Dec 19, 2013
Community Announcements - br33dlove
Serious Sam 3: BFE has been updated with some serious holiday fun for a limited time!

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The following will only be active from December 19 - January 5 so get serious while you can!

* A festive Christmas tree on each level - decorate them all with a Gnaar eye, Rocketeer heart, and Kleer skull to get a secret achievement and unlock the Reindeer Hunter outfit!

* Holiday gift boxes hidden through Serious Sam 3 that give health, armor, and ammo boosts!

* Decorative garland to bring some holiday cheer to the battle

UPDATED: You must use all three melee trophies on the Christmas trees to activate them.

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Announcement - Valve
Starting now, Save 25 to 85%* on all Devolver titles during the Devolver Publisher Weekend!

Great deals include:

Hotline Miami 75% off
Shadow Warrior 33% off
Serious Sam series 85% off
Duke Nukem 3D 75% off
Foul Play 50% off

*offer ends Monday November 11th at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - br33dlove
Devolver Digital and developer Mommy’s Best Games are excited to announce that the bombastic 2D shooter Serious Sam Double D has been upgraded to Serious Sam Double D XXL on Steam! All the fantastic new content from the Xbox LIVE Arcade hit have made their way to Steam in a free title update to all current owners of the game. New levels, new guns, new vehicles and maximum chaos for free!

And for those Serious Sam fans that haven’t picked up Serious Sam Double D XXL yet, it is on sale this week as part of Steam’ Weeklong Deals promotion!

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Community Announcements - br33dlove
The oh so serious guys at Devolver Digital have released Shadow Warrior onto the world and the special edition includes the Serious Sam 3 sledgehammers as an in-game weapon. Check it out and stay serious!

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Community Announcements - br33dlove
Devolver Digital is working on a video of the Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer in action in Shadow Warrior but figured you all might like this trailer too...

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Community Announcements - br33dlove
Our friends at Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital have opened pre-orders for their upcoming shooter Shadow Warrior and we wanted to spread the news on a few treats for our Serious Sam fans.

First up, if you order or pre-order the special edition you will receive the sledgehammer from Serious Sam 3 as a bonus weapon in the game - a devastating addition to the arsenal!

Next, there are a few hidden Serious Sam themed secrets in the game but we won't give too much away. Just know that your favorite serious hero will make a few cameos here and there...

Order Shadow Warrior here and follow the hijinks on the Steam community forum here!

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Community Announcements - AlenL
Since the change from "Digital Deluxe" to the "Gold" packages for the bonus version, the ability to upgrade the basic game to Deluxe aka Gold, was temporarily unavailable.

We'd just like to let you know that this problem is now fixed, and you can get all the awesome content by buying the new Serious Sam 3: BFE Bonus Pack, which replaces the former "Deluxe Upgrade"

This awesome package includes: Brett Sanderson MP Skin, Sniper Scope for AS-24 Devastator, Making of Video, Digital Artbook, Hi-Res Posters, Hi-Res Box Art, and Official Soundtrack.
Community Announcements - AlenL
Serious Sam 3: BFE now supports Steam Trading Cards! Jump back in the fray and collect them all!
Jun 10, 2013
Community Announcements - AlenL
Croteam will be doing a Reddit AMA session on Monday 2013-06-10, 9:00 PDT (18:00 CET). We know you have the questions, so just show up and ask away.
PC Gamer
Serious Sam 4 thumb

The latest recipient of the Humble Weekly Sale is Croteam's hyper-realistic military simulation, Serious Sam. For a fistful of dollars, you can get the entire series, including Serious Sam's First and Second Encounters, Serious Sam II, Serious Sam 3: BFE, and the Serious Sam indie series. More seriously, all funds directed towards Croteam are being put towards development of Serious Sam 4.

For more on the contents of the sale, here's an extremely serious video:

So far, the only information we have on Serious Sam 4 is the above image and Croteam's promise that it'll be the "craziest and greatest Serious Sam game EVER." They used all-caps and everything. That's how you know they're serious. Oh god, I'll stop now.

The average price is currently hovering around the $4.25 mark, which is therefore what you'll need to pay to unlock Sams 2 & 3. The bundle runs until Thursday.

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