Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Not a lot added this update, unfotrunately this update took much longer than I had anticipated due to some issues with bugs. Next update will actually add some content though, hopefully.

  • Readded the map/key/keycard/treasuremap indicators, theyre on the inventory screen now.
  • Added a new patch notes button.

  • Added nested commands into modding.
  • Added the ability to repeat multiple commands.
  • Fixed a major issue causing major framerate drops in modding. (May also have effected normal play, but at a smaller scale.)
  • Fixed another major issue that was totally making scripts not work.
  • Random junk items will now spawn in mods.

Other Changes
  • The "campfire" room can now spawn in rooms besides the end rooms. (I will be doing some stuff with this next patch.)
  • Increased the inventory size from 60 to 75. (The end of raid inventory box had more slots than the ingame box.)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in the wrong coop rank being given.
  • Fixed several bugs related to modding and resetting the game.
  • Fixed an issue that was locking the player in the tutorial if they left it.
  • Fixed a crash with the tutorial if the player left it.
  • Fixed the raid buyout button.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Co-Op is here. After a long (sorry about that) wait, co-op has been moved from beta to a more stable release. Along with it is a lot of quality of life changes and a new tutorial. Hopefully the game will be smoother now.

  • A new tutorial has been made. This should explain content better than the old tutorial, hopefully. I've temporarily removed the advanced tutorial as it covered stuff in this new tutorial, and it doesn't work right now.
  • Added keyboard and gamepad controls to the autosetup.

  • Added some more unique weapons to coop. Due to the mechanics of some weapons, not all weapons were ported over.
    • -Boxing Gloves
    • -Scout Rifle
    • -Used Needle
    • -Bolt Action Rifle
    • -Assault Rifle
    • -Stake
    • -Six Shooter
    • -Greatsword
    • -Ballistic Knife
    • -Taser
    • -Chainsaw
    • -Spiked Plank
    • -Icicle
    • -Claws
    • -Rapier
    • -Peppergun
    • -Dual Pistols
    • -Blowtorch
    • -Flare Gun
    • -RPG
    • -Grenade Launcher

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed performance issue in coop related to the floppy disk pickup.
    • You can now rebind the aim mode properly.
    • Fixed many gamepad issues in the menu.
    • Fixed item popup for unique weapons.
    • Added a frozen sprite for enemies holding items.
    • Fixed a bug with the hockey stick weapon.
    • Fixed a bug where confused enemies wouldn't attack other enemies.
    • Backup helpers no longer fire at the player.
    • Tightened up collision detection.
    • Shock field no longer shocks enemies outside of the field.
    • Clients can no longer change the map in coop.
    • Fixed a crash caused by hitsplats in coop (may have also occured outside of coop too.)
    • Fixed riot cops in coop.
    • Fixed being able to enter the car in coop before picking up the money.
    • Fixed an issue related to completing a raid in coop.
    • Fixed being unable to damage concrete blocks outside of coop.
    • Fixed a potential issue with the greatsword. (Was using the same index as the claws.)
    • Fixed resizing the game screen in the options menu.
    • Fixed a potential crash in coop with thrown items.
    • You can no longer melee through walls in coop.
    • Fixed thrown weapons in coop.
    • The tutorial will now play for the first quickplay raid.
    • Fixed an issue causing all the unlocks based on global money stolen not to unlock.

    • Weapons
      • Prosthetic Hook - Damage greatly reduced.
      • Saw Spinner - Damage reduced, now attacks faster.
      • Stungun - Lowered firing speed.
      • Baseball Bat/Lil Slugger - Increased damage, lowered speed.
      • Scout Rifle/Dissolver - Increased damage.
      • Slice and Dice - Increased damage.

      • Leeching Shots - Health on hit reduced from 20% to 5%.
      • Healing Spores - Hitbox size increased.
      • Damage Leech - Health on hit increased from 5% to 10%.
      • Shadow Shield - Reduced active time from 2s to 1s.
      • Defense Bubble - Increased the speed in which the bubble shrinks.
      • Hang On - Increased revival percentage from 20% to 40%
      • Lone Survivor - Increased amount of healing per dead team from 10 to 15.
      • Counter - Reduced cooldown.
      • Confusion Field - Changed to frost field, freezes any enemy stuck in it.

    • Reshuffled coop stat bonuses.
    • Leader enemies now have more health, but will move slower and glow red. Theyll also drop more ammo and health on kill.
    • Enemies now only notice sounds that are only louder than the sounds theyre currently noticing.
    • Knocking out enemies gives stealth points, combo points, adrenline and stance now.
    • Increased the speed in which doors are opened in coop.
    • Weapon spread is now determined by how close your cursor is to you in coop.
    • Bullet offset has been added to coop.

    • Scavengers can no longer pick up ammokits, but will pick up healthkits and carry them instead.
    • Slightly changed Assassin AI.

    Other Changes
    • Some default keybinds for gamepad have been changed around.
    • Inspecting no longer creates a popup, but instead will show the nametag of the object you are inspecting.
    • You can now pause in coop.
    • You can now resize the game screen with the gamepad and keyboard.
    • Added some backend security to the steamworks connection for coop. (Was possible to send data to games you're not a part of.)
    • Changed how cash_out is loaded slightly, the game no longer restarts after every raid.
    • Added visual effects for the medic and assassin enemy in coop.
    • You can no longer crit with swing weapons in coop.

    • You can now invite members to your steamworks games.
    • You can now join a steamworks game from your friends list.
    • Ranks and a leaderboard have been developed for co-op.

    Added some chat commands. Lobby only.
    • -/kick 2,3,4 - Kicks the chat member in the slot. (ADMIN ONLY)
    • -/ping - Pings, and displays the chat members pings.
    • -/quit - Quits the server.
    • -/hide - Hides the lobby from the matchmaking. (ADMIN ONLY)
    • -/show - Shows the lobby on the matchmaking. (ADMIN ONLY)
    • -/invite - Opens the invite page.

I'd like to work on some stuff related to achievements next, the current two achivements in the game will be removed, they were tests rather than actual concrete additions.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Sorry for the long wait between updates, been busy lately with stuff. Unfortunately that isn't slowing down right now, but I did manage to get some time in to update stuff.

  • Traps can now spawn in co-op.
  • Added player visibility to co-op.
  • Added enemy leader visuals and mechanics to coop.

    • Health Split - Heal and equalize all teammates health values.
    • Healing Spores - Create some spores around you that heal teammates who pick them up.

    • Deadly Stealth - For 3 seconds, stealth damage does 5x instead of 3x.
    • Blast Charge - The next enemy you hit is marked with a blast charge and explodes on death.

    • Defence Bubble - Spawn a field that reduces damage taken by 50% while standing in it.
    • Light Barrier - Spawns a barrier that blocks bullets for 5 seconds.

    • Confusion Field - Spawn a field that applies confusion to enemies standing in it.
    • Shadow Cloak - Reduces visibility of teammates by 70% when active.

    • Silence - Greatly reduce the sound you make and reduce the effect of threat for 3H seconds.
    • Retreat - Warp to the teammate with the lowest threat on your team.

Bug Fixes
  • Hacking speed is no longer based on movement speed. (?)
  • When using radial aim on a controller, you no longer have extra spread.
  • Fixed aim magnetism in co-op.
  • Fixed "#" acting as a newline while chatting in coop.
  • Fixed an issue where framerate issues would occur at the start of a coop game.
  • Fixed bullet damage using the enemy damage hitsplat in coop.
  • Completing a coop raid no longer messes up the offset of the UI.
  • Dying in coop no longer causes issues when you restart the game.
  • Legendary unique weapons can no longer spawn in coop.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the electrified tech in coop.
  • Fixed a crash related to lobbies.

Other Changes
  • Firing your gun no longer prevents you from dropping it or picking up another weapon until you can attack again.
  • Item use/pickup system has been changed to a list instead of being radial.
  • Quickplay levels are now 3x3 instead of 5x5.

Co-Op is almost nearing release state, there is some more polish I'd like to add though, it should be out next patch unless something goes totally wrong.

Community Announcements - CashOutGame
More Co-Op stuff! Co-Op is almost in a viable release state now. As requested I've added steamworks networking and matchmaking support. Both are early, I've only tested each with 2 players due to limitations. As a result, there's probably a large amount of bugs with the steamworks system related to connecting and disconnecting.

  • Steamworks networking is now supported! Instead of connecting through IP, you can now connect through steam in coop. Instead of connecting through ip, you'll need to connect through the server host's steam id.
  • The ability to connect through IP is still supported though, you'll have the option to choose how the server is hosted.
  • Added a matchmaking option to steamworks connection as well, you can filter by level and difficulty. If you have a password on your match, it'll not show up in the matchmaking.
  • All hitsplats should now show in coop.

  • Added the ability to copy and paste ips/steam IDs.

  • The following unique weapons have been added to coop. (Again, the only ones that could be ported without any effort.).

  • The following clothing can now drop
    • -Prison Set
    • -Leather Set
    • -Smugglers Set
    • -Plaid Set
    • -Doctors Set
    • -Procurers Set

  • New Skills
    • Health
      • First Aid - For 5 seconds, all healthpacks picked up restore 2x more health.
      • Blood Sacrifice - Damages self but heals all teammates.

    • Tank
      • Shadow Shield - For 2 seconds, players are invulnerable to all damage taken.
      • Taunt - For 4 seconds, enemies will be much more likely to attack you, but will attack slower.

    • Support
      • Toxic Fumes - Spawns a gas cloud around all players that poisons enemies.
      • Chaos Armour - For 3 seconds, enemies who deal damage will become confused.

    • Damage
      • Death Mark - The next enemy you hit is marked for death and recieves 100% crits until death.
      • Static Field - Creates a static field at the player that slows and shocks enemies.

    • Global
      • Counter - The next time you take damage, the enemy that fires the shot takes the damage instead of you.
      • Shields Down - Damage taken is increased by 20% and damage dealt is increased by 30%.

    Bug Fixes
    • The heal pool is now created at the character instead of the cursor.
    • Fixed the prison shirt bonus.
    • Fixed a crash in coop caused by dropping clothes and picking them back up again.
    • Fixed a lighting related glitch in coop.

    Will be finishing the skills and adding unique items next patch, then unless something goes wrong, co-op can move out of beta (though it still won't be finished at that point).

Community Announcements - CashOutGame
Another coop update that adds quite a bit this time, coop is almost in a near functioning state, there's still more I need to convert over though.

  • Added the following items to coop:
    • -Bandage
    • -Ammokit
    • -Healhkit
    • -Frag Grenade
    • -Incendiary Greande
    • -Gas Grenade
    • -EMP Grenade

      The following clothing items can now drop (as they're the only ones that would function without any work done to them) in coop.
      • - Army Set
      • - Fancy Suit Set
    • You can now play the mansion level in coop.
    • Cash boxes and puzzle boxes can now spawn.
    • Tech now functions properly for most of the techs in coop.
    • Added particle effects for blocks in coop.

    • Added some more skills to coop:
      • Shared Shield - Puts a shield on all teammates that blocks up to 40% health for all characters.
      • Damage Leech - 5% of damage taken for 5 seconds heals the rest of the team.

      • Healing Pool - Places a healing fountain on the floor that heals teammates over time.
      • Damage Leech - For 3 seconds, teammate damage done heals them.

      • Burning Visage - Enemies attacking players take some damage and get burned.
      • Shockwave - Enemies near all players will get shocked and stunned.

      • March On - Increase movespeed of all teammates for 4 seconds.
      • Booster - Increases all stats of teammates by 2 for 5 seconds.

      • Stone Defence - Reduces damage taken by 30% while reducing movement speed.
      • Lone Survivor - A small heal, heals more if teammates are dead.

    Bug Fixes
    • The strength stat is now applied in coop.
    • Added bonuses to thrown weapons.
    • Finishing a raid no longer locks you in the "raid complete" state.
    • Fixed an issue with the mirror shield skill.
    • Fixed a visual issue with the leather pants and trackpants.
    • Fixed an issue with the wind stance.
    • You can no longer be healed in coop while dead.
    • Fixed an issue related to random prop spawning.

    • Reduced enemy health per player to 40% more in shared loot and 75% more in seperate loot.

    Other Changes
    • Concrete can now be destroyed in coop.

    I plan on supporting steamworks peer to peer networking for the coop as well soon, unfortunately I don't know if it'll be possible. I'm looking into it, if I get it working it will be added, this way there will be no need to port forward.

Community Announcements - CashOutGame
The last update of the year is here, this one focused on coop again, more and feature completion, the four classes now do something. Along with that, you may notice a huge increase in download size. I've included the DirectX redistributable with this update, a couple people were having issues related to shaders, this should fix it.

Anyways here are the changes.

  • Players taking damage in coop are now affected by screenshake.
  • Added bottles to coop.
  • Defence now counts for something in coop. (everything else worked as they were client sided)
  • Added bleed mechanics to coop.

  • Added some skills and class mechanics.
    • Take Control - Drains nearby teammates threat levels, healing based on how much was drained.
    • Covering Wall - Reduces damage taken by 40% for 5 seconds, nearby teammate damage taken is redirected to you.

    • Threat Heal - Heals all teammates based on their threat level.
    • Heal Pulse - Adds a healing pulse to nearby enemies, that heals over time.

    • Threat Reset - Stuns enemies and clears threat from teammates.
    • Mirror Shield - Applies a state to all teammates for 5 seconds, 25% of damage taken is dealt back to enemies.

    • Silent Threat - All player damage is increased the less threat they have for 5 seconds.
    • Wind Stance - Nearby players attack speed is increased by 30% for 3 seconds.

    • Enrage - Raises threat level by a small amount and makes a large noise.
    • Hang On - Revive % is increased by 20%.

    • Reduced enemy melee damage and increased enemy bullet damage.
    • Increased health per enemy in shared loot mode from 25% more per player to 62.5% more per player.
    • Floppy disks are no longer a global drop in coop. (Every client can now pick up one regardless of if shared loot is on.)
    • Enemies can now drop floppy disks on death.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with coop AI related to the AI would losing target of the player.
    • Fixed a visual and potential gameplay glitch related to screenshake.
    • You can no longer "die" in coop, if there was enough ping, it was possible to die like in single player.
    • Fixed minimap in coop.
    • Fixed an issue where everything in the map would become active randomly for the server.
    • You can no longer throw guns in coop.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies would not drop weapons for all clients.
    • Fixed a visual issue with the leather pants.
    • Fixed a crash with the juggernaut skill.

    That's it for this update, I'll be working on coop some more next update, unless something happens I want to add at least 1 set of skills pet coop update.

Community Announcements - CashOutGame
This update mainly focused on co-op. When I previously said that co-op was functional, it turns out that wasn't the case, as loading without a crash was impossible. I've fixed the co-op related crashes that I know of, so it should actually be stable now, hopefully.

Small authoring tools update too, just changed up the materials option.

  • It is now possible to specific whether or not materials are glass or metal.
    • Metal - Bullets reflect off of the object.
    • Glass - Enemies will try to fire through blocks as if they can be broken.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue related to grabbing steam names causing a crash.
  • Increased the ping limit before disconnection on connection. (Though if you're taking more than 2 seconds to connect, the game will be pretty much unplayable.)
  • Fixed entities not updating when changing rooms, resulting in broken weapons in coop.
  • Occasionally the countdown to start a game in coop would trigger more than once, causing the game to start more than once.
  • Fixed many visual issues with coop.
  • Fixed a crash related to lighting when playing coop.
  • Player shadow is no longer based on the server position of your character.
  • Fixed a sound issue in coop.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy targetting rules where enemies would target dead players.
  • Melee enemies will no longer always target the host in coop.
  • Fixed a crash related to enemy AI visuals.
  • Fixed pathfinding in coop.

  • Added some lag compensation to player attacking.
  • Changed the way room transitions work.
    • Previously, only hosts could move towards levels.
    • Now, if a level has been beaten, all players can return to that room.
    • All players can open doors, the first door entered, everyone will warp to.
    • The more players opening a single door, the faster it'll open.

  • Changed the rate in which the player and enemy info is sent to clients,
  • previously it was whatever the server host's framerate was, now it's 30 times every second regardless of the framerate.
  • Killing enemies and firing shots now makes noise in coop.

That's about it. Keep in mind, Co-Op is still early iin development, there's still issues, I'll be doing some more work next patch.

Community Announcements - CashOutGame
Nothing really NEW in this update (Did some very minor stuff with modding), as it more focused on balance and polish. If you have the authoring tools installed, you'll see it got an update too, this was the debug tools, that's all that was added basically.

Anyways here are the notes.

  • You can now pick up enemies you've knocked out already.

    • Added a debug mode for modding level packs, to make editing easier.
      When modding the putting a ?before any command turns it into a debug command, if the debugger is not running, it will not be compiled.
    • Added the then function "debugmessage", when activated it will send a message to the debugger.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash caused by enemies having targets other than the player (would be crashing anything that caused enemies to attack eachother, the backup skill and co-op).
    • Pressing the middle mouse click no longer spawns a backup enemy which would crash the game.
    • Very slightly tweaked "junk object" spawning again so blocks don't spawn next to eachother.
    • Enemies in the initial spawning phase can no longer take damage from anything.
    • Neither can knocked out enemies.
    • All situations where the hitsplat and actual damage lost were not the same have been fixed.
    • Fixed a crash caused when switching floors.
    • Fixed the first saved character's items being wiped when playing quickplay.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies would glitch up during the immune phase and attack you right away.
    • Knocked out enemies can no longer revive other knocked out enemies.
    • If you've hacked a door, left, and reentered, said door will now close if you've been spotted.

    • Reduced the time in which it takes to hack the doors by 50%.
    • Clamped how much enemies try to dodge shots.
    • Knocked out enemies now stay permanently knocked out if you've cleared the room.
    • Medic enemies now only restore enemies in their squad, and cannot restore enemies while poisoned.
    • You can no longer use skills when poisoned. (Except vaccination.)
    • Enemies now spawn in automatically, but are immune a while longer. (Also changed the visual.)
    • Retooled the weapon generation formula.
    • Legendary weapons now only boost stats by 10% instead of 25%.
    • (Weapons generated before this patch will have old values.)
    • Gun upgrades now increase stats by 3% instead of 5%.
    • Greatly increased the speed that hostaged enemies are knocked out, instead of being stunned when escaping/being let free, they're now immune for a short period of time.

  • Nerfed unarmed combat does pretty considerably, as it was more efficient to use fists instead of some weapons. (Was actually given a higher base damage than generated knives accidentally.)

    Unique Weapons
      Grenade Launcher - Reduced explosion damage from 128 to 96.
    • Greatsword - Reduced damage from 2.2x to 2.0x.
    • Chainsaw - Reduced damage from .4x to .3x, stealth damage wildly reduced.
    • Six Shooter - Increased delay on shoot from 1.6x to 1.8x, increased damage from 1.2x to 1.3x.
    • Hockey Stick - Increased damage from 3.5x to 4x.
    • Sparkler - Reduced the rate in which the sparkler restores by 75%.
    • Air Rifle - Increased damage from 1.7x to 2.5x.
    • Baseball Bat - Reduced damage from .6x to .5x.
    • Dual Pistols - Reduced delay on shoot from .55x to .45x.
    • Bolt Action Rifle - Reduced firing delay from 2.0x to 1.6x.

    Legendary Unique Weapons
      Tesla Gun - Damaage is no longer based on how far the arch travels.

  • Assassin perk - Health per stealth point reduced from 2 per point to 1 per point.

    • Tye Dye Clothes - Increased turret healing greatly, every time the turret heals off the same enemy, the healing charge rate is reduced, increased healing range. Turret now makes noise.
    • Mechanic's Clothes - Increased turret damage, turret now makes much more noise.

    • Bad Medicine - Reduced the time that enemies attack other enemies from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Condensed Rage - Increased damage dealt.
    • Aura of Fury - Instead of only confusing enemies when the skill is used once, it'll be active for the entire duration.
    • Stance of Mirror - Increased the damage reflected the enemies from 2x to 3x.
    • Shadow Shot - Damage is increased the darker the area you're in.

    Other Changes
    • Changed how popups work slightly to prevent clunkiness when picking up items.

    I'd like to note that the debugger is not finished, I'll be adding more commands and fixing stuff up. Along with that I'd like to put out a help file for the modding tools.

    Next though, I'd like to focus on co-op, hopefully I can get that actually working as intended, as it's very broken right now.

    Thanks, enjoy!
Community Announcements - CashOutGame
Nothing major in this update, there was a visual "change" as I fixed a major bug related to saturation issues and lighting, as a result I had to redo some stuff related to lighting.

Anyways here's the patch notes.

  • Did some work on the lab tileset.
  • Changed the way career mode progression works slightly. Levels will now get larger as well as harder depending on the difficulty level.
  • Added the option to play modded levels packs in career mode.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a major visual issue related to saturation. Unfortunately, this means I needed to redo a lot of the lighting, everything may look very different.
  • Fixed an issue related to sound files in mods.
  • Pausing no longer removes all the shadows in the room.
  • Fixed crash caused by unlocking more characters than possible at once.
  • Fixed an issue related to mods and updating.
  • Fixed spawning of junk items while modding.

Other Changes
  • Visual updates.
  • Hitsplats/Popups should be easier to read now.
  • Tightened up the auto-setup again.
  • You can no longer resize the game screen.
  • Tweaked the spawn formula for "junk" objects.

  • Added the ability to change the ambient and light colour.

Along with that, some minor work was done with the authoring tools...

  • Added lighting to the room editor to give better visuals.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem where cloned sound files weren't deleted when the game was closed.
  • Fixed an issue related to dropdowns.
  • You can now edit sounds that have already been saved.

Other Changes
  • Updated the sample mod (changed the sounds, potential copyright issues.)

Remember to check out the level pack tab under extras if you want to download some level packs to test out!

Next patch is probably going to be a quality of life patch, with some much needed balance tweaks...

Community Announcements - CashOutGame
Smaller update, was going to focus on some more stuff but I found some more glitches related to the two major glitches last time.
1. The difficulty and raid size was defaulting to the grand heist raid size. If you felt the raids were too long, this was the cause and it's been fixed.
2. While I fixed class unlocking, the counter for money stolen wasn't going up properly (unless you died, then it'd go up very slowly), so unlocking classes was very difficult.

Hopefully these issues are actually fixed this time.
Anyways here are the patch notes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue related to equipping clothing ingame in career mode.
  • Enemies can no longer throw items before they spot you.
  • Fixed some potential slowdown issues related to pathfinding.
  • Fixed some issues related to enemies following bloody footprints.
  • Enemies will now actually not try to take cover outside of the room.
  • Fixed enemies carrying items not showing the enemy detection visual.
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck in blocks.
  • Fixed an issue where all career mode levels were the size of grand heists.
  • You can now push moveable blocks when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed being able to open the inventory in the death/raid complete screen.
  • Using an item in inventory in career mode no longer locks you from pressing enter to start the raid.
  • Fixed several issues related to statistics that may have led to not unlocking classes. (Money was only being counted as stolen when you died.)

  • Increased the speed in which enemies lose track of you.
  • Splinter cell enemies now detect you 3x slower.
  • Enemies will now spot you faster if they're more alert, but less if they aren't.
  • Retooled the "alertness" scale to go up much slower, but cap higher.
  • You can now only take enemies who have never spotted you hostage.

Other Changes
  • Changed up how enemies will try to get themselves out of corners if they walk into them.
  • Formally removed enemy learning, was making everything more complicated rather than actually adding anything (was only changing how fast enemies spot you, and what weapon they started with, which didnt do anything).
  • Heavy optimization, the game should run considerably better now. (For perspective, I'm getting approximately 70% better performance compared to
  • As I've updated to a new compiler, I'm expecting a lot of issues, based on testing I fixed everything I could find. That doesnt mean I've fixed everything though.
  • Reduced the size of health and ammo kits so they don't clutter up the screen as much.

Next I'd like to do some work with the lab level, hopefully I'll complete it next patch.

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