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Post Release Patch v1.1 and 20% discount!
Almost four months have passed now and we have been quiet for a long time since the release of Shift Happens v1.0. To celebrate our first patch the game will be on discount for 20% for a week! :)
We were working on different other projects (contract work) but collected all the feedback in the forums and tried to squeeze in as much extra time as we could to improve Shift Happens.

We also felt that the hat feature we implemented was too hidden in the game to get recognized and so we changed it. Now you can simply select any hat in the lobby. You might also recognize some of your favourite youtubers amongst them:

We also fixed a few issues, mostly online multiplayer things:
  • Added "FXAA" Option for Anti-Aliasing in settings
  • Fixed "Don't be mad at your friend" timechallenge achievement.You will need to replay (and pass) any multiplayer timechallenge to finally unlock this achievement.
  • Fixed an input menu bug with custom settings
  • Fixed graphic issues in credits scene
  • Network: Improved sync in general
  • Network: Fixed chain coin async
  • Network: Fixed size async
  • Network: Fixed endless loading screen
  • Network: Fixed dead players snapping
  • Network: Fixed holodeck effect playing for client on restarted timetrials
  • Network: Fixed cutscene async in winroom

Huge thanks to everyone that bought the game, wrote a review or simply liked us on our social media channels. We appreciate it very much.


Team of Klonk

PS: Want to contact us? Try our Facebook or Twitter Pages:

Shift Happens:
Facebook Shift Happens
Twitter Shift Happens

Our company Klonk:
Facebook Klonk Games
Twitter Klonk Games

Shift Happens - Valve
Shift Happens is Now Available on Steam!

Shift Happens is a cooperative platformer for two. You and a friend shift your mass, throw each other and puzzle your way through four stages of stylized imaginary worlds. Including the occasional backstabbing and taunting. Play with a friend on a couch, online or even special singleplayer levels.
Community Announcements - Matt

Finally Shift is Happening!
Shift Happens v1.0 is now officially up and running! Therefore we are transitioning from "Early Access" into "Fully Released"
In case you didn't see it yet, this is our Official Release Trailer!
Now, enjoy the game everybody and conquer our last stage, The Grotto!

If you like the game, it would be great if you'd leave us a comment or review!

Thank you very much!

Also, keep an eye on our social media pages in the upcoming days:
Shift Happens:
Facebook Shift Happens
Twitter Shift Happens

Our company Klonk:
Facebook Klonk Games
Twitter Klonk Games


Team of Klonk
Community Announcements - Matt

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
Although we said we are not going to have another update, we wanted to make a small Valentines Special.

Robin and Elena modelled special hats for Valentines Day during a livestream session and we put them in the game: Game Dev Stream in german
We believe Shift Happens is the perfect game for couples, families, friends, lovers and everyone that enjoys couch co-op. So obviously we have to celebrate Valentines Day in Shift Happens!

Enjoy this small little update, be excited about our release on February 22nd and spread your co-op love with our special co-op heart <2.

We created a small site where we listed all existing hats that can be unlocked in the game:
Unlockable Hats

Small Demo Update
On another note, we updated our demo site, because it was very much outdated!
Demo Up-to-Date

Rembember: Every like or follower supports us, so hit us up anytime on Twitter
and Facebook


Team of klonk
Community Announcements - Matt

I can't believe I am actually writing these words but we have a final release date for Shift Happens:
February 22nd, which is roughly one week after Valentines Day.

We couldn't be happier about it! Therefore I'd like to point out again that we are very grateful for everyone that supported us by either buying the game in Early Access, giving us feedback, writing a review or simply telling us that they like it.
Considering that Shift Happens most certainly wasn't an ideal type of game for an Early Access title (linear playthrough, depending on lots of content, very co-op), we still think it was good to put it out there and have the players take a look. We also learned a lot by going through the process and will take that experience into consideration for future projects.
We hope you are as excited as we are and are looking forward to the 22nd.

Livestream today
We will also have a livestream @ CET 7pm with Nora, our character artist and Simon our Shader/FX and 3D Art guy today on twitch creating some new hats for the game.


Team of Klonk
Community Announcements - Matt

Happy new years!
Hey gals and boys! First off, a late happy new years to you all. All Klonkers have had their hard-earned vacations over christmas and new years and we are back in 2017 with fresh energy.
We are so very happy to tell you guys, that this will be the last patch before our final release. Everybody has been busy working on the game and finishing the last stage, the grotto!
Although the release date is still not exactly set in stone, we can definitely say it will be soon and launched for Steam, XBOX and PS4 aswell!

15% off, should I get the game now or wait?
For everybody that has had the game on the wishlist for a while now and always waited for the full release, I'd like to tell you that we will raise the price for the full launch to 14,99$. This means, you should definitely get it now since it will be a little bit more expensive when fully released. And you'll get the same version anyways.

As a reminder, the game will fully feature the following content:
  • Local and Online Co-op
  • 32 singleplayer level incl. 4 unlockable bonuslevel
  • 41 multiplayer level incl. 4 unlockable bonuslevel
  • Story cutscenes
  • unlockable hats via a code
  • 31 unlockable achievements
  • 6 Trading Cards

We also have a few small fixes for you :)

  • Fixed a bug where the "reset controls"-message always appeared for no reason
  • Fixed a bug that was caused when you lifted a crate over an edge
  • Added a new picture in the input menu for PS4 controllers

  • Fixed a bug where Bismo & Plom stayed inactive in the main menu when leaving an online session

We also updated the whole Store Page!
Enjoy everybody!

All the best,
Team of Klonk
Community Announcements - Matt

Hey everyone,

Today is your last chance to vote for Shift Happens at the Steam Awards!
We would love you to vote for Shift Happens in the following category:

"I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award"
This title didn’t have a huge marketing machine behind it, but you found it and loved it. Then you told your friends about it. And they loved it. And now that little game that could is about to win an award… but always remember: you totally found it first.

Thank you everybody for your support, we love you all!


Team of Klonk!
Community Announcements - Matt

Hey girls and boy! First off, I owe you all an apology:
It has been so very quiet around the forums and the launch of Shift Happens and I am sorry for that!
For everyone that was wondering why the game still hasn't launched yet, I will try to clarify and give an insight into what's happening @Klonk Games lately.
Although we thought the launch would be this july we had to delay it to an - even for us - unknown date.
This was back in August, pre-gamescom and now it is November already. During this time a lot has happened for us, especially when it comes to marketing the game.

Timing is everything
That said, our initial plan was to release Shift Happens on steam this july together with the XBOX One version simultaneously.
Now, speaking from a marketing point of view as a small developer, everybody you talk to regarding this issue will tell you that timing your launch means "everything". Simply said, your release date will have a big impact on how your game will eventually sell. Obviously there's a lot more to it than just the release date but it plays an important role anyways. Most importantly, releasing an indie game in Q4 (sept to december) is always a higher risk because around this time all the bigger companies are announcing and releasing their triple A titles. So chances are very low for your game to get picked up by press and therefore won’t get much attention or any at all. Of course, there might be exceptions but exceptions prove the rule, right?

With this in mind, we had lots of discussions and came to the conclusion that, since we didn't manage to get everything perfectly done for a launch in early august, we would have to delay the release even further.

Why no patches/updates
Now you might obviously ask: "Well, if you had to delay the launch, why hasn't there been an update/patch on steam?"
One reason is staying alive. As mentioned a lot of times, we are constantly doing contract works to make ends meet and still be able to develop Shift Happens.
The other reason for this is that we had to switch yet again to a newer version of the engine we use, which is Unity 3D. From a game dev's point of view, having to switch to a newer version of your engine sometimes can mean re-doing a whole lot of work. In our case it meant playtesting (looking for old/new bugs) and lightbaking EVERYTHING again. Lightbaking is a procedure that takes a long time and a lot effort. Very simply put, lightbaking takes real time lighting from a scene and "bakes" it onto your objects so they look illuminated. This process comes with a lot of issues/bugs itself which means setting it up with parameters that work is a walk on a tightrope itself. Now having to re-do this with an updated lightbaking process means re-setting every parameter again to ensure the game looks still like before the engine update. That alone took us 2 months. Which brings me to my last point:

This patch/update
We have currently finalized light baking processes and bugs that came with the update of Unity. This patch is a bigger one due to the re-done lightmaps and will include a few bugfixes as well, but mostly minor things.

Full Release date and content
With all that explained, we are aiming for a simlaunch for early 2017 Q1 where we will launch on every platform Steam, XBOX One and PS4.
The full release will still feature the current game including:
  • the 4th and last stage of the game, The Grotto! (10+1 Bonuslevel in multiplayer and 7+1 bonuslevel in singleplayer)
  • The story cutscenes, explaining Bismo and Plom's connection
  • Bug fixes.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to give feedback or ask questions if there are any!

Other than that I will make sure to update you more consistently on what is happening or if anything has changed for the release of the game. Believe me when I say there's nothing more that we want than to finally release our baby "Shift Happens”


Team of Klonk
Community Announcements - Matt

Hello everybody!

Gamescom 2016 is almost here and we got a small nifty update for you:
You can now unlock hat's for Bismo and Plom.

Right now you can simply unlock them in the Profiles tab under Settings in the Main Menu.
Here's is how it works:
  1. In the main menu, go to "settings" and select the "profile" tab.
  2. In the profile tab there are two text fields for each character "Bismo" and "Plom".
  3. Put in a code in one (or both) of the text fields and hit "Enter" or just click out of the field to activate the code.
  4. A green checkmark indicates if your code was accepted. A red "!" tells you that it was wrong.
  5. If everything was accepted you can now start the game and your characters will wear the hats! If you don't want them to wear their hats anymore, just go to the profile tab again and hit the "clear" button.
Note: Right now you can unlock only one of the following codes:
  • Viking,
  • Crown,
  • Sombrero and
  • Shark

We will slowly be adding more and more hats to the game. Not all hats will always be wearable by both characters!
Got a funny idea for a hat? Let us know, we might consider integrating it!

If you happen to be at Gamescom, stop by our booth at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.1. You can grab some special hat codes there!

We hope you like the hats.
Have fun,

Your Team of Klonk!
Community Announcements - Matt

Hi everyone!
First off: Sorry for the long silence concerning updates here. Unfortunately we have to delay the release of Shift Happens which means the game won't make it in july. We can't tell you an exact date yet.
As said a few times already, we are a small independent studio which means in order to stay alive we also have to do contract work. This also means that sometimes things don't go for us as planned because contract works means working together with people that also have schedules.
I hope you bear with us. We are doing everything we can to release Shift Happensasap!

Some small comfort: We are attending this years Gamescom and you can visit us at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.1!

Although the game will not be released in July but later, the full release will still feature the current game including:
  • the 4th and last stage of the game, The Grotto! (10+1 Bonuslevel in multiplayer and 7+1 bonuslevel in singleplayer)
  • The story cutscenes, explaining Bismo and Plom's connection
  • many more improvements.

In the meantime, you can checkout our neat little teaser trailer on youtube:

Teaser Trailer for Shift Happens

I said it already in the last post but:
At this point we also want to express our gratitude to all who contributed to the development of Shift Happens in any way. Thank you very much! You help us keep it going every day.
We also reached 55 reviews by now and got the "Very Positive" tag. That made us very proud and although it doesn't look like much, it really keeps us going.

Also, if you want to be more up to date, make sure to check our social media pages for a bit more information. Twitter is the up-to-datest of them all:

Shift Happens:
Facebook Shift Happens
Twitter Shift Happens

Our company Klonk:
Facebook Klonk Games
Twitter Klonk Games

Team of Klonk

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