ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added new EMP missile that temporarily shuts down fighters and turrets
- Created new Dominion-freighter variations
- Added Dominion-freighter activity to applicable levels
- Converted Menace mission to a campaign-mission
- Added some radio-dialog to Menace mission (sets up future mission)
- Converted Banshee Inspection mission to a standalone mission
- Increased pacing of Maki Transit mission
- Added Lancer-EMP and Lancer-Medic-EMP gunship variations
- Added Phantom-EMP fighter variation
- Fixed initial trajectories for playable fighters in most missions

- Upgraded Unreal engine to 4.17.0 (from 4.8.3)
- Builds are no longer packaged in PAK files
- All objects are now visually culled at long-ranges
- Added concept of electrical-power to all ships (for EMP)
- Moved save-game logic to a game-instance object
- Decoupled many ojects from one another and removed some circular dependencies
- Increased use of interfaces to facilitate polymorphic object-interactions

- Improved lighting and colors overall (due to engine upgrade)
- Rebalanced lighting in all levels
- Shadows are now softer
- Fixed some misplaced textures on OBA-outpost
- Regenerated and optimized all LODs for every mesh (help me)
- Added scanline-effect to HUD
- Created new hologram-material (more visual clarity)
- Added a space-particle effect to the player-view (helps with gauging speed and direction)
- Simplified atmospheric effect on planets
- Health-icons no longer shown over hangar-bays
- Regenerated the Ishtar dome-mesh to fix geometry-artifacts]
- Reduced frigate-explosion particles for optimization

- Added gamma and brightness sliders to the Graphics menu
- Created a separate Audio menu
- Added a master-volume slider
- Moved camera-preference to Controls menu
- Redesigned Missions menu background
- Updated all mission-preview images
- Added a mission-loading screen
- First campaign-mission from each faction are no longer locked initially

- Lowered rail-impact volume
- Lowered volume of missile-swoosh sound (when homing-missile activates)
- Added SFX for electrical shutdowns and reboots
- Added SFX for EMP-explosions

- Fixed intermittent background-flickering in some levels
- Fixed exaggerated streaks of light in some levels
- Fixed issue with AI sometimes following their dropship
- Fixed stats for Minesweeper mission being saved incorrectly
- Fixed issue with squad-level-waypoints not clearing when player takes control
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
I recently put out a new trailer with the latest gameplay footage. I may create another trailer that highlights the major features with on-screen text and include some video of the HUD. Thoughts?
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added outpost, more asteroids, and freighters to Boreas Recon mission
- Added several freighters and increased pacing in Hammurabi Encounter mission
- Changed dropship-pathways and increased pacing in Juno Waystation mission
- Missiles, flak, and mines now deal significantly more damage on direct hits (apparent when shooting turrets)

- Gamepad-bypass now bypasses sticks in addition to buttons

- Added grit to ASTROKILL logo
- Redesigned Doomsday Games logo

- Reduced radio-chatter in some missions

- Converted "trackers" and "spotters" from Actors to Actor-Components (reduces overall Actor-count)
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Missiles do more damage on direct-hits and less splash damage
- Projectile damage more balanced overall
- Colonists mission is more difficult
- Turret-explosions do more splash damage
- Tarkana is now destructible in Firefight mission
- Added new Beltor outposts to various missions

- Gamepad is now fully customizable from the Controls menu
- Camera-view now toggles between 3 views

- Improved some materials on the Hammurabi

- Medics now favor healing friendlies over chasing out-of-range hostiles

- Programmed customizable gamepad-support via XInput
- Redesigned light-beacon system to improve efficiency and randomness
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added new standalone mission Menace
- Frigates are now fully destructible in many missions
- Increased muzzle-velocity on most projectiles
- Homing missiles are more damaging to fighters
- Slowed acceleration on all frigates
- Increased turret-count on OBA-freighters
- Loosened up fighter and gunship controls
- Created new OBA-outpost (currently visible in OBA-tutorial)

- Improved materials on the Ishtar
- Improved materials on all OBA frigates
- Ishtar now more visible in Deliverance mission
- Added small/medium asteroids to most missions

- Muzzle sfx (and others) now properly vary slightly in volume and pitch
- Added gyro sound-effect to cockpit (heard when rotation rate changes)

- Removed duplicated code among all spaceships
- Optimized joystick-polling

- Fixed bug causing faster projectile-movement to cause less damage (not more)
- Fixed problem with AI refusing to form on spawned frigates
- Fixed problem with AI occasionally attacking targets with no LOS
- Fixed issue that caused erroneous detections in some rare cases
- Fixed issue with being unable to roll fighter with oribiting-camera locked
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added a new standalone mission Colonists
- Added a new Outer Belt frigate that comes in civilian and military variations
- Increased rail-gun ammo-capacity
- Reduced collision-damage significantly
- Spectator-cam now defaults to a random top-view when selecting ships
- Removed thrust-mode rings in both tutorials
- Tutorial dialog now dynamically shows current key-bindings

- Rearranged the Controls menu to make room for new key-bindings

- All keyboard-bindings (with a few exceptions) are now customizable from the Controls menu
- Added ability to choose from 3 different joystick-sliders
- Joystick-throttle now handles forward and backwards movement
- Added joystick-slider option for lateral-movement
- Default joystick-button-mapping changed to Thrustmaster Hotas X

- New asteroids added to most missions
- Rearranged components on Korado freighter
- Created a habitable planet with rings
- Re-textured large Boreas-asteroid

- Gun and thruster sounds are now muffled (somewhat) when in 1st person view

- Fixed several bugs causing campaign-progress to be lost
- Corrected issue with some frigates using the wrong thruster-sounds
- Fixed issue with muzzle-sounds not being attached to guns

- Implemented DirectInput keyboard support
- Improved overall performance by minimizing controller-polling
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- Added standalone mission Firefight with semi-molten asteroids
- Increased attack-distance on both 120mm flak and missile turrets
- Halved missile capacity in Phantoms
- Turret-placement on OBA freighters have changed
- Added broken statues as visual clues to Dante Guerrillas mission
- Re-balancing on most missions

- Planet and moon appearance greatly improved
- Added blood splatter to dead pilots
- Asteroid-fragments now vary more in scale
- Glowing metal fragments are now scaled properly
- Reduced some select 4k textures to 2k

- Dead pilots now move with more mass

- Added new track "Rust and Concrete" to Minesweeper mission
- Added new track "Into the Jungle" for Firefight mission

- Joystick-throttle no longer reverses ship
- Added option in Controls menu to bypass joystick-button mappings

- Medic rearm-charge is now shown on the HUD as a greenish circle
- Added several more resolution-options

- Initial comms can now be heard no matter how long the player waits to select a ship
- Selecting nearest enemy no longer selects frigates and outposts
- Fixed issue with Intercepors sometimes shooting themselves with their 20mm gun
- Fixed win-condition that allowed the Deliverance mission to be passed by just destroying the frigate
ASTROKILL - bluemoon
- All campaign levels are back online
- Added a new standalone mission (minesweeper)
- Added medic-variations for the Ripper, Sabre, and Lancer fighters
- Implemented behavioral AI for medics
- Drastically increased the muzzle-velocity on several turrets
- Ranks within a squad are now properly ordered and handled so that 8 fighters can makeup a squad
- Kills are now credited for all turrets except small 30mm turrets
- Missions have been split into 2 types: standalone and campaign

- Created 9 new in-game character portraits
- All missions are selectable from a new mission-screen
- Victories, flawless victories, and best-times are now shown for each mission
- Added input-key for medic-heals to the controls-menu
- Simplified in-game codes for fighters (F02, G05+1, etc.)

- Added more asteroids, debris, and props to every level
- Replaced 4 large asteroid-fragments with new geometry
- Improved materials on all vehicles, asteroids, debris, and props
- Added a new solar-array prop to some levels
- Adjusted lighting in every mission to be more even
- Added new solar-array arm to OBA waystations

- Reduced many 4k textures to 2k to save on texture-memory and overall game-size
- Turned off shadow-casting on out-of-bounds asteroids

- Fixed issue with turrets not receiving splash damage
- Fixed issue that caused turrets to accidentally shoot friendlies
- Fixed bug that caused spawned squads to spawn on the same point when a waypoint was set
- VR has been disabled to prevent auto-launching VR
- Guns can no longer be fired faster than normal by rapidly pressing buttons
Community Announcements - bluemoon
The following is a tentative ASTROKILL development schedule. This will be updated and reposted over the next few months as progress is made.

Minus sign (-) = unfinished item
Plus sign (+) = finished item
Letter "o" = obsolete item

PHASE 1 (December 2016) - COMPLETE

+ replace all asteroid-fragments with more realistic models
+ add/replace all other asteroids

+ introduce more complex, realistic turrets (based on the Phalanx system)
+ allow destruction of turret-components to reduce functionality (destroy pitch-motors)

+ create functional and destructible radar-dishes that broadcast enemy-locations at long ranges
+ allow player to see what friendlies see (share detections across team)
+ create separate visual-detection and instrument-detection systems to give radar strategic importance

+ simplify and rearrange HUD to give a military glass-cockpit feel

- make existing dialog less distracting (blend vocals with existing SFX)

- add in-vehicle reverb to muzzle-sounds

Campaign lock-down
+ temporarily lock campaign during overhaul
+ reduce price by 50% during overhaul to reflect fewer playable levels

PHASE 2 (February 2017)

Destructible Props
- create military containers, industrial equipment, etc. for senseless destruction

Customizable Fighters
- replace existing fighters with component-based fighters
- create fighters by combining engines, cockpits, fuel-tanks, gun-systems, and body-panels
- implement a variety of selectable body-panels and guns
- allow player to customize loadouts and specs of each ship

- replace existing dropships using new ship-components

Supply Ships
- replace existing fly-through-hangars with simpler/easier system
- create supply-ships to provide new rearming capabilities

Space Stations
- replace existing depots with component-based space-stations
- create destructible windows that expel equipment and personnel when broken
- create centrifuges for artificial gravity
- allow capturing of space-stations and its affect on victory-conditions

PHASE 3 (April 2017)

- replace existing freighters with industrial freighters influenced by real-world cargo-ships

- create civilian shuttles for assassination and escort-missions

Capital Ships
- replace Hammurabi with new component-based version
- create an OBA-styled capital ship

Campaign re-release
- re-purpose existing campaign-levels to accommodate new game assets
- add more strategic levels that make use of radar and other new features

PHASE 4 (June 2017)

Unreal Engine
- upgrade to the latest and greatest Unreal Engine

Gold Release
- publish full release on Steam
- buy bottle of brandy
Community Announcements - bluemoon
- Added a new Phalanx turret system with destructible components (like pitch-motors)
- Added destructible and functional radar dishes (spots enemies at great distances)
- Added both a free-floating and anchored mount for turrets, radar, etc.
- All friendlies are now visible to the player at any distance
- Enemies spotted by friendlies are now visible to the player (shared information)
- Detections now require line-of-sight (hiding behind objects is now possible)
- All debris is now shootable and collidable
- New turrets have destructible components (like pitch-motors)

- All asteroids and asteroid-fragments have been replaced by more realistic models (some directly based off actual asteroids or comets)

- HUD has been rearranged to maximize readability and give a glass-cockpit feel
- Ship visibility is now shown on HUD (how many foes are currently detecting the player)
- Small components (like fighter-turrets) are now marked on the HUD

- Fixed issue with pressed joystick-buttons not being displayed in the controls menu

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