Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Later this evening we expect to update the Rising Storm beta application with the Universal Carrier and SDKfz troop transports for the Russian and German factions. Along with their inclusion comes the updated Barashka, Arad 2 and Rakowice which have been configured for their use.

We hope to playtest these updated maps and the gameplay of the troop carriers themselves tomorrow and Friday. We will schedule these test events via the Official Game Group event system here: When they go up the event time will be indicated in your local time zone (but usually they are around 3 PM EST, -5 GMT).

We also have updated Maggot Hill with some minor gameplay changes as well as continued tweaks to the Search and Destroy maps.

As a heads up, this version of the SDKfz is still limited to 4 passengers in the back. We are still looking into how much time it would take to switch it to 6 passengers and if we will be making that change for this update.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Late last night we pushed live and update that bring updated maps (including the new map Maggot Hill and updated Search and Destroy maps) to the beta build. We are expecting this to be the last pass on several of the maps and we will shift the betas focus to vehicle and transports play in the near-ish future (The three maps we have added the transports to are Arad, Rakowice and Barashka and we will need to gameplay test them heavily over the coming days).

To help us test these updates you need to download the Rising Storm Beta application from your Steam Library and keep an eye on the Events Page here: for when we schedule tests. Developers from Tripwire and Anti-Matter Games are always on hand for these tests for you to shoot and stab! And we look forward to your feedback after the tests in our Beta forums:

Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Late last week we updated the Rising Storm Beta application with an updated build of Maggot Hill. Since the last time we play tested this map with the community it has relieved several significant changes ranging from player spawns, world geometry and of course bugs fixed.

We'll be testing this updated build tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday on the beta server at 3 PM EST (-5 GMT). You'll be able to see the events here: (as well as see the local time for the events). And remember, these tests take place using the Rising Storm Beta application in your Steam Library.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Late last week we updated the Rising Storm beta application to add in the Search and Destroy gametype and maps. Like with the Maggot Hill playtests we will be testing every day this week at 3 PM (EST). You'll be able to find the events (and the local time for you) over at the events page here:

Search and Destroy for those who may not know the gametype, is a single life gametype in which once team has to destroy one of multiple objectives by planting an explosive. The defending team needs to stop the attackers from planting, or diffuse the explosive before it goes off.

We look forward to seeing you in the first test later today (remember it is in the Rising Storm Beta application in your Steam Library)!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We have pushed live an update to the Rising Storm beta application in the Steam Library. This will be a large update (as it change the game into a brewed build instead of a cooked one). This update only contains the map Maggot Hill, which we plan to test heavily this week (at 3 PM eastern or so every day). Find out more about the tests here:

We'll be adding more to the beta as we get things online with the brewed build (including the new transports and modified maps for them in the not so distant future).

This is the "Rising Storm Beta" application in your Steam Library. Download it tonight to be ready for tomorrow!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
  • Removed X-mas Zeds from the game

  • Fixed some languages being unable to select Suicidal difficulty from Solo or Host menu

  • Fixed Steam Workshop from re-downloading and generating temp files for subscribed content every time the game launched (on Windows clients - Mac and Linux update will follow)

Known Issues:
  • We have reproduced some Mac clients failing to launch into the game in office and are working to address the issue
  • We are continuing to work to address some Mac and Linux clients falling into a non perk progression state
PC Gamer
Killing Floor

Hmm... HMM... Steam users are reporting that, for a brief period, visiting the store's stats page sent them instead to the Shadow Steam: a secretive and underground society where developers engage in spectacularly tense battles of "Petroglyph Games Developer Test App". The list appeared to forego the public applications of the Steam database, instead reporting those marked as private. Kind of like the exact opposite of what it should be doing. Of course, things are back to normal now, making it difficult to prove the veracity of the list. If the community's claims are true, though, it would suggest the existence of unannounced games like Killing Floor 2, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate HD, Half Minute Hero 2, and Battleblock Theater.

Plenty of intriguing names crop up on the list, including a Steam release of Disciples: Reincarnation, known projects like Next Car Game, dev builds of existing games, and the intriguing presence of "Super Secret Project 1". Of those that are new, there are ports of the handheld game Arkham Origins Blackgate, and Behemoth's XBLA game Battleblock Theater, as well as the yet to be announced Killing Floor 2.

It could all, of course, be complete tosh, and, even if it isn't, there's no guarantee that the listed games will ever be released. With that disclaimer in mind, you can view the full list over at the Steam forum.

Thanks, Joystiq.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Tripwire Interactive is proud to announce the winners of the $25,000 "Banzai" Community Map Making Competition for Rising Storm. Since its release last Summer Rising Storm continues to rack up accolades and was chosen last week as PC Gamer's "Multiplayer Game of the Year" for 2013!

As with our other community mapping contests the "Banzai" competition was top notch! Here are the 5 winning maps:

1st Place/Grand Prize ($10,000)
Maik Dokter (Phosphate Plant)

2nd Place ($7,500)
Maik Dokter (Myshkova River)

3rd Place ($5,000)
Will Bullen (Kobura)

4th Place ($2,500)
John Chalabi (Otori Shima)

5th Place ($1,000)
Elliot Burgess (Kita Jima)

Honorable Mentions go out to:

Johan van Pelt (Bataan)
Elliot Burgess (Streets of Stalingrad)
Maik Dokter (Tula Outskirts)
Martin Palko (Sub Base)

We'd like to thank all of the participants for their submissions. The maps are available now on Steam Workshop and we hope to release some of the winners as official Rising Storm maps sometime in the future.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
First of all, we at Tripwire Interactive hope everybody had a great December (a time many of us spend with family and friends) and wish all of you all a Happy New Year!

One of our favorite things about the new year is Brewing! No, not that one (with a special shout out to Putz with his King Tiger home brew). What I am talking about is a new system (which we are calling "Brewing") that replaces the cooking system of Unreal Engine 3.

Like cooking, it will optimize game content, but without any of the random non deterministic aspects that the old system used. In short, this should allow us to do smaller updates to the game, may reduce custom map size, and best of all, should allow custom content to continue working between game patches.

Maps should only need to be Brewed and then they should work for the life of the game. Even some older maps (from previous builds) may work, but we can't guarantee it.

We feel that Brewing has now matured enough that it is ready for a public test. That is why later this week (or possibly early next week) we will be updating the Rising Storm beta to be a Brewed build with the new map Maggot Hill also making its debut for public testing!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We are pleased to announce the PC Gamer has awarded Rising Storm their Game of The Year in the Multiplayer Category for 2013!

More than Battlefield 4, or even Team Fortress 2, Rising Storm makes me feel important. I may only be vital to my team for a couple of moments in each round, but I am significant every second I’m alive. Even as I crumple to the sand on Iwo Jima, sniped from the shore, I’m informing nearby teammates about an enemy location, or at least driving them into better cover. That feeling of significance makes Rising Storm my favourite team game ever. It can’t be won by a few skilled players – it takes organised tactics, and everyone, regardless of their kill/death ratio, is valuable to the team.

I’m satisfied whether I spend a round crouched behind radios commanding my team to victory, or suicidally banzai charging into bases, helping them take ground and acting as an extra in someone else’s war movie. The former is almost guaranteed to put me at the top of the scoreboard, while the latter not so much, but I’m happy just to contribute.

Rising Storm’s flamethrower is one of my favourite weapons of 2013 – a wild dragon in the form of a backpack that immolates instantly and yet somehow remains balanced in a shooter defined by marksmanship and precision.

You can find the full reasoning here:

And don't forget that Rising Storm is still 75% off for just under 24 hours!

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