DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition - Jesse
Hey guys,

I've just released Korean subtitles for DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition. Note, these are for Deluxe Edition only, and not legacy similar to other few languages.

Anyway, the biggest thanks go to Mr. LSW; this is his blog, Korean users, be sure to check it out: https://blog.naver.com/bleach1491

Thank you for reading and happy gaming. I'll get back developing DISTRAINT 2! :)

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition - Jesse
Hey guys,

I'm excited to tell you, that DISTRAINT 2 Steam store page is now online! Currently, I'm targeting to release DISTRAINT 2 on Steam in May 2018, not that far away anymore, yikes!


For more information, please see DISTRAINT 2 store page.

Please consider spreading the word and whislisting! :)

Thank you very much for all the support,

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition - Jesse
Hey guys!

I've been getting some email, people asking me to release DISTRAINT on GOG. I'd be happy to do this. However, GOG is quite picky about their games. Don't get me wrong; this is a good thing!

But yeah, I believe DISTRAINT should be there so I could use your help.

There's this "Community Wishlist" thing on GOG; please check it out:

Thank you for your support!

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition - Jesse
Good day!

I'm excited to tell you that DISTRAINT will receive a free "Deluxe Edition" update on Steam 29th of September!
DISTRAINT has been doing pretty good, so I thought the players deserved a little bonus!

Before I tell what's new, please read as this is important!

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition will replace DISTRAINT on Steam.
That means if you want to complete "the original" DISTRAINT before updating to Deluxe Edition, please turn off auto update for DISTRAINT on Steam.

The good news is that I've done my best to make the transition as smooth as possible; game save file is compatible.
Also, your settings are safe and carried over to Deluxe Edition.

The biggest difference in gameplay is that the Deluxe Edition has no lantern.
I felt it didn't add much to the game and by removing it, I could increase environmental lighting. It was most definitely worth it. Trust me! :)

Alright, what's new you may ask:

* Dynamic coloring - Goodbye gray, hello color!
* No more lantern - Increased environmental lighting
* Enhanced animation, graphics, and lighting effects
* Refined audio for better atmosphere
* Improved user interface

I've also added Turkish (Thanks to farukturk55) and Polish (Thanks to Ikskoks) translations!

EDIT: I've created a launcher that lets you choose if you want to play DISTRAINT or DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition, this means the "original DISTRAINT" will remain playable! :)

Cheers, and thank you for reading,

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition - Jesse
Hey gamers! :)

After the successful Android release, more and more people asked for iOS port. Good thing you did as now DISTRAINT is available on iOS as well!


It's insanely tough market. I'd appreciate if you could take a look and spread the word.

If you missed the Android release, you can find it here:

Thank you very much for your support and happy gaming! :)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

What hope is there for someone who’s done terrible, callous things to gain success? I’m asking for a friend. Also in relation to Distraint 2 [official site], a follow-up to 2015’s side-scrolling psychological horror game about a chap securing a company partnership by turfing an elderly woman out her home. Creator Jesse Makkonen recently announced it for release around Halloween this year, describing it as “Silent Hill + Zelda + Monkey Island”. Here, have a watch: … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Jesse
I think the title says it all, DISTRAINT 2 is real! :)

Official Announcement Trailer:

Official Gameplay Trailer:

I'd really, really appreciate your support, please consider voting:

Cheers and thanks!


Community Announcements - Jesse
Hey there! :)

You can now enjoy DISTRAINT in simplified Chinese and Portuguese BR!

A huge thanks goes to:

Thaís "Voorhees" @thaisvoorhees
Portuguese BR


中文翻译:ZhangXin (Steam ID:RushingRabbit)


If you find any bugs or anything please do report here! :)

Happy gaming,

Community Announcements - Jesse
Hey gamers! :)

The title pretty much sums it up, DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is now available on Google Play!

It's super tough to get any exposure over there, I'd really, really appreciate if you guys could check it out. If you have Android device please consider downloading the game and dropping a review. Every single download and review helps getting more exposure!

You can also help by spreading the word. In fact, this is one of the best ways to get the word out there.

I don't like asking, but quite honestly I need all the possible support to "make it" on Google Play.

But yeah, thank you for reading and thank you for your awesome support! :)

Happy gaming,

Community Announcements - Jesse
You can now buy DISTRAINT for only a dollar!
This special sale will run September 19 to October 3.

Have fun! :)

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