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Community Announcements - Pkeod

World's first eSports solitaire game!
Community Announcements - Pkeod
Community Announcements - Pkeod
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Product Release - Valve
Faerie Solitaire is Now Available on Mac and FREE until November 8th at 10am pacific time!

Have magical fun in the addicting Card game, Faerie Solitaire! Find and raise a Faerie pet and repopulate the magical land of Avalon using the resources found by clearing each level.

Earn enough gold to purchase unique power-ups and specialized upgrades, making each stage a breeze. Chain together combos to fill up your energy meter and save the Faeries!

Community Announcements - Pkeod
<a href="">Faerie Solitaire Prismatic (Flash)</a> is a small free game we have released. We will update it over time adding new features and making it harder to stop playing. :)

<a href="">Faerie Alchemy</a> is in public Alpha right now and there is a HTML5 build <a href="">you can test here.</a> It only works well in Chrome and Safari. We'll upload a Flash build a bit later. Now that it's public we will be uploading update as soon as we make them.

There are many holidays to celebrate this month, and I hope you enjoy each of them safely and with great happiness. Here is to 2012 being the best year we will all have so far!

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