Aug 13
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 2.8.0 is now here!

This new version adds a player territory feature, which prevents others from building in your lands, and displays your borders on the map. Additionally, university buildings have been added, providing higher-level upgrades. Furthermore, when a main hall is built, it will now have a name for its settlement, and each building is assigned to the settlement closest to itself; this is a cosmetic change only, to provide flavor.


- 2.8.0 Changelog

* Buildings
- Players now have a territory, which is generated by the player's buildings. Players cannot build on the territory of another player.
- Buildings now show the name of the settlement they belong to. A new settlement name is generated when a town hall is built, and buildings are assigned to the settlement of the closest town hall.
- Fixed issue which caused severely a damaged building's fire to disappear when it was almost at 0 HP.
- Added a University building for the Teutons (graphics by Jinn).
- Added an Academy building the Goblins (graphics by Jinn).
- Added an Academy building the Dwarves (graphics by Jinn).

* Factions
- Forming Northumbria now requires that no other player have the Bernicia or Deira faction.
- Anglo-Saxon factions can now form "Englaland", instead of England. England itself can be formed when higher technological knowledge has been obtained, and forming the faction changes personal names etc. to English (Anglo-Saxons use Old English).

* Items
- The tooltip for literary works now describes the effects of increasing their respective knowledge stat.

* Map Editor
- Fixed an issue which prevented closing the player properties window by clicking "OK".
- Fixed an issue which could potentially cause the map editor to freeze when loading a map.

* Miscellaneous
- Removed support for resolutions lower than 800x600, so that more content may be added to the interface later on (i.e. new icons at the top bar).

* Multiplayer
- Fixed a potential desync cause related to unique item drop.

* Upgrades
- Added the Shield Wall (+2 armor for infantry) and Svinfylking (+2 damage for infantry) military doctrine upgrades, researched at the barracks (icons by Exidelo). These two upgrades are mutually exclusive.
- Added the Architecture upgrade (icon by Exidelo), which increases HP and armor for buildings. This upgrade can be researched at the University/Academy.
- Added the Mathematics upgrade (icon by Exidelo), which decreases trade cost for Markets. Engineering and Alchemy now require Mathematics. This upgrade can be researched at the University/Academy.
- Engineering and Alchemy are now researched at the University/Academy.
Jun 10
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
- 2.7.3 Changelog

* Buildings
- Added the Yale Cave (graphics by Jinn), which randomly spawns yales. A Yale Hunting Lodge can be built upon it (similar to how mines are built on top of deposits), providing Food, and allowing the Leather luxury resource to be harvested from it (max. 3 workers). The Yale Hunting Lodge has generic and dwarven graphic variants.
- Dwarven Yale Pens can now produce Leather (max. 3 workers).

* Items
- Added Joruvellir Wooden Shield item.
- Added a new unique item, Hlewagastiz's Horn.

* Miscellaneous
- Portraits in encyclopedia entries and dialogues now have a frame.
- Added Leather luxury resource, which is automatically sold at the Market.

* Scenarios
- The "A Rocky Home" quest in the "The First Dwarves" scenario now requires building a Yale Hunting Lodge instead of killing 8 Yales.
- Added the "A Home in the Fields of Sand" scenario.

* Terrain
- Added Desert Sand terrain (graphics by Jinn).
- Fixed crash which could occur if the player built a structure on top of a pathway.

* Units
- Dwarven Scouts, Pathfinders and Explorers now have a black-haired variation.
- Fixed the position of the Banner in the goblin Worker structure submenu, so that it doesn't overlap with the Railroad.
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
The new faction flair pack will add flavor to the dwarves of Joruvellir, who dwell in the harsh desert sands of their homelands. Splitting off from Modsognir's tribe, the Goldhoof clan embarked on a great migration. They went forth from Svarinshaug, travelled through the Aurvang swamplands, finally reaching the arid sands of Joruvellir, where they settled and gave rise to a myriad dwarven clans.

Ride forth and spill the blood of your enemies!

Coming on June 12th!

May 23
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 2.7.2 is here! Along with many other changes, this patch adds Caravans and Minecarts to the game.

Caravans are built at the Market and can be used to trade with the markets of other factions, generating copper. Minecarts function as mine gatherers, and can only move over railroads. These new pathways not only allow minecarts to move, but they also provide the same speed bonus to other units that roads do; they do cost substantially more than roads to build, however.

See the full changelog below.

- 2.7.2 Changelog

* AI
- Improved the AI attack back code.
- The AI is now better capable of conducting naval assaults.

* Buildings
- Fixed issue with burning building graphics not appearing.
- Workers can now build Railroads (which require the Engineering upgrade). Railroads are necessary for minecarts to move on, and provide the same speed bonus as roads to units.

* Factions
- Added the dwarven Oinling Clan (+5% Copper Processing).

* Heroes
- Added a few new wyrm heroes (without specific portraits), recruitable at kobold mercenary camps.
- Fixed issue which made recruitable fauna heroes' stats to not appear properly when hovering over their buttons.
- Vindalf can no longer upgrade to a dwarven Explorer.

* Items
- Added the Elixir of Dexterity, Elixir of Intelligence, Elixir of Strength and Elixir of Vitality items. These elixirs give small permanent bonuses to the unit which drinks them. Each elixir may be consumed once per unit/hero.
- Cheese and Carrots are no longer sold at farms, being instead randomly added to the pool of items for sale in markets.

* Miscellaneous
- Minor pathfinding performance improvement.
- Fixed crash which could happen when a transport ship was destroyed while a unit with a level-up point was inside.
- Fixed a number of SDL rendering issues.
- Fixed a save game loading crash cause.
- Units are now categorized by civilization in the encyclopedia.

* Quests
- Added a new side-quest for the Haimdala's Progeny scenario, "Slay the Wild Folk at Hlesey".
- Added a new side-quest for the The First Dwarves scenario, "Andvari's Gold".

* Scenarios
- The scenario maps now contain tree stumps.
- Objectives in the Scenario mode are now categorized according to the quest they belong to.

* Terrain
- Fixed issue with pine tree and mud tiles appearing black on the minimap under SDL rendering.
- Added Desert Sand tiles (by Jinn).

* Units
- Caravans can now be built at Markets, allowing trade with foreign markets.
- Fixed issue which caused transporters to unload all units inside if a transporter unit's button was clicked while the transporter wasn't on a coast.
- Fixed issue with corpse sight being greater than it should be.
- A worker who is carrying resources will now return them to a stronghold upon right-clicking on it, instead of garrisoning in it.
- A worker will now repair damaged garrisonable structures when right-clicking on them, isntead of garrisoning in them.
- Units now only auto-attack while following another unit if already close to them.
- Siege engines now require the Engineering upgrade to be produced.
- Added Minecart, which can gather metals with greater carrying capacity than a normal worker. Minecarts can only move on railroads, and require the Engineering upgrade.
- Added Kobold Slasher (upgrade of the Kobold Footpad, icon by Exidelo).
- Added Kobold Champion (upgrade of the Kobold Slasher, icon by Exidelo).

* Upgrades
- Added Engineering upgrade (icon by Exidelo) at the Smithy, which allows siege engines, railroads and minecarts.
- Alchemy is now researched at the Smithy.
Apr 1
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Warning: Save games from previous versions of the game are not compatible with the 2.7.1 version.

- 2.7.1 Changelog

* Abilities
- The Terror spell now lasts for half as long as it did previously.
- Improved the performance of aura application (specially that of the Leadership Aura).

* AI
- Improved the road-building AI.
- Improved the performance of the AI attack code.
- Improved the performance of the AI healing item pick-up code.
- AI units will now correctly use wyrm hearts to heal themselves.

* Heroes
- Fixed issue which allowed Germanic worker heroes to build Germanic buildings even if controlled by another civilization.
- Added an option to re-generate the custom hero name in the custom hero creation menu.

* Items
- Fixed issue which allowed items to be used or dropped from the unit's main command panel if there were no button there, and its inventory also had an item button at that same spot.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed a save game load crash issue.

* Scenarios
- Fixed issue which caused the random generation to sometimes put wood piles and stone piles too close to the player's starting location, blocking their units.

* Units
- Fixed issue which caused units to attack back against bats even if they had been given another order.
- Fixed issue which caused the "Return Goods" button to be replaced with the "Stand Ground" one when different worker unit types (i.e. Dwarven Miners and Skilled Miners) were grouped together.
- Improved the performance of unit target-finding.
Mar 28
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Version 2.7.0 is now live!

The major additions in this patch are:
- Market buildings, where you can buy and sell resources, and purchase items
- Buildable roads, which speed up unit movement
- Workers can now transform lumber into the "furniture" luxury resource in lumber mills; furniture is sold for copper automatically if a market is present

For the full changelog, see below.

- 2.7.0 Changelog

* Buildings
- Added Market buildings for the Dwarves, Germanics, Goblins and Teutons (graphics by Jinn). Markets allow trading resources.
- Mercenary Camps are now owned by mercenary company neutral factions.
- Carpenter's Shops and Lumber Mills now have the option of allowing workers to produce the Furniture luxury resource in them, which is automatically sold if a Market is present. Up to five workers can produce furniture in a lumber mill at the same time.
- Carpenter's Shops and Lumber Mills now cannot be built too close to town halls.
- A maximum of ten workers can now gather resources from a mine at the same time.
- Increased the time it takes for unit stocks to recharge.
- Scrolls are no longer bought in Temples, but in Markets.
- Markets provide a wide selection of purchasable items, including magic and (very rarely) unique ones. Which items appear depends on what you have. For example, swords only appear if you have a smithy, magic affixes depend on your deity or religion, and so forth.
- Added a message if a unique item becomes available for sale in a Market, so that the player doesn't have to worry about missing it.
- The AI now makes use of Mercenary Camps.
- Fixed issue which destroyed unique mines built upon deposits when loading a saved game.
- Fixed issue which reset the resources held of unique deposits/mines when a mine was destroyed, or built upon a deposit.
- Goblins can now build Banners, which provide the effects of Leadership Aura to nearby friendly units in combat.

* Civilizations
- Anglo-Saxon units now have English voices (by Johnvarker).

* Events
- The "Brawl at the Barracks" random event can no longer fire if the player does not have a town hall. This is to prevent the player losing the necessary resources to build a town hall in scenarios where the player starts with a barracks but no town hall (such as Haimdala's Progeny).

* Factions
- Fixed issue which prevented the Angle Tribe and Jute Tribe factions from being formable via the "Found a Faction" submenu.
- Added Dwarven, Ettin and Kobold Mercenary Company factions.

* Heroes
- Fixed issue which prevented Frankish hero Kregars from upgrading to Ritars if the player didn't have a Frankish faction.
- The AI now recruits heroes.

* Items
- Books now increase their respective knowledge stat by 5, rather than 3.
- Improved literary work dependencies, so that they can be available for multiple civilizations.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed crash which could occur when selecting more than 36 units at the same time.
- Added resource trade at Market buildings. By default resource trade has an extra cost of 30% (25% for goblin markets), which can be reduced by researching Coinage.
- Added "Industry", "Laws" and "Trade" entries to the Game Concepts section of the encyclopedia.
- Disabled buttons no longer have a hotkey.
- Fixed crash which could happen when loading saved games made in certain maps.
- Fixed issue with the rally point button having the same hotkey as some trained units at the barracks.
- Fixed the Buy Healing Potion hotkey (it is now properly H, rather than C).
- Fixed the Teuton Cleric's hotkey to be L, rather than C, as that conflicted with the hotkey for the Christianity upgrade.

* Scenarios
- Fixed some issues which could cause the Haimdala's Progeny scenario quests to break if the player changed their faction from a Germanic one too soon.

* Terrain
- Fixed issue which caused cleared rock on dirt and dry mud to not be buildable upon.
- Doubled the time it takes for forests to regrow.
- Dungeon walls and cave walls now block unit sight.

* Units
- Workers can now build roads, which increase movement speed by 25% (road graphics by Jinn). Roads require Masonry.
- The Surghan Mercenary portraits are now used for Axefighters, Steelclads and Stonelords hired from the Surghan Mercenaries faction. Dwarven custom heroes can now be a Surghan Axefighter.
- Any level 3 organic unit now has access to an inventory.
- Fixed issue which caused worker inventories to not have a "cancel" button.
- Fixed issue which made units move to autocast even when ordered to stand ground.
- Improved unit target-finding code for subterranean maps.
- Fixed an issue which allowed a unit to pick items over its inventory capacity by using waypoints.
- Fixed issue which sometimes caused a ring of unexplored terrain to appear around units when loading a saved game.
- Transport ships can now conduct trade with the docks of other players.

* Upgrades
- The buttons for upgrades that have already been researched now show up, grayed.
- Coinage now decreases trade cost for markets.
- Added the "Serfdom" law upgrade (icon by Mrmo Tarius), which reduces worker cost but also productivity.
- Added the "Free Workers" law upgrade (icon by Jinn), which is acquired by default and is incompatible with Serfdom (acquiring this upgrade removes Serfdom and vice-versa). The costs of this upgrade scale with quantity of workers owned.
Mar 6
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
- 2.6.1 Changelog

* Heroes
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash when trying to create a human custom hero.

* Miscellaneous
- Buttons for units and upgrades whose prerequisites haven't been met now show up (albeit disabled), and display the requirements when hovered over.

* Units
- Up to 200 units can now be selected at the same time.
Mar 5
Wyrmsun - Andrettin
Wyrmsun 2.6.0 is here!

New features include:
- Religious upgrades, allowing you to choose which deity to worship, or (for human civilizations) to convert to Christianity
- Faction change is now handled through the "Found a Faction" submenu in the main hall; changing your civilization from Germanic to Teuton is now done by founding a Teuton faction as a Germanic tribe
- Historical and mythological heroes who don't have unique portraits can now nevertheless be recruited, and they are persistent as well

Additionally, rock tiles now contain 10,000 stone, so that rocks are now very difficult to remove, making them effective barriers.

As discussed beforehand, the grand strategy mode has now been removed so that Wyrmsun's core RTS gameplay can be focused on. The mode can still be played by choosing to go back to version 2.5.3 in the game's Steam properties, in its "beta options".

Check out the full changelog below.

- 2.6.0

* AI
- The AI now receives half of the resources it gathers on Easy difficulty.

* Buildings
- Now up to four scrolls/books can be bought in temples (previously it was three).
- Added Germanic Temple (graphics by Jinn).

* Civilizations
- The Anglo-Saxons, Franks and Suebi are now handled as their own civilizations, to make it simpler for them to have their own personal names and such.

* Factions
- Faction change is now handled by a submenu in town hall / stronghold buildings. Researching a writing upgrade no longer triggers a faction change automatically, instead allowing the player to pick a polity faction. To change from the Germanic civilization to the Teuton one, the player now needs to pick a Teuton faction in this manner while playing a Germanic tribe.

* Heroes
- Heroes without unique portraits can now also be recruited, and are likewise also persistent.
- Heroes are now recruited at town hall and stronghold buildings instead of at barracks buildings.
- Town halls, strongholds and mercenary camp buildings now allow choosing from up to four heroes to recruit.
- Fixed issue which prevented goblins from recruiting heroes.
- Hero recruitment buttons now show heroes' stats.
- Replaced the custom hero unit button which appears on the right border of the map with buttons for up to three heroes, both custom and non-custom.
- Custom heroes can now choose their deity or religion.

* Items
- Added "Scroll of Teuton Allegiance", to allow changing from the Suebi swordsman to the Teuton swordsman.

* Miscellaneous
- Deity entries in the encyclopedia now display their portraits.
- Players that are hostile to you will now be considered as your enemy, even if you don't have a hostile diplomatic stance towards them.
- Cold damage now has a small chance to cause slow status on organic units.
- Lightning damage now has a small chance to cause stun status on organic units.
- Implemented religion system, with players being able to choose a deity or religion at the temple building.
- Added extra check regarding whether fullscreen is available for a particular resolution in the player's setup.
- Greatly improved the efficiency of memory usage.
- Removed the Grand Strategy mode to focus on the game's core RTS gameplay, as the maintenance time cost of keeping both systems was too high.

* Scenarios
- Added Karla and Thrahila as heroes to their respective tribes for the Haimdala's Progeny scenario.

* Terrain
- Fixed issue which prevented trees from regrowing.
- Greatly increased the amount of stone contained in each rock tile from 400 to 10,000, so that destroying rock tiles becomes much harder.

* Units
- Added Germanic and Teuton level 3 swordsmen.
- Added portrait for the Frankish level 3 swordsman for those who have the Frankish Faction Flair DLC (by Exidelo).
- Added an upgrade to the Teuton cavalry (icon by Jinn).
- Added portrait for the Frankish level 3 knight for those who have the Frankish Faction Flair DLC (modification of the Frankish horseman icon by Exidelo).
- Changed the unit type names of the Suebi swordsman, the Frankish swordsman and the Frankish horseman to be based on Old High German words (rather than modern German ones), to better reflect the time period they represent.
- The name of Frankish and Teuton spearmen has been changed to English, as "Speerkampfer" didn't feel properly early medieval.
- Added Germanic Priest unit, the Gudjan (icon by Jinn and unit graphics by Jinn and b_o).
- Units now go search for an attacker when hit by a projectile fired by a unit that is out of sight range.
Community Announcements - Andrettin
We are planning to remove the grand strategy mode, to allow us to focus on the game's core RTS gameplay.

However, before going forward with this change, we would like to ask the community if there are any strong objections to doing so.

The new scenario mode is supposed to give the taste of a grander scope that the grand strategy mode does, specially as we manage to increase map sizes (currently 256x256, planned to increase to 512x512 and larger as performance optimizations allow).

Tell us what you think in the comments :)
Jan 8
Community Announcements - Andrettin
- 2.5.3 Changelog

* AI
- Improved the Easy difficulty AI.

* Buildings
- Added proper names for Barrackses.
- Added proper names for Farms.

* Factions
- The Gnomish Sagan Tribe no longer uses light-green-colored gnomes.
- Added the Dreadskull and Wildfang tribes for the goblins.

* Heroes
- Added option to display a star symbol over a hero, to make the unit more easily distinguishable.

* Maps
- Improved symmetric map generation so that mercenary camps can no longer be generated extremely close together in a group of four at the center of the map.
- Improved resource generation for randomly-generated maps.
- Updated tree generation so that trees are less spread out in small chunks in randomly generated maps.

* Miscellaneous
- Renamed the "Campaign" screen to "Scenarios", to prevent confusion due to each "campaign" in the mode not containing a series of missions, but rather a single scenario on a huge map.

* Quests
- Added "The House of Seven Fathers" in-game quest for the Germanics.

* Scenarios
- The scenario screen now displays the highest completed difficulty for each scenario/campaign.
- Fixed issue which caused the Karling Buras to not be able to build if captured after the player developed the Teuton civilization.
- Fixed issue which caused the "Defeat your rivals" objective to be removed from a loaded game in the scenario/campaign mode.

* Triggers
- Updated the "Bountiful Harvest" scenario/campaign mode event so that the quantity of copper obtained scales with the quantity of farms owned.
- Added the "Expert Miner" random event for the scenario/campaign mode, which gives the (dwarven) player an expert miner for a price.
- Added the "Splendid Table" random event for the scenario/campaign mode.
- Added the "Beautiful Statuette" random event for the scenario/campaign mode.
- Added the "Brawl at the Barracks" random event for the scenario/campaign mode.
- Added the "Giant Mushroom Grown" random event for the scenario/campaign mode, for the dwarves.
- Added the "Skilled Carpenters" and "Skilled Masons" random events for the scenario/campaign mode.

* Units
- Fixed issue which caused a worker to stop its current actions if it previously had been ordered to build a structure, began building it, and then went on to do something else and another worker completed the construction.
- Units with only one experience unit type upgrade (i.e. Dwarven Miners) will now automatically choose that upgrade upon leveling up.

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