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Hey ho, chart fans, let’s go. Statman John is indisposed today, and was last seen meandering along the seafront muttering “Plunkbat! They give me Plunkbat! I’ve a grand idea for a grand theft five five fi-diddly-fi fi whoopsadaisy down we go,” so I’m taking over for this week’s Steam charts. Seeing as he’s always griping about the charts being identical, I’m sure John will be infuriated to miss seeing how much Steam’s autumn sale changed things. Won’t you join for me a stroll down the hit parade? (more…)

Steam Controller - ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA
The Steam Controller team has been hard at work adding new functionality to the community controller configuration browser. These features are currently available to try out in the Steam Beta and will be making their way into the full Steam client soon. As always we're interested in your feedback.

  • Previewing community configs before applying them makes it easy to browse the community before committing to a selection. Also helpful for finding features to add to your own configs.
  • Easy sharing of configurations – copy a link to personal or community bindings to your clipboard and share it with others. Clicking the link will load the config directly into the Steam previewer.
  • You can now upvote your favorite configurations.
  • The community config list shows the number of upvotes and total recent playtime for each configuration.
  • There are new ways to sort the community configurations: by recent use time or total upvotes.

Also, be sure to check out the weekend deal on the Steam Controller and Steam Link which runs from now till Monday Feb 27th, 10am PST.
Community Announcements - ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA
It’s time for the annual Steam Autumn Sale, and now it’s easier than ever to find games that play great with the Steam Controller.

We’ve created a new Steam Controller Hub page that will be continuously updated with the most popular Steam Controller Games. The Hub is also the go-to place to find which Controller-friendly games are on sale.

Find the Steam Controller Hub from the front page under “Browse Categories” in the left navigation area. Or, simply go to this link:

Steam Controller and Link hardware is on sale as well, so be sure to look through the Steam Autumn Sale hardware bundles here (Sale runs through Tuesday, Nov 29 at 10am PST):

The Steam Controller is now one year old and continuing to evolve. In celebration of the 1st birthday we've put together this summary of the key feature updates here:

Community Announcements - ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA
A new mode of USB/Bluetooth communication is now used by the Steam client on Linux to facilitate In-Home Streaming of controler functionality, so you'll want to update your udev rules accordingly. See updated set of rules in the platform support thread:
Community Announcements - ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA

Today's Steam Client Beta includes a set of features centered around two new configurations available for the controller.

First, the ability to reconfigure the controller for Steam itself is an often requested feature. The new Big Picture Configuration allows users to do just that. Inputs can be rearranged or added in the various sections of Big Picture including the main interface, the web browser, and the on-screen keyboard. In addition, Big Picture can also now be navigated using a cursor based interface via the trackpads and gyro.

Second, there is a new configuration available globally - the Steam Button Chord configuration. This allows for a global, immediately accessible set of actions and hotkeys while holding the Steam Button. Existing On-Screen Keyboard and Screenshot combinations are included by default as well as mouse, alt-tab, magnifier, controller power-off, and media control functionality. This chording combination is available at any time, whether in Big Picture, in game, or on the desktop.

Like game profiles, these configurations can be saved and shared with the community.

In addition a variety of new controller actions such as controller and host power options, screen magnifier (where supported), and Steam Music bindings have been added as bindable functions available in all configurations.

Deus Ex : Mankind Divided released recently and plays great with the Steam Controller. For a limited time get 40% off a Steam Controller when purchased along with Deus Ex : Mankind Divided or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe.

We're continually listening to your feedback and looking to improve upon the Steam Controller. We welcome you feedback on what you like and what we could be doing better. Next up we'll be looking at how community configurations are ranked and presented to users so the best configurations for you are easier to find.
Product Release - Valve
For a limited time, save 40% on the Steam Controller when you purchase the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided + Steam Controller Bundle or the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe Edition + Steam Controller Bundle!

Already purchased Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Steam? For a limited time, the Steam Controller will be 40% off for those customers that previously purchased Deus Ex: Mankind Divided through Steam.

*Offer ends September 15th at 10AM Pacific Time

Product Release - Valve
For a limited time, you can also purchase the DOOM + Steam Controller Bundle and save 40% on the Steam Controller!

Already purchased DOOM on Steam? For a limited time, the Steam Controller will be 40% off for those customers that previously purchased DOOM through Steam.

*Offer ends September 15th at 10AM Pacific Time

Jun 16, 2016
Community Announcements - ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA

The latest Steam Beta Client update includes a new feature for the Steam Controller called Activators.

Activators sit between inputs (such as a button on the controller) and binding outputs (such as a keypress). They control how the input is turned into output and provide a number of settings to control this. Some simple examples are long press, double press, binding cycling, toggles, and delays.

There is no limit to the number of activators that can be placed on a single input, so a button can have a normal press, a long press, and a double tap on a single button, each firing off different actions in a game.

Each activator can have its own haptic settings as well.

Here's a few simple ways that activators can make your existing configurations better :

  • You can use a Start Press activator and a Release Press activator to turn a toggle crouch into a hold crouch. Conversely, the toggle option will allow you to turn any action, such as a hold crouch, into a toggle.

  • Turbo can be set on Activators, meaning any button can have customized rapid fire. This can be combined with multiple activators, so single press for single fire, while a long press will engage turbo mode.

  • Use a Start Press Activator to switch to a new action set, with a Release Press on the same button to switch back to the original set. Using this technique Action Sets can act like an entire-controller mode shift. Also included in this update is the ability to copy any existing Action Set into the new set, making customization a lot faster.

  • Mode Shifts now also use Activators, so a mode-shift can be toggled on and off without continuously holding a button.

  • Activators can also cycle through a set of bindings. Put Stand, Crouch, and Prone on a single button and cycle through them with each press.

This update also includes better visualizations for settings such as deadzones, with more coming soon.

Note that due to the nature of this change, configurations that are altered under the new setup are not backwards compatible, so modified configurations made in the beta client will not be visible to the stable client.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

It’s yer regular round-up of what shifted the most copies on Steam over the previous week. Last week, Total Warhammer was dark master of all it surveyed, but a bug-eyed old friend has displaced it after just one week…

… [visit site to read more]

Announcement - Valve
Save 30% on the Steam Controller and Steam Link as part of this week's Weekend Deal*!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time


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