TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hey all,

You guys asked for it; so we've implemented it!
The rang selection wheel from TY2 has been implemented in to TY1, for all your rang selection needs!

You can access it just like you do in TY2 - by using the "Y" button (or R button for default keybindings) when not in a trigger area.

If you're an old school fan, don't worry though - the original controls (left and right on the d-pad; Q and E on keyboard default bindings) will still also scroll through the rangs one-by-one; like it was in the original relese.

In addition to this feature update; we've done a pretty large audio update, as well as fixed some bugs (full list below).

To top that all off - the game is on sale FROM TOMORROW (9am 15th September PST) for TY's 15th Anniversary! We've also got a bunch of merch available for his birthday - check out the TY the Tasmanian Tiger page for more details.


  • AUDIO: Updated sounds to match their TY2 versions, for various footstep, cutscene, rang, environment and UI sounds
  • AUDIO: increased the maximum sound prop range allowed to 3000 to match what the XBOX version did (PS2 and PC was set to 1500)
  • COLLECTABLES: Fixed incorrect picture fame number in level E3 (would result in bad completion numbers if collected in a specific order; will be backwards compatible with existing saves)
  • GAMEPLAY: Added in rang selection wheel
  • GAMEPLAY: Fix for glide camera sometimes erroring, if you started gliding while the camera was pointed up at you
  • GRAPHICS: Fixed water reflections.
  • GRAPHICS: Made plankton a bit more opaque
  • GRAPHICS: Adjusted auto-brightness effect to work with new shader updates
  • GRAPHICS: Fixed sqaure shadows in magnet effect glow and aquarang glow.
  • MISC: Added some more logging to bootup to help diagnose issues with graphics cards
  • MISC: Fixed bug where the turtle critter could cause massive framerate drop due to collision checks
TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hi all,

We're pleased to announce not only the release of not only a new build for TY, that completes the additions to the levels in the game, but also the release of two great DLC packs for the game:

TY1 Soundtrack DLC
All the music you know and love, in MP3 format so that it can work through the Steam music player.
NOTE - if you own the TY soundtracks DLC for TY4; you already have these music tracks and you do not need to purchase this DLC.

Art of TY the Tasmanian Tiger
A 156 page PDF of never-before seen concept art and sketches for the game, including information as to the "why" and "how" of the development of the art of the game.

With these two DLCs, we've also released two different BUNDLES for the game:
  • TY the Tasmanian Tiger Digital Deluxe Bundle
  • Digital Deluxe Catchup Bundle

Buying the Digitial Deluxe bundle will save you a little bit of money (5%) for buying everything together.
The "Catchup" bundle will let those people who've previously bought the game purchase the DLC at a reduced cost, to "catch up" to the Digital Deluxe bundle.
These bundles are available from the main TY the Tasmanian Tiger store page on Steam.

The new build (r2135_v1.11) has the following changes, which completes the addition of new set dressing content to the levels:
  • CAMERA: Added settings.ini value for the camera distance so that it is maintained between loads.
  • CONTENT: Bull's Pen - added some more windmills, props and some critters to fill out the level.
  • CONTENT: Updated staghorn texture
  • CONTENT: Added additional props to Rex Marks The Spot

  • CONTENT: Beyond the Black Stump - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".

  • CONTENT: Snow Worries - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".
  • CONTENT: Fluffy's Fjord - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".

  • CONTENT: Cass' Pass - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".
  • CONTENT: Cass' Crest - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".

  • CAMERA: Changed the scaling of the 3rd person camera speed GUI slider, so that the default speed is a little slower than it used to be, and the min/max speeds you can set it to are a little slower. Made it feel a bit more like the TY2 camera from these changes.
  • GRAPHICS: TY1 - fix for "undefined" material name on a collision subobject (which is only on one prop in the game that we use - snowgum_02) and set it to wood like snowgum_01 - so the collision subobject isn't drawn when the model is instanced.
  • GRAPHICS: Stopped the wake from drawing in shadows and reflections.
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for the invulnerability particles to not have square edges due to edge pixels not being 100% alpha.
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for flickering shadows on some AMD video cards.
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for graphics popping on/off in the water shader
  • MISC: Fix for crash for unavailable language, depending on system language setting
  • MISC: Memory leak fixes
  • CAMERA: Fixes to camera lockon in Fluffy's Fjord
  • OPALS: Potential fix for opals that receive bad spawn locations (like that one in Lyre, Lyre)
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for some popping of particles due to issues with alpha

As per normal, if there are any issues, please let us know!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
We're happy to announce that TY2 is now available for purchase, in Early Access!
To get it, go here!

In celebration of TY2's Early Access launch, and the 1-year-on-Steam anniversary for TY1, TY1 is 30% off this week!
And you'll get an extra 5% off the price of TY2 during the TY2 launch week, if you own TY1 or have it in your cart at the same time you purchase TY2.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Store Page:

Community Hub:

There are a few bits and bobs we're getting set up in the discussion, so feel free to drop by and say g'day (and add the game to your wishlists!)

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that we are aiming for MONDAY THE 20TH OF MARCH 2017 as our release date for TY2, in to Early Access.

Plans are not yet quite finalized for price point, but overall expect things to be similar to what we did for TY1, in terms of price and launch discounts, etc.

Oh... and of course, here's a nice pretty trailer for the annoucement... feel free to share it around and get a heap more people excited for the release!


Community Announcements - Linds
Hi all,

Time for the next exciting update to TY!
In this episode...

  • ART: Additional beautification to Lyre, Lyre Pants on Fire; if the "Props" setting in "Screen" is set to "High" (note - this is for high-spec PCs).

  • CAMERA: Back-ported the 1st Person Camera starting direction from TY2. You can now select between "TY's Body" (which will make the camera enter 1st person, facing the direction TY's head is looking at - so it will auto-target NPCs and the like) and "Camera" (which will make the camera enter 1st person, facing where the 3rd person camera was pointing at, irrespective of anything else). The setting will default to "Camera"; and can be modified via the Options UI.

  • AUDIO: If the audio device fails to create at launch, try the next available audio device. Also, additional logging for if <all> audio devices fail to create.
  • GRAPHICS: Removed the glow around the seahorses from the shadows.

We'll be working on additional beautification for more levels, and keeping an eye on any bugs that people bring to our attention.

Any issues, please let us know!


Community Announcements - Linds
Hi all,

So... after a few months of "hints" and oblique comments, it's official.
TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue is coming to Steam!

And - just in case you want to buy the super-awesome poster for your wall - we've set up a sweet store! where you can buy it and other TY apparel (with more coming soon)!

We do not have a date for the Early Access release right now, but what we can say is:
  • We will have a date for you shortly :)
  • Our current plan is to progress with the release in the same fashion as we did for TY1, with an Early Access release, followed by updates to fix issues, polling the users for ideas for how to improve the game (and for achievements ideas and the like) and implementing those, improving the art.
  • We are endeavouring to ensure that the very first build of the game in Early Access will be 100% completable (it just might have a few crashes and issues along the way), the same as TY1 was.
  • We aim to have some kind of discount for the launch week in to Early Access, if you own TY1 on Steam

While we're focussing on getting things <working>, we've already made a few changes to the game that people should enjoy (SPOILERS!):
  • Mud and Sand no longer slow down the Fourbie like they used to (though steering is still affected)
  • Brand new minimap, including "large" mode (similar to TY3's), and options to set to North-Is-Up or auto-rotate.
  • Leaderboards for the cart races, for completing the game (similar to TY1's) and for Opal collection
  • We've implemented systems for us to be able to increase the amount of grass and foliage on high-end PCs
  • The camera improvements we did on the TY1 remaster have been brought across to TY2 (though some bits aren't yet hooked up in the UI)
  • And of course it's running at 60fps, with full shadows, SSAO, Bloom with adaptive brightness, etc (depending on your PC specs)

Feel free to ask questions - we'll answer any we can in the comments!


Community Announcements - Linds
Exclusive footage!
Currawong Attack

Follow us on Facebook for more information as it comes to hand!
Community Announcements - Linds
Hi all,

A small update has been released for the game.

  • GRAPHICS: Fix for boomerang trails so they render correctly when over the top of some alpha'd objects.
  • MISC: A few more miscellaneous small memory fixes
  • SAVE GAMES: Stopped the game from going into the "new game" flow and overwriting save games if you highlighted the "new game" option with the mouse while the screen is fading out, after you clicked on "load game", and people losing progress from this accidentally overwriting their save. Thank you to those who reported this and shared a video of it so we could figure out what was going on!

And here's a pretty picture for you:

Any problems, please let us know as per normal!


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