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Can I lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority about how the PS4 version of Fishing Planet [official site] got a trailer that was approx one billion times better than the PC trailer? I am FURIOUS right now. We get moody water shots and easy listening and theirs is all TENSION AND FISH AND HYPE AND EXCITING RIFFS AND YES YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE THERE ARE MORE THAN 70 SPECIES OF FISH AND OBVIOUSLY COMPLEX FISH AI IS HAPPENING AND ARE YOU READY FOR THIS BECAUSE I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE READY FOR THIS. (more…)

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Hey dear anglers,

As many of you know, we have been working on porting the Fishing Planet game to the consoles. And now we are happy to announce August 29th as the official release date on PlayStation®4.

Fishing Planet is the 1st F2P fishing simulator available on consoles. If you are an owner of one, prepare to indulge in the fantastic world of fishing without having to leave your couch, playing your favorite console!

Moreover, we have also implemented PlayStation®4 Pro support, which allows to fully enjoy the super realistic graphics, erasing the line between reality and the virtual fishing world.

Fishing Planet hits both American and European PlayStation®4 stores on August 29th.

Those, who do not have PlayStation®4, do not feel blue, as we have prepared interesting updates with new functionality that are coming pretty soon! Stay tuned!
Fishing Planet - Madian

Hey there, angling community! At last, with the Grand Finale of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup over and behind us, we’re ready to give you the names of our three FPAC Champions along with the overall list of Top-10 best Salmon anglers!



Herebelow are victorious names that will forever go into the history of Salmon cyber-fishing! Thank you for your participation and having such fun! Make sure to keep practicing - because the next exciting fishing tournament is just around the corner!

In the meantime, tight lines!
Fishing Planet - Madian

With only one day before the Final Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, we’re thrilled to give you the names of 20 most proficient and skilled Salmon anglers, who will fight the final battle tomorrow on the mesmerizing Kaniq Creek in Alaska for the official title of FPAC Champion and other valuable prizes!

1. BUR-EbisuWasia
2. BB-HEINO1971
3. BGF-ltzGamers

4. BGF-Dr.Vini
5. bauer40
6. Andro909
7. REU-tinta
8. PH_nizz420
9. BB-Fischermixi
10. betovski-FDP
12. BGF-Netobariri
13. PH_chjkirkegade
14. Gramazeka1969
15. Shet
18. x404
19. nikolai.vlassov
20. Viuva-FDP

You rock!
Fishing Planet - Madian

Hey there, anglers! The 3rd Qualifier is officially over and we’re happy to announce the results with the Top 20 finalists who are now qualified to compete in the thrilling Semifinal Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, that'll be held on August 12th on Kaniq Creek in Alaska! These lucky names are listed below.

1. BB-HEINO1971
2. StasX
3. BUR-GoldenCatch1

4. tyhippy
5. REU-tinta
6. BGF-Netobariri
7. PH_chjkirkegade
8. Dahu.Hannibal
9. jackdaw53
10. Jucky
11. Pogolo
12. Viuva-FDP
13. PH_Mapinguari
14. x404
15. wulija
16. BGF-ltzGamers
17. BB-nippelschlecker
18. REU-HARY76
19. pureWhiskey

But if you’re name’s not on the list, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future - just make sure to keep practicing and finesse your skills in the meantime! Tight Lines
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Hey there fellow anglers!

Today, 08/11 the servers are down for maintenance from 12 pm UTC.
Expected downtime - 30- 45 minutes

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience.

Tight lines!
Aug 10
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Hey there, angling folk!

As you already know, it’s our Birthday on August 11th! And we’re thrilled to announce another pleasant surprise to mark the festive occasion - behold the Fishing Planet Anniversary Sale!

The Sale will last for 3 days during our Anniversary Weekend, from August 11th till August 13th and will include super bargains like:
● 15% discount for all DLC Packs on Steam
● 15% discount for 30 days Premium Account
● 30% discount for 180 and 360 days Premium Account
● 30% discount for all Unlimited Basic Licenses

Also, don’t forget about the special gift we prepared for you and get your 3 DAYS of PREMIUM (during the Anniversary Weekend) absolutely FREE for simply taking some time off to relax and enjoy your favorite hobby with Fishing Planet starting August 4th!

It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

Tight Lines!
Fishing Planet - Madian

There goes the 2nd Qualifying Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup! Held in Michigan, on the breathtaking banks of Lake Saint-Croix, this exciting fishing battle is now over and we’re happy to announce the 20 anglers who’ll be making it to the Semifinal Round of this tournament!
In case you still didn’t make it to the Top-20 in the 2nd Qualifier, make the best use out of the upcoming 3rd Qualifier on August 10th - your final chance to join the 60 best anglers in the FPAC Semifinal!
And here are our 20 qualified anglers:

1. REU-tosiek
2. BGF-Dr.Vini
3. nikolai.vlassov
5. PH_Cap.RM
6. df.spider
7. Drift_AZ
8. Kildin
9. bauer40
10. betovski-FDP
11. trophyhunter85
12. Rexus10
13. jomasaga
14. glock_sp-FDP
15. Wolkey
16. alex31561985
17. Andro909
18. DrH4nsChucrut3s-FDP
19. Tersse
20. Jesahe2512

Tight lines!
Fishing Planet - Madian

The 1st Qualifying Round of Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup is over and we’re ready to announce its results! Meet the winners:

1. Gramazeka1969
2. BB-SLiDaRiX

4. BUR-aleksandp_3
5. X-UndertakeR-X
6. Dmitrij211
7. am-gamer
8. HardIrelia
9. PH_nizz420
10. phil62
11. Daddoo1961
12. Shet
13. Azluta
15. REU-leczos
16. BUR-EbisuWasia
17. pukovnik65
18. Lobotomyfatal_YouTube
19. PH_LordDarkHelmet
20. BB-Fischermixi

Keep in mind, it was only the 1st Qualifier of three to get through to the FPAC Semifinal Round! That means that if for whatever reason your performance wasn’t quite at its prime and you didn’t make it to the top 20 Qualifier finalists, you still have 2 more chances to succeed! And the best part, next one’s right around the corner - taking place August 9th on on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan! But for now, these are the 20 anglers now qualified to compete in the Semifinal Round on August 12th, Alaskan Kaniq Creek!

Fishing Planet - olga.g
Hey, dear angling community!

Guess what? It’s our Birthday soon! Yep. Fishing Planet is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary of coming into this world and uniting anglers from all around the globe in their favorite pastime! This surely calls for a celebration and treats. So we prepared an amazing gift and a special Anniversary Tournament for you to enjoy!

Special Gift: 3 DAYS of Premium Account for FREE to every angler showing active participation in the game as of August 4th!
So starting August 4th, make sure to join in on all the angling fun and excitement and participate in our fishing adventures with utmost enthusiasm to get your free Premium days (August 11th - 13th). More treats to come closer to Anniversary Day - August 11th, stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and prepare for the Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup that starts on the 8th of August!
Tight Lines and...let the fun begin!

Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup

  • Tournament is held on Alberta’s White Moose Lake, Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan, San Joaquin Delta in California and Kaniq Creek River in Alaska.
  • Target fish - Salmon.
  • Dates: 8/08 - 13/08, Registration begins 7/08/2017.
  • Schedule details available in-game!
Welcome to Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup - a dear-to-our-heart Sportfishing Tournament that we’re hosting to celebrate our second year anniversary of coming out on Steam!
The Salmon you catch might be virtual, but the Tournament and the Championship status are as real as they get!

Register for the Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup, pass the Qualifiers, get to the Final Round and compet against the very best to ultimately become the Salmon fishing Champion!

First-place winner and the two honorable runner-ups get the fame, the glory and valuable prizes! But making it to the Top-10 is quite an achievement too!

This is the one sportfishing event you don’t want to miss!

Fishing Planet Anniversary Cup will be held August 8th through August 13th, with the Registration starting on August 7th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:
  • 7th of August - Registration for the FPAC Tournament begins.
  • 8th of August - Qualifier 1 on the snowy White Moose Lake in Alberta, Canada.
  • 9th of August - Qualifier 2 on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan.
  • 10th of August - Qualifier 3 on San Joaquin Delta in sunny California.
  • 12th of August - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizing Kaniq Creek in Alaska.
  • 13th of August - the Grand Finale on Alaskan Kaniq Creek.

Fishing Planet Anniversary Pack

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