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Hey dear anglers,

Here is patch note for 0.8.4

Main highlights

"Fourth of July" event in honor of Independence day , that includes various gameplay activities:
  • Ability to catch historical tagged fish and to get achievements and rewards for it (new historical fish has been added).
  • Ability to get tackle rewards and fireworks for everyday flag-raising on the event locations.
  • Ability to launch fireworks on all event locations.
The event takes place from 6/27/2017 till 7/10/2017.
The annual Trout sportfishing tournament - Independence Trout Open will be held as part of the event.

New Tournament - Independence Trout Open
  • Tournament held on Colorado’s Rocky Lake, Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan, Alberta’s White Moose Lake, Falcon Lake in Oregon.
  • Target fish - Trout.
  • Dates: 7/04 - 7/09, Registration begins 7/03/2017.
  • Schedule details available in-game!
Welcome to Independence Trout Open, the annual Trout sportfishing tournament hosted by Fishing Planet in the wake of July 4th, Independence Day! This is what we’ve all been waiting for!

The Trout you catch might be virtual, but the Tournament and the Championship status are as real as they get!

Register for the Independence Trout Open, pass the Qualifiers, get to the Final Round and compete against the very best to become the Independence Trout Open Champion!

First-place winner and two runner-ups get the fame, the glory and, of course, valuable prizes! But making it to the Top-10 is quite an achievement too!

This is the one sportfishing event you don’t want to miss!

Independence Trout Open will be held July 4th through July 9th , with the Registration starting on July 3rd, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:
  • 3rd of July - Registration for the Tournament begins.
  • 4th of July - Qualifier 1 on Colorado’s Rocky Lake.
  • 5th of July - Qualifier 2 on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan.
  • 6th of July - Qualifier 3 on Alberta’s White Moose Lake.
  • 8th of July - Semifinal Round on Falcon Lake in Oregon.
  • 9th of July - the Grand Finale on Oregon’s Falcon Lake.


  • Multiple localization bugs fixed.
  • Controller navigation improved and some bugs fixed.
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Hey there fellow anglers!

Today, 06/20, at 11:00 pm EST (06/21 03:00 am UTC) the servers will go down for maintenance.
Expected downtime - 30 minutes

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience.

Tight lines!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

The Final Round of Virtual Bass Open coincided with the third Sunday of June, taking place right on Father’s Day! That’s when our 20 best Bass anglers traveled to the pelican state of Louisiana for an epic final showdown of this year’s ultimate Bass fishing Tournament! It was a tough and fiery battle that made the otherwise peaceful and remote Quanchkin Lake explode with competitive excitement! And now that the Final Round is over and all the results are carefully considered we’re happy to give you 10 names of our Tournament prize-winning finalists, and at the top of the list - the 3 Bass fishing Champions who will be forever remembered as glorious winners of the VBO 2017!

1 DerDensen
2 MuTaNSpiniN
3 BGF-wolf_Br

4 nordlys2161
5 darktown
6 KpShamino
7 PH_Showstorm
8 GoldenCatch1
9 xXLuciXx
10 PH_n.b.g.UK

Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Summer has just begun and there are many more fun tournaments ahead!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Well, dear anglers...this is it! We’re announcing the results of the third and final Qualifying Round of Virtual Bass Open, and the last chance you had to make it to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below is the list of 20 Bass anglers who did their very best and succeeded in getting one of the Top-20 results and will be going to the peaceful banks of Neherrin River in North Carolina on June 17th to fight in the Semifinal battle!

1 BB-ZH-Baloralys
2 ItzGamers
3 Pegas005
4 BAT-Zinker
5 BB-el.Campi
6 Beer_O
7 Uniriad
8 Pauljones1970
9 BB-EA_River
10 dzierzaGST
11 PH_bigdaddy012678
12 G.Reini
13 mibalzich
14 Dio34
15 Shereen
16 Rubberduck2504
17 nordlys2161
18 PH_Showstorm
19 Ifi
20 darktown

Not on the list? Don’t let that get you down! Just think of all the fun you had and experience you got! Make sure to use your newly acquired skills and knowledge in the many Tournaments to come and profit!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Tension is growing as one more Qualifying Round of Virtual Bass Open is now over. It was the 2nd attempt for our daring anglers to show their best Bass catching performance by getting one of the twenty best results and going through to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below you’ll find a list of those who splendidly coped with this challenging task!

1 Pogolo
2 PH_n.b.g.UK
3 glock_sp-FDP
4 FourLee
5 icke1234
6 r0m4
7 aalkai80
8 DKommo
9 wolf-Br
10 JimPanse0108
11 BB-EAC-Nogmaa
12 tete2poissons
13 Xel-Naga
14 Dahu.Hannibal
16 xXLuciXx
17 DerDensen
18 GoldenCatch1
19 caigen
20 rEu-Mixxxer

These anglers will head straight on to the Semifinal - held on the peaceful banks of Neherrin River in North Carolina on June 17th! In the meantime, the rest can still have one final go at joining them and try their luck in the 3rd and final Qualifier on June 15th!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

With the Virtual Bass Open in full swing, we’re thrilled to announce the results of the tournament’s 1st Qualifying Round. Held on the wide open spaces of Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan, that was the 1st chance out of 3 to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-20 most skilled Bass anglers! Below you’ll find the list of those who’ll head to North Carolina on June 17th and compete among the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on the peaceful banks of Neherrin River.

1 BB-TarzanTheSniper
2 Modez0r
3 HardIrelia
4 PillDoc98
6 Netobariri
7 BooRadley
8 MuTaNSpiniN
9 aleksandp_3
10 Mendes
11 EbisuWasia
12 LIG-Ligi74
13 Prosperuhty
14 KRAKEN-Ouzoum64
15 .K.
16 Neu_SJC_SP
17 KpShamino
18 Mardaniel
19 Jesahe2512
20 Gregfxstc

If you don’t see your name - no worries There’s still two more chances in the 2nd and 3rd Qualifiers.
Fishing Planet - SunyDino
Hey dear anglers,

Here is patch note for 0.8.3

3D Characters
  • Added the ability to choose skin color and eye color for 3D characters (5 skin colors and 6 eye colors)
  • Optimized textures of hats, fishing rods and reels for 3D characters
  • New lobby music added.
  • New cursor in the game added.
  • Graphical optimization for locations of Michigan and Alaska.
  • Fixed error of switching off all sounds of the environment in the settings
  • menu.
  • New sounds of the environment at the pond of Kanik Creek, Alaska added.
  • Two fish spots added on the Lone Star Lake, Texas.
  • Fixed a bug with the unsuccessful strike when fishing with live baits with low FPS.
  • Some localization bugs fixed.
  • Polish localization for tutorial added.
Tournament - Virtual Bass Open

  • Tournament held on Saint-Croix Lake, Everglades, Mudwater River, Neherrin River and Quanchkin Lake
  • Target fish - Basses
  • Dates: 13.06 - 18.06, Registration begins 12.06.2017
  • Schedule details available in-game!
Welcome to Virtual Bass Open, the annual Bass Sportfishing Tournament hosted by Fishing Planet that is meant to honor this year’s Father’s Day - the perfect holiday to spend celebrating the symbolic and deep meaning of the sacred father-and-son connection by doing some good ’ol fishing!
Сompete in catching virtual Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass to win valuable in-game prizes and prove yourself to be the best Bass angler in history of virtual fishing! Can your bass fishing skills take you to the top and land you one of the first three winning places?
Enter the Virtual Bass Open, pass the Qualifiers, get to the Final Round and compete against the very best to become the Virtual Bass Open Champion!
First-place winner and two runner-ups get the fame, the glory, and the Champion status!
Don’t miss the most real sportfishing tournament of the virtual realm!
Dates: 13.06 - 18.06
  • 12th of June - Registration for the Tournament begins.
  • 13th of June - Qualifier 1 on Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan.
  • 14th of June - Qualifier 2 on Florida’s Everglades.
  • 15th of June - Qualifier 3 on Mudwater River in Missouri.
  • 17th of June - Semifinal Round on Neherrin River in the fine state of North Carolina.
  • 18st of June - Grand Finale on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana.

Virtual Bass Open Pack
Fishing Planet - SunyDino
Hey there fellow anglers!

Today, 05/30, at 11:00 pm EST (05/31 03:00 am UTC) the servers will go down for maintenance.
Expected downtime - 60-90 minutes

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience.

Tight lines!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino
Physics Bug Fixes
  • Fixed animation for getting fish out of the water.
  • Other various physics bugs fixed.

  • 2 new achievements added: Quanchkin Defeater and Kaniq Assassin.
    Improvements of the filter mechanism for selecting lures and baits while at the pond.
  • Pitch casting disabled for spinning and casting rods.

  • New global map and gamepad settings menu in 4K resolution.
  • New game icon.
  • Changes to the help slides.
  • Changes to the interface sounds.

  • Every player gets 1 day of free Premium upon reaching Level 4.
  • New surrounding sounds added at Quanchkin Lake.
  • Fixed issues in reward delivery for tournaments and competitions.
  • Player ban notification added in the main chat window.
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Wow, that was one superCHARged tournament! And what an electrified Finale!
But let’s get straight to business and break the news you’ve all been waiting for - the Char Charger’s Open Final Results.
Here below you’ll find the names of our Three Char Charger Champions along with the carefully calculated list of the Top-10 finalists! Well done, guys...Congrats and thank you for participating!

1 BAT-Kiezkalle
2 OCA-Bolvar_Fordragon
3 MuTaNSpiniN

4 funczy
5 BAT-UnderwaterFrank
6 BB-Oxriver-T-V-I-B
7 BB-tommi
8 glock_sp
9 BAT-Tim71088
10 BAT-Alexmadmax

We really hope you enjoyed this thrilling experience and are already looking forward to new challenging tournaments coming your way soon!
In the meantime, recharge your fishing capacities and work on those solid hooksets.
Stay tuned and tight lines, folks.

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