGA.

While this has been a massive setback for our development milestones we are think there is a silver lining in this cloud in that this fundamental change to HGA will make the game run more smoothly with Steam and allow us to better interact with our players through player inventories and exchanges using Steam.

With these changes we are currently discussing some other big updates that this new development enables but I will discuss this in more detail when have our immediate concerns resolved which is to get players playing again!

Thank you everyone for your patience.
Heavy Gear Assault - vam
This is a public service announcement regarding our server issues since Hurricane Irma. Unfortunately some of our server infrastructure was in the direct path of Hurricane Irma and we are now in the process of hurrying to resolve the issues that we've been experiencing since the Hurricane struck. Some of our game server and master server infrastructure was impacted by the Hurricane and it needs to be migrated away from the compromised data facilities on the east coast in North America. This situation impacts all of our web services and we are in the process of migrating to a local facility where our dev studio is located here in Canada. We'd like to take this time to thank everyone for their patience and while we take our issues seriously we want to remind everyone that this situation is nothing compared to the situation that the Hurricane victims in Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean are facing today. If you have a few spare dollars please donate to any of the Hurricane response funds to help people in need.

We do not currently have an ETA on when all of our services will be restored. As the lights keep flickering while we try to obtain backups from the onsite backup facilities our infrastructure was being backed up to. We will work hard to keep you informed and when service has been fully restored we will update this post with the updated information.

Thank you everyone for your patience.
Heavy Gear Assault - vam

-New HUD
The first iteration of the updated HUD has been implemented and is ready to test.
The goal with this new hud is to create a clean and coherent interface that is easy to use and simple to maintain. Main gameplay elements have been pushed closer to the center of the screen where they can be easily seen at all times. Secondary indicators are now closer to screen edges. Animated reload indicators show the reload status for handheld and mounted weapons. Recharge indication for jump jets are still a work in progress. Additional tweaks and polish will be added to this new hud in the upcoming weeks. If you spot an issue or have feedback, please make sure to share it with us in Discord.

-UI Color picker
HUD colors can be changed under the color tab in the Options menu. We will continue refining the default color palette and the binding of the colors to corresponding elements, but in the time being feel free to customize it yourself. A simple HUD preview has been added to the Options window. We will continue to add elements to the preview but it already makes changing colors a lot easier.

Pressing Tab will now display a scoreboard with a list of bots and players

-Audible Hit Indicator
We’ve added an audible hit indicator Team Fortress style. Its aim is to provide an additional layer of feedback for confirmed hits against enemy targets. This feature is disabled by default and can be turned on or off under the gameplay settings.

-F1 Help Polish
Onscreen Help will now automatically hide after 5 seconds on every spawn, but you can still toggle its visibility by pressing F1.

-UI polish
We’ve done countless tweaks and adjustments to Menus and UI. We are currently going through every menu screen and unifying elements like buttons, updating fonts and making sure that font sizes are consistent throughout the project.

Multiple collision issues have been fixed.

-Gear Heads
We fixed the bug where gear head geometry would be missing when spawning in first person mode.

-Bug fixes
Lastly, we squashed a lot of small under the hood bugs that were giving us bad headaches.

A lot more exciting features and bug fixes are planned for the next patch.
Thank you a lot for your support, stay tuned
and we’ll see you in the arena!
Heavy Gear Assault - vam
Influencer ColeusRattus has published a new review of Heavy Gear Assault today. This new review looks at the current version of HGA since its latest patch on the weekend as compared to when we launched on Steam in December when he was quite critical of the first release here on Steam. While still not entirely happy Coleus notes the game has much improved in our 9 consecutive patches since hitting Steam.

Most of the quirks that ColeusRattus would like to see fixed are all issues our development team is currently working on right now!

The Steam Community has provided great feedback on the game so please keep it coming!

Check it out.

Remember to join our Discord Community and chat with the devs and our community directly about the game!
Heavy Gear Assault - Wildcard
Changelist: 06/23/17 Version 316

  • New and Refined versions of Port Oasis and San Lopez
  • Main Menu UI materials and hover effects
  • Additional weapon icons

  • Main Menu UI polish and refactor
  • Simplified Gearbay collisions
  • Navmesh generation settings have been adjusted to prevent bots from getting stuck
  • Spawn point placement have been adjusted in Pioneer and Lopez to minimize bot stucking

  • Numerous navmesh fixes in Pioneer and Lopez and Hydro
  • Missing Terrain material Port Oasis
  • Audio stuttering have been fixed.

Check it out!


Heavy Gear Assault - Wildcard
Hey Gearheads,

Heavy Gear Assault is available at a 40% discount during the Steam Summer Sales event!


Get in the action today!

Heavy Gear Assault - vam
The Heavy Gear Assault development team is very pleased to announce that Dream Pod 9 has renewed our Heavy Gear license until 2022. We are fully committed to the Heavy Gear universe and we are poised to continue bringing new features and content online in a competitive multiplayer format following our Early Access development schedule. We have some very exciting announcements planned regarding our first Early Access eSports tournament so please stay tuned!

Full press release:
Heavy Gear Assault - Wildcard
Changelist: 06/06/17 Version 314

Initial implementation of UI redesign

  • Increased damage output on all weapons
  • Updated HUD layout
  • Updated snow material and decals in Pioneer Outpost
  • Added rock LODs and updated rock and stone materials in Pioneer Outpost
  • Improved mortar and bazooka sounds
  • Decreased bot aiming accuracy

  • Bots can now return to navmesh within 10m of detaching from it
  • Resolved issue that caused the server and potentially the client to crash when playing against bots

Known Bug:
  • Some terrain textures do not tile properly. Will be fixed in next patch.

Check it out!

Heavy Gear Assault - vam
Hey Gearheads,

We have an awesome update for you today. Our Game Designer, AlexS, has posted a YouTube video talking about his recent work on Heavy Gear Assault.

Check it out!

Heavy Gear Assault - vam
Join us tonight (2017-04-27) at 6PM CST for a Twitch stream by https://www.twitch.tv/mohotashi

If you are looking for players remember our Discord channel is always open for business: https://discord.gg/rGG7SbN

See you there Gearheads!

Update: Looks like there was a mix up in timezones. Damn you Mountain time! We are going to reschedule and let everyone know! Sorry for the mix up!

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