Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt

Tomorrow we'll be doing the first public test of the Samurai Archer to start getting balance and other issues ready for his full release with the new map, Shiga Forest at 10PM EST.

Voice Chat and Chat w/ Devs is always available on DISCORD -> http://discord.gg/playhanako

We'll be testing the Archer and new map for the next few weeks to get it ready for final polish and fixes before he ships officially/permanently in May.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Features
- NEW Map (Alpha Version): Shiga Forest - Capture the Scroll map. This map is our first Yamai Territory Campaign map. It's available on the US East server.

- Fixed a variety of bugs with scroll capture feedback in levels (still has a few lingering issues).
- Extended Assist calculations to make it easier to log Assists.
- Some back-end work for stat gathering.
- Level smoothing on some terrain snags in Yari Foothills.
- Removed new Hit Reaction tech to fix GIANT FREAKING HEADS.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Improvements
- Scoreboard has been improved for readability.
- Scoreboard now sorts by placing the local player (YOU) at the top and sorting all other players/bots by highest Kills.
- Scoreboard has Team XP (to be used later for in-game leveling/acquiring skill points for skill trees).
- Scoreboard now has Assists listed (Assist calculations still WIP but may work sometimes).
- Added Most Assists to the Accolades screen at the end of matches.
- Added Assists to the HUD with your Kill | Death stats in the Top Right.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a hole in the landscape in Yari Foothills that you'd get stuck or fall through the world.
- Fixed some jagged terrain that you'd have to jump over.
- Fixed some grey box meshes that made it into a release build.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Features
- 3v3 Mode (can host any Duel map as 3v3, or Hanako Dojo is 3v3 by default)
- New weapon trails for heavy stance and ability to help separate who's doing what.
- New low health and low ki indicators. The Health/Ki lotuses and text will pulse with a heart beat sound to let you know to meditate or escape.

- Possible fix for bots showing as the wrong team or color.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Game Changes/Features
- Added new menu options: Direct link to our official Discord, Dev Credits, Hosting Provider button
- New footstep, jump, land sounds
- New victory pose for Ninja on the MVP screen

Bug Fixes
- Some bug fixes in the Hanako Dojo map
- Re-working on how character abilities work.
- Fixed nameplates not working on bots.

As always you can get the latest scoop and talk to devs on Discord:
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Gameplay Improvements/New Features
- All player characters can be decapitated if they're hit near the head on the kill shot.
- Prototype for RP Mode added with support for all existing maps.
- NEW MAP- Hanako Dojo (good for 1v1 to 3v3)
- Improvements to the game play in Yari Foothills (CTI)
- Added messaging to show you where to take the scroll.

- Fixed scrolls to have a reset timer if they get dropped or fall off a cliff.
- Changed bot difficulty curve to have bots that use abilities and both teams will have stronger bots evenly.

Admin System
- Listen Server games you'll already be the admin and can issue admin commands.
- Dedicated server hosts can add "-ADMINPASSWORD=password" to their startup script. The following commands are supported:

(Press Y to open up chat to type commands)
/admin login password - login
/admin htravel mapname - change map

Available Maps:

/admin haddbot # - adds bots
/admin hforcematchend - force match to end
/admin hkillallbots - kill all bots

We'll be adding more commands over time to make this system better.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
We have a very active Discord, and while our game grows our community the best place to interact with us is there. We schedule events, matches, talk feedback, ideas, etc.

Discord Invite: http://discord.gg/playhanako

So while we have small games, which comes up a ton on reviews, it's the best place to find other players and games until we grow big enough for that to just happen.

If you like the game, see the potential but are frustrated by small or AI games, this is the place to be part of the solution.

P.S. We're still only $3.50 during the Lunar New Year Sale.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

Starting today, 2/15, all of our game is on sale for $3.50 (50% off) for the Lunar New Year Steam Sale!

The sale will last 4-5 days and we hope to see you on our Discord -> http://discord.gg/playhanako

Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt

- Potential fix for mouse not working after the first time running the game on non-US hardware.

Please let us know on Discord if you had this issue and it's fixed or still happening.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Patch Changes:
- Removed all X-mas content.
- Fixed lighting bug on Hanako Castle.
- Fixed AI pathing issues on most maps.
- Added a random list of Bot names instead of generic Bot #.
- Fix for a weapon sound that would play globally.

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