Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Sorry for the long time between updates, I've been very busy lately, so this update doesn't include the office levelset. I did do some polish though, that's the bulk of this update.

  • Landmine - Create a mine, when enemies step on it they'll explode.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash related to the Overalls clothing item in co-op.
  • Fixed some issues with statistics.
  • Enemies should get stuck in blocks less now.
  • Players in coop can now see other players tech on weapons.

Other Changes
  • Changed the way swing weapons function and rebalanced based on it.
  • Enemy weapons can now spawn with tech.
  • Inspecting enemies (by holding tab) now also shows what weapon theyre holding.
  • Enemies carrying an item will drop the item theyre carrying on death.
  • Reduced the return time after a raid in coop from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

  • Sniper Enemy - Changed functionality. Now increases damage based on distance to player and has a much larger sightline.
  • Reduced the amount of extra health that leaders spawn with.
  • Changed the way enemy reloading works, theres now an indicator, leaders reload quicker too.
  • Panic reduces reload speed.

I'd like to add Discord integration next update (no promises though), and I'd like to get the office levelset done.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Did some more level work this patch, adding a new level! Along with that, since it's October, the Treat Basket weapon is available again, along with a new hat!

  • The "Supermarket" levelset has been added!
  • Added a seasonal hat: The Jack-o-Lantern hat, when enemies die, a skelton is summoned that fights for you! It can only be unlocked every October and will be 3x more common during October!

  • Healing now heals 2.5x the amount for blood damage, and 1/3rd the amount of regular damage.
  • Changed the function of the Halloween Basket, when the candy bar is fully charged (which takes longer now), you'll go into Sugar Rush, which increases weapon speed and damage.
  • In career mode you'll now start with some money, which is based on the difficulty level.
  • Greatly increased the rate of bleeding.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed potential crash with the backup skill.
  • Fixed an unavoidable crash related to C4.
  • Fixed a potential issue where career mode files weren't being saved properly.
  • Fixed a crash caused by unlocking a class.

Other Changes
  • The Halloween Basket is now unlockable (again!) for the duration of October, it'll be 3x more common during October.
  • The "Random" quickplay level type now includes the lab level.
  • The flashbang stun mechanics changed in the last patch now function the same for enemy flashbangs.

Next patch I'll be working on AI and the Office levelset, unless something goes wrong.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Like said previously, I did some work with tilesets!
Instead of adding any new levels, I "finished" (I don't want to say they're 100% finished because that would suggest I'm doing nothing more with them) the 3 existing level sets.

I did lay the foundation for the last 3, though "Supermarket" and "Office" are more likely to be added than "Prison".

Anyways here are the patch notes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a mod issue related to room types.
  • Fixed a mod issue related to lighting
  • Fixed a crash related to mind controlled enemies. (May have happened in co-op too.)
  • Fixed a crash with the outbreak skill.
  • Fixed an issue related to random object spawns.

  • Greatly reduced enemy sight range. Hiding in darkness now actually is viable! (The sight range was so high that hiding was nearly impossible.
  • Stores are now rarer.
  • Aim skills for projectile weapons are now based off of the projectile damage.

  • Did a lot of work with the lab, mansion and industrial tilesets.

Other Changes
  • How dark the area you're standing is now calculated differently and is more accurate.
  • Changed the way light works slightly, objects and players are now "illuminated" to prevent them from blending into the background too much.

Next patch I'll be continuing work on the level sets as there's really nothing else huge I have to work on right now.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
No level work this time, I did some testing with other people and I got some feedback, so instead of that, this update is a Quality of Life update. Hopefully the changes made here make the game better to play.

  • The "detailed" HUD has been redone to be more accessible.
  • A new health system has been added (experimental). Bleeding now happens significantly slower. When healing, bleed damage will now heal twice as much, while normal healing will heal half as much.
  • You can now hover over items and skills on the HUD (again, this was removed a while ago temporarily) for more info.

  • Significantly less traps will now spawn in the raid.
  • Less "junk" now spawns in the raid, but better healthkits now spawn.
  • Stun time has been reduced across all blunt weapons, and added a diminishing returns system where stunned enemies are stunned less the more they get stunned.
  • Stunned enemies no longer take minicrits, but stunned enemies that WOULD take crits now take crits.
  • Thrown weapons now deal 4x stealth damage instead of 3x stealth damage.
  • Changed the conditions for taking an enemy hostage.
  • Greatly buffed the lab pants.

Skill Balance
  • - All precision skills are now applied to the weapon instead of the character, meaning switching will not keep precision bonus (Using a very fast weapon, then switching to a slower weapon would give you a lot of shots with a precision skill applied without any downside).
  • -Plague: Reduced healing by 50%.
  • -Flash Powder: Increased cooldown.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a memory leak related to the character creation.
  • Fixed a crash when loading modded levels.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would become agressive instantly after hearing a sound.
  • Fixed a crash related to the fire pants.
  • Fixed the "are you sure?" screen when changing an option in the main menu, also reduced the time until it resets to 3 seconds.
  • Fixed thrown weapon damage calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where you could clip through walls with the "juggernaut" skill.
  • Fixed an issue where on the detailed HUD, aim magnetism was significant more than it should have been (compact was also less than it should have been).
  • Fixed a crash caused by flying miniturrets.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the lab pants.
  • Fixed an issue where buying guns in career mode could leave you with 0.50 dollars.
  • Fixed a crash related to turrets.

Other Changes
  • The default bindings for item use have been changed, along with the default binds for voice chat (not in).
  • Joining a co-op game or debugging a mod pack will now skip the welcome screen. (Pressing enter will too.)
  • Binding a key that's already bound to another action will unbind that action now.
  • Added a small indicator to let you know when you can hostage an enemy.
  • Right clicking will now drop inventory items and left clicking will now equip inventory items.

  • A Company of Thieves - Removed
  • God of Thieves - Removed
  • King of The Arcade - Changed requirement to level 15. (When a perk is unlocked.) (This wasn't even working properly.)

Next update WILL be focused on level development (as one of the changes in this update made that easier).

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Like mentioned previously, I've updated Co-Op again, and with this update is nearly feature complete, all that's missing is voice chat for the most part, which will be added in the future. To mark this, I've updated the demo and you can now play co-op matches! Of course, it's very limited, but if you're on the fence, you can check that out.

Anyways, here are the patch notes, the update is large.

  • Added an actual ingame leaderboard for co-op. This page also displays rank and percentage until next rank.
  • You can now rebind map pings, coop messages and voice chat (not functional) from the options menu.

  • The following items can now spawn in co-op.
    • Painkillers
    • Caffiene Pills
    • Steroids
    • Beta Blockers
    • Dry-Ice Bomb
    • Blueprints
    • Keycard
    • Flashbang
    • Tacks
    • Cluster Bombs

  • The following clothing items can now spawn in co-op.
    • Fire Suit
    • Lab Coat
    • Electrician's Shirt
    • Hacker's Coat (This set was already functional, but wasn't dropping.)
    • Fire Pants
    • Lab Pants
    • Electrician's Jeans
    • Hacker's Pants

    • Sweatband
    • Biker Helmet
    • Cowboy Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Fire Helmet
    • Army Helmet
    • Gas Mask
    • Prison Cap
    • Surgical Mask
    • Procurer's Hat
    • Smuggler's Trilby
    • Electrician's Goggles
    • Hacker's Hood
    • Party Hat
    • Chef Hat
    • Hero's Mask

  • Two clothing sets have been added. (Both are co-op only.)
    • Quarterback's Shirt: Increases damage done to enemies based on nearby players.
    • Quarterback's Pants: Reduces damage taken from enemies based on nearby players.
    • Quarterback's Helmet: 25% of all healing on nearby teammates is transferred to you as well.

    • Nerd's Shirt: Increases the amount of bandwith you get from floppy disks.
    • Nerd's Pants: Heals you a slight amount when you pick up floppy disks
    • Nerd's Glasses: Killing an enemy has a chance of spawning an extra floppy disk.

Bug Fixes
  • Assassins can now spawn again.
  • Removed a debug popup that occured when a player disconnected on IP connection mode.
  • Fire legs now heal based on increased fire damage and is no longer based on framerate.
  • Fixed the fire helmet.
  • Fixed an uncommon quickplay/arcade crash related to picking up clothing.
  • Pushing movable blocks now properly fixes the navmesh.
  • Fixed the "Times Up!" cash drain not effecting your final cash stolen in coop.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get revived more than 100%.
  • Fixed a potential issue when players moved across rooms. (Also was preventing rooms the host wasn't in from being solid)
  • Fixed an issue where in steamworks connection mode, leaving and joining another game in coop would result in recieving data from the old match (which resulted in a crash most of the time.)
  • Fixed an issue where global and coop skills would never be considered not "new".
  • Fixed some AI issues in Co-Op.
  • Fixed an issue related to leaving a and restarting a co-op game.
  • Fixed an issue where all tables in a room in co-op would spawn with the same item on them, in the same place.
  • Fixed a couple issues related to keybinding while ingame.

  • Flashbang - greatly increased FOV, stun time is now based on how close enemy is to the explosion.
  • Changed how many enemies can spawn in co-op past easy difficulty, now is 2 + 1 per player in the room.
  • Also changed enemy health from 30% more to 20% more.
  • Reduced enemy damge increase per player from 8% to 5% and 30% extra to 20% extra.
  • Hacker's Hood: Instead of reducing damage taken by 50%, traps hacked will now explode when hacked.
  • Readjusted the Hero's Mask explosion.
  • The end of floors is now much more likely to be later in the raid.
  • All skills now only effect players in the same room.
  • Increased enemy field of view.

  • Changed some skills:
    • Silent Boost - Now "Threaten", boosts damage based on threat you have. No longer additive.
    • Wind Stance - Now boosts everyone in the room, not just nearby teammates.
    • Deadly Stealth - Now applies to all teammates.
    • Shockwave - Increased range.
    • Shared Shield - Greatly increased the amount of shared damage it blocks. (This still works for all players in all rooms still.)
    • Taunt - Increases enemy kickback and spread when active.
    • Leeching Shots - Increased the amount of health leeched.
    • Healing Spores - Now disppear after 8 seconds and home in on the player.
    • Mirror Shield - Greatly increased the amount of reflected damage.
    • Toxic Fumes - Changed how the fumes are created.
    • Hang On - Revives you instantly but leaves you at 1hp.
    • Lone Survivor - Now "Last Hope", increases ressurection speed by 4x by 5 seconds.
    • Retreat - Now "Telefrag", warps to the furthest enemy and deals damage to them.

    Other Changes
    • The find game button will now automatically refresh when you first click it.
    • Clothing sets now only effect players in the same room.
    • Changed lighting slightly.
    • Stolen loot and clothing is now added to the end raid tally in coop.
    • You now need at least 2 players to start a co-op game.
    • Starting seed is now changed when starting a new co-op raid.
    • Very VERY greatly improved bandwidth usage. (Was always sending huge packets of data regardless of the amount of data sent.) This should also fix some of the odd buffering problems with steamworks connections.
    • Changed the way the tutorial is played. This should only effect you if you've never played the tutorial before.

    Next on the roadmap is completing the missing levelpacks, that's what I'm going to be doing next most likely.
Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Did some work with Co-Op like suggested last patch. Basically, co-op should be playable (I must've missed something last patch that broke co-op). Some AI pathfinding logic has changed so if there's an bugs that I missed, feel free to report them. (Also I fixed a glitch that was disconnecting player 3 and 4 always.)

And here are the changes made in this patch.

  • Changed the way rooms work in co-op.
    • Any player can enter any room now, and enemies will spawn.
    • Limited amount of enemies per room to 1, plus 1 for every player in the room.

  • Changed enemy difficulty in co-op, enemies now have 30% more health and deal 30% more damage plus, plus 8% of each per player.

  • Changed the scaling in which you get money in coop, its now based on the number of players and difficulty more.
  • Small ammokits and healthkits can now spawn in co-op, but are less common.
  • Retreat skill has been temporarily disabled! It was very buggy and will be changed next patch.
  • Players no longer revive after killing enemies.
  • Reviving players is now quicker.
  • Light Guard - Increased base health, reduced speed.
  • Heavy Guard - Reduced base health.
  • Enemies can now drop more floppy disks on death.

Bug Fixes
  • Rooms in coop that the host isn't in now have solid walls.
  • Fixed an issue where player 3 and 4 would always DC after a short period of time.
  • Fixed a crash caused by projectiles in coop.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Lookin' Good" achievement was being awarded if you had a no clothing items equipped at all (was treating having no clothing as as its own set).
  • Fixed a major bug where you'd never get the right amount of money for completing a level. As a result, the amount of money you get and the time you have to escape has been changed. (Both were based on the same thing.)
  • Fixed a major crash involving clients disconeccting midgame.
  • When players leave in coop, all their info in the lobby is now cleared as well.
  • Fixed an issue where a client leaving the game midgame no longer prevents the game from beating completed in coop.
  • Fixed an issue where bullet stealth damage was doing 4x the amount (where it should be doing 3x), in coop.
  • Fixed an issue in coop preventing shared shield from stopping melee damage.
  • At the moment, assassins cannot spawn in co-op, there's quite a lot of crashes involving them.

Other Changes
  • Optimized the co-op pipeline, should run smoother now.
  • All players must now grab the cash pile at the end of the raid in Co-Op.

Next patch is also going to focus on co-op, but instead of mechanica, it'll be content based, adding the missing stuff from co-op (like clothing and items).

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Quicker update this time, skills must now be unlocked. I did this to try and encourage different builds and to try and create a "completionist" goal to work towards. Co-Op skills don't need to be unlocked though, only single-player skills.

Anyways here's what was added and changed in this update.

  • Skills must now be unlocked like classes. You'll unlock them pretty quick, this is just a way to try and encourage use of different skills. Every $1000 you steal unlocks a new skill.
  • Unfortunately, due to the way this workds, you'll have to re-unlock the classes. (When classes were unlocked, you start off with 3 skills, since you unlocked them before the update, you don't start off with any skills and the game crashes.)
  • Some achievements have been added!

  • New Hats
    • - Tinfoil Hat: Taking an enemy hostage (and letting them go) causes them to attack other enemies for 5 seconds.
    • - Knight's Helmet: Spawns a shield that blocks damage from the back.
    • - Hero's Mask: Fist damage causes explosions on hit.

  • Increased enemy health by 15%.
  • Enemies now turn much much quicker when hearing a sound.
  • Hats that aren't part of a clothing set are now more common.
  • Hats are also now more common.

Other Changes
  • The "Crown" hat now unlocks at $500,000 globally stolen, and the golden guns now unlock at $750,000 globally stolen. (Both of which are already unlocked.)
  • It now costs $5000 to unlock a new class. Every raid attempted counts as $1000 dollars towards this goal. (This also counts towards unlocking skills.)
  • Non-clothing set hats can now spawn in career mode.

Bug Fixes
  • A large amount of bugs caused by last update have been fixed.
  • Fixed puzzleboxes.
  • Fixed random crash when starting a new game.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the outbreak skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the second class you unlocked wouldn't be unlocked until you stole $10000.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the voodoo skill.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a maximum of 24 clothing slots in career mode even though the real maximum is 48.
  • Fixed an issue where the second floor was starting at the top corner of the map instead.

Next update will focus on Co-Op again, in the next couple of patches I'd like to formally "complete" Co-Op, there are some things still missing and some changes I'd like to make.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Large update, unfortunately took longer than I had anticipated due to several factors but I got hats in. Like mentioned last update, they replace the global perks. They're mostly based off the existing clothing items, but a couple aren't. I plan on adding more in the future too, I just can't say when.

  • A new clothing slot has been added... hats! These take the place of perks, and cannot be upgraded and don't have levels. Hats that aren't part of a clothing set are rarer than usual.

    • Sunglasses - Enemies spot you half as fast.
    • Sombrero - Spawns a sun that spins around you.
    • Sweatband - Move 20% faster if an enemy is going after you.
    • SkiMask - Enemies are stunned, blinded and deafened on death.
    • Chef Hat - Picking up health or ammo increases movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds.
    • Crown - Picking up money heals you a slight amount. (Functionality is in, can't actually get it yet as it will be a steam unlock and I'm going to be reworking that next patch.)
    • Construction Helmet - Spawns a flying turret that fires like a shotgun.
    • Fire Helmet - Enemies will create a small burst of flame on death.
    • Party Hat - All attacks deal minicrits to enemies with a status effect.
    • Gas Mask - Enemies will create a small gas cloud on death.
    • Medical Mask - Ammokits and Healthkits function interchangibly at 25% effectiveness.
    • Army Helmet - Increases damage based on how far away you are from the enemy.
    • Trilby - Overkill damage heals you based on the overkill.
      Baseball Hat - Blunt attacks now knock enemies out on stealth attacks.
    • Flower Hat - Spawns a peaceful turret that also slows down enemies.
    • Pimp Hat - Stunned enemies take crits instead of minicrits.
    • Cowboy Hat - When standing still shots will suffer much less kickback and spread.
    • Biker Helmet - Increases movement speed by 25% while carrying a melee weapon.
    • Hacker's Hood - Reduces damage by 60% while hacking.
    • Electrician's Goggles - Enemies will create a small shock burst on death.
    • Prison Cap - Opening up crates now heals you based on how much it costs to open.

  • At the moment, hats do not drop in co-op. In the future I'm going to be doing some more work on co-op, they'll be added then.

Bug Fixes
  • Turrets no longer get stuck on pool tables.
  • Fixed being unable to edit the seed on the quickplay menu.
  • Dropping clothing in quickplay now unequips it.
  • Fixed a glitch that was allowing the same skill to be equipped twice.

  • Knife attacks now hit quicker.
  • Golden clothing boxes now have hats instead of upgraded clothing. (Wasn't even functioning properly anyways.)
  • Class perk is now unlocked at floor 3 in quickplay, floor 15 in arcade mode, and level 3 in career mode.

Other Changes
  • Redid some culling and optimisation stuff, game should run significantly better now.
  • Temporarily, career mode map themes are no longer random. (To avoid getting the same map 5 times in a row.)

Next update I'm going to change the way unlocks work slightly, to try to encourage different build options with characters.
Cash_Out - CashOutGame
In preparation for an upcoming update, I've added stores! These replace the "campfire" rooms. While the bonuses are still ingame, you can't get them anymore. This is temporary, I don't really like how perks work at the moment, I feel as if having clothing AND perks is arbitrary, so I'm going to be changing the perk system up a bit, this should be in next update.

Anyways, here are the changes.

  • Added in-raid stores where you can buy weapons/clothing/items and health. (The campfire room has been removed, the bonuses will be re-added in a future patch as I'm changing the way perks work too).

  • Reduced knife damage globally by 25%, knife stealth damage has been increased from 3x to 4x.
  • "Electrified" knife tech stun time reduced 75%.
  • Kunai - Damage increased, speed reduced.
  • The "stealth" bonus on knives is now multiplicative instead of additive.

Bug Fixes
  • Flying turrets should no longer get stuck on fishtanks.
  • Fixed a visual issue to the flower turret.
  • Dropping a weapon while firing or holding an item no longer deletes the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue with the news feed.
  • Fixed room spawning with mods.
  • Quitting the game after playing a mod no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed a major crash caused by clicking on the endraid screen.
  • Fixed a crash caused by minimizing the game and changing floors.

Cash_Out - CashOutGame
Not a lot added this update, unfotrunately this update took much longer than I had anticipated due to some issues with bugs. Next update will actually add some content though, hopefully.

  • Readded the map/key/keycard/treasuremap indicators, theyre on the inventory screen now.
  • Added a new patch notes button.

  • Added nested commands into modding.
  • Added the ability to repeat multiple commands.
  • Fixed a major issue causing major framerate drops in modding. (May also have effected normal play, but at a smaller scale.)
  • Fixed another major issue that was totally making scripts not work.
  • Random junk items will now spawn in mods.

Other Changes
  • The "campfire" room can now spawn in rooms besides the end rooms. (I will be doing some stuff with this next patch.)
  • Increased the inventory size from 60 to 75. (The end of raid inventory box had more slots than the ingame box.)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in the wrong coop rank being given.
  • Fixed several bugs related to modding and resetting the game.
  • Fixed an issue that was locking the player in the tutorial if they left it.
  • Fixed a crash with the tutorial if the player left it.
  • Fixed the raid buyout button.


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