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Creator Stream: @Seshatar hosts 1v1 duels!

The entire Dev team is heads down, locked down, hunkered down and tied down working on Update 4.2 - time for a Creator Stream to step in for us!

This Friday our longstanding RIFT streamer @Seshatar invites you to prove your PvP skills in a 1v1 duel tournament on the EU cluster!

Are you a min-maxing god among Ascended? JOIN IN!

At 11.30am PDT (6.30pm GMT) Plaza Aurentine in Tempest Bay will become a huge arena, where players can fight each other for awesome loot! Sign up for a spot in the tournament or watch the show LIVE on twitch.tv/seshatar!

All information about the tournament, including how to sign up, can be found in this thread!
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

Loyalty points are DOUBLED this week!

What's better than getting Loyalty points every time you invest in RIFT purchases? DOUBLE LOYALTY POINTS of course!

The exact times of the Loyalty Bonus week depend on the hotfixes: it will switch on when the servers all come up on Wednesday, June 14th, and will end when the servers go down the following Wednesday morning, June 21st.

Important note: the Loyalty bonus applies to items purchased with credits in the RIFT store. It does not apply to non-credit bundles, REX or Patron purchases.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to rack up Loyalty! We deeply appreciate all the players who help support the ongoing development of RIFT through store purchases. You keep us strong, and we want to thank you for it!
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

Add a little extra bounce to your step and your status in Telara, with our Bonus Bonanza Weekend!

Maybe you want a little boost to your favor, or want to raise your AA XP a little faster - this is YOUR weekend! Make plans to order in, settle into your favorite chair and enjoy high speed increases across a wide range of in-game features. There's plenty to go around, and at absolutely NO cost!

Just log in to earn DOUBLE your:
  • Experience
  • Planar Attunement Experience
  • Guild Experience
  • Prestige
  • Favor
  • Planarite
Bonus Bonanza Weekend –  From 12:01 AM PDT Friday, June 9 to 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, June 11th, 2017.
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

We want to share this blog by Eiahn of the Gaiscioch Family - it's great to read about RIFT through the experience of a new player!

"I had never played an MMO before and barely even paid attention to them. To be honest, I was convinced they were not for me and that I would not enjoy playing them. Oh, how I was wrong... I was so wrong..."

Welcome to Telara, Eiahn - we hope you stay with us for many years to come!
Check out the blog here on the Gaiscioch site!
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

We’ve TRIPLED the chance to gain the rare rewards from supply crates this weekend! We’re also bringing back a great selection of retired rare crates for this special event!

It’s massively marvelous! If you are the kind of player who enjoys collecting the rarest and most elusive of mounts, this is your weekend!

It’s no simple matter to tame a massive Moosedantix to saddle, nor is it easy to master the intricate magic needed to create a marvelous levitation. Stand out in the crowd!

We want to thank you all for traversing Telara with us, by offering everyone an increased chance at the rare mounts in our supply crates.

We’re stacking up these crates in the RIFT store for you:
- Void Drake Supply Crate
- Festive Levitation Supply Crate
- Golden Love Buggy Supply Crate
- Moosedantix Supply Crate
- Ornate Painted Tuskar Supply Crate
- Armored Ethereal Drake Supply Crate

Triple your chances for ONE WEEKEND ONLY!

12:01 AM PDT, Friday, June 2 to 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, June 4th!
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

This week, we present one of our Trion Creator Program members, akaFayme! We'll be in the Twitch chat with him and he'll have some cool giveaways from us for you, too!

Friday, May 26, 2017, 11:30 AM PDT
We will simulcast on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

Fayme is an entertaining and interactive streamer in Nova Scotia, Canada, who happens to love raiding in RIFT, among other games, and describes himself as "your average hippie gamer." In his spare time, he supports his local animal rescue and is a visual artist, bringing to life beautiful paintings.

When he first applied to the Trion Creator program as a brand new streamer, Fayme didn't quite meet the requirements for acceptance, but he persevered, built his channel and we were thrilled to bring him on board in April of this year. Why are we mentioning this? Because it is easy for new creators to become discouraged and quit. Carry on, like akaFayme did, and you'll go places, too!

Maybe you'll run into Fayme in game one day! Here is his public list of game characters:

Catch up on some of akaFayme's RIFT stream videos here!

Next week's stream: Primalist Soul Update!

Chris "Keyens" Meyer returns to give us the latest on the four coming Primalist Souls: Farseer, Primal Lord, Predator, Mystic! Chances are very high that Mystic will be on PTS next week before the stream, so we can have even more fun! See you on June 9th!
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

Our Trion Creator streamer @Seshatar provides a terrific look at why we love to play RIFT and why it's still fun, more than six years after launch!


Let’s start off with something that most players are already so used to, that they barely even recognize it as a feature anymore. It was not since I tried some other MMORPGs at the end of last year that I was reminded of this awesome network of porticulums all over Telara.

Porticulums are portals that you can find in almost every major quest hub and city. They unlock when you enter the area they are in and you can access any other porticulums you have unlocked for in-game currency to instantly port yourself there. With a Brevanic Portal Generator or as a Patron you can even access the porticulum network remotely from wherever you are! Running 10 minutes to another hub just to return to the previous hub by foot? Not in Telara!



You rolled a backstabbing assassin, leveled him, learned to craft, got some nice gear and then want to try another playstyle but already get goosebumps thinking about leveling again and lose all your progress?

DO NOT WORRY! Rift’s unique soul system offers you tons of options to play your character the way you like. Rift comes with 4 free callings (Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Cleric) that have 10 different souls each (7 free, 3 optional premium souls), as well as the premium Primalist calling that comes with 6 different souls, with more to be added this summer (free to all who own the Primalist pack).

You can combine 3 souls of your calling to build a role and then spend your soul points in them; you gather these while leveling. From level 61-65, you get additional mastery abilities and from level 66 onwards you get legendary points to improve some of your core abilities.

You can unlock up to 40 role slots and can almost instantly switch between them when you are not in battle! Melee DPS or ranged? Maybe tank & spank or heal the raid? Build what you like and experiment what suits your playstyle best!

More info about the soul system: https://www.trionworlds.com/rift/en/game/classes/



You want to play with your friends, but they are all at max level already?

Do not worry! With mentoring and sidekicking, Rift makes playing together not only possible but also rewarding!

Mentoring down to the level of a group member temporarily decreases your level and stats, while still resulting rewards for your actual level when mentored to the appropriate level of the content. That means if you are level 70 and do a zone event with a level 25 friend while mentored to the same level, you can earn tokens and other rewards that are useful for level 70!

Sidekicking works the other way round; your level 25 friend can sidekick and gets boosted the level of the content, while still receiving rewards appropriate for level 25! Playing together has never been easier or more enjoyable!

More info about mentoring: http:///rift/?page_id=117
More info about sidekicking: https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/articles/203757866-RIFT-Sidekicking



You don’t want to follow the quest line and instead hop right into the action?

At level 10 you unlock Instant Adventures, a never ending series of short quests that reward XP, currency and gear within a raid group of up to 20 players. This system also takes advantage of the Mentoring & Sidekicking features, meaning you will play together with players of all levels, which are all adjusted to the appropriate level for the zone you are in. There are normal instant adventures that are good for leveling, intrepid adventures that have more challenge but also better rewards, and sometimes seasonal celebration adventures.

At level 65 you can also enter the planes by joining Planar Assault Adventures and fight back the forces of the enemy.

More info about Instant Adventures: https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/articles/203373338-RIFT-Instant-Adventures



You are the kind of person that needs to fill up every sticker album they get? Collecting post stamps IRL?

CAUTION! Do not get hooked on shinies! The artifact system, brought to us by the pure evil of Dev DeadSimon, gives you the option to collect little shinies all over Telara and beyond.

There are currently around 1,600 sets of artifacts and probably, each requiring multiple common to relic artifacts to complete. Probably there are over 20,000 different artifacts overall and there are even multiple types of them! While the normal ones are just hidden in the world, there are also twisted ones that require a special ability to see them, unstable artifacts that you can only aquire during special zone events and poisoned, burning and nightmare artifacts that hurt you while you are hunting for them. If you choose to start this journey, make sure to prepare yourself!

More info about Artifacts: http:///rift/?p=1086



Speaking of DeadSimon, he also created challenging puzzles in RIFT. Tons of them. They get more and more challenging; some of them might cause keyboard damage! If you are really into puzzles you might become a true Callweddi Citizen (hidden city for puzzle masters and artifact hunters) and prove yourself in the puzzle dungeon “Tok’s Proving Grounds”, where you can earn some of the most stunning appearance armor in the game. Believe me, you will not be disappointed!



You are creative and want to build something yourself? Dimensions will be your new passion!

Rift’s version of instanced housing allows you to obtain certain plots of Telara and build in them whatever you desire. And when I say whatever you like, I mean WHATEVER YOU LIKE. From mystic forests, skyscrapers and castles up to recreating scenes from movies or books, anything is possible! In your dimensions you can place up to thousands of dimension items, which you can scale, turn, move and morph however you feel like!

Check some epic dimensions on: http://www.dimensiongallery.com/
More info about dimensions: http:///rift/?page_id=119



Let’s be honest: one of the most important things in MMOs is to look BADASS! In Rift, the appearance of every item you collect will be saved for your wardrobe collection for all your characters on the EU or NA cluster. In the wardrobe menu (“c” -> wardrobe) you can mix and match multiple wardrobe sets together and use the color options in addition to create your unique character appearance! There are thousands of skins waiting for you to unlock them, from quests, dungeons, raids, pvp or the RIFT store.

More info about the wardrobe system: http://community.riftgame.com/en/2015/03/26/3-2-wardrobe-update/


While this is of course very subjective, I have never met a more helpful and welcoming MMORPG community than you'll find in RIFT! It’s easy to meet new people and make friends, as most of RIFT’s content encourages you to work together with other people to achieve your goals. If you have questions, you can be sure to get answers and if you need help someone will show up to assist. If you enjoy a (mostly) mature and warm community, you will for sure find a place in ours!

Join the RIFT Community Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0ekc59gynhonEMQA


10) It’s FREE! (up to level 65)
If the previous points haven’t fully convinced you, keep in mind instead of reading this you could already be downloading the game and just try it out for FREE! All content from level 1 to 65 is completely free, so start your journey in Mathosia, to Brevane and Dusken and enter the Plane of Water! Try all the systems I described here and I am sure you will find even more awesome content you enjoy that is not even listed here!

Speaking of Community, join the forum discussion already in progress about this list!

See you in Telara!


@Seshatar is a streamer on Twitch and a longstanding supporter of RIFT.

TWITTER: @Seshatar[/b][/url]
[url]<SoF> Community Discord[/url]
In Game: [EU] Volturnus@Gelidra [url]<Skins on Farm>[/url]
[NA] Seshatar@Faeblight [url]<Aced>[/url]

RIFT - Trion_Brasse


"Shiny hunting" remains one of the most beloved pastimes for the Ascended, and we're making it even easier for you to finish those elusive sets on this Shiny Shenanigans Weekend!


Are your artifact collections keeping you up at nights? Need just a FEW more to finish some challenging categories? We are reducing the price of the "Draw" feature, up to 50% on some sets!

The artifact Draw special will start with the patch on Wednesday, May 24<sup>th</sup> and end with the patch on Wednesday, May 31st!

To make your weekend extra shiny, we will also reduce the price of all Artifact Tracking Vials by 25% from May 26 through 29th - happy hunting!



We know you all loved last year's Summerfest Artifact Pinatas, so DeadSimon has created an all new Artifact Pinata for this weekend! It comes with its own brand new collections and rewards! Artifact Pinatas will appear in the world in one of 15 possible locations per zone - every zone in Telara has them, and up to 5 can be up at once!  There is one exception - Tyrant Throne is a small area, so it only has up to 3 available at a time.

These new artifact pinatas will be available from 12:01 AM PDT Friday, May 26th, through to 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, May 29th, 2017.


Want a sneak peek? Of course you do!

One of the new collections is "The Adventures of Kiki Kookoo," which are tales of an intrepid, swashbuckling sleuth. Read by Fae children across all of Telara, the adventures of Kiki Kookoo are one of the most popular series of books ever written in Telara. Collect all of her books, including, "Kiki Kookoo and the Haunted Fairground."

Another set is "Violet and Pimpernel. " Almost certainly the most elusive of the Fae, Violet and Pimpernel are little more than the product of a child’s imagination.

For those seeking something a little more seriously lore oriented, we offer, "Deep Factions of the Planes." The Cosmos is not Telara-centric, as any true Mystic can tell you. There are Factions whose plots never involve our world... unless the Ascended venture too far.


What about the rewards?

You can earn special abilities that give you "Artifact Eyes," one for each color type, matching the corresponding sets. For instance, you'd earn Poison Artifact Eyes for completing the poison set. The Meta set grants you Rainbow Artifact Eyes that change color every 5 seconds! What do they look like? Stick a shiny in your eye and look in the mirror!

These new artifact pinatas will be available from 12:01 AM PDT Friday, May 26th, through to 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, May 29th, 2017.

Oh, ONE more thing...

There is another exclusive Artifact Pinata that can ONLY be spawned by DeadSimon himself. He may or may not have used the term "pooped by Dead Simon." This has yet to be confirmed by independent sources.

Join us for the RIFT Livestream on Friday, May 26th, 2017 and learn all you ever wanted to know about this new artifact set. Be wary though, because when riled up, DeadSimon can become quite dangerous. Yeah, we think that got everyone's attention! We'll start on the EU server cluster, then move to NA. This will not be the last you see of the DeadSimon artifact set, but it will be the world premiere! Do NOT miss it!

This Pinata has its own 7 sets of Artifacts and rewards that include Artifact Beguiled Companion Pets... and you guessed it, they have color-changing artifacts for eyes. These include a Guffin, DeadSimon, an owl and others.

Friday, May 26, 2017, 11:30 AM PDT

We will simulcast on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

RIFT - [trion] Morgana

We love how you strut your stuff in RIFT, and celebrate your sartorial creativity with a wardrobe sale this weekend!

RIFT offers more outfit choices than anyone needs, but players keep asking for MORE! We hear you, and this weekend, we are letting loose with 25% off ALL wardrobe items in the RIFT store.

We also saw you looking longingly at holiday event wardrobe items in other people's wardrobes. The time has passed when you could obtain them... or has it? We're bringing a BUNCH of these back to the rack for your shopping pleasure!  Get Crucia's outfit, Vigil's Radiance, Alsbeth's Raiment, Tenebrean wings or that fancy event backpack this weekend!

The Wardrobe Weekend event runs from Friday, May 19th through Monday, May 22nd.

On this week's Livestream: FASHIONISTA CHALLENGE!

Join us as five people take on the challenge to dress to match three different themes! Tune in to talk about RIFT, wardrobes, color and why we care about how our characters look. Discordya, leading fashion advisor, and our own Tacitus will curate the entrants and rate their looks!

RIFT LIVESTREAM, Friday, May 19th, 11:30 AM PDT


Simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!
RIFT - Trion_Brasse

Let’s cut right to the chase: we’re giving EVERYBODY who logs in from May 10 – May 14 a copy of Prophecy of Ahnket if they do not already own it.


You read that right: if you log in and haven’t obtained the expansion yet, you get a free copy to keep forever. EASY, right? Right!
So, log in. Play. Get the expansion free and check out all the awesome new content you’ve been missing. It really doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. Oh wait… maybe it does! Read on.

Want to know why we’re calling RIFT 4.0 Prophecy of Ahnket now? Check out our most recent Producer’s Letter!

Already got the expansion? Thank you so much for supporting the ongoing development of RIFT! We want to make sure you get something amazing, in addition to the prospect of having even more people to play with in the celestial lands!
Everyone who logs in during the special promo weekend will receive a Prophecy of Ahnket Cache claimable on one of their characters! This incredible pack is stuffed full of awesome items.

Seriously, check it out:

- 2 Tenebrean Engines (this will help progress your Eternal Item quest)
- 100 Phenomenal Sparkles (Patron-only quest items that help you earn a piece of high level gear every month)
- 10 Individual Reward Charges (used to claim great gear drops in our raids)
- 1 White Deer Companion Pet (ok, so she doesn’t have any stats… we can all appreciate the beauty in life!)
- 1 Random Puzzle Box Dimension Item (for your Telaran home)

IMPORTANT: The Prophecy of Ahnket Cache is available on the RIFT Store ONLY during this promotion, May 10 – 14. Remember that it can be claimed by ONE character on your account, and is not transferable. Make sure you log in your preferred character before you claim it. As with the free expansion promo, it all goes away at 11:59 PM PDT on May 14th, so do not delay!

After this unprecedented giveaway weekend ends, the basic access pack will be available at $19.99 on our Store and Steam!


Going forward, RIFT 4.0 will be known as Prophecy of Ahnket. This name change will be reflected in game, on our website, in future emails, on ads, etc. And... that’s it, really. The only thing changing is the name.  It is more evocative of the lore - we hope you like the new name as much as we do!

Why the change? We've recently become acquainted with a terrific children's educational charity called the Starfall Education Foundation, and we want to make sure that the names are not confused. This also gives us the chance to start a new page in the history of RIFT by offering the expansion for FREE to anyone who logs in over the coming weekend!

Help us get the word out by whatever means necessary! Tell your friends, your frenemies, your random acquaintances on the street - we want everyone to take part!

Of course, no matter how excited we are about this, we’ve got to get back to work. 4.2 isn’t going to design itself.

- Raid updates don’t end with Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix!  The guys are now circling back preparing the “normal mode” version of Tartaric Depths for those who appreciate a bit more of a challenge.
- Vladd has the Planar Fragment system under the microscope.  Expect some massive changes to the system over the coming months.
- The new Primalist Souls are still underway (remember, you get these at no additional cost if you already own or purchase the current Primalist soul pack!)
- Revisions to class balance continue apace - remember to post your thoughts on the PTS  forums as to how they are going there - PTS is your chance to take the soul revisions for a test run!

Make sure you tune in to our weekly livestreams at the new time of 11:30 AM PDT every Friday, for the latest news, fun times and giveaways!

We are now streaming simultaneously across Twitch (twitch.tv/trionworlds), Facebook (facebook.com/RIFTgame), Twitter (@RIFTgame) and YouTube (youtube.com/RIFTmmo). See you there!

~Archonix and the RIFT Team

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