Community Announcements - .Robert
UI improvments
- added new camera scrolling function. Left mousebutton+ drag.
- centre camera target now by the middle mousebutton.
- changed "centre camera button" function.
- chancel a creation now just by right mousebutton.
- zoom is now right and left mousebutton instead of first right and then left.
- smooth change between different the camera movements.
- added the new controls to all tutorials, context based help, tooltips and menu.

Sorted and optimized "Beginner" campaign to get a constant progress and get into constructions more soon.
- sorted out 2 levels from the "Beginner" into the new "More" campaign.
- 2 new levels in "Beginner" campaign. Level 2+ Level 4

optimized Tutorial 1 to be easier, shorter and bigger. After finishing the level you can go on driving the old track as well.

the stress display in testmode keeps active now when changing to editor and return back to testmode.

- fixed some bugs
Oct 18, 2015
Community Announcements - .Robert
fixed unstable steelbeams that appeared ie. when driving up a ramp.
steelbeams physics are now more realistic at all.
Community Announcements - .Robert
- added handmade contoures to strengthen the 3d effect.

- improved, adjusted the backgrounds.

- added camera lightsource
- decreased levels-triangles ambient
- increased camera fov
- added specular to triangle plates
- changed knotpoints color in testmode

- reactivated distances display from one cursor position to the next in editormode.
Sep 23, 2015
Community Announcements - .Robert
- the truck isn´t exploding that easy anymore when colliding with ropes or knotpoints.
- a fix to prevent from building the same girder a 2nd time.
- changed start sound.

still on Sale until 29th of september -17%
Community Announcements - .Robert
3d Bridges is cheaper these days by -17% percent.

Update v1.419
- fixed a physics bug that occured when street segments touched landscape.
- added the waterfall level
Aug 5, 2015
Community Announcements - .Robert
see it for yourself!
go to store /demo
or search for 3d Bridges Demo
or Demo link

you get 5 tutorials and 4 more levels.
please after playing the tutorials give me some feedback or review.
Community Announcements - .Robert
- added and balanced the first more graphical Norway Level to campaign "Smarter2". A big river landscape and with given pilars for hanging up ropes.

- added a new intro video as an introduction to the basics.

- modified the grids texture again to get it more subtle.

- modified the starter to info that its started.

- added save files for the Castle scene and the new Norway Level.

- fixed a bug that prevented from starting the game on 1 or 2 computers.
Jul 20, 2015
Community Announcements - .Robert
- completely remade the Undo function and extended it to 10 undos.

- fixed different bugs around paste, load and edit functions.

- added or changed some english translation.
Community Announcements - .Robert
modified -beginner / level 2
as there have been problems with pushing the box through the tunnel
Community Announcements - .Robert
- added 35 modules to now 56, mostly basic structures and some complete bridge parts.

- new function to create your own modules from copied structure.
select components by "copy", then "add new module", name it.

- some fixes around pasted components.

- reduced trucks weight.

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