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Ahoy, mighty anglers! Thank you for taking part in the memorable Crappie Valentine Cup! It took a lot of guts and courage to put your skills to the test and compete against the best anglers of Fishing Planet!
After meticulous calculations and careful evaluation, hereunder are listed the Three Winners and Top-10 Finalists of Crappie Valentine Cup, whose superb skill and good luck earned them a rightful place in the History of virtual angling! Hail our Valentine Champions!
1 vgamigo
2 NoName.MihA76
3 SteamingPolak
4 BB-gelegenheitsangler
5 Silberfisch
7 NoName.Delovoi
8 BUR-GoldenCatch1
9 NoName.Oleg66fisher
10 ZlayaZaya
Fishing Planet - Fishing_Planet_Mod

For anyone craving some hardcore fishing action, Quanchkin Lake was the place to be! 60 Top anglers were demonstrating their skills as they fought this Semifinal battle. And here are the names of Top 20 finalists who’ll compete in the Final round of Crappie Valentine Cup for the title of CVC Champion!

1 SteamingPolak
2 Viuva-FDP
3 JimPanse0108
4 Bolt73
5 vgamigo
6 ZlayaZaya
7 NoName.MihA76
8 BUR-GoldenCatch1
11 PH_gatsu52
12 4F-HARY76
13 NoName.Delovoi
14 Silberfisch
15 BB-gelegenheitsangler
16 4F-LIGI
17 BUR-EbisuWasia
18 NoName.Oleg66fisher
19 NoName.HardIrelia
Fishing Planet - Fishing_Planet_Mod

The last three days were filled with heated action and angling excitement as you did your very best to outperform and outsmart other anglers in the Qualifying stages of Crappie Valentine Cup! And now that the 3rd and final Qualifier is over, here are the names of Top-20 anglers that will be part of the 60 best competitors and will fight in the Semifinal Round on February 17th!
Congratulations to all! And even if you didn’t manage to pass the Qualifiers, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future! Tight Lines!

2 mamaluba
3 BGF-BismarcBK
4 KRAKEN-Vule_ot
6 Beno_Ben
7 BGF-Thiagonato
8 KRAKEN-Fish42
9 Viuva-FDP
10 BUR-GoldenCatch1
11 Snowman90
12 KRAKEN-tonton
13 BeasT888
15 NoName.Oleg66fisher
16 Edu77
17 Artur.24
18 PRO.s_CLUB_Capri1967
19 Bohemond
20 theshockj3

A few players from the first version of Top-20 were disqualified due to violation of the Tournament Rules point 1.2 . Please note that any further violation of the EULA might result in accounts being permanently suspended.
Fishing Planet - Fishing_Planet_Mod

And yet another exciting stage of Crappie Valentine Cup has passed!
Here are the 20 anglers who succeeded in the 2nd Qualifying Round and will be joining in on the fun of the Tournament’s Semifinal battle on February 17th!

1 Les.Number.One.MasterAlex
2 NoName.HardIrelia
3 PH_gatsu52
4 Serbatol
5 FirebladeRR
6 morito848
7 BB-ZH-Baloralys
8 serg67smol
9 NoName.MihA76
10 betovski-FDP
11 Akchapocha
12 Silberfisch
13 BB-gelegenheitsangler
14 Bolt73
15 Fedor123
16 PH_Outkasted
17 ZlayaZaya
18 leonzaw
19 emdoner22
20 nikolai.vlassov

For all those who didn’t make it to the Top-20, there’s still one final chance in the 3rd Qualifier!
Fishing Planet - Fishing_Planet_Mod

Well, the 1st Qualifying Round of Crappie Valentine Cup is officially over! And oh boy, good ol Mudwater River hasn’t seen such a heated competition in years!
Below is the list of 20 anglers who demonstrated superb skills and performance and are now successfully qualified to compete in the Semifinal Round on February 18th, on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana!

1 4F-HARY76
2 vgamigo
4 JimPanse0108
5 NoName.A.K.E.L.A
6 NoName.Delovoi
7 SteamingPolak
8 BUR-EbisuWasia
9 NoName.LuckyCatcher
10 SirSlevin
11 4F-Filiposki
12 NoName.Johnni48
13 4F-Mariquita
16 xXDilaXx
17 SerGo-34Rus
18 4F-kinotan17
19 PRO.s_CLUB_FeuchterWurm
20 PescadorTiao

But don’t let it get you down if you don’t see your name on the list - just make sure to try your luck in the 2nd Qualifier!

A few players from the first version of Top-20 were disqualified due to violation of the Tournament Rules point 1.2 . Please note that any further violation of the EULA might result in accounts being permanently suspended.
Fishing Planet - Fishing_Planet_Mod
Hello to all our beloved anglers!
Valentine's Day is coming and to make this holiday less about cheesy romantic nonsense and more about what you truly love, we’re hosting the annual Crappie Valentine Cup fishing tournament!

This sportfishing event is meant to get everyone in the holiday mood this February 14th!
Don’t hesitate to register and compete in a fun and challenging environment against the very best, as you test your skills in catching Black and White Crappie in a heated race taking you through five different states, from the picturesque banks of Missouri’s Mudwater River, to Louisiana’s swampy Quanchkin Lake!
Fame, Glory and a prize pool that includes plenty of Credits, BaitCoins,unique fishing tackle and equipment and most importantly - the title of Crappie Valentine Champion await!

Crappie Valentine Cup will be held February 13th through February 18th, with the Registration starting on February 12th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

13th of February - Qualifier 1 on Mudwater River in Missouri.
14th of February - Qualifier 2 on the beautiful Lake Rocky in the state of Colorado.
15th of February - Qualifier 3 on California’s San Joaquin Delta.
17th of February - Semifinal Round on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana.
18th of February - the Grand Finale on Neherrin River in the fine state of North Carolina.

Only for the duration of the tournament you can get special tour pack Crappie Valentine Pack at 25% OFF!

Good luck to you and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Fishing Planet - Olcha
Hey guys! We get a lot of questions from you regarding our future plans for the game and what we’re currently working on. Well...we’re happy to tell you that our team is already getting bigger, which means that now we can introduce even more cool features and improvements in the nearest time. So today we’ll give you some inside scoop on the newest features that are being added to the game in test mode as we speak!

It only seems right to mention that we often draw our inspiration for the new features from your letters, guys.
Many of you kept asking for a Navigation functionality to be added - and voila, here it is!
Ever since kayaks were introduced, you can catch fish all over the waterway. This, however, made it a bit difficult to remember the places for best biting. And that’s why we’re adding a couple of features to ease your navigation and let you keep track of all your favorite fishing spots!

-Depth Map. Every location in the game will now have its own unique depth map, so that you can know the bottom terrain and decide where to look or the fish you’re after.

-Markers. Now you can mark your favorite fishing spots right on the map! But that’s not all. This function allows you to add a description for every Marker, noting what kinds of fish you caught there, what tackle you used and most importantly you will share your Markers with Friends in the future!

Buoyancy improvements.

Yep, we made quite a few changes here!
Up until now, all lures regardless of their weight would sink at identical speed. Be it a 4-gram spinner or a 56 gram bass jig, they’d go down the same. Not anymore!
From now on, just like in real life, a lure’s WEIGHT directly affects how fast it sinks. So now, it’ll take almost 20 seconds for a 4-gram spinner to go down to a depth of 5 meters, whereas a bass jig of 56 grams will plummet in just 5 seconds!

Remember how frustrating it was when you couldn’t even get some lures off the bottom when making a retrieve at first or second speed? And this would happen regardless of the lure’s weight. Heavy or light - they all behaved the same when you were making a retrieve, which of course wasn’t very realistic.
But now, most of the lures will be showing some action even at the slowest retrieve speed, with the lighter lures lifting off the bottom and having more buoyancy than the heavier ones. Awesome, right?:)

Tackle Setup Templates
We’re introducing the setup templates to make it easier for you to organise all the different tackle you use depending on the waterway, the fish or a certain competitive event. Those of you who collected copious amounts of different objects overtime will find this feature particularly useful! Now you can use personalized templates to restore and assemble the needed tackle setup with just one click of a button, without having to filter through your inventory in tedious attempts to find the necessary objects, and so - spend more time actually FISHING!;)

Oh yeah, there’s one more feature we’d like to highlight: the Photomode!

How often did you find yourself wishing you could save your triumphant catch moments - after all the hard planning, timing, and preparations you put into it? But there was no way to capture it!
Well, that’s about to change! Now you can take beautiful photographs of yourself holding up that Trophy catch at different angles. And then - you can send the pictures to your Friends! Share your joys and triumphs with the world!

Well, that’s a quick overview of the new patch that’s coming your way;)
All these cool new features will be added real keep track of our updates!

And yes, we are always eager to hear your thoughts on how to make the Fishing Planet experience more comfortable and fun!
So if you have more ideas about improving the boat navigation functionality or making the shore fishing more convenient - let us know!
Fishing Planet - Olcha
1. Will there ever be a feature to catch your own bait?
Yes, definitely. We’ve had it in our minds for quite a while to implement the possibility of making your own bait using small fish or anything you might catch.

2. Any plans to separate fish by species in the leaderboard? Currently many different species are put together into one group
Yes, we are planning to make improvements to our Leaderboards in terms of the sorting and sports ranking algorithms.

3. Will there be more events for all different skill groups? Some of the higher level players are lacking competitions.
Right now we are actively working on adding the Missions functionality to our game. Once this system is implemented, players of all levels will be able to participate and complete various Missions and tasks within the game.

4. What kind of alternate types of fishing are you planning to add in the future? (e.g fly fishing, ice fishing, feeder fishing etc)
Well, first off, we’re planning to add feeder fishing. Actually, we’ve been working on a whole variety of feeder tackle and European waterways since the end of last year.

5. Console players are interested in controller vibration feedback during catching fish, when the lure hits the fish and similar. Anything planned?
While we are porting the game to Xbox, we are planning to enhance colntroller settings for all consoles.

6. Will we ever be able to have more than one person on the kayak?
No. Kayaks will remain one-person fishing boats. However, we will be adding other kinds of boats, i.e. motorboats and bass boats. Now, these vessels will let the players enjoy their co-angling experience with friends.

7. When will Club Competitions be introduced?
Only when the Clubs themselves are created:) Unfortunately, our team will be focusing on other more pressing issues during the next few months. But of course, we do have plans for creating special Club competitions and tournaments in the future.

8. Do you plan on adding more gear and game content in general for max level players?
Yes, most definitely. This year we will be adding new feeder tackle and various jig rigs, i.e. drop-shot, carolina, texas rigs.

9. What is the ETA for the next big update?
End of February / beginning of March we are planning to release some new features.

10. Is there technical possibility for implementing a function that would allow to watch another player (a friend) fishing? Many games (e.g. Dota2 or Heartstone) let you to watch another player if the player either allows it or the competition is held publically. Have you considered such a possibility?

Yes, we’re considering the possibility of adding such a function. However, it’s not in development at this time, as we have more pressing issues to work on, like creating a more convenient sports ranking system.

11. Are you planning to increase the max level in the game?
No, we aren’t.
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

Hooray and hail our WPT Champions! That’s right, folks...the Final Round of Winter Pike Tour is through, and it was some unbelievable Pike-fighting action well worth the trip to Michigan! The excitement and drive was almost too much even for the vast open space of Lake Saint-Croix, but now that it’s over and we calculated your scores and results with a very cool head, we give you 10 names of our WPT prize-winning finalists, and at the top of the list - the 3 Winter Pike Champions who will be forever remembered as glorious winners of the WPT 2018! Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Winter is not over yet, there are many more fun tournaments ahead!
1 HardIrelia
3 BB-HEINO1971
4 vgamigo
5 nabla1
6 A.L.M.A.Z
7 KRAKEN-tonton
8 SteamingPolak
9 KRAKEN-Vule_ot
10 EtoJeYa.oO
Fishing Planet - sergey.b

Hello, anglers! The Semifinal round of Winter Pike Tour was a thrilling fishing battle, as 60 most skilled Pike anglers competed in catching Chain, Grass and Redfin Pickerel as well as Northern Pike on the aquamarine waters of New York’s Emerald Lake! It is now over, and we give you the names of 20 anglers, who’ll be proceeding to the WPT Final Round, taking place January 21st on Michigan’s Lake Saint-Croix. Don’t miss the epic showdown as our Pike angling elite will fight it out for the title of Winter Pike Champion!

1 Bladomir
2 harmattan
3 KRAKEN-tonton
4 morito848
5 nabla1
6 BB-HEINO1971
7 EtoJeYa.oO
8 PRO.s_CLUB_Sokaresh
9 KRAKEN-Vule_ot
10 vgamigo
11 Poisoned21
12 NoName.LuckyMonster
14 HardIrelia
15 BUR-Kamaev-75
16 BFS-Acamaz
17 PRO.s_CLUB_Mish761
18 A.L.M.A.Z
19 SteamingPolak
20 nikolai.vlassov

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