Community Announcements - vam

The long awaited 'Heavies’ have finally arrived. The Southern Spitting Cobra and its Northern counterpart, the Grizzly fill the fire support role in their respective Polar armies. To support the additional weight of the bulky armour and weaponry needed to accomplish their intended purpose, they both feature a tracked secondary movement system.

We also introduced a new landing page. Simply click on the icon of the desired game mode to instantly join a server. The server browser is still accessible through the [ALL SERVERS] button. The new message system is still under development and it has some known bugs.

  • New Gears:
    • Spitting Cobra support Gear
    • Grizzly support Gear
  • Tracked foot support
  • New landing page with quick launch for gamemodes
  • Added weapon tutorial segment
  • New unified message system
  • New turn in place animation

  • Replaced customization Gearbay lighting with neutral lighting
  • Increased Gear spin speed in the customization Gearbay
  • Updated main menu to reflect changes with new landing page
  • New stock Gear loadouts
  • Lean animations now play on remote players
  • Updated strafe system

  • Tutorial text now displays [Unbound] keys
  • Two handed weapon pose head orientation
  • Brunesball scoring issues
  • Fixed an issue where players and bots would spawn in the middle of the air
Community Announcements - Houruck

Join our Saint Patrick's Day Play with the Devs event!
Sponsored by Cascade Breweries

Watch it live on Twitch starting 6PM EDT, or better yet join us on our Discord and to chat directly with the Devs and other players!
Community Announcements - vam

Today we are pleased to introduce the Grizzly manufactured by Northco/Shaian Mechanics and the Spitting Cobra manufactured by Territorial Arms.These Northern and Southern chassis are the heaviest close combat brawlers featuring impressive fire support. They often accompany recons and light support Gears into battle.

These new Gears feature a new gameplay mechanic which is the tracked foot. The tracked foot is a unique foot featuring tracks instead of wheels. The tracked foot required new animations and updates to our Gearbay. The track gives the heavy Gear wearing the foot a unique advantage on loose terrain such as sand and snow - as well an advantage in that it does not loose speed driving up inclines. As we introduce our weight system the tracked foot will be incredibly useful on open terrains.

The tracked foot and the Grizzly & Spitting Cobra will be revealed over the next 2-3 patches. We will keep you informed as we roll out these new features. We are also pleased to announce that this release marks the official production of our second season of Gears. More on this soon.


Code Name: Grizzly
Faction: Northern
Production Code: HACS-02HG-MPS
Production Type: Mass Production
Cost: 199800 TEC
Manufacture: Northco/Shaian Mechanics
Use: Close fire support Heavy Gear
Height: 5.1 m
Width: 3.8 m
Average Armor: 70 mm
Armor Material: durasheet with alloy ceramic
Standard Weight: 9210 kg

The first result of cooperation between industrial giant Northco and Kenema's Shaian Mechanics, the Grizzly heavy fire support Gear has been a mainstay of the Northern armies since its introduction in the TN 1870s. Designed to replace the Bear, the Grizzly brought a combination of raw firepower and thick armor to the battlefield. The basic armament of the Grizzly was generally based on that of the Bear featuring a Riley M225 heavy autocannon as its main direct fire weaponry, supplemented by twin GH-8 rocket pods. In addition to the unguided rockets, indirect fire capabilities are provided by TD-76 mortar unit, capable of lobbing guided high-explosive shells up to two kilometers. This long-range guided weaponry makes the Grizzly extremely dangerous when paired with a forward observing unit using a laser designator - such as a Cheetah or Ferret scout/recon Gears. The Grizzly’s S-V22OOZ engine was a distinctive improvement over the Bear’s troublesome S-V790T and managed a mild speed improvement, despite heavier armor. The Grizzly remains slow and lumbering compared to trooper and scout Gears and even to motorized infantry. To provide point defense, the Grizzly was equipped with a GU-10 gatling machinegun.

Despite its heavy armor and impressive weapons load, the Grizzly is usually deployed with lighter machines as defensive escorts. Tank hunting enemy Gears can be frighteningly effective if they are allowed to close range with the Grizzly, because of speed and maneuverability advantages. The standard tactical deployment remains in mixed companies, using squadrons of Grizzly in secondary positions, with strike squadrons moving forward and including at least one forward observing unit to relay coordinates and laser targeting data to the Grizzly. The successful use of the Grizzly has led to the progressive decommissioning of the Bear, but has entailed corporate difficulties for Northco. As Shaian Mechanics has become an active competitor, the long term contracts that bind the two corporations to the Grizzly line has become a matter of great contention -and possible litigation.



Code Name: Spitting Cobra
Faction: Southern
Production Code: OACS-01H/SU
Production Type: Mass Production
Cost: 199800 TEC
Manufacture: Territorial Arms
Use: Fire support Heavy Gear
Height: 5.0 m
Width: 4.0 m
Average Armor: 90 mm
Armor Material: armoplast with alloy ceramic
Standard Weight: 8990 kg

The Spitting Cobra is the heaviest mass-produced Gear chassis currently in service with the Southern MlLlClA and Republican Army. Designed to fill the operational role of a heavy weapons platform, the Spit (as its crews invariably call it) is designed to wield devastating medium to long-range firepower on the modern battlefield. The Spitting Cobra's main fire-support weapon is a massive SCRP-98 back mounted rocket pod. Although unguided, the heavy rockets can saturate an area with ease and can take out heavily armored targets. More precise is the secondary fire-support weapon, a shoulder-mounted Vogel-H series guided mortar. Although less powerful than the SCRP- 98 rockets, the Vogel-H fires high-technology guided munitions capable of in-flight course corrections, allowing the Spitting Cobrato make full use of laser-designator data provided by forward observers such as infantry or scout Gears Both major weapons have an effective range of 1200 meters. Short to medium-range firepower is provided by a second pair of weapons more typical of a general purpose Gear, comprised of a MR60 autocannon and a shoulder-mounted FSRP-36 rocket pod. These weapons provide an excellent defense against assault Gears and other units. Close defense capabilities are provided by a MGU-77 minigun fixed to the Cobra's upper torso, allowing the Gear to fend off infantry at very close range.

The heavy weapons load of the Spilling Cobra required a high-strength chassis so Territorial Arms used concepts developed by Mandeers Heavy Industries and thoroughly tested in their Desert Viper and Python Gears (and related models). Thick armoplast armor over a hulking frame are the mainstay of the Spitting Cobra. Developed in a time of concerns for pilot safety, the Cobra features a very heavily armored cockpit, allowing the Gear to shrug off the most dangerous attacks. Unlike the Python, the Cobra uses a standard sensor pod arrangement, with the pilot's head within the Gear's The Cobra required a very powerful engine so the WV-l500TC/A V-engine, with its 940 Hp output, was chosen to fit the bill along with a half-track secondary movement system.
Community Announcements - Houruck

Play with the Devs is back to its regular weekly schedule again.
Watch it live on Twitch every Friday starting 6PM EST, or better yet join us on our Discord server and to chat directly with the Devs and other players!

Community Announcements - vam


Bazookas and Mortars are now available!

Take your pick: Light, Medium or Rapid-Fire! Shoulder mounted, Bazookas are an alternative to Rocket Pods. They have a slower fire rate and lower damage output than the Rocket Pods but the Bazookas are faster, easier to aim with and can be reloaded. Currently Bazookas require only a shoulder mount to be equipped, in future updates they will also require the corresponding hand manipulator to be free in order to operate.

Available in the Light and Heavy varieties, Mortars are attached directly to the side of the V-Engine, the same hardpoint location as Jump Jets. Utilizing the Gear’s advanced AI, fire arcs are automatically calculated for you. When aiming at a moving target the computer will adjust to the heading and speed of that target. Just point your reticle, fire, and watch destruction rain where you aim.

  • Mortars (Light Guided Mortar, Heavy Guided Mortar)
  • Bazookas (Light, Rapid-Fire, Medium)
  • Cycle through the mounted weapons with [T] and [ALT] + [T] to group and use the middle mouse button to fire the weapons.
  • New HUD elements for V-Engine mounted equipment
  • Flamer sound effects
  • Flamer hit particle effect
  • "Preview" mini-lobby

  • Removed aim delay from "Advanced" Mech Sim Controls
  • Stock Hunter has a Light Flamer instead of a Rocket Pod
  • Increased Gear spin sensitivity in the Gearbay
  • Log cleaning pass: removed false positive "Error" messages
  • Gearbay lighting has been changed to neutral white for more accurate paint colour representation
  • Improvements to Pioneer Outpost 2017
    • Removed turrets
    • Added lights in the Gearbay during night

  • Lasers firing through concrete floor in Pioneer Outpost
  • Fixed match time limit on Server Hosting Panel
  • Fixed Exit Game crash caused by incorrect audio tear down
  • Fixed Fatal Error "IRC" Crash caused by cached HUD pointer

Known bugs:
  • Issues with the scoring system: deaths may count as points

Community Announcements - vam
Our Producer Vince 'VAM' McMullin sits down for a few moments with PC GamesN to talk about Heavy Gear Assault and our team's use of Unreal Engine 4. We talk mech games, UE4 tech, and Heavy Gear in this one.

Community Announcements - Mr. Peanutbutter

A very candid coversation with Vince McMullin, HGA Producer, on the state of HGA, the revival of the mech genre and the difficulty of developing crowdfunded games.

Read more HERE .
Community Announcements - vam
With this week's patch, bots will now automatically populate servers. They will attempt to keep matches balanced in terms of player count and will fight against and along side each other and real players! We will be continuing to update the AI including adding the ability for bots to participate in objective based game types. We are happy to bring a new weapon to light with this update - the Light Flamer! Enjoy this toasty new patch - on us.

Finally, we have some exciting new material coming in our next patch. Check out the “Guess who?” image below. Do you know which Gear it is? Let us know.

Team AI Bots implemented!

Setting hearts on fire! Flamers implemented!

Mortars coming soon!


  • New Weapon: Light Flamer
  • Player bots are available on all game modes and maps

  • Right mouse button + drag now rotates your Gear in the Gear Bay, removed slider
  • Hosting page updated
  • Added bot settings
  • Removed non-functional weather settings
  • Improvements to Pioneer Outpost
  • Boundary is now rounded
  • Further optimizations and set dressing
  • Reworked the jumpjet portion of the movement tutorial to be less challenging to pass

  • Reduced time that the black screen after Stompy Bot intro displays
  • Market scene camera placement
  • Fixed an issue where the JumpJets FX wouldn't activate after being being activated once

Community Announcements - Houruck
Based on the feedback from some of our competitive players, we have introduced a hitmarker around the reticle that animates on confirmed hits. Pioneer Outpost got redesigned - slopes are more accessible and there are roads connecting major points of interest. Official servers will feature both maps on rotation. Equipment in the Gear Bay marked as “coming soon” is under active development.

  • New engines and pylons (Light, Heavy, Assault)
  • Updated Tiger assets
  • Hit confirmation indicator to reticle
  • Cleaned up the HUD, moved the ammo counters further from the centre
  • Manual received an update
  • Tutorial text changes based on key input settings and gamepad/mouse+keyboard
  • New Pioneer Outpost 2017
    • Layout alterations
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Greatly increased FPS in Gear Bays and certain time of days
    • General optimisations

  • Main menu Gear Bay scene optimisations
  • Fixed a bug where picking up an empty weapon would not automatically start to reload
  • Re-enabled the ability to manually reload weapons with [R]
Product Release - Valve
Heavy Gear Assault is Now Available on Steam!

The world of Heavy Gear Assault is unforgiving but so is your lust for glory. As a pilot on the distant planet Terra Nova, you play the high-stakes game of competitive Gear Dueling. Earn fame and fortune by making a name for yourself on the arena floor.

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