Community Announcements - [TW]Doormatmike
After years of hard work the spiritual successor of The Ball is now out on Steam. The Solus Project - - is a single player exploration adventure with survival elements. The adventure is set on a mysterious planet and continues on the ending of The Ball.

Survive through exploration, and unlock the mysteries of Gliese-6143-C. The Solus Project offers you a massive and deeply immersive atmospheric world to unravel through its rich story.

Owners of The Ball can buy The Solus Project with a discount through the bundle!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro

Heroes of the West D-Day Update

Working with Tripwire Interactive, the developers of Heroes of the West mod to RO2/Rising Storm, are proud to announce the release on Steam of an update to the mod to coincide with the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy on D-day 72 years ago.

The update introduces 2 new maps, the first being a combined arms map featuring the British in a gruelling fight to break out from the Normandy beachhead in summer 1944. The map, Caen Outskirts, introduces the British Bren Carrier troop transport.

The other map, Hill 400, recreates the bitter fighting in the winter of 1944 with the 2d Ranger Battalion struggling against Axis forces in the Hurtgen Forest.

There have been numerous balance, technical and cosmetic additions and fixes introduced in this update, read the notes below to see them.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
To get to the steam beta you need to...

1. Right click on Heroes of the West in your steam library and click properties.
2. Go to the betas tab.
3. Select Beta in the drop down menu as that should show up.
4. It will then download a small patch getting you the beta version.

You can revert from beta at any time by simply turning the beta off.

The beta test server is called HotW STEAM BUILD Server.
Server Password: hotw1234
IP address:

Stay tuned to this group for event postings.


New additions:
  • Added Caen Outskirts.
  • Added Enfield bayonet by shel100.
  • Added Scoped Enfield by Shel100.
  • Added Radioman Role for Germans and Americans.
  • New Panzer IV skin.
  • New Sdkfz 251 Skin.

Role changes:
  • Axis Engineer G43 replaced by Kar98, Shotgun replaced by carbine. AT grenade added.
  • Axis Rifleman Hero garand replaced by springfield, Springfield no longer frontline upgrade.
  • Axis Squad leader has Kar98 added.
  • Axis Radioman now uses MP40.
  • Allied Radioman now uses Carbine and M3.

Other Changes:
  • STG44 fire rate changed from 600rpm to 550rpm.
  • MP40/I removed.
  • Sten gun now has a single shot function.

Bug fixes:
  • Divisional shoulder patches now show up in online games.
  • Sten bolt no longer detaches from the weapon while blindfiring.
  • German "Spiderman" gear bug fixed.
  • German Marksman level 5 no longer spawns with a japanese helmet.
  • SMi44 Mine kill icon resized to fit.
  • Bren alt fire removed.
  • Game mode now properly displays in webadmin.
  • German Eagle now shows on chest for all variations.
  • Germans no longer turn invisible in the halftrack.
  • PIAT launcher is now empty when fired.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We have just pushed live a required update for clients and servers that addresses some security issues that were pointed out to us by a modder.
Apr 3
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro

A hotfix for HOTW has been rolled out for clients and servers to address several map issues
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro

  • Reduced Victory Music volume
  • Balanced Maps
  • Redid all Spawn Protection/No Artillery Volumes for all 3 maps
  • Added newer logo to all Overhead Maps
  • Removed Looping Victory Music (only plays once now)

Bug Fixes
  • American lines in British voices Muted
  • SMi44 mine 3rd person model fixed
  • SMi44 mine now has a counter of mines placed
  • SMi44 mine kill icon resized to fit space
  • SMi44 mine HUD fixes
  • German Uniforms appear correctly when Character Detail is set to low
  • Enfield autobolting fix
  • Removed more Japanese referenced lines from American voices.

  • Increased Allies ticket by 100 to 600
  • Increased Axis Tickets by 50 to 650
  • Shifted E cap slightly South (towards defenders)
  • Fixed interior lighting in D Cap Building
  • Reduced Capture time of B Objective from 22 to 20 secs
  • Added a second Axis spawn closer to B that activates once A is capped (If B is capped first then it never enables)
  • Added more cover to B approach
  • Shifted B Objective zone slightly North(towards attackers)
  • Enhanced Spawn Protection to prevent getting too far past the caps for both teams
  • Staggered the overhead C-47s flight as they were synched together
  • Fixed mantling into windows of F cap
  • Increased F capture time by 2 secs
  • Reduced G capture time by 2 secs
  • Added 3 destructible windows to F building
  • Moved the second floor resupply in Hotel to the outside near basement door
  • Fixed a dead end fenced area that led to no where

Port Brest
  • Added 200 Tickets to both sides
  • Allies now have 750
  • Axis now have 600
  • Fixed missing collision on sidewalks
  • Added 10 more Rifleman Roles to each team
  • Added Path Blocking volume where bots had been getting "stuck"
  • Completely reworked the Spawn locations for Allies on A and B caps.
  • Addressed the Spawn Protection and No Arty areas on A/B caps for Allies
  • Added several Sheds in A/B as cover for Attackers
  • Increased Lockdown Times
  • Marked several Destroyable Fences that open alternate routes with a red painted X
  • Satchel Objective Objects now glow when player is armed with a Satchel
  • Shifted A Cap zone towards Attackers
  • Reduced A, B, and D Capture times by 2 secs
  • Increased time to 30 minutes
  • Blocked 3 windows in last objective that could see into Axis spawn
  • Added Cover on approach to Objective A, Fences and vehicles along River
  • Dirt Mounds in center of River are now higher and provide more cover
  • Fences surrounding Building near Objective A are no longer destructible
  • Adjusted Window Frames in Objective G (Barracks)

Omaha Beach
  • Increased Tickets for Both sides
  • Allies have 975
  • Axis have 700
  • Increased time by 4 mins to 41 minutes
  • Replaced "Non-Destroyable" Wire Fences with destroyable versions
  • Removed some collision from several bushes
  • Added 2 additional Ammo Resupplies on Beach for Allies
  • Added more obstacles / cover to the beach
  • Modified Terrain relief on beach to give more cover to Allies
  • Added Foliage in some areas to obscure view of Defenders
  • Fixed bugged far right Spawn on beach
  • Removed Ladder inside Church
  • Adjusted Lock Down Times
  • Reduced Cap time of C
  • Adjusted Spawn Protection to keep players from getting too far beyond the caps

  • Only 2 Objectives enabled at any given time
  • Capping A and B enables C and disables A
  • If Axis Retake B, then C disables and A re-opens
  • Addressed the frequent Overtimes
  • Reduced rifleman roles
  • Increased reinforcements for Allies
  • Added more props and details
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro

Continuing the long Tripwire Interactive tradition of showcasing the best user-generated content for their games, the company is happy to announce the release of the Heroes of the West mod for Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm through Steam, created entirely by members of the community (with support and assets from Tripwire and Antimatter Games).

Heroes of the West brings the Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm experience to the Western European theater, pitting the US forces against the German Wehrmacht. It also introduces a whole new faction, the British, bringing the 'Tommies' to the game. The mod is available on Steam completely free for owners of Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm.

Heroes of the West includes 4 new maps, 5 new character sets and 10 new weapons.

The initial release of Heroes of the West on Steam will feature 4 maps:

  • Omaha Beach - The US 29th Infantry Division storm the bloody beaches of Normandy during the 'Longest Day', June 6th 1944, battling against well dug-in Wehrmacht troops of the 352. Infanterie-Division.
  • Carentan - Immediately after the invasion of mainland Europe on D-Day, units of the US 101st Airborne division fought to capture the key town of Carentan from the Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6. This was the first encounter between US airborne troops and their German counterparts in the Western Front theater.
  • Port Brest - During the brutal fighting for the key port of Brest from 7 Aug to 19 Sept 1944, the 2 Fallschirmjäger-Division defend against the US 2d Ranger Battalion. This was an encounter between the best troops of both sides and involved bitter street to street battles.
  • Oosterbeek - Operation Market Garden was a bold attempt to get allied troops across the Rhine and into Germany before the end of 1944. In this map, troops of the British 1st Airborne defend the town of Oosterbeek against a mixed bag of German troops pushing into the key Rhine crossing at Arnhem, attempting to seize it back from the lightly armed British before the arrival of relieving mechanized ground forces.

Key Features:

New player character models for the European Theater:

  • German 1944 Heer
  • American Rangers
  • American Temperate Army
  • American Airborne
  • British Airborne

New weapons:

  • M3 Grease gun
  • G43 rifle
  • G43 Scoped
  • STG44
  • Sten MK V
  • Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI
  • Bren MkII
  • FN Browning Hi-power
  • Mills bomb
  • PIAT

The Heroes of the West team will be continuing to support the mod with regular updates of maps, characters, and weapons over the coming months.

Heroes of the West is a free mod for owners of Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm and can be downloaded here:

To celebrate the release of Heroes of the West, Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm are today's Daily Deal on Steam and are on sale for 75% off and can be purchased here:

NOTE - The Daily Deal ends Thursday March 24th at 10AM PST

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - sjoerd
Venture deeper into the universe of The Ball with the huge expansion of The Solus Project!

The story heats up in this second episode. Dark secrets lurk in the depths of this seemingly deserted alien environment and as you venture deeper into the underground you can't shake the feeling you are being watched and followed.

One large new island along with the biggest cave system have been added, giving players an estimated 3-5 hours of additional gameplay and many dozens of new secrets and items. Continue your journey and explore the massive alien world!

# 3-4 hours of additional gameplay filled with new features and discoveries.
# Be very afraid of the new lightning storms
# Discover the large island of Flashpoint and harness the power of the skies.
# Explore the largest cave system in the adventure and make your way through massive underground caverns, settlements, and machinery.
# Dozens of new items and secrets. From sleeping gear to crowbars

As with Part 1 we aim for a classic first person game feeling. Large and complex levels with tons of secrets. Little hand-holding. And a magical but deadly sci fi world to explore at your own pace.

Join us at The Solus Project
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
Hello everyone!

We have some exciting news to share. The Heroes of the West team is preparing a Steam build of the mod (not a workshop build - but one with its own Steam page and install button. If you played RO 1 think of how Darkest Hour and Mare Nostrum were set up).

In preperation for that they hope to start doing some testing on that build this weekend and are looking for volunteers for a closed test this Sunday.

If you are interested in helping out reach out to them here:

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