Rogue System - Michael_J
Looking at the upcoming art for all the ships that will be required for the campaign missions, I've decided (since this is still a one-man effort) to move up some of the sandbox-like gameplay elements, such as an economy model and the buying/selling of trade goods. As well, I'll be working on the art and code that will allow you to upgrade and repair your ship. I think things like this will allow more gameplay possibility in a shorter time without the overhead of all the ship art that would need to be done otherwise.

To go along with this, I've introduced the ability to refuel your ship while docked (you'll need to request it from the station's STC). In the next update this will cost funds, thus introducing the idea of having to earn funds to maintain your ship. I'll be expanding on this over the coming updates. Also, the battery system has had its "final" revision, and with that it's now possible to remove a physical battery from one ship and put it in another. In the next update you'll be able to sell or repair used batteries, and buy new/refurbished ones.

The only caveat for all of this is that you can not yet save a mission in progress. This is the VERY NEXT item I'm working on, and I'll release an update solely for this as soon as it's finished and tested. Once this happens, you'll begin to see that flight hours DO affect the functionality of ship systems, and the need to keep them maintained.

I do understand that many of you are looking forward to the campaign missions, and purchased RogSys for that reason. I'm VERY sorry for the delay that this new focus is going to have on the planned campaign. I have EVERY intention of still doing them. I just feel I need to start introducing some gameplay sooner rather than later, and the only way to do that is to focus on gameplay that does not rely so heavily on art. I hope that makes sense to everyone....

For a full list of changes:

Release Notes:

As always, thanks for everyone's support!
Rogue System - Michael_J
The next update for RogSys is scheduled for release towards the 2nd half of Nov., just before the Steam Autumn sale.

Along with the usual array of additions, refinements and fixes, I'm working on some new elements that I hope will begin to extend the gameplay possibilities for RogSys. I'll have more info on this with the update release itself.

Rogue System - Michael_J
Hi all!

Just a quick note to let everyone know there was a very small hotfix update released today, putting the current version at

I fixed some audio issues associated with the recently added EVAS functionality, along with some mission briefing text corrections. Also, it's now possible to do an EVA while in the process of docking/undocking.

Thanks to everyone who gave EVAS a good look and let me know about these items so I could get them fixed up in short order!
Rogue System - Michael_J
Version is now live....

I will not pretend by saying the time lapse between the last update and this one has not been excessive. It has. Without offering up a slew of excuses, I will tell you that a lot has happened, both work-related and personally, that greatly exaggerated this update's development cycle. With a sigh of relief, I'm happy to say I've come out on the other side, and development is once again moving at pace.

That said, I'm happy to introduce extra-vehicular activity suits (EVAS). You can enter the airlock, put on the EVA suit and helmet, and then command the exterior to open. The airlock is sealed and depressurized, and once done you are free to use the EVAS RCS thrusters to maneuver in open space. When finished, you can re-enter the airlock, seal it, and remove the suit once the airlock is re-pressurized.

There are a few minor things to know about this initial EVAS implementation. Please see the release thread here:

The good news is that with the completion of this update's work, all required functions for RogSys have been prototyped and at least initially implemented--EVAS was the last remaining primary function (and the ONLY one that had never before had ANY prototyping). From this point on, RogSys' development focus shifts to content creation, gameplay addition, and system finalization. In other words, RogSys has now entered a proper ALPHA state.

I am VERY excited to get this phase underway, and to begin seeing Rogue System move towards the final Core Module 1.0 release.

The focus for the next update will be to add some new missions--to extend current gameplay--based on the systems in their current state. I also want to finalize at least one ship system's functionality per update; and that will begin with this update. Finally, I will be adding a preliminary VMS HUD to EVAS to increase its accessibility.

As always, thanks for everyone's support!

For a complete list of changes for this update, please look here:
Apr 22
Rogue System - Michael_J
Hi all,

It was pointed out to me that, while I update the discussion forum on update progress, it's been a good while since I actually posted a News announcement. So, I thought I'd pop on and do that now.

As you can obviously tell, it's been a rather long, difficult development cycle for this upcoming EVA update. While not trying to make excuses, there were a few things working against me this time--a fair amount of art; a feature that had never been prototyped before; and some personal issues here at home, in all honestly. I'm happy to say I'm on the tail end of the work now, so I expect the new update by the end of the month (or VERY shortly thereafter ) assuming nothing else gets in the way.

Again, with this next update, you'll be able to put on an EVA suit (EVAS), depressurize the ship's airlock, and then exit the ship and perform an EVA. This will be first-pass, basic functionality; and I'll expand on it from there.

The following update, after some discussion on the forum, will be a "gameplay" update, in that I'll try to take everything we currently have and build some new missions up around it. This will give you all something new to do and hopefully help pass the time for the update after that, which will again be somewhat art-heavy.


Community Announcements - Michael_J
While I had intended to only do a partial update to the control management code (and then spend the second half of the update time on airlock art), it turned into an all out overhaul of the command binding system. Just about everything was reworked and refined, both to fix bugs as well as to add functionality that has been asked for previously. Here's a list of some of the new features and fixes:
  • Ability to bind to full and/or split axis (both 50/50 as well as user-defined ranges)
  • Support for toggle/rocker switches, such as those on the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
  • False positives when attempting to assign a control to a command should be completely fixed
  • Controller disconnect/reconnect is now handled gracefully for controllers that have bindings assigned to them. Controllers that do not are ignored
  • It's now possible to use combinations of keyboard modifiers for all buttons, keys AND axes (ex. SHIFT+CTRL+A)
  • Commands can now have multiple binding assignments, and controls can now be bound to more than one command
  • It's now possible to map to the mouse wheel
Along with these, another important addition was a change to the ingame UI for tutorial and subtitle messages. Long strings will no longer overrun the messagebox. This is a big plus for those folks who were interested in helping with the localization process. Finally, for those that were asking, since I was doing a bunch of control work, I added incremental zoom in/out, which by default is now mapped to the mouse wheel.

I AM now starting one the airlock and EVA suit artwork; and I hope to have at least the airlock in the game for the next update....

As always, thanks for everyone's support!

Full Change Log:
Community Announcements - Michael_J
Part two of update .08 adds a fair bit of base functionality designed around the equipment bay that was added in .08 part one. It's now possible to look at equipment, grab it, and carry it around in front of you. This ability is very raw in this first implementation--the core goal being to get handle the mechanics and to create the physical link between your avatar and the carried item. Once carried, a piece of equipment can be installed into the intended "port". What this allows is the basic ability to remove and replace damaged items. This is a first step to inflight repairs.

For now, two pieces of equipment are available for you to play around with--the MTS computer controller (comptroller), and the LSS scrubber. The scrubbers are located in the equipment bay--click on each to uninstall. Then you can grab, carry, and reinstall them. The small display next to each will show the current state of the installed scubber. The MTS comptroller has a locking handle, which must be unset before you can put the component. Once reinstalled, it must be locked before the comptroller will function again.

Also added were control panels for the various doors leading to, and located in the equipment bay. Each panel also includes a switch to control interior flood lighting. Likewise, the first of many ECS breakers, and isolation valve resets were added. Avatar roll control was also added, and by default is set to F and V (although you may have to set these manually if this is not your first install. Lastly, there were many small fixes and tweaks both relating to this work, as well as other various low-level items--one of which should aid art creation for both myself now, and modders later.

As always, please see the change log below for full details; and, thanks for everyone's support!
Community Announcements - Michael_J is now available. From the readme:

Again, this was an expectedly longer update cycle as this one was also very art intensive. Hence, update .08 is being broken up into two parts to reduce the wait time. This part one adds the in-game art for the new equipment bay area of the Flying Fox. To access it, simply float down the ladder shaft and into the equipment bay. Once there, you'll also see examples of the main breakers, isolation valve resets, and LSS scrubbers. You'll also find all the component racks for all of the system computers. In part two, the inital ability will be added to start working with this equipment, which will begin to unlock the ability to repair your ship.

Please note, it can be tricky to move around without the ability to control the roll of your character. I'll be adding this also for .08 part two.

And again, a reminder that this is an art update ONLY. Part two will contain new gameplay code.

As always, please see the change log full details; and, thanks for everyone's support!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Brendan Caldwell)

Every Monday, we launch Brendan into the black void of early access and see what he comes back with (if he comes back). This week, the hardcore spaceship simulator Rogue System [official site].

I m sitting in complete darkness and silence. I can t hear the hum of the ship, can t even see the stars anymore. It could almost be peaceful, if it didn t mean that I was going to die.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Michael_J
I knew this update was going to take a bit longer due to the art that had to be done for the new OPS satellite--my apologies for that. On that subject, there is now an Orbital Positioning System (OPS) for moons/planets that have orbiting OPS sats. Currently when within 10,000 km of one of these bodies, your ship will attempt to register with the local OPS. When it does, you can allow your sensor to use OPS data to select/target other ships (even when they would normally not appear on your sensor). When one of these registered ships is selected, you can bring up OPS data for it. This preliminary version of OPS includes a ship's hull data, register information, and orbital data (apoapsis, periapsis, etc). You can continue to track OPS-registered ships, even when on the far-side of the moon/planet. With this, you will have a far easier time finding ships when arriving to a new location.

The OPS sats had to be powered by SOMETHING other than batteries, hence the introduction of solar panels. I added functionality that will allow ship builders to tag polygons as solar panel surfaces. Once tagged, RogSys will determine their orientation relative to the local star, and then calculate how much power is generated at that moment. If a ship rolls its solar panels away from the star, they can not generate power.

With this same technology, I completely finalized the radiator implementation. Now, pointing your radiators away from the local star will greatly increase their efficiency. This worked well, so I was finally able to tweak the laser coolers so they act as originally intended--as supplimental / emergency cooling. Your radiators are now your primary cooling source. Take some time and learn what configurations to use, and when.

On another note, Roberto (the person who designed the OPS sat) is now working on the EVA suit, so you can expect to be doing some space walking in the near future. For the next update though, I'm going to start work on the Flying Fox's equipment bay....

Full change log here:

As always, thanks for everyone's support!

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