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The long promised update is here, finally! There was again quite some work to do for this release from the totally new environment to new enemies and of course, map took it's own time as well. I also did my best to solve some of the major bugs but there are still some left.

Here are the news and updates for this content update but please scroll to the bottom for the big news.

  • Map - Lost Caverns - Courier passed the mines into the unknown cave. Finally it's easier to breath but the danger is just around the corner.
  • New enemies - Caves are inhabited by its own species and others may also found sanctuary there.
  • CRT Effect - Ever wanted to simulate old CRT monitors? Now you can via gameplay options. Please note that effect will get improved in the future.

  • Bug fix - "Relics found" text displayed invalid or missing characters instead of number.
  • Bug fix - Option descriptions text was displayed out of bounds.
  • Bug fix - Text displayed out of parchments.
  • Bug fix - Skeleton particles were not removed when it was killed.
  • Bug fix - Courier walking animation fixed (without torch)
  • Bug fix - Pushing block on the reset button caused invisible collisions.
  • Bug fix - Invisible collision removed in Jail Cells.
  • Bug fix - [Shattering Halls] Possible random crash
  • Bug fix - [Shattering Halls] Moving to the next room without getting near to the entrance.
  • Bug fix - [Shattering Halls] Another try for fixing earthquake/music bug.
  • Bug fix - [The Mines] Portal couldn't be rotated when playing with controller.
  • Bug fix - [Queen's Lair] One secret couldn't be reached in some cases.
  • Bug fix - Courier's shadow not disappearing when sinking in lava.
  • Bug fix - Crash when respawned at the checkpoint (rare occasion).
  • Bug fix - Xbox controller not working properly.
  • Update - New Courier death animation when he runs out of flame.
  • Update - New Fireball gfx.
  • Update - Minor visual font improvements.
  • Update - Minor visual font improvements.
  • Update - In "Path you take" map some lights were added.
  • Update - New main menu music.
  • Update - Minor stuff art & sound updates.
  • Update - Minor map updates.

Last Early Access update before the final release

Like I said, I have some big news for you all. This is the last content update before the release. That doesn't mean I don't have much more work to do because I do but I would like to change quite some stuff on the go which I can't sync with the current Early Access version. And yes, this will be the heaviest update of them all!

With that being said, I'm most likely to release another minor update with some other bug fixes and some other stuff but nothing grand.

MAC users

I didn't forget about you and I feel bad that the first MAC version didn't work for quite some of you but I'm going to fix that now. Update for you will come with the latest content and I will do my best to do more testing prior the release so it really works next time. Thank you for your patience!

What more can we expect for the final release?

Do you remember that long promised post about the future plans? Yes? Well, now I really have to do it. It is too much to write on that matter here so I will leave it for a separate post - soon.

Thank you again for bearing with me through yet another update.
We are getting close, almost there! ːoheartː

Kind regards,
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger

First of all, I apologize to you all for keeping you waiting! Now I can finaly present to you a new content update (Windows only). After the MAC release the life got busy and I had to work really slow on the new content. It is featuring fresh new enemies, new puzzles and lots of new art - the development took even more time because of that. I hope you will enjoy the update!

  • Map - The Mines - Adventure will take you even deeper through the deep mines. Labyrinth of mine cliffs, some fresh puzzles and deadly foes are waiting.
  • Two enemies - I will rather keep it a secret and leave it to you to find them. But they are a fresh addition to the game, enemies for which new skills will be needed.
  • New font system - new font system was implemented which makes the text more readable and fit for the game.
  • Reading scrolls updated - with new fonts, the scrolls got an update as well. Now the font is bigger and you will be able to switch the scroll to the backside.
  • Switching ammo sounds - new sounds were added when switching ammo so you can be more aware of the selection.

  • Bug fix - Earthquake sound not stopping in Crumbling Halls.
  • Bug fix - Some graphical glitches fixed.
  • Bug fix - Some collisions fixed.
  • Polishing - Piles of coins got a slight gfx improvement.
  • Polishing - Urn got some additional smoke particles.
  • Polishing - Additional sounds added / some changed.
  • Balancing - More apples were added to the Crumbling Halls map since it turned out quite a painful.

Content for the future update is already in the development and there will be some really cool stuff! Plan for it was done 2 years ago and to give you some hints, there will be a new environment and new enemies. If possible, I will release 2 maps together since they are tied to each other. I'm excited to start working on it actively!

As I've promised in the past, I will publish an article with my plans for the future of the game and what exact is my vision.

Until then, have a lot of fun and if you feel like it, leave me some feedback. I love to hear everyone out, always!

MAC users: I can't say when exactly I will make this update available for you. I'm sorry for that but I will keep you updated!

Best regards,
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger
Hello everyone!

As you might have seen there was no update in quite a while now and for that I would like to apologize but I'm doing my best, I really do. Maybe this is the largest gap between updates so far but lately my job and life in general took more of my time so I had less time for the development but that doesn't mean I was idle.

New content is in heavy development and somewhat close to the release. However, it will take a bit more time and because of that I wanted to share some of the animations and screenshot from the upcoming content - Crypt Mines.

You might wonder what are the mines doing bellow the crypts but soon you will be able to walk through them and explore its secrets.

This will be for sure the most largest map in the game so far. By size it can get close to the Cathedral but it is still larger.

New map will introduce new enemies, fresh puzzles and some new elements which you might find quite fun. By now you could see that I really take extra effort to add a lot of details and always something unique to every map so you don't feel like walking through some generic content. I want to make places remarkable and this map will be no different, so extra time is taken to polish these things out.

Here is the final teaser screenshot from the Crypt Mines.

Next to that, I want to inform you that I will soon write another announcement to share my idea about the final product and what are my plans for it. Early Access is not just for the developers but also for you, players, and I think you deserve to know about my vision of the project.

Once again, thank you for playing and for understanding, I really appreciate everyone of you (and every feedback for that matter).

Best wishes to you all,
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger
Thanks to the bug report, I've just released a tiny patch for OSX which fixes a Switching ammo bug/crash. I'm really sorry if that occured to you, I wish I had found the bug before it caused you troubles.

Community Announcements - Blodyavenger
I just want to let you know that everyone who had problems launching the game should be able to play the game normally now. I'm really sorry for bad OSX version launch but it happens when you least expect it and if there are any other problems (which I hope there are not) don't hesitate to leave a comment.

I wish you best of luck down the crypts!

Community Announcements - Blodyavenger

MAC OS version for the Courier of the Crypts is finally released!

It took longer than I anticipated (like most of the stuff) but I had to change some things and learn new stuff in order for this version to work. PC version will also get these changes with the next update.

Note, that this version was not tested as much as the PC one and there may be bugs present which I'm not aware of. If you find any, I would be more than grateful if you could report them so I can make the experience more pleasant.

Another thing for the future of MAC Early Access players is that updates may come less often than for PC playerse until I find better process to do it faster.

It looks like the game won't run on some MAC systems. The issue will be fixed in the next 24 hours, I'm really sorry for all the troubles!

Jun 22, 2016
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger

Like I said last in the last notes, this is the last minor update before the MAC build. I will be working on the new map but the priority is on the port which should be done pretty soon (cross fingers!)

Bug fixes & updates:
  • VSYNC option was added to the options menu (no need for file hacking)
  • Some of the items got gfx updated (skulls, keys...)
  • Mummy has proper attack animation now.
  • More sounds were placed on the maps and new sounds added
  • Some of the wall gfx was similar to the cracked wall that can be destroyed and urns were lost - this pieces were replaced
  • Enchanted Library - magic book shelves are moving slower now and final move point is nicely marked. I hope this brings less frustration to you.
  • Shop had some bugs which are fixed now (UI, movement)
  • More sounds were placed on the maps
  • Cathedral - you could get attacked when ringing the bell.
  • Cathedral - you could find a secret because of the missing wall collision.
  • Cathedral - invisible checkpoint was added before the last part of the map.
  • Reservoir- at the wooden machine fight you could hit the "invisible" checkpoint after the battle just before the wooden cog was thrown. If you died after that you couldn't get the cog.
  • Shattering Halls- music and sounds won't stop playing when they should. Noise should be gone now :)
  • Crypt Entrance- pressing the torch button after getting the torch will display a message saying that it's not needed right now. Newcomers could get lost after getting a torch "How to use it???".
  • When you reach the next checkpoint, previous one will get destroyed and won't be usable anymore. This will prevent exploitation of the checkpoints.
  • Invisible checkpoints won't spawn particles and light now.
  • Minor collision glitches fixed in some of the maps.

As you can see, the list is quite big. I wanted to put some extra effort into this patch so I can speed up on the content and I won't be doing much polishing for a while now. Of course, you should note that polishing TODO list is huge and I will talk more about it in the next post because I really want to explain where the game is going and what needs to be done.

If you find any bugs you can report them here:
BUG Reports
If you have suggestions, leave them here
Suggestion Box

Want something more reliable? Hit me on Twitter anytime.

Thank you again for your patience! ːoheartː
Jun 14, 2016
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger

Thanks to reports and some other personal observations from the past I have fixed more bugs although I wish wouldn't have to. I also did minor gfx update as well as some optimizations.

Bug fixes & updates:
  • Cathedral Map - spider didn't drag golden skull behind it which made it quite hard to get it without dying.
  • Forgotten Crypts Map - one of the secrets couldn't be opened
  • Game Slowdown over time - if you played one level for too long you could experience terrible slowdown over time. This was especially visible in Cathedral Map.
  • Optimization of various stuff
  • Some texts were corrected
  • On rare occasion crash could occur with the latest content update
  • New candle gfx
  • New fire fx - all the fire objects (torch, candle, checkpoint etc.) got a slight glow over them adding more "fiery" feel.

I have few more things to fix before I start working on the MAC build and the new map.

Once again, I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences but as I "hurry" to the game release I may be a bit sloppy and skip something that can ruin your fun. Of course, thanks to you I'm finding these mistakes early and fix them over time. I will make sure all the bugs are gone sooner or later.
Jun 11, 2016
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger

There was one especially silly bug implemented with the latest content updated which I had to fix immediately. Together with it I did few other stuff along the way. Another patch will be released soon after this one but first I need to analyze existing bugs.

Bug fixes & updates:
  • Always starting at the start of the map selection, no matter where you end / quit the game.
  • Spider Queen sounds were played even after her death.
  • After killing a spider Queen some enemies could survive and kill you while in the dialog mode. All of them will be killed now as soon as the queen starts dying.
  • Falling eggs at the Queen's Lair had wrong texture
  • Queen's Lair had one checkpoint not working properly
  • Myth the Spiders map got slight updates (new lights added to show part of the way that many people miss easily)

I'm sorry for all the inconveniences!
Community Announcements - Blodyavenger

New content update is here! Although only 1 new map is added there are many polishing updates as well as bug fixes which makes this update quite big and important.

New & Updates
  • New map - first map in the new "Forgotten Crypts" episode. Get a glimpse of what awaits you and you better get used to it.
  • Spider eggs will open more slowly now and in 2 steps.
  • New spider egg graphics and effects
  • New mummy graphics, effects and behavior
  • New spider effects on death
  • Spiders will be slightly thrown back on hit
  • New Curator's portrait (WIP)
  • Some of the sounds were changed and some added
  • Checkpoints #1 - you won't respawn with full health at the checkpoint anymore
  • Checkpoints #2 - more checkpoints were placed in the first few maps, especially on the places that really needed it (eg. after wooden machine fight)
  • Spiders will be slightly thrown back on hit
  • Some art got more polished
  • Courier plays a "throw" animation when you attack

Bug Fixes & Optimization
  • Spiders walking outside the map
  • In Crumbling Halls, earthquake sound won't stop after the earthquake
  • Mummies not getting hit by the arrows
  • Some rendering optimization
  • VSYNC implemented but still not in the options. By default it's turned off but in case you want to enable it, navigate to <project folder>/Data/Settings.con and set [VSYNC] value from 0 to 1.

I'm sure there are some other things that I may left out but in general, you should feel the difference when playing the game for sure.

Unfortunatelly, more bugs were found which I've not managed to fix. Also, there are some polishing and gameplay updates planned for the next minor (bug fixing) update (before MAC version):

Known bugs and updates the TODO
  • You are always placed at the start of the map selection screen.
  • Game crashing sometimes when respawning at the checkpoint in the Cathedral map.
  • In the Queen's Lair, when respawning at the checkpoint, you can be placed in the void.
  • Shooting stones at the bottom walls may destroy stones at the player's position sometimes.
  • Spider Queen's sound won't stop after her death.
  • Cultists may fire themselves up (shooting at the wall in front of them. They are bad at aiming good...)
  • Mummies are missing attack animation
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • More pleasant moving library shelves that won't force you to rage quit
  • More logical checkpoints
  • Some necessary art updates (missing / wrong texture frames)

If you think I should have fix / change something, please let me know. I'm gathering feedback all the time along the way and everything helps.

Enjoy the update! ːoheartː

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