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When Wuppo [official site] begins you are gigantic and barely able to run. That is because your lazy character loved watching television so much that he ate one. As you progress, you learn to run and jump and fight, but most importantly you learn to help the people around you rather than being a jerk. Like Undertale and Chulip, this is a game about good citizenship.


Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik
Hello! 안녕하세요! 你好!

Starting today, Wuppo is available in three languages! English, Korean and the fresh new Chinese!

Thank you Indienova & Gutenberg Project
We want to thank the Gutenberg project for their hard work. We've had our eyes on our Chinese players for a long time, due to their enthusiasm and funny reviews, but we didn't expect to get a Chinese version, until we met the wonderful people from Indienova & the Gutenberg Project :) Thank you very very much!

Also, here's a friendly reminder to our Chinese players: Please help us by spreading the news through China. We highly appreciate your effort! <33333333 We will try our hardest to push it ourselves too, but we don't speak Chinese, so we can really use your help! If you are a streamer / press / let's player and you're willing to help, please email: info@knuistperzik.com, marten.buijsse@soedesco.com.

There's some cool stuff in this patch, even if you don't speak Chinese. Here are the 1.1.57* patch notes.


  • Chinese (BETA) language added. There may be a few typing errors left, which will be fixed over time.Translation Error Report List
  • Small Final Boss Rework. Basically he's a bit easier, some attacks changed, and some mechanics added to reward players for taking risks. (I may or may not do a devblog on this later).
  • Final Boss Alternative looks (There's a chance the final boss looks different when you start a new game IF you've unlocked boss run).
  • Added a small Objective window that pops up every time your objective changes.
  • Credits window from the titlescreen now displays our Twitter & Facebook page. Follow/like if you haven't already! :D Link to Twitter, Link to Facebook.
  • Birthday hat updated (shop DLC). On September 29th, the birthday hat will give 50% reduced damage, and partymoopers will attack your enemies, whenever you get close.
Korean language update:
  • Added the "gat" hat from the BICfest2017 coupons to the Shop DLC.
  • Added a special NPC called "Dodo" who has been designed by Kareus & CAYS, the Korean translators.
  • Crisper font in most of the game's menu/option windows.

  • Fixed an infinite smurt bug.
  • Fixed a potential error in Popo City Jail.
  • Fixed a potential soft lock when returning to the Popo Train from Dorst Caffé.
  • Fixed a potential soft lock when defeating King Cone while being eaten.
  • Tiny memory optimization related to the different fonts for different languages.
  • fixed titlescreen softlock when pressing escape after selecting a language.
  • KOR: Some typing errors have been fixed.
  • KOR: savefiles correctly display the difficulty.
  • KOR: Filmstrips shouldn't display weird icons anymore.
  • KOR: Fixed the text appearing misplaced when playing in letterbox mode

  • 1.1.56: you can now see text in screenshots in Korean & Chinese version.
  • 1.1.56: Missing dialogue in Korean at the alter got added back.
  • 1.1.57: Fixed Betty's contract displaying wrong in Chinese.

In the past month, Wuppo has been nominated for:
  • Best Game - BIC fest 2017
  • Best Game Design - BIC fest 2017
  • Best Art - BIC fest 2017
  • Best Audio - BIC fest 2017
  • Best Game Design - Dutch Game Awards 2017
We're super honored to have been nominated for these prizes. Hopefully we can win one some day >:) You can check Wuppo's Steam page for the full list of nominations.

EDIT: OH, and you can VOTE for Wuppo as "Game of the Year" for the Dutch Game Awards. You can VOTE here.

Thanks again for playing / following / supporting!

Hopefully you will enjoy the new patch!


Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik

(Hopefully Google Translate did a good job with the title of this post.) We are releasing the Chinese language very soon!
The Gutenberg project spent a lot of time and effort into translating all the dialogues to Chinese. And Lars spent a long time making the Chinese characters appear crisp and readable everywhere in the game. We really hope you will like it!

If you are a Chinese YouTuber, streamer or press, please contact us (info@knuistperzik.com) or our publisher (marten.buijsse@soedesco.com). We can provide keys to those that are willing to help us push Wuppo in China.

There will also be a couple of updates in the next patch that everyone can look forward to. The coolest update will probably be a small rework of the final boss fight.

Thanks very much to the Gutenberg project for the translation. Thanks to all our lovely Chinese fans for their patience. And thanks to everyone that is following/supporting/playing our game! <3

The patch will presumably release this Saturday.

To our Chinese players: please help us by sharing the news! We will be very thankful!

Knuist & Perzik

Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik


We are ultra happy to finally launch our first fan translation: Korean! Everything has been translated by CAYS (작성자) and Kareus (이재훈). We are very grateful for their hard work. They put a lot of love in it (they were very precise about adding the right dialects for the right characters) and we think it will show!
저희는 Wuppo의 한국어 번역(버전)을 공식적으로 발표하게되어 매우 기쁩니다.
먼저 번역을 도와주신 CAYS와 Kareus님께 매우 감사드립니다.
현재 이 번역은 베타버전이기 때문에 혹시 문제(오류)가 발생한다면, 하단에 있는 링크로 접속하여 문의해주시기 바랍니다.

Wuppo Bug Report

그리고 한국어버젼으로 저희 게임을 보다 더 즐겁게 플레이하시길 바랍니다.
또 저희 게임을 한국에 많이 많이 알려주세요! 감사합니다.

Wuppo is in the progress of being translated to Chinese as well. We’re working with the awesome Gutenberg project. Hopefully it will be finished in the coming months. Please be patient! We have noticed you. And many people are working hard to get it to you as soon as possible! :)

Nominated for BIC2017
We’re also very happy to present at the BIC Fest 2017 in Busan, South Korea in September. Thomas will fly there to represent Wuppo. Be sure to say hello if you’re going there!


  • Korean language option (beta) got added. Available from the main menu. psst, there’s a secret song playing on top of the Wumhouse when playing the game in Korean.
  • Cloud Saving! We finally added cloud saving, so you can log into your Steam account on a different computer to download (or upload) all your savefiles.
  • Savefile back-ups. A small extra safety net to avoid corrupt save files. There are also backup files in case you’re the unluckiest person in the world.
  • Added a couple of dialogues to help guide the player in Redav Kned’s Guesthouse as some players mentioned they had trouble getting started on that place.

  • Gamepad now displays Xbox by default. Of course you can still change the layout to a DS controller through the options.
  • Can no longer soft lock the game by pressing escape while watching a warning message in the title screen.
  • You can’t soft-lock yourself by running away from Redav Kned’s ritual anymore.
  • The stars in the background will appear instantly, rather than flickering for a few seconds (after playing the game for many hours).
  • You can no longer fight the Blione leader after defeating Blafknoft.
  • A couple of errors from the Bug Report List have been fixed.
  • You no longer get asked to leave by Carlo’s phone calls after you’ve been welcomed back into the Wumhouse.

Need more Wuppo friends? (Discord)
You can download new Wuppo friends here: https://discordapp.com/invite/KadWT4b
PS: Our mods hinted that they are working on a “1 million wum” event which will take place in the Discord server soon.

Enjoy playing!
- Knuist & Perzik
Wuppo - Marten

Today, publisher SOEDESCO announced that 2D action adventure Wuppo will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September.

Watch the all new trailer here: https://youtu.be/kbovrJyDrbM

Hidden Gem
Players on Steam love Wuppo. From the the quirky and unique art style, the Fnaktastic gameplay, to the great sense of humor that makes for hilarious interaction with the many NPCs in the game. The dialogue is non-static and talking to characters more than once will give players a better understanding of the deep lore behind the charming world of Wuppo.

The reviews are so raving that PCGamer called Wuppo the top hidden gem that Steam has to offer. Therefore, it’s great that as of this September players on PS4™ and Xbox One can also enjoy playing Wuppo on their console.
Wuppo - Marten
Wuppo now features full support for the Steam Controller! Yay!

Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik
Hello again! :D

Quick update:

CHANGES / FIXES (since 1.1.40) :
  • Black Screen:
    Since a Windows 10 update some computers show a black screen when trying to play Wuppo fullscreen without Vsync on. You should be able to fix this by pressing Alt + Enter. To make sure the game starts up in the safest way possible, the game will now boot windowed if you launch it for the first time. If you've messed up your settings somehow, you can always remove ''Wuppo_config.ini" located at %localappdata%/wuppo/ and the game will reset to the default settings when launching.

  • Minor Shader Fix:
    Fixed some unintended motion blur and minor graphical issues.

  • Funpack DLC update (SUPER SECRET):
    A SECRET video got added to the Wuppo Funpack...

  • You can now eat FULL HP marbles even if your HP is already full (to avoid confusion). (1.1.42)

  • You can close the options menu with the escape key in the titlescreen and in the pause screen. (1.1.42)

  • Changed the version number of the application, hopefully solving any weird texture issues some people had lately when updating from the demo to the full version. (1.1.42)
    If your textures are glitched when launching the game, you can revert to 1.1.40 through the BETAS tab and entering the code "previousversion". More info here.

  • Fixed an infinite money exploit glitch. (1.1.43)

Wuppo got nominated for 'Best Game' & 'Best Narrative' at BIG festival 2017! We're honored and super excited :DDD If you happen to visit, don't forget to root for us! Lars will also be there to join some talks hosted by the festival.

Reminder: You can still download new Wuppo friends here: https://discordapp.com/invite/KadWT4b

Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik

Super small update. But still a SPOILER ALERT!

  • Chef Fnaquere's damage has been nerfed. He became a bit too difficult with his AI update when fighting outside of the soup (in 1.1.34).
  • You can now skip the Boss Run transition by clicking or pressing the action button on gamepad mode.
  • New Blione village is now a little livelier (The area where you fight Blafknoft).
  • There's an alternate saving effect when jumping in a bucket (like with autosaving).
  • Balancing tweaks for a couple of bosses on easy mode (Murk, Fnakker Friends, Bankkrent phase 2).
  • Bathing gives you happiness faster than before.
  • Minifnak now has a mild randomized body colour (but all save files created prior to this update will still have the original colour).

  • An error that sometimes appeared when fighting the Fnakker Friends has been fixed.
  • Scrolling through your items at exactly the right (/wrong) time while jumping into the sinkhole or the train tunnel no longer freezes you.
  • Sometimes you didn't shoot automatically by aiming when fighting Zwepel, fixed.
  • Beating Bankkrent phase 1 extremely quick before the actual fight music starts used to start the music during and after the cutscene. Not anymore!
  • Quickly using the lift to flee the Church Fnakkers now correctly cancels the fight music and the boss will re-appear when coming back.
  • Temporary memoryleaks when fighting Bram and a few places in the sinkhole have been resolved.
  • You no longer see the "get item" effect if you immediately load your savefile after catching an item.
  • Boss Run only displays World Record! if you.. actually broke the world record (1.1.34 showed it whenever you reached Zwepel).
  • You can now blow bubbles with Pedro propperly when using the gamepad.
  • Signs display their circle properly when using the gamepad.
  • A bunch of inconsistencies in the dialogues were fixed.
  • The first savebucket no longer gives 1 smurt every time you reload.
  • NPC's displaying the wrong currency has been fixed.
  • Can't softlock the game anymore while using gamepad and overwriting a savefile.
  • Game doesn't have a chance to soft lock anymore when entering Tubucus after finishing the Popo City story (1.1.40).

You can download new Wuppo friends here: https://discordapp.com/invite/KadWT4b

Cheers & have fun playing!
Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik

We're suuuuuuuuuper excited to finally tell you that Wuppo is heading to PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One this Summer!

Check out the announcement trailer here:

YOUR footage in the official gameplay trailer?
We'll also be making a new gameplay trailer and we would LOVE to use YOUR footage!
So if you're up for it, go record your favorite Wuppo moments and send your footage to us :D

  • Use max settings and high quality recordings (60fps).
    If you somehow can't make that work, you can still give it a shot, as there's a chance that we can "re-capture" your Wuppo moment if it is awesome and easy enough to re-create.
  • Play with gamepad. The trailer is for the console versions, so there shouldn't be a cursor on screen.
  • Since it'll be for both PS4 and XBOX One, avoid showing specific buttons in your footage. For example if your shot includes the inventory, try not to have the hotkeys A, X etc. And don't include a dialogue where an NPC tells you to press 'Cross'.
  • Please trim the video files to about max 10 second clips. You can describe in your email where the exact moment starts (or any other instructions) if you want.
  • You can send as many clips as you like.
  • Email: wuppo.gameplay.footage@gmail.com Start the subject with: "[Wuppo Gameplay Footage]"
  • Deadline: May 20th. If you're earlier, you raise your chances though.

Looking forward to your submissions!

If you have any questions, here's the Wuppo Discord.


And one more time THANK you VERY much for your support! :D
- Knuist & Perzik

Wuppo - Knuist & Perzik
HI! :D

Here are all the changes since: version 1.1.29
Mainly tiny improvements all over the place and fixes for minor glitches and loopholes. However, we couldn't resist also adding one or two fun extra's!


  • You can upgrade your whistling technique now. Good luck finding out how!
  • Zwepel the Deadly Pumpkin Nightmare Disaster (The Halloween Boss) has been added to Boss Run. If you manage to complete an All Boss Run within 25 minutes, you get 1 chance to beat him. This should not affect your achievements (once you passed the final boss you should be safe to unlock those). However, beating Zwepel would probably guarantee you a #1 spot on the leader boards.

  • A couple more balancing tweaks to Easy Mode (BETA).
  • There have been some tiny dialogue updates throughout the game, also some bad jokes were added sorry.
  • The final boss & Zwepel are now also counted in the "Total bosses" stat.
  • Beating the 2 super creepy creatures in Redav Kned's Guesthouse now puts them on a cool down for 5 minutes.
  • A couple of SFX have been tweaked/updated.
  • A couple more bosses now get a subtle lighting change when you start fighting.
  • A small fnuist light that follows you spawns during the final boss when it's getting really dark.
  • A couple of changes have been added regarding to paying by equiping a smurt / wondersplenk coin and throwing it on an NPC. It should work a lot quicker now. Currently this is exclusively for the 3 shops in Wondersplenk (where it was most needed).
  • Toned down a bit on the extremely colour-flashing-moments in the game that attempted to give you a seizure.
  • You can now additionally leave the Tussen warp bubbles by whistling.
  • You no longer fall asleep during dialogues, except during Bert Smulder's dialogue or during filmstrips.

  • A bunch of typos/grammatical errors throughout the dialogues have been fixed.
  • Moving through the tiles in your item inventory while playing in gamepad mode sometimes unexpectedly skipped a tile. Not anymore!
  • Your HP stat no longer "randomly" appears in the big Wondersplenk map.
  • You can no longer start a conversation with Allesdenker while the projector is starting up.
  • You can no longer talk to the Coffee Popo when you're standing outside of the house.
  • You can open your inventory now when fighting the "Fnakker Friends".
  • Snackbarry no longer disses you by closing his snack bar while you are selling him a dead kneft when it gets dark.
  • Balloons should make sound again when you jump on them.
  • The Wumhouse is no longer empty when you warp there from Tussen.
  • You can no longer kill multiple yellow blocks with 1 gumball.
  • Running away after starting the cleaning quest can no longer give you an error.
  • A potential error that could happen during the final boss fight has been fixed.

You can also download new Wuppo friends here: https://discordapp.com/invite/KadWT4b

Cheers & have fun playing!

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