Jun 8, 2015
Community Announcements - MrKitty4Prez2016
Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that we are still alive over here! We are working on a few things for A.V. currently.

The Steam trading cards are almost done! We will be posting these late this week or early next week. Also coming in the next week or so is an update to the Demo version of A.V. The demo is still running on an old version from late Feburary, so we want to let people see some of the updates.

For those of you that own the game and are looking for in game changes don't worry! We are working on a major AI overhaul which will also include two new enemies! There isn't a strict schedule set on this, but we will update as we make progress. We are taking a peek at some other minor things too, but the AI is the bread and butter of the next patch.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback, or well, just to say hi.

- Preston & First Forever Studios
Community Announcements - Crits Are Skill [For Realz]
We patched up some of the rendering issues occuring on OpenGL in Linux! We are also including a universal x86_64 executable now to help those having issues with the x86 file. Please note that the current library we use for Steam Achievments does not support x86_64. We are looking for a different way to do Steam Achievements for those that want to use the 64 bit executable. We shall keep the masses informed as time goes on.

Enjoy the Beat,

Community Announcements - Crits Are Skill [For Realz]
You know, it’s funny…the term “release”. You’d get the impression that a software release would carry with it certain other kinds of release. Emotional release. Release from obligations. Release from the eternal prison of bug fixing. The legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto once said that a delayed game is only delayed until it’s released, but a bad game is bad forever. Well, thanks to the wonderful world of digital media, that’s no longer entirely true.

Unfortunately for us, that means we’ll be working on A.V. forever.

But not to worry, because you, the consumer, need not be concerned with the state of “developers,” the mysterious biochemical devices which were created in a lab to build and maintain entertainment products for the masses. All you need to worry about is what these “developers” come up with for you next!

What we’ve come up with is our long-awaited support for the Oculus Rift! Those of you who have the game and an Oculus headset (yes, both of you) can now enjoy the eye-popping motion-sickness machine that is another enticing Oculus title! In all seriousness, though, we’ve been thoroughly excited about implementing Oculus support for A.V. for a long time. A sensory experience like A.V. deserves no less than an opportunity to be presented in the sensory-deprivation tank that is virtual reality. We really hope you enjoy this new feature (again, both of you), and we especially hope you enjoy it so much that you’ll sing its praises to the world, drum up massive sales numbers, and make us rich!

“But wait…” you may ask, “what if I’m one of the several people in the world who DOESN’T have an Oculus Rift? Have you done anything else?”

Well, you inquisitive little imp, it just so happens that we’ve also been upgrading A.V. from the Unity 4 to the Unity 5 engine. That process opened up a treasure trove of new bugs, and in the process of fixing those, we’ve been going around patching a lot of old ones, too. We’re not prepared to say we’ve got everything nailed down yet, but we’ve been cranking and cranking, and we’ll keep on going until we and the community think it is done or resources completely run out. We are both in the process of building a career and moving on from the school life, but still want to support A.V. as much as possible. Additionally the contract with MAGIC has run its course with the release, so additional costs come out of sales or us if need be. Once again, thanks to MAGIC, IGM, and RIT for all their support in getting A.V. out!

With the full development process behind us, our contributors have been released from their obligations, leaving just two of us to work on the game. Things may, therefore, take a little while to get done, but we’re sticking with it. We thank you for sticking with us.

More is on the way! We’ll get back to you on that…

- Doug & Preston
Mar 17, 2015
Community Announcements - Crits Are Skill [For Realz]
There are probably a fair amount of people asking, “Hey, where is that A.V. Oculus update at?” Very excellent question! While at the Game Developers Conference the other week we got a lot of great feedback while showing off the game. On top of this, Unity released their new engine, Unity 5, which has a lot of technical features we could potentially take advantage of, as well as better license terms for our team. Upgrading to a new engine version is a difficult task that probably should have waited, but Preston was already fired up.

So then it was, Preston feverishly worked on upgrading to the new version, and after only a bit of hair turning grey, there was success! We have A.V. up and running on the new Unity engine, but are still working to implement Oculus feedback from the conference and fixing up a few little bug fixes remain.

We are going to roll out the Oculus and bug fixing patches as one coming up here. All of the team have a very heavy schedule this week with our lives inside and outside the A.V. world so we do not have an exact date for this patch right now, though we are eager to get it out there! After this patch is done, we will be down to just Doug and Preston. Although they won’t be going at things full time, they will still be listening, plotting, and updating. The follow up patch will focus on the UI and adding more options into the game screens. Thanks for sticking with us!

Enjoy the Beat,
Preston, Doug, & FirstForeverStudios
Feb 16, 2015
Community Announcements - Crits Are Skill [For Realz]
A.V. 1.0.1 patch has been released!

This patch is for all platforms and applies to the Demo version also. Fixes include but are not limited to:

1. Fixed problem where Unity Engine was loading extra cut scene videos that were not needed. This in turn fixes the reported RAM or crashing problems.
2. Fixed input “lag”.
3. Adjusted light on player walk and ping to help prevent rendering artifacts from the high intensity light.
4. Fixed issue with Broadcast Pylon affect range sometimes being over extended.
5. Few miscellaneous tweaks and adjustments to Zones 1 and 2.

As always, feel free to reach out to us in the Steam Community or email! We are digging back into VR setup again now, but will also be patching bugs as they come up and time allows.

Enjoy the Beat,
FirstForever Studios
Feb 13, 2015
Community Announcements - Crits Are Skill [For Realz]
A.V. 1.0 is publicly released! The true adventure is at your fingertips!

Even though we are at the public release state, this is not the end for A.V. We are still hard at work implementing the Oculus Rift support and will patch any reported bugs that pop up…. And possibly some additional surprises!

Please report any problems or feedback to admin [at] avthegame.com, or simply use the Steam Community for the game.

Enjoy the Beat,
FirstForever Studios

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