Shadows Peak - Gua
Demo version of Shadows Peak available for download! Demo version save file is fully compatible with full version of Shadows Peak, so you will be able to continue playing from the last save point if you buy Shadows Peak.

Click Download Demo button on Shadows Peak steam page to get it.
Shadows Peak - Gua
- Achievements added to the game.
- Korean translation added.
- When stamina isn't fully depleted, it will restore two times faster than before.
- Japanese translation improved.
- German translation improved.
- Fixed bug that caused dog to not deal any damage to player, when it bites.
- Changed positions of some alien skulls and added more of them.
- Fixed bug that damaged player when npc triggered bear trap.
- Fixed bug that caused beast to deal damage when it died, if the player was in front of it at that moment.
- Fixed bug that caused a possibility to find live Jenny, when she died in a car accident.
- Fixed bug that caused controls changes from pause menu to not get saved.
- Other small changes and improvements.

Achievements names and descriptions are not yet translated to all languages.
Shadows Peak - Gua
Hi everyone,

Shadows Peak is finally released out of early access. You can grab it right now with a 33% discount. I want to thank everyone who provided feedback and helped me to make Shadows Peak a better game! I still plan to release updates for the game. Upcoming updates will add achievements and Korean translation to the game.
Shadows Peak - Gua
I plan to release Shadows Peak out of early access on March 13 with a 33% discount.

I also plan to add achievements to the game in a week or two. Because of this, soon you might see information that Shadows Peak contains a lot of hidden achievements on steam. Those achievements will be added to steam and partially hidden for test purposes. Unfortunately steam doesn’t allow to completely hide this information from a player. Current version of the game can’t trigger them, so don’t think that it’s a bug. I will post an announcement when version of the game that can trigger them will be uploaded to steam. If you have any ideas for interesting achievements, you can post it in comments below or on Shadows Peak steam forum.
Shadows Peak - Gua
Japanese translation has been added to the game. There are some imperfections in this translation. They will be addressed in next update.

Shadows Peak - Gua
- Fixed bug that didn't allow player to stand up near trailer if player is in crouch position.
- New design for gamma adjustment scene.
Shadows Peak - Gua
- German translation added to the game.
- Performance improvements on forest level.
- Additional translation of key binding menu.
- Look sensitivity on gamepad was framerate dependent. This is now fixed.
- Improved final cutscene.
- Added news broadcast to the radio near camp in first chapter.
- Default look sensitivity for gamepad increased.
- Added Russian voice over for moment when James finds his sister.
- Fixed bug in key binding menu that prevented some text from being displayed.
- Fixed bug that made Michelle's phone to be both in hand and on windowsill.
- Other small changes and improvements.
Community Announcements - Gua
- Chinese translation added to the game.
- French translation added to the game.
- When map is opened, hitting map key will now close the map.
- Default map key changed to Q.
- Map no longer can be opened using next/previous weapon keys.
- Added gamepad vibration to some events in a game.
- Controls shortcut added to pause menu.
- Added ability to set mouse/gamepad sensitivity in pause menu.
- Player can now switch weapons in air and when he is sprinting.
- Level design changes.
- Fixed bug where music volume slider didn't affected music volume on some levels.
- Fixed bug when music sometimes didn't stop playing when it should have.
- God Rays effect disabled for fastest graphics quality setting to improve performance.
- Pills no longer getting used if player health is full.
- Fixed lack of auto save when player exits out of first cave.
- Lots of small fixes and improvements.

If you think that some other events should also trigger gamepad vibration, leave your suggestion in comments or steam forum.

I know that not everything in input menu is translated. I will look into adding more translation to that menu later.
Community Announcements - Gua
I've imported new input system into Shadows Peak. This system brought a lot of improvements to the game. Shadows Peak now supports more than 50 gamepads. Full list of all supported gamepads can be found here. There is also new, much more advanced menu for input configuration and improved controls hints.

- Player no longer gets easily stuck on corners and trees.
- Game now supports more than 50 gamepads.
- Resolution dialog window at the start of the game removed.
- New in-game key binding menu.
- Controls hints are no longer static, they change depending on buttons that had been bind by player and depending on input device that is currently used.
- Level design changes on seashore level.
- Added ability to change resolution in game options.
- Added ability to set windowed mode in game options.
- Fixed visual artefact caused by bad flashlight cookie.
- Player can now interact with objects when he is sprinting.
- Improved system that switches input between mouse and gamepad in game menus.
- Fixed bug that allowed to get unlimited number of souls from guy in cabin.
- Fixed bug that caused final chapter healing stone to be unusable.
- Small changes and improvements.

I know there's still room for improvements in terms of controls. I will looks into those things in the future.
- Integration of gamepad vibration support.
- Ability to change controls from pause menu.
Community Announcements - Gua
This is a hotfix for the bug that was found in version 0.900, that didn't allowed new players to start new game. If steam didn't grabbed new version of Shadows Peak, restart steam to get it.

If you missed version 0.900 changelog. Here it is.

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