Crazy Machines 3 - Raulibauli83
Hello everyone!

Just to show you guys that we are still alive 'though it´s in the middle of summer, and it´s hot.

Check out the Steam Workshop and help angry grandpa to protect his garden!

Let us know what you think about this new minigame.

May 10, 2017
Crazy Machines 3 - Segoaban_Daedalic
Hello everyone!
Today on the menu: new update, new puzzles!

  • New puzzle campaign "Lost Experiments" added, containing 5 new levels
  • 25 new parts added
  • 9 new elements added
  • 3 new materials added
  • 2 new skies added
  • 9 color filters added
  • 10 new templates added
  • 1 new music tune added
  • 1 new achievement added
  • Improvement: buttons for rotating part icons in part screenshot mode
  • A few bugfixes.
Crazy Machines 3 - Segoaban_Daedalic
Hello everyone!

We thought it would be cool to give you something for Easter to play with and here we go:

Check out the workshop!

Mar 31, 2017
Crazy Machines 3 - Segoaban_Daedalic
Hi everyone!

Transportation is waiting for you!

  • New puzzle campaign "Transportation" added, containing 10 new levels.
  • 24 new parts added, new elements added
  • 2 new "Transportation" templates added for the editor
  • New environment added
  • New submarine mini game added
  • 2 new music tunes added
  • A variety of bugfixes

Crazy Machines 3 - malshaaa
Hey there, we have some news for you!

You know, you can build crazy machines with fischertechnik, too?! That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to join forces and create mind-bending puzzles for you in Crazy Machines 3.

Or create intricate machines with the original fischertechnik parts for you fellow players on Steam Workshop!

So, what you get is: new funny puzzles, new parts and more craziness.

And the time is today!

Here is the changelog for 1.3.0
  • fischertechnik obstacle course puzzle campaign added, containing 12 new levels
  • Over 50 new parts added to fischertechnik obstacle course editor
  • 6 new fischertechnik templates added for creating own obstacle courses in the editor
  • Improvement: additional filters implemented for machine lists
  • Improvement: new funny end animations added to some base campaign levels
  • Improvement: some minor optimizations for some base campaign levels
  • 2 new music tunes added
  • Some bugfixes
Jan 31, 2017
Community Announcements - Raulibauli83
Dear all,

we hope you had a crazy 2017 until now! We definitely had and will continue our work on Crazy Machines 3 with plenty of new updates.

We always want to have all people have fun building their machines and share them with you. So we have added a new rendering system with brand new visual effects to improve a lot of things about performance and to give you a fluent experience.

Here is our full changelog for version 1.2.5
  • Improvement: glass rendering
  • Improvement: lit particle effects
  • Improvement: depth of field with transparent objects
  • Improvement: optimized rendering performance
  • Improvement: arrangement of workshop machines and parts in main menu optimized
  • Improvement: added new buttons in main menu to open list of best machines or newest machines or trending parts
  • Improvement: fancy new tile for minigames campaign
  • Bugfix: fixed the shortcut elimination in the machine 'There will be light'
Watch out, we have some really great news and big content updates planned for the next months. So stay tuned and never forget to stay crazy!

Your team from FAKT and Daedalic
Community Announcements - Raulibauli83
Dear all,

the update is here and as it is a present, it comes with a lot of surprises.

Here is our full changelog for version 1.2.0
  • new campaign "Mini Games" with 6 interactive levels including leaderboards and 18 new achievements
  • 3 new interactive machine templates
  • 23 new parts
  • 20 new elements
  • 2 new materials
  • 1 new sky
  • 2 new color filters
  • additional music
  • added keyboard shortcuts 1-6 for machine cameras
  • balancing: linear damper chip got an updated damping behaviour to be more effective when used on an element with active forces
  • bugfix: torque element is now applied correctly according to its current orientation
  • bugfix: fixed Part Editor grid shader transparency
  • bugfix: fixed manual machine camera field of view on different screen aspect ratios
And here is our changelog for version 1.2.1
  • balancing: adjusted vehicle speed and ground physics in machine template 'Interactive - Racer'
  • bugfix: fixed a crash when using catalog parts 'Automatic Camera' or 'Countdown'
  • bugfix: fixed success condition of machine 'The monster balloons'
  • bugfix: fixed machine 'Master of marble' to not trigger the same checkpoint twice
  • bugfix: interactive tag is now set correctly in Steam when sharing a part or a machine
  • bugfix: updated wrong interactive tag icon in part Editor
But we have saved the best for the last: The update is completely free of charge!

So pull up your sleeves, get started and show us how crazy you can get, with all these new possibilities.
Community Announcements - Raulibauli83
Ho ho ho dear tinkerer, puzzle freaks and innovators :)

Christmas comes early this year which means there are some awesome presents waiting for you in the bag.

We have a merry update and brand new jolly parts await you in the stocking.
You want to know what it is? Well.. we can't tell you just yet, but here is a little sneaky peak.

Community Announcements - artenobilis
Dear all,

today we are proud to announce our first free content update for you:

Creepy Horror Physics Show

There is plenty of new content like

  • 10 new level
  • 23 new parts
  • 32 new elements
  • 2 new materials
  • 2 new templates
  • 1 new sky
  • 2 new filters
  • additional music

Here is our full changelog for version 1.1.0

  • New feature: button for fast forward during simulation added
  • Crashfix: Fixed a crash when entering the part editor with a plugged in electricity cable part
  • Crashfix: Crash removed when using combination spots in a part without snapping them to an element
  • Feature fix: Radio Sender and Receiver Chip updated and functionality established
  • Feature fix: Signal chip 'Add' available in editor
  • Feature fix: Fixed disappearing parts when entering the test mode in the machine editor while saving is in progress
  • Improvement: Optimized performance when game is checking for overlapping objects
  • Improvement: Optimized performance when moving/rotating/scaling objects
  • Improvement: Auto-close active tutorial message on machine success
  • Bugfix: chapter selection at the end of a workshop machine replaced by machine selection button
  • Bugfix: part and element tooltip layouts updated for long names
  • Bugfix: UI glitch; editor panels will be always closed, when enter a new editor
  • Bugfix: do not consider combination spots of invisible parts when placing a part with a combination spot
  • Optimization: Bottle model and Blossom shader/textures updated

Have fun and see you in the Workshop!

Your team from FAKT and Daedalic

Nov 14, 2016
Community Announcements - artenobilis
Hi there,

from today on you can receive Trading Cards while playing Crazy Machines 3.

And if you have ever missed the Professor in the game, now is the time to get him back. Have a look at one of our cards here:

Enjoy the game.

Your team from FAKT and Daedalic

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