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This week on The Collection of Somewhat Recent Mods You May Or May Not Have Seen For PC Games colloquially known as the Mod Roundup we've got a mod for Fallout 4 that chucks out the quests and missions and gives you a straight-up, deadly-as-butt survival experience. There's also a mod for Stellaris that transforms the galaxy into the extended Star Wars universe, complete with Sith and Jedi. But wait, there's more! A Skyrim mod adds and improves over 100 merchants like farmers, chefs, sailors, hunters, and even bards, giving you many more NPCs to trade with.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Frost Survival Simulator, for Fallout 4

Nexus Mods link

If you're looking for a real survival experience in Fallout 4, let me direct you to the Frost mod. It turns Bethesda's RPG into a freeform survival game set just after the bombs have dropped: forget quests and factions, your goal is simply to survive in an extremely deadly environment. Most NPCs have been removed, there are new and deadlier enemies to battle, and you can't even venture to the surface without a gas mask or you'll quickly die from radiation, forcing you to stick to the mod's interconnected subway tunnels until you've geared up properly.

Note: this mod is in alpha, and you need to disable all Fallout 4 DLC (if you have it). To start playing, you'll also need to load one of the mod's saved games which starts you out underground (if you spawn topside, you'll croak faster than you can say "War never changes"). Read the instructions here very carefully before installation.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided, for Stellaris

Steam Workshop link

Bring the expanded Star Wars universe into the Stellaris galaxy. With a static universe based on Star Wars Legends canon, you'll find a static universe with 875 systems and accurately placed and named planets. It also features Sith, Republic, Jedi, and Mandalorian namelists, and yes, there are plans to add Ewoks in the future. Yub nub.

Immersive Merchandising, for Skyrim

Nexus Mods link

If it ever bothered you that farmers, mill owners, and mine owners couldn't trade with you, despite you being able to use their facilities, this mod answers that and more by adding and improving 150 merchants. Now you'll find all sorts of people to trade with including farmers, mill owners, chefs, jewelers, hunters, fishermen, sailors, and even priests and bards. Plus, the East Empire Trading Company, which despite being a massive merchant organization only has crappy merchandise on hand in the vanilla game, now has a vastly improved stock of high-end items to choose from.

Looking for more mods? We've got them. Check out the best mods for Skyrim and the best mods for Fallout 4.

PC Gamer

This week on our Mod Roundup, the shoulder-mounted lamp from the sci-fi horror classic Aliens gets modded into Fallout 4, letting you stalk the wastes like a real Marine. Also, a Galaxy Note 7 is modded into GTA 5 not to be used as a phone, but as a bomb. Finally, a modder digs out some unused buildings from the files of No Man's Sky and restores them to the game, giving you a few more alien structures to admire.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

TNR Shoulder Lamp, for Fallout 4

Nexus Mods link

If you're not a huge fan of the Pip-Boy's flashlight function, which provides a somewhat uninspiring general glow to your surroundings, now you can use the same shoulder-mounted lamp the Marines use in the film Aliens. I think you'll agree: it's way cooler with volumetric lighting and dynamic shadows. What's more, it can both be purchased from vendors or crafted at a chemistry table. You can also craft different colored lights for it at an armor workbench.

Perfectly Procedural Buildings, for No Man's Sky

Download link

Modders haven't given up on trying to mold No Man's Sky into the game they hoped it would be. This mod digs up a number of buildings we saw in early screenshots that exist in the game's files but were never actually used, and restores them to the galaxy. Now you'll have some cool new structures to gawk at while you're jetpacking around a planet's surface.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [Bomb], for GTA 5

Download link

It's not a great time for smartphones, what with the iPhone doing away with headphone jacks and the Galaxy Note 7, you know, exploding. This mod for GTA 5 embraces Samsung's defective device and uses it as a replacement for the existing sticky bomb. You can even change the phone's color and wallpaper before you use it to blow up someone's car.

Looking for more mods? Check out our lists of the best mods for Fallout 4 and the best mods for GTA 5.

Community Announcements - gstaffBethesda
Update (10/3): The 1.7.22 update for Fallout 4 fixes issues with Mods not appearing properly. The update is live on Steam.

Original Post

Fallout 4 and Nuka-World were both updated today on Steam.

Fallout 4 1.7.19 Update
Fixes General updates to Mods

Fixes Fixed issue where "The Grand Tour" could not be completed if Gage was your active companion when the quest started.

Far Harbor and Contraptions Workshop

  • Far Harbor and Contraptions were also updated on PC, Xbox One and PS4 with minor updates
  • Far Harbor (JP) was updated to fix untranslated strings
Community Announcements - gstaffBethesda
We’re pleased to release several new tools for mod authors:

  • Disable comments on your mod, blocking further discussion.
  • Delete specific or all comments on your mods.

This should give modders greater ability to manage their content. We’ve improved the backend moderation tools as well, allowing us to better handle reported problems. Let us know what you think of these improvements. We’re also always interested in further suggestions to improve the Mods platform, and better empower modders.

Additionally, over the next few weeks we will be migrating some data related to Ratings and Followers. You may see rating numbers fluctuate a bit, but they should catch up. Ratings will now use a new, weighted average system for sorting by ‘Highest Rated’ – this has taken immediate effect with the ‘All Time’ filter. ‘Weekly’ and ‘Monthly’ will eventually update to the new ratings system, as well.

For more on Mods, visit
PC Gamer

This week on the Mod Roundup, a Fallout 4 mod connects almost all of the game's subway stations with a network of tunnels, giving you a new way to travel the wasteland. Also, an ancient Half-Life multiplayer mod resurfaces, and a mod for No Man's Sky makes it easier to summon your ship while wandering a planet's surface.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week.

Subway Runner, for Fallout 4

Download link

Looking for an alternate route through Fallout 4's wasteland? Head underground. This mod connects most of the world's subway stations with tunnels, giving you a subterranean travel option. The tunnels aren't empty, naturally, but are populated with ghouls, raiders, and mutants some would describe as super. They will have to be dealt with before you can travel safely, and once you clear them out they won't repopulate. You'll also find some beds down in the tunnels, if you're a survival mode enthusiast.

Threewave, for Half-Life

Download link (Mediafire)

It took a little time roughly 13 years but a Half-Life multiplayer mod has resurfaced. Threewave, originally a Quake mod, was found in an unfinished state as part of the 2003 Valve server hack. It's been re-discovered and patched into a playable state. You can watch an informative Valve News Network video about the history of Threewave here.

Thanks to Ars Technica.

More landing pads, for No Man's Sky

Download link

Some mods just make you say "Ahhh, thank you." Like this one, which adds more... I don't know what they're called, exactly. Those things you can summon your ship with using a bypass chip. In vanilla No Man's Sky, wandering far from your ship is a dubious prospect, because if you can't find one of those things you wind up having to wander all the way back. More things equals more wandering equals more freedom. Good stuff.

Looking for more mods? I am willing to bet you are. Check out our list of the best mods for No Man's Sky and the best mods for Fallout 4.

PC Gamer

I've just finished playing Nvidia's Vault 1080 mod Note: I played it with another mod that makes it more lore-friendly by changing all the 1080 references to simply 80. Also note: I played it with my GeForce 980. Anyway, it's not a bad little mod at all: Nvidia created a creepy vault inside a spooky church, and did a nice job with the set dressing and monster placement. There are some legit scares down there.

Obviously, the real reason for the mod is for Nvidia to show off its indoor god rays, and that it does. The mod team really didn't pass up a single opportunity to shine their tech into your eyes, and as a result there's a certain lack of subtlety to the affair. I've collected images of some of the light placements to judge the logical ones and the times they went a little too far in showing off their tech.

Okay, I easily give them this one. Entering a vault, even a vault modded in by a graphics card manufacturer, is a cool and intimidating moment, and the rays shining from within the massive broken door are entirely suitable and logical. It looks cool.

Subtlety Rating: 9 (Remember, we're ranking subtlety, so the higher the number, the more subtle it is.)

I feel this is fair. Vault 80 (I'm using the lore-friendly name) has been the site of a pillaging attempt by raiders. Raiders are dumb and greedy, and would probably yank a bunch of cables out of the walls like the stupid brutes they are. Some of those cables might wind up hanging in front of a light. I could see that happening.

Subtlety rating: 8

Safety-wise, I'm not sure this is a great idea. When people are walking around in the dark on a raised metal platform, they'll be looking down to insure they don't fall off and plunge to their death. It's probably not a great idea to shine a bright light through the floor directly into their eyes, even if you want to impress them with how awesome the light looks.

Subtlety rating: 4

People read in bed. I certainly do. And that's not all I do in bed, if you know what I mean! What I mean is, I also morosely contemplate my inevitable death on a nightly basis. And whether reading or fearing the fast-approaching eternal void, I do like to have a light on. A light next to a bed makes sense. A single light, mounted at floor-level, for two bunk beds, though? No one can read like that.

Subtlety rating: 4

Night-lights are important for babies who are afraid of the dark, but shining a high-grade construction site quality dual halogen worklight directly through the crib will probably mess up the poor tot's REM sleep. I daresay someone is trying to show off.

Subtlety rating: 2

I'm fine with this.

Subtlety rating: 8

Are wheelchair users sick of seeing wheelchairs used as horror props? I have to assume they must be. Why is a wheelchair considered scary? It's just a device for getting around. If you see an empty car parked somewhere you don't consider it scary or every trip through a parking lot would turn into The Blair Witch Project. What does an empty wheelchair signify? That someone or something got out of the wheelchair and walked away? Even if that something was a monster, it should be a cause for celebration.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Not subtle.

Subtlety rating: 0

I'm torn with this one. It's not even remotely subtle, casting a light through a rotating fan at floor level so it casts moving rays and shadows. But it's still cool and looks really nice. Alas, I'm rating subtlety and not nice-fan-ness. My hands are tied.

Subtlety rating: 2

This one seems just fine. A desk lamp has been knocked over and is shining through a louvered office window and into a hallway. That's perfectly subtle and great. But if you look really closely, you'll notice the light isn't even technically on. The bulb is dark, yet is still emitting the Rays of God. It's a miracle! Just not a subtle one.

Subtlety rating: 2

It's better than shining a light directly through a crib, anyway.

Subtlety rating: 6

Okay. Come on. Come on, now.


Subtlety rating: -14

At this point even God is like, "Enough with My rays, Nvidia. We get it. Everyone gets it."

Subtlety rating: 1

Community Announcements - gstaffBethesda
We've fixed an issue with Nuka World in our 1.7.15 Update and the update is live on Steam.

Fallout 4 1.7.15 Update

  • Fixed issue with Nuka World monorail not starting properly
PC Gamer

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has created a new mod for Fallout 4 named Vault 1080 and said to pack a serious technological punch.

Developed over the last six months by the company s internal team Lightspeed Studio, Vault 1080 is similar in size to the other vaults found scattered throughout the main game, and comes with its own brand new quest line. It s due to launch tomorrow, September 2.

So what s it all about? It s Fallout as we ve never seen it before, we re told, and leans heavily on volumetric lighting, in ways not seen in the standard game . It also delivers more realistic shadows and textures courtesy of HBAO+ a technique which improves existing ambient occlusion.

Story-wise, Nvidia s Steve Williams best describes it like this:

It s a dark and ominous journey before you even head below ground, as you travel to the ruins of a fog-shrouded church through hostile marshland. Once in you find the entrance to Vault 1080 and its dark, intimidating tunnels. Tunnels that are, inevitably, full of twisted dangers.

It s certainly taken its toll on its occupants. They ve become a congregation that embraces the darkness and sickness, and they ve done it so they believe to survive. They re not the friendliest bunch. But is the whole thing built on lies? The truth is deep within Vault 1080, through a whole lot of fearful mystery. Find it and decide for yourself whether the monsters deserve their salvation or not.

Nvidia's Fallout 4 Vault 1080 mod is out tomorrow. Head over to the Bethesda site to download it when it becomes available.

PC Gamer

Fallout 4 s decrepit amusement park DLC, Nuka-World, is out now packing new enemies, weird weapons and the chance to finally become a raider. Besides being a little frustrated with its convoluted opening, Chris seemed to mostly enjoy his time milling around in the game s sixth and final add-on, and the latest developer diary offers a sneak peek of what you can get up to.

Your first 10 hours in Nuka-World will be spent endlessly shooting and little else, as each threat must be 100 percent neutralized before the surprisingly cautious raiders will move in, says Chris in his review. Doing so while skooshing explosive Quantum Nuka Cola from a water gun, or melting Gatorclaws (alligator-like Deathclaws) with the Acid Soaker looks like particularly good fun.

Nuka-World s creators discuss the different raider factions you ll be up against/be able to side with, and the various locations the new theme park area offers. Still, the inventive weaponry at your disposal sounds the most appealing aspect of the DLC to me.

The Thirst Zapper, which is the weapon that you saw in the Nuka Girls pin-up posters, you get early on in the add-on, explains the expansion s lead artist Mark Teare up there. You can mod that as you discover the secrets of how they ve weaponised Nuka Cola, and turn that into a really devastating weapon. Which looks pretty awesome in motion.

Fallout 4 s Nuka-World DLC is out now and costs 14.99/$19.99. If you d like to see more, an hour-long dev stream can be viewed here, while James ideas on where the series should go next can be read in this direction.


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