Virtual Desktop - ggodin
There are a couple issues with the new WMR headsets that prevent Virtual Desktop from being a worthwhile experience. Mainly controller interaction with the desktop and stability. This announcement is to let you know that those issues are being looked into. I am working with Microsoft to have those resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Controller Bindings
You can now remap controller buttons in the Bindings tab. With Rift you can also remap Xbox controller bindings; just make sure to enable Xbox Controller in the headset options and ensure you Xbox controller is paired.

Launch Virtual Desktop from the Dashboard
When you go into the Virtual Desktop SteamVR Dashboard, you now have a button that lets you launch the main app if it isn't started already. This allows you to switch between the two interfaces easily.

Stereo Panorama Environments
You can now create and use stereo panorama environments. These can be created from Ansel 360 stereo screenshots of your favorite games. In addition, stereo cubemaps and stereo panoramas can use HDR images. 48bits PNGs are recommended.

Oculus Dash Support
Version 1.7 uses Oculus SDK 1.20 with Rift and is now compatible with Oculus Dash; It will allow Dash overlays to show up within your environment and have the proper depth cues. Work is being done to integrate the new timewarp layers (cylindrical, cubemap) which will help increase image accuracy. This will be part of a future update.

Bug Fixes
  • Now detecting corrupt service installations and fixing them automatically
  • Support for keyboard media keys in video player
  • Fixed the "Unable to query monitors" error
  • Fixed audio glitches on some machines
  • Fixed performance drop with Mip Mapping on Rift
  • Fixed Oculus Touch controller tilt when using SteamVR
  • Stability improvements
As always, let me know if you experience any issues.
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
New SteamVR Dashboard
The Virtual Desktop Dashboard replaces the original SteamVR Desktop Dashboard. It renders your monitors at full framerate, allows interaction with Touch gestures (swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom, etc.) and lets you to cycle through each monitor (using the left AppMenu button with Vive or Y with Rift). In addition, one of your monitor can be detached (hold grip), resized (hold both grips) and remain as an overlay in any of your favorite SteamVR games. This will work with Vive, OSVR, Pimax and WMR headsets. To use SteamVR with Rift, use the /ForceOpenVR command line argument when starting Virtual Desktop with Steam.

New Capture Engine
Part of this release is a re-architected capture engine which allows you to see and interact with UAC prompts and lock screens in VR. Monitors can now be added or removed without requiring to restart Virtual Desktop. HDR monitors with their full color gamut are now supported.

Google Cardboard Photos
360 Photos taken with your Android phone can now be viewed in Virtual Desktop’s Photos tab. Embedded audio tracks are also supported.

Video Player Improvements
The video player now features a Playback Rate setting which allows you to slow down or speed up your videos. In addition, the Fisheye projection has been improved (it is now a proper fisheye projection).

Environment Editor
Environment sounds now support MP3, AAC and other common formats in addition to Wav files.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed controller interaction issue where clicks would sometimes stop working
  • The Oculus Store window will no longer open when using a Vive or running with /ForceOpenVR
  • The On-Screen keyboard is now configured to work with Virtual Desktop automatically
  • The context menus and message boxes are now themed appropriately
  • Removed Platform Update requirement on Windows 7
  • Added initial status message when downloading videos
  • Improved application startup speed
As always, let me know if you experience any issues or have suggestions!
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Today's update adds a long awaited feature; a screen curve slider as well as improvements to the controller models with SteamVR. The Oculus Touch button mapping was reverted back to use face buttons (A and X) for left clicks and now button B acts as right-click. A future version will allow you to remap controller buttons. A Hide Overlay option has been added to the video playback options. This update also contains some minor bug fixes.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Today's update is a big one! Windows 7 is now officially supported. The performance on Windows 7 will not be as good as Windows 10; 360 videos require the installation of 3rd party codecs (such as the K-Lite Codec Pack) and the motion controls don't support touch gestures (such as pinch to zoom or swipe to scroll) because the OS does not support it natively.

Here is the list of changes included in this release:

- Added official support for Windows 7
- Added motion control support in Windows 7
- Touch buttons A and X with Rift or TouchPad clicks with Vive are now mouse right-clicks
- Removed software decoding option on Windows 7 (it is enabled by default)
- Added ability to cancel video downloads
- Added separate checkbox for video voice commands (disabled by default)
- Added -ForceOpenVR command line argument
- Fixed controllers not able to interact with the screen on Windows 8.1 machines without .NET 4.6 installed
- Close button now correctly exits the app while in the MilkDrop environment
- Improved stability with video player.

Let me know if you experience any issues, thanks!
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Today's update fixes a number of small issues:

- Error when opening some 360 photos
- Screen vertical offset with multi-monitor option checked
- Collapsing window when opening a second video
- Injection with DirectX 9 games on Windows 10

Let me know if you experience any other issues.
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Today's update adds software decoding fallback in the video player. Software decoding means Virtual Desktop will now be able to play non-standard resolutions and formats as long as a software codec installed on your computer is able to support it.

Videos such as these ones didn't work properly before today's update:
In addition, the Virtual Desktop window will now auto-collapse to a smaller size when playing a video. The screen transparency option is back but note that it no longer works if you upgrade to Windows 10 Creator's Update.

The following issues have also been fixed:
  • Fixed motion control tap offset when using display scaling in Windows
  • Fixed washed-out colors when using injection to play DirectX 10 and 11 games
  • Fixed audio choppiness when Rift not set to default playback device on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • Fixed stacking cursor issues with ATI video cards
Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Today's update contains a head lock option for the screen, a few additional keyboard shortcuts for the video player and some bug fixes.

  • The new Head Lock option will make the screen follow your head's position and orientation; this is useful to play 2D games that include head tracking. It is also useful when watching movies in a resting position. The screen transparency option has also been removed as this is no longer supported in Windows 10 Creators Update.

  • You can now toggle play/pause of the video player using the space bar.

  • Fixed issue with Rift where hourglass would appear after exiting another VR app or game such as Assetto Corsa.

  • Additionally this version no longer requires the app to be installed in the default location (under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\...) for the motion controllers to interact with the screen. Drag & drop of 360 photos and videos will also correctly work no matter where the app is installed.

Let me know if you experience any issues with this update.

Virtual Desktop - ggodin
Today's update adds support for HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) environments and enhances the image quality for both Rift and Vive users through improvements to the SRGB pipeline.

This update adds 2 free HDR environments: Space Sky which is a high quality Cubemap and Home Cinema, a rich and polished model environment which is perfect for watching movies.

The behavior of the close button (X in the upper right) was changed to exit the app and a minimize button with an option to minimize to tray was added.

This update also contains a workaround for a Steam bug that considered the app as still running after exit and prevented you from re-launching it in VR.

It also includes a fix for the video player sometimes crashing with Windows 10 Creators Update.

Update 1.3.1 fixes a brightness issue with stereoscopic 360 photos and a bug with SBS/OU mode in theater environments.

Community Announcements - ggodin
Today's update fixes an issue where newly subscribed environments (from the workshop or the store) wouldn't appear in Virtual Desktop. In addition, I've fixed a couple of older bugs that have been around for a while:

- Fixed transitions between tabs where it would make the entire window disappear
- Fixed floating black screen sometimes showing up in theater environments (thanks to Pantalaimon for the repro steps)
- Fixed the "Always on Top" behavior getting stuck when not wearing the headset (thanks to Lufferov for the detailed video)


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