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Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition

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Community Announcements - PopCap Games
They zombies are celebrating Halloween! Check out all their FREE surprises here

Sep 18, 2009
Community Announcements - PopCap Games
George Fan (PvZ creator) discusses the creative process behind creating the game!

Read the interview here
Community Announcements - PopCap Games
Ummm... what are you thinking about zombie?

May 8, 2009
Community Announcements - Causaelity
12 Steam Achievements have been added to the smash hit Plants vs. Zombies game via an automatic update today. The new Achievements include challenges such as "Home Lawn Security," "Immortal," and "Ask Me About Mustache Mode."
May 7, 2009
Community Announcements - Causaelity
Zombies knocking at your door? Looking for strategy to hone your game play? Interested in general Easter eggs and other fun items?

Well thanks to our friends over at Gamezebo, they've pulled together quite an extensive guide of everything Zombie. If you want to know more, feel free to check out!

*Warning: Potential spoiler alert!*
Zombie Gudie
Community Announcements - Causaelity
Commuters receive a morning jolt as Zombies attack Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. Check out the Video Feed here!
Community Announcements - Causaelity
Ever wonder what you'd look like as a zombie? Want to take on a new, undead identity? Well now you can create your own avatar image and be the rage of all your friends!

Visit the Zombatar!
Apr 27, 2009
Community Announcements - Causaelity
Check out the new Gameplay Trailer
Community Announcements - Causaelity
See what happens when a Zombie comes and works at PopCap!

Apr 27, 2009
Community Announcements - Causaelity
Check it out here!

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