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Hooray, anglers! We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update - we finally added Boats!

You can take a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways:



White Moose Lake

Lake Saint Croix

San Joaquin Delta

Boat pins have been added on local maps, so you know where kayaks are on the waterways.

Another cool thing that awaits you is lots of new water access points on Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix and San Joaquin! This means a fresh look at your favorite waterways and new places to explore and set off with your kayak from!

Moreover, we added THREE new fish species! Now you can catch:
  • Sauger on Emerald Lake,

  • Clear Muskie on Saint Croix,

  • Lake Whitefish on White Moose Lake!
So go ahead and rent a kayak - already available for boat fishing on one of the 5 fishing destinations!

Or how about buying one of your own? Better yet, become a proud owner of THREE fantastic kayaks, each with its own unique characteristics - all in the new Kayaks Adventure Pack, now available at 15% discount!

One more pleasant update is that travel cost has been decreased for the following lakes: Emerald, Rocky, Quanchkin and San Joaquin Delta.

This is just a short summary to tell you about what’s coming your way!:)

While you enjoy Kayaks, we’ll continue working on adding more types of boats to the game: Zodiac boats, bass boats and other motor boats. We’ll also be expanding the geography of our waterways for boat fishing.

Tight lines and stay tuned!
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Hey folks!:)

From this post on, we’ll be sharing with you how things are on our side of the screen! We’ll let you in on our thoughts and secrets as well as make sure to keep you updated on what we’re currently working on. Follow the bold and daring plans of our programmers, daydream together with our designers and graphic artists and get the overall vibe of Fishing Planet’s dev team!

But first, let us thank you guys for supporting us from the start! We know and remember all those who were with us right from day one and feel that we’ve truly bonded after all these years. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And now that we’re officially released it’s almost impossible to believe in the long road that’s been leading us up to this point for the past few years! We’re officially out on Steam as well as PlayStation®4. For those of you who asked about Xbox… Yes, we definitely plan to port the game to this platform and are already working on that!


But the main focus atm is the new big update we’re working on right now! Those of you who were most attentive already noticed the Garage icon we added a while back and guessed correctly in thinking that we’ll be adding Boats soon!;) Not much longer to wait! We’re already preparing a teaser video to give you a sneak peek! This awesome update will come out on Steam first, and after a month or two will become available on PS4.

The first update with boats will feature kayaks that you can use for boat fishing on 5 waterways. After a while we plan to add zodiac boats, bass boats and other motorboats as well as extend our boat fishing waterways for more exploration opportunities.


Way back in the beginning of our journey, the Fishing Planet dev team was just a handful of people with countless dreams and numerous plans! We wanted to add waterways and fishing destinations from all around the globe. And it was extremely difficult to narrow our point of focus and choose something specific to put our efforts into.

But that choice was made. And as you all know - we began our journey with North America. The variety of fish species in this region played a significant part in this decision. The territory of USA alone is home to over 1000 different kinds of freshwater fish! There are as many as six types of Bass here, that’s not including the hybrid forms.
Another reason was that one of our game designers is an avid angler who spent a lot of time traveling this region and was mesmerized with American waterways, knowing exactly which fish species are found there and what their behavior patterns are.

But the game is growing and our plans are too! As much as we love these locations, we already started creating European and British fishing destinations. Actually, one British waterway is finished - Weeping Willow Lake and we’ll show you more screenshots soon enough!


But that’s not all. We’re also busy working on 50+ new European fish species, that will be added to the game together with the new ponds.

As we already told you in our Q&A, we plan to release the new waterways and fish species together with bottom fishing in one big update. We had plans to add bottom fishing for quite a long time and now finally began working on this cool feature! Right after we release the boat fishing update, we plan to put all our focus into bottom fishing development.

Well, that’s probably enough info for now:) We’ll make sure to keep you informed about our plans and overall day-to-day life. It’s hard to decide what to talk about, so how about you help us out and tell us yourselves what you’re interested in and what you’d like to know more about? Please, comment below and let us know!

Fishing Planet - Olcha
1."What is the garage icon for at the bottom of the Inventory page? Will this be for boat access and when can we expect boats to be launched?"

That’s right - the Garage will soon be the place from where you can access Boats. That’s exactly what we are currently working hard on and we plan to release this feature in the nearest future. Actually, we’ll share a video with you guys next week! Make sure to keep track of our news - it’ll be fun!

2. "Will we see traditional carp fishing features such as bite alarms, bottom bait fishing .E.G boilies. Also in combination with some British waters?. Thanks"

Right now, we are actively working on bottom fishing, feeders, as well as British and European waterways. We already finished a new aquatic complex in Great Britain called the Weeping Willow Lakes and are currently working on Dutch and German waterways. We’ll soon show you a sneak peak of the new location and + 40 European fish species. However, we plan to release all of these features (European ponds and Bottom fishing) together, as one complex update.

3."Are there any plans to do a port for Xbox one?"

We definitely have Xbox in plan and are currently busy with porting the game to this platform. At this time we can’t say anything about release dates, so keep track of our news and updates - we’ll be sure to let you know!

4.Would u consider legendary fish ? even bigger then the unique versions
Yes, we’re thinking about introducing Legendary Fish as a part of Quests or Game Missions.

5."Will you be adding quests and missions and more achievements(that are not related to tournaments) because at the moment if you're not interested in competitive fishing there's nothing to do other than just fish and after a while it's hard to stay enthusiastic about fishing when you have no goals"

We are thinking about adding Quests and Missions to the game, but at this point our key focus is centered on new core features, such as Boats and Bottom Fishing.

6." My main question is why baitcoins are now required for unlimited licences on all locations? Would much prefer if it was back to just credits/cash like how it used to be."

Unlimited Licenses are a premium feature. Skilled and experienced players can earn enough BaitCoins to buy an Unlimited License for their favorite location.

7. "Do you guys plan on adding new fishing locations on PS4 to catch fish like amberjacks , grouper, marlin? And also when will there be night fishing available on the PS4 version?"

We plan to add night and topwater fishing on PS4 by the end of this year. But we do not plan to release saltwater fishing in the near future.

8."When developing the bite behavior for the fish, food preferences, and general fight characteristics, which species did you guys find hardest to portray?"

At this point we had the most difficulties with behaviour tuning for all fish of the Salmon family, Trout in particular.

9. "Will there ever be a way to create your own lures? How many times I've wished I had a 3ft 5/0 lemon yellow crankbait or a 1.oz 3/0 rainbow spinner etc."

We have a Craft System in plan, that will allow you to create your own custom lures and baits. We plan to release an early version of this feature together with Bottom Fishing.

10. "Will ducks, deer, wildlife etc. ever be introduced into the game. It would help drastically with emersion and overall game experience."

We definitely plan to introduce wildlife to our waterways! Actually, we already added animals as a test feature a few times. For instance, there was a bear on Kaniq Creek last year...but he probably had enough salmon to eat and is currently sleeping in off in his lair;)
As a matter of fact, you can bump into an alligator while fishing right now! Have you met one?;)

Fishing Planet - Olcha
Questions & Answers!

Hey, dear angling friends!

You probably have a lot of question for the Dev Team by now. And so, we’ll be happy to give you some answers! That’s why we’re launching a new series of posts called "Q&A Fishing Planet".

Once a month we will hold Q&A sessions and pick out 10 most interesting questions that you send us and will publicly post the answers.

Ask away, guys and gals!;)

PS. All questions for the 1st session should be submitted by September 27th 10 P.M. PDT. Answers will be given by the end of the week!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Hello, dear angling community!

As a compensation for the unstable work of the game over the last days, we announced "Double XP Weekend" for this weekend - starting 6 am UTC September 23, ending at 6 am UTC September 25.

Do not miss the chance to get double XP points for all your activity. Prepare for the Double XP Weekend - your ultimate opportunity to go up a few Levels faster than ever!

Have fun fishing and tight lines to all of you!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Nicely done everyone! Time flies fast and all good things eventually come to an end. So did our Mighty Carp Tour - this Fall season’s first and opening competitive fishing event. We hope you had the time of your life competing against so many others in catching this fun and challenging fish!
And now’s the time to announce the 10 names officially belonging to the Carp catching elite, but even more importantly - the Three Mighty Carp Champions who will leave a very distinct trace in the history of cyber sportfishing tournaments!

1 BB-ZH-Baloralys
2 Cheppy
3 noquarter

5 StasX
7 BUR-EbisuWasia
8 HunterG.1
9 BUR-Beer_O

Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all the participants of this Tournament and many more to come!
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Hello, mighty anglers! Congratulations on handling so well the competitive challenge of Mighty Carp Tour’s 2nd Qualifying Round. It was the final chance to get one of the Top-30 results for those who failed to do so in the First Qualifier. Here below we give you the names of those, who succeeded and will be heading to California’s San Joaquin Delta along with 30 other anglers to take part in the thrilling Semifinal on September 16th!

1 Leha82
2 Marcus02
3 BB-tommi
4 shadrays
5 Commander050768
7 Pobsta5
8 Smer01
9 REU-faza69
10 StasX
11 Meho
12 Skot37
13 MAX-555
14 Mixo0776
15 x404
16 Konnie
17 Cheppy
18 PH_bandit5
19 NonStopVodka1
20 cc13
22 lanerossi77
23 kiberfish
25 noquarter
26 markchaos75
27 HunterG.1
28 caigen
29 Hailey76
30 RickC

Can’t find your name on the list? Don’t sweat it! You did a great job trying and had a very important and useful experience that’ll be extremely useful for the many Tournaments to come!
Sep 14
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Bug fix related to fish reeling and hooking by float tackle (mostly in pitch mode).
Fishing Planet - olga.g
Servers will be rebooted at 5pm UTC ( 10am PDT). Expected downtime 5min.

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience.
Fishing Planet - SunyDino

Well, what we just witnessed was a magnificent fishing batalia in the 1st Qualifying Round of Mighty Carp Tour that was held on North Carolina’s Neherrin River. It was the 1st chance out of 2 to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-30 most skilled Carp anglers! And some of you succeeded. Here below we give you the list of those who will head straight to the sunny state of California to compete against 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on September 16th.

1 OCA-Mr.Gron
2 BAT-dasloenne
3 BUR-Kamaev-75
4 Rhodan2005
5 Pantoffel
6 sanya57m
7 Nadine87
8 BoehserHesser
9 BB-TarzanTheSniper
10 BB-Fischermixi
11 BB-HEINO1971
12 Tim71088
13 aspeN86
15 BB-ZH-Baloralys
16 BFS-kotvasilyev
17 BUR-Beer_O
18 alex31561985
19 Masteralex49
20 Opa_Merlien
21 Blade3112
22 BUR-EbisuWasia
23 Razzamanaz
24 nikolai.vlassov
25 Tigsta6
26 BFC-Tom
27 momoads
28 glock_sp-FDP
29 s@igon

If you don’t see your name - don’t panic just yet There’s still another chance in tomorrow’s 2nd Qualifier.

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