Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
We will be hopping on the US East Official Server as a dev team tomorrow night (Wednesday) November 29th around 10PM EST for a few hours. We may be patching beforehand so notes will follow on our official Discord: http://discord.playhanako.com

We hope to see you all there!

-Hanako Dev Team
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
- Hit detection has been reworked to be more accurate between client/servers.
- Physics for collision/hit detection has been revised to use PhysX and APEX so we can simplify physics at a distance (Something that made bots perform realy badly.
- Optimizations for bots/lots of characters. Game should run more smoothly with bots.
- Various changes to Kusarigama/Grappling code. Grapple should be much better/more responsive and not toss you across the map (sometimes).

- Scroll carriers in CTS can no longer sprint.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Bug Fixes
- Various scoring fixes across all game modes to remove the possibility of "Draws".
- Fix for knockdown while blocking
- Fixed VIP corpse persistance
- Fixed scoring issues with some game modes
- Fixed some Kusarigama/Ninja animation mismatch (floating weapon) for some poses.
- Fixed a lot of Bot pathing in Yari Foothills and Gifu Crossroads

Other Changes
- Optimized all characters at distance so bots should be less crazy.
- Enabled -NUMBOTS=# to work properly
- Official servers will now be capped to 8 bots instead of 22.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - Sensei Matsumoto
Patch Notes for - "Auto-Fill, Top Bugs Exterminated, Infinite Block Gone"

We'll also be playing with players (most if not all of the dev team) Wednesday at 10PM EST (we'll do this every Weds). Make sure you're on our Discord:


Patch is now live! Please make sure your game updates, if not, restart your Steam client.

New Features
-Bot Autofill!
-Our official servers will now have AI taking place of players until they connect so servers are never empty.
-You can now Check 'Bots Fill' in Host Game and your server will have bots that hold spots until players connect.
-If you're hosting you can also type '/haddbot 12' in chat to get 12 bots. -Adding this way may not obey Auto-fill Rules
-Hosted games can check Unlimited Ki
-All players can have unlimited Ki for all things during these matches. This is our first feature to give players "mutators/novelty options" outside of official rules.

Bug Fixes
-"Input lock" related to blocking where players would get stuck/rubber band in place after block/parry has been fixed.
-Certain abilities could double hit at point-blank range or not do damage at all at far range. This has been fixed.
-AI pathing issues have been partially resolved in Hanako Castle
-AI pathing adjustments in all maps
-Known Issue: Pathing in general needs polish/work and is planned for a future patch when we introduce more complex AI behaviors.
-Fix for resolutions not properly setting sometimes.

Balance Changes
-Ninja grapple miss cooldown increased to 1.5s from 1.0s
-Naginatashi block Ki cost increased from 25% dmg to 50% dmg.
-Kenshi block Ki cost increased from 50% dmg to 75% dmg.
-Ninja medium stance "can attack again" time increased from 0.75s to 0.85s to fix an animation glitch and adjust left-right/right-left kite spam.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that capped servers at 16 (potentially)
- Fixed issue where some abilities were not doing damage.
- Fix for objective Attack/Defend floating timers floating high in the air.
- Fix for Listen server's naming
- Potential Fix for mouse rotation not working.

Other additions
- Added objective health/score UI element for CTI to make it more clear what's happening.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
We just put up a new client with a Hotfix for the following:

Major Crashes
- Fixed crash in Castle/Assassination when either VIP was killed.

- Fixed collision bugs and capturing issues on Yari Foothills.
- Fixed escape spots in various maps that allowed you to leave the map border.

- Fixed issue with hit damage for all 3 character's Master Combos.
- Master Combos now unlock after 3 kills instead of 5.

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