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We thought we'd seen it all... but the artifact pinatas were something totally unexpected. Every artifact hunter in Telara is on high alert for this innovation - read on for the details of all the new artifacts coming for the Summer Solstice (Update 3.7) and Summerfest!

Telara can always count on one thing... an evergrowing list of elusive artifacts, a devlish progressive plot hatched by the devious Simon Ffinch. We artifact collectors have just one thing to say to that: "Long live DeadSimon!"

During Summerfest this year, artifact pinatas will appear in every zone. They are available in every zone, and are unmistakable - giant sparkly mirrored balls! These ethereal pinatas will shift in color to designate what type of artifact explodes forth when the pinata is brought down: normal, twisted, unstable, poison, burning and nightmare. The artifacts are all part of unique sets created exclusively for Summerfest! Here's a hint: if your group wants to collect a specific type, they need to coordinate their strikes accordingly. Good luck!

Each glorious pinata will drop around 20 artifacts, and you only have 10 seconds to collect them! Simon says that he can usually pick up 4 in the allotted time frame. We are eager to learn what the record is!

As a bonus, if you are of the appropriate level, you should get some in your RIFT loot bag as well. All of these new artifacts are tradeable, so have fun exchanging and selling them on the auction house.

Summerfest runs from July 14 through August 3rd, so don't delay your efforts to collect all your Pinata shinies, because as we all know, time flies, especially when you're collecting artifacts!

Artifacts for Summer Solstice (Update 3.7)
DeadSimon shared that poison, burning and nightmare artifacts have been added to Stonefield and Gloamwood. Get your hunting gear ready, as there are 126 new sets available - 21 sets of each type in each of these two zones.

With Summerfest and Summer Solstice introductions combined, there are a total of 1,052 NEW artifacts spread across 133 new sets. Who needs sleep, right?

DeadSimon likes to collect the Pinatas themselves, as you can see in this exclusive screenshot below...

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Join Ocho and Keyens on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next RIFT livestream. This week we’ll be talking about the Summer of Souls, including details on Paladin and Saboteur!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, July 22 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

Have fun in the Telaran Sun - Summerfest returns, now through August 3rd!

The sun is blazing through clear blue skies for Summerfest! Enjoy everything that the festival has to offer, including the traditional scavenger hunts, battling Swarmlord Khargroth, and some amazing quests. This year we also introduce brand new Artifact Pinatas - scattered throughout Telara, these oversized Artifact balls are literally bursting with shiny goodness. Gotta collect ‘em all!

For our many Minion enthusiasts, we proudly introduce Mitch, a famous Telaran Playwright and sadly un-Ascended Adventurer.

In addition to being a coveted Artifact Attractor Minion, Mitch also starts a Mission chain that chronicles the difficulties of his ill fated world tour with his puppet theatre. No really, we’re serious about that… it’s a sad tale… Did we mention that the artifacts you acquire through his quest series are all unique? Aha, now we REALLY have your attention!

Don’t miss out on the tons of new items available during Summerfest 2016! Notable among earned goodies are the long requested Alsbeth’s Raiment (wearable by both genders) and the mysterious Burning Husk Mount.

While the origins of the Burning Husk are unclear, Scholars point to ancient elven rituals (which some would like to forget), whereby wicker figures were craftily woven to enclose sacrificial offerings. These were then set on fire with ritualistic witchcraft, committing their unlucky passengers to the flame. Though such practices are now forbidden by both the High Elves and the Kelari, dabbling in the tradition has found new life with the risk taking, nigh immortal Ascended. What's a slight burning sensation compared to getting to your destination quickly and with undeniable panache?

Log in to RIFT today and enjoy this summer celebration, it won’t last long!

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Summer Solstice has something for everyone: updates for favorite Souls, the Summerfest Celebration, and (coming later in July) the RIFT 64-Bit Alpha!

Summer Solstice comes to life all around us. You can immediately explore upgrades to the Druid, Elementalist, Berserker, and Warlord souls!

We have also introduced all-new features! Enjoy the perks of experience in the Dungeon Veteran system, which grants more rewards for those who have experienced the challenges of a particular Dungeon before. We also offer brand new Starter Guilds, to give every new Ascended a place to call home while they learn how to navigate Telara.
Don’t even get us started on all the new additions to Artifacts and Dimensions; there are way too many to count!

But wait, there’s more! Starting on July 14th, Summerfest kicks off with a 3 week long party in the sun. Enjoy new items and rewards this year, such as Alsbeth’s Raiment and the new Burning Husk mount - you’ll be looking cool with a hot ride this summer!

We’ve got more Souls getting upgrades too, with improvements coming for Paladin, Saboteur, and one more Soul, yet to be announced.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also go the 64-Bit Alpha incoming on July 27th, with Beta to follow in August or September. This massive technical upgrade takes up where Multicore left off and brings all-new levels of performance and Stability to RIFT!

Dive into the realms of RIFT and enjoy our summer in the sun. Summer Solstice is shaping up to be a party for the ages!
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We are both excited and humbled when we see the spectacular things players create for our games. To show our appreciation for all you do, we’re proud to introduce the Trion Worlds Creator Program!

Whether you’re a shoutcaster, livestreamer, YouTuber, musician, or artist we want to support your creative spark. We’re looking for folks who consistently produce content featuring any or all of our games. Regardless if it’s your first time contacting us or we’ve been in touch before, everyone is welcome to apply!

Creators who are accepted into the program will be eligible for the following (and more):
  • Early Access to New Content and Games
  • Special Creator Program Loot
  • Giveaway Codes
  • Promotion on Official Social Media Channels
  • Trion Worlds Event Invitations

Apply for the Trion Worlds Creator Program today and share your passion with the world!
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Join Ocho and Tacitus on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next RIFT livestream. This week we’ll be talking about additions to Summerfest and Dimensions coming in RIFT Update 3.7: Summer Solstice!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, July 8 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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Warlord and Berserker are getting buffed in Update 3.7 Summer Solstice! Read on for how we’re approaching these upgrades and why we picked these Souls to update.

Warlord has been perceived as a more complicated alternative to Paragon that wasn’t rewarding enough for the extra effort it took to play. We wanted to make it into a brutal damage dealer that was every bit as good as its sibling, as well as providing a completely alternative playstyle.

To accomplish this, we improved the “feel” of the abilities, while also making the choices about what power to use, and when, much clearer. Of course we needed to give it a bit of a boost as well; everyone likes to do more damage! Making the rotation of abilities more rewarding and fun to play was a central theme that traveled throughout or changes to this Soul.

A major changes to Warlord soul is that Surges are no longer finishers that have to be manually maintained. They are all passively activated any time a finisher is cast, which makes them powerful tools to increase damage over time. This allows the Warlord to feel great as long as they keep fighting. Additionally, Piercing Thrust hits much harder now, making it very important as a follow upaction. Missing a Piercing Thrust will hurt a lot.

Adding more DPS options opens up many of the hybrids that formerly always used Paragon by giving them access to more utility focused abilities from Warlord. This probably won't drastically alter the hybrid landscape for warriors, but will make selecting Warlord as a second or third Soul a better choice.

With Berserker, the buffs coming in RIFT Update 3.7 were much simpler than with some of the other Souls we’ve featured. We simply wanted to improve sustained damage over time. Berserker is still a Soul that can throw out a lot of damage in a very short period of time, but when its buffs are down it should now do better overall. Reducing Berserker’s reliance on abilities with a 1 minute cooldown was very important. as well as making the shift from Cunning to Fury feel more impactful and interesting.

To do that, Icefall and Corpsefall have been merged into a single ability called Wrathfall. This will activate Icefall in Fury mode and Corpsefall in Cunning mode. We also added a new AoE ability called Shatterfrost to deals drastically increased damage on foes who have recently been damaged by Icefall. Managing your Cunning and Fury will be even more important, so that your abilities will synergize to even greater effect! We also made sure to increase many of Berserker’s single target damage abilities, for single target situations.

The best part is that most builds that incorporate Berserker as a second or third Soul will continue to function identically; the only difference is doing more damage!
Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

Join Ocho and Keyens on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next RIFT livestream. This week we’ll be talking about the Berserker and Warlord Soul improvements coming in RIFT Update 3.7: Summer Solstice!

RIFT Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, July 1 at 3:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45 minutes

See you all there!
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While RIFT readies for a public Beta Test of 64 Bit gameplay, RIFT’s Lead Engineer, Dan “Snedhepl” Hollinger gave us more in-depth information about this amazing engineering effort, and why it’s important to all players!

Why the heck should you care about 64 bit?
You may have heard with the announce of RIFT 3.7 Summer Solstice that Rift will release a 64-bit client in the near future. What you may not be aware of is the purpose, practical or otherwise, of this evolution. I'm here to cleanse that particular debuff for you.

Let's talk about what 64-bit means in general.
First up: what is a bit? A bit is either a 0 or 1 and in a computer we use groups of them to represent everything from colors, to your position in space, to what your abilities do. When we’re discussing a 8, 32, or 64 bit system, what we’re talking about is how many bits can the processor operate on at once. Some of the earliest game systems and computers were 8-bit. Eventually they grew to be 16-bit and in the most recent era: 32-bit. These numbers created a number of limits in their systems, most notably memory related but also in terms in the precision and size of processing. For example, in an 8-bit system, it's only possible to represent 255 different numbers. This means that a character could only exist in one of 255 positions horizontally on the screen and that we'd only be able to access 255 memory locations (assuming no fancy tricks are employed to expand that). Additionally, we'd only be able to access 255 locations in memory (RAM). That is pretty restrictive! Luckily as we increase the number of bits we get a significant amount of additional space. A 16-bit system can represent 65535 numbers! 32-bit? 4,294,267,295!

4,294,267,295 certainly seems like a lot...but is it?
For modern day computers, 4,294,267,295 translates to 4 gigabytes. And while that's quite a lot of memory for many cases, it's also not enough for many modern games. There’s a lot more we can do with RIFT, or handle better, with the ability to use more memory. This includes the beautiful textures, models and other art that already exists as well as what we have planned for the future. It includes data we house in RIFT that references things like characters, abilities, friends and the like. While these things individually may not be a big deal, when taken together they very quickly add up. 64-bit would give us access to 16 exabytes (or 16 million gigabytes). Of course there's no hardware currently that would allow anyone to take full advantage of that much space. But what the conversion to 64 bit does change is that instead of being software limited to 4 gigs, instead we're only limited by how much RAM is installed into any given machine.

Ok, so this means RIFT-64 will be able to use more memory, and we'll be able to add more art over time and that's all great, but what benefits will that get me today?
The answer to that is quite simple and can be summed up in a single word: "stability." While RIFT typically does not use up all of its 4 gigabytes of memory, it can get to that point over longer play sessions. We've waged war on crashes for some time now; out of memory errors are the number one and two sources of crashes - and occasionally number three as well! When 64-bit comes out, the game will suddenly have access to at least 8 gigabytes of RAM in most cases (depending on how much you have installed and whatever else is being run at the time). Because we'll have more space, we'll drastically reduce the number of crashes that are experienced by the playerbase as a whole.

I would be remiss however in also ignoring some other very important upgrades that come with the change to 64-bit. Our internal tools are going to reap similar benefits that the client does! This will enable us to work faster and thus produce more content in the same amount of time.

All in all, the 64-bit era of Rift is going to bring more stability and beautiful art to the worlds of Telara... and that’s always a good thing!

-Dan “Snedhepl” Hollinger

Community Announcements - Trion_Ocho

The weather is heating up, and so is Telara with the next major update for RIFT!

Summertime is about more than just catching some rays at the beach and enjoying a good barbeque with friends; it’s about slaying some monsters! You’ve got plenty to look forward to this summer: celebrating with your fellow Ascended, checking out brand-new improvements to classic souls, and experiencing our next big technical milestone: the 64-bit upgrade!
  • Summer of Souls: Several classic souls are getting a makeover, complete with new buffs, abilities, and build synergies. We’ll be starting things off with the Elementalist, Druid, Berserker, and Warlord at Update 3.7’s launch, but we also have plans to update 3 more souls later in the season.
  • Summerfest: The Plane of Life once again bursts forth with all its bounty as Summerfest returns! This year’s additions include a hoard of incredible new rewards, like artifact Piñatas and one of the most requested outfits in all of RIFT – Alsbeth’s Raiment!
  • 64-Bit Performance: Multicore brought the speed, but 64-bit code will truly bring RIFT to the next level! The 64-bit Alpha begins in July, bringing significantly improved performance and even more stability.
  • New Player Improvements - Guilds: New RIFT players will automatically be placed into a starter guild. These new starter guilds are locked at Level 5, serving as a perfect launching point to help players enter established guilds as they level up their characters and make friends. Characters will also be able to create a guild with a single character; multiple signatures are no longer required.
  • Dungeon Veterans: Characters that complete a dungeon five times will become a veteran of that dungeon. Veterans that run a dungeon with at least one other non-veteran grants a 15% bonus to currency, reputation, tokens, and experience earned.

Hot times are ahead, so start preparing for Summer Solstice!

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