Mar 5
Community Announcements - Decerto
A hotfix for Nomad has been released. This will fix the 10-20 minute wait time when connecting to servers. This will also fix the crashing some players have experienced when connecting to servers.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Community Announcements - Decerto
Voice chat has been added. Hold V to talk to others around you. Please note that this is a brand new feature so expect bugs.
Like always, Official EU and US servers have been wiped due to this update to ensure the patch's stability.

- New footstep sounds for network players
- New water
- Voice chat has been added (V to talk by default) Thanks to Testing

- Base foundations now have decreased LOD and culling
- Base ceilings now have decreased LOD and culling
- Base walls now have decreased LOD and culling
- Base doorways now have decreased LOD and culling
- Base doors now have decreased LOD and culling
- Base windows now have decreased LOD and culling
- Base window shutters now have decreased LOD and culling
- Military medic tent now has decreased LOD and culling
- Military tent now has decreased LOD and culling
- Military tower now has decreased LOD and culling
- Industrial zones now has decreased LOD and culling
- Towns now has decreased LOD and culling
- Sandbags now has decreased LOD and culling
- Trees now have decreased LOD and culling
- Rocks now have decreased LOD and culling
- Wrecked vehicles now have decreased LOD and culling
- All roads and highways now have decreased LOD and culling
- Optimized furnace and campfire smelting/cooking
- Optimized the way foundations decay
- Optimized deers
- Storm damage increased to 21, up from 20
- Updated sky system for better clouds and stars
- Objects under the floor will now automatically delete itself
- Odin spawn percent has been decreased to 7%, down from 10%
- Zombies loot table has been changed, they no longer drop items of worth
- All Zombies now use the updated footstep sounds
- Zombie aggro sound effect volume has been decreased
- Zombie Brute health has been increased to 150, up from 65
- Zombie Brute size has been increased
- Zombie Brute ragdoll has been changed
- Zombie Stalker health has been increased to 40, up from 10
- Furnaces can no longer push players
- Storage boxes can no longer push players
- Base elements can no longer push players
- Twitter, Facebook, Website and Discord buttons are now smaller and have less spacing
- Added water to Skin Viewer

- Fixed /players displaying incorrect number of players on the server
- The correct footstep will play the for base foundations and ceilings/floors
- Known floating bushes/trees fixed
- Fixed known exploit with the map, resulting in bases being built under the map
- Fixed loading trees text error on start up
- Fixed talent text errors
- Fixed /reload banlist command from outting an error message even though it was successful
- Fixed zombie footsteps
- Fixed ceiling/floor colliders
- Fixed clicking Resume and Disconnect on the main menu when character is dead
- Fixed menu not closing on death
- Fixed sign editing not closing on death
Community Announcements - Decerto
- /reload kits command
- /reload motd command
- /reload banlist command
- New footstep sounds

- /help display of commands
- XP will no longer wipe on death.
- XP is now stored in Server\Users\XP\
- Global XP rate has been decreased

- Fixed TULA ammo resetting
- Fixed /kick <id> command
- Fixed /ban <id> command
- Fixed /players displaying incorrect number of players on the server
Community Announcements - Decerto
0.96 Development Log

All EU and US Official servers have been wiped due to this update.

- Better security of client side values
- Server welcome screen. You can customize this screen by changing the server.png image located in your server files (image size: 1280x720)
- New player list in admin menu
- New /kick command - Usage: /kick <id> (to find a player ID, do /players or check admin menu player list)
- New /ban commands - usage: /ban <id> (to find a player ID, do /players or check admin menu player list)
- Scenes will now unload asynchronously
- New Ban and Kick system added
- New kicked overlay that will now display when you are kicked from a server

- Anticheat features
- Better saving of character inventory
- Server will now output text for the auto inventory save
- Give menu will now display the item name next to the icon
- Odin spawn chance increased to 10%, up from 5%
- Bullpup spawn chance increased to 45%, up from 40%
- Saw spawn chance increased to 30%, up from 25%
- .44 Ammo spawn chance increased to 75%, up from 55%
- /players command will now display the ID of the player
- Deer ragdolls are now smoother

- Admin give menu will now display items on first load up
- Possible fix on loading of recipes
- Fixed bug that caused some clients getting stuck on "SPAWNING... PLEASE WAIT"
- Fixed bug that sometimes caused players to die due to not loading the inventory file when spawning
- When disconnecting, the client will now close inventory screen, door overlays and admin menu
- Fixed damage sound effect when players get hit
- Fixed player list automatically updating in the admin menu
Community Announcements - Decerto
- New Magnum weapon model
- You can now rebind the Run key in the launcher > input tab
- New muzzle flashes for machine guns, snipers and pistols
- Added new community images to the loading/saving screen

- Controls are now tighter
- Dropped items' movement is now smoother
- Player "ragdoll"'s movement is now smoother
- Zombie "ragdoll"'s movement is now smoother
- Decay damage now rounds to 2 decimal places
- Hit detection now detects backfaces
- Adaptive force is now enabled
- Level 4 talent "20% Increased Health" has been increased to 30% increased health
- Twitter, Facebook, Website and Discord buttons on the main menu now have highlight colours
- Magnum damage has been increased from 23, to 30
- Magnum icon has been changed
- Removed death particle effect from zombies
- Increased zombie Stalkers' run speed to 11, up from 9
- Supply drops smoke duration increased to 90 seconds, up from 30
- Supply drops smoke length increased to 35, up from 25
- Foundation check has been increased to 60-120s, up from 1-2s
- Increased ammo drop rate percent
- Ammo boxes now spawn in police stations
- Increased clinic loot to 40, up from 30
- Increased house loot to 175, up from 160
- Increased military loot to 40, up from 35
- Increased XP gains

- Server wide damage sound effect is now fixed
- Hide chat now works for premium users
- Admin command "/spy" is now fixed for premium users and admins
- Deleted unused variables, should see -some- performance gains
- Fixed high number of network calls on some player data
- Nightvision goggles will now correctly turn on when loading into the game when equipped
- Fixed talents sometimes resetting when logging on
- Fixed muzzle light from enabling when weapon has no muzzle flash
Dec 22, 2016
Community Announcements - Decerto
- Steam check has been added and will now force you to restart when Steam cannot be loaded at startup

- Barrel recipe drops have been rebalanced, increasing drop percentage

- Anti cheat system will no longer ban players by trying to close the game or end task (lol)
Dec 18, 2016
Community Announcements - Decerto
- Removed truck inside of police station from terrain rework
- Remove truck inside of apartments from terrain rework
- Updated to Unity 5.5, should see better performance
- Nameplates have been removed, it now displays where item names are displayed (for better immersion)
- Light terrain work, repositioning of trees, bushes and roads
- Fixed light culling errors
- Server configs now have safety checks to prevent negative numbers
- You can no longer control the min and max zombie damage on servers via server config
- You can no longer control the zombie and deer health values on servers via server config
- You can no longer control the amount of nodes on servers via server config
- New server .exe that has client version built in, please update your server files every update
- Server will now check all required config files and generate them if they do not exist
- RPG damage has now been doubled
- C4 damage has been increased
- Profanity filter has been added to chat and can be turned on or off via Options in game.
- Anti spam protection has been added to chat
- Server messages have been cleaned up and now displays the proper color and text
- Server will now automatically apply default values if values are missing from config.txt file
- New zombie nav mesh for better navigation
- Zombies navigational logic has been optimized
- New Server Documentation added in Nomad Server\Documentation folder and old documentation has been edited
- New "Hide Chat" option located in the Options Menu
- Fixed connection issue when connecting to your own server via the server list
- Wrecked vehicles around the map now have different textures
- Trees around the map now have different texture variations
- Sleeping bags can now be destroyed properly
- Increased police station loot to 25, up from 20
- Total number of barrels have been reduced to 175, down from 300
- Barrels will no longer spawn in the desert
- Character step offset has been increased to 0.3, up from 0.2
- Fog is now less intense
- New Premium only skin, One Eye by PabloS (Community created skin)
Community Announcements - Decerto
Massive changes have been made to the terrain due to the new road system. This means all data on official servers had to be wiped (you dont want your base to be under the new terrain).

It is recommended that if you are hosting your own server to wipe all data on your server. This will prevent weird bugs/glitches that can happen. To wipe your server, simply delete "Users" folder and delete the "server.dat" file located in the root folder of your server files.

Full Changelog:
- explosion effect has been slightly increased
- steam community skin added, kenneth
- ping notification is no longer server wide in chat
- faster unloading when disconnecting
- possible fix on sleeping bags, needs further testing
- it is now possible to destroy building pieces if you have building permissions or not in a building area
- massive rework to terrain and map
- roads have been added
- fixed network issue with ores when mining
- better loading of server and player configs when loading into a server
- nights are now brighter and slightly faster
Oct 29, 2016
Community Announcements - Decerto
In celebration of Halloween, Nomad Premium is 60% off.

View Premium here:
Oct 21, 2016
Community Announcements - Decerto
- C4 recipe from barrels has been increased to 15%, up from 10%
- signs will now be included in the auto clean up
- optimized bird movement
- xp has been re-adjusted
- majority of world textures have been touched up
- added halloween 2016 items

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