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In-game level editor
When we started to develop our in-game editor we didn't expect it would take us so long. We're still working on it, but you can give it a try. We decided to change the game significantly so that it will be as easier to modify as possible. It'll help us to test new features and change game balance faster than we're able to do it now.

Hackable game
We've tried to make the game as open as it's possible at the moment. You can find lots of interesting stuff in the directory StreamingAssets which is located in the installed game directory. You'll be able to modify rooms, characters, localization files and decoration sprites. Try to make something and share with us what you'll get.

Dialogue and storyline. We're not ready to share with you all the plot during Early Access stage because we do not want to spoil it before the release. Now you can see just the basic dialogue mechanics, so don't be surprised at certain (or should we say complete) inconsistency of the storyline in the tutorial, at the 1st level and in the rest of the game.

New levels
We have rebuilt the old levels and added a few new ones. And now when you have the in-game editor you can make a level of your own!

Whole new tutorial
As we watched newbies playing Basement we realised that some of the game mechanics were not so easy to understand. So if you haven't played Basement yet it's about time to try.

New way of sandbox generation
Now you can choose a start building with different funds and characteristics, other buildings that will be at the level, and the number of enemies.
New decor stuff (rooms, weather effects)
We've added tons of new decorations for buildings and rooms, backgrounds, weather effects, and dogs.

And hundreds of minor changes and fixes you'll be able to see if you just start the game. The new update we've worked on for so long is already available on Steam!

p.s. press ‘E’ in menu to unlock in-game level editor
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky
Four months passed since the last update. All that time we’ve been working on an easy to use level editor. We had to rewrite a bunch of game "core" code because level editor was not in our plans from start. It's the main reason of updates delay.

But look at this!

The editor will be an internal instrument for a while as we need to fix lots of issues and polish it to be ready for public use. When we’re done, we’ll make the editor available for everyone.

Besides level editor we have started working on dialogues. Those are essential tools for storyline exposure.

While moving old levels to a new editor, we also redesigned appearance of rooms, characters and decorations, added bunch of room upgrades and added weather effects.

So, we need a few more weeks to put everything in order. Then we will be ready to deliver an update.

Thanks to everyone who still support us!
Oct 25, 2016
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky
* Fix error on third research step
* Fix stamina level showing in move/attack windows
* Attempted to fix "long long description" issue in level selection menu
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky
There was an issue with mouse input on touchscreen laptops, so it’s fixed now.
Sep 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky

Now we’re ready to release two previous updates in public. If you’ve participated in early gamepad testing and used “Inception” branch, just select “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs” in BETAS tab in Basement Properties window to switch back to main. So, today you all will get an update with gamepad support and some bugfixes. We also did some changes to tutorial level to make it more easy to understand. Hire window now allows you to select from all available “types” of employees.

As always, please, leave your comments on game forums. There is also a special thread for gamepad related issues.

P.s. there might be an issue with screen resolution on start on Macs. Just select whatever you want in game options
Aug 22, 2016
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky
Hello everyone!

We’ve just pushed an update with a few minor fixes and improvements. This patch is again released only for "Inception" branch with gamepad support. To switch to "Inception" branch please follow instruction in a previous update.

  • Employee automatically goes to heal when hp is lower than 80%
  • Added few gamepad hints
  • Added required resources icons in upgrade and hire windows
  • Added employee icon in room context when it's assigned to the room
  • Added notification when your employee died
  • Fixed issue with Upgrade rooms
  • Fixed few issues with notifications
  • Fixed few missing UI sound
  • Fixed small localization issues
  • Decreased сamera move speed with gamepad
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky

PAX WEST 2016 is coming up! We’re taking over part of the Indie Mega Booth! Come visit us to meet some amazing Basement community members, playtest, hangout with us devs. And, of course, there will be some super exclusive Basement SWAG!
Aug 12, 2016
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky

Hello dealers, there were no news for ages, but now it's time to shed some light on what we've been doing for so long. It's not yet an update, but a special version with full controller support. To get this version you’ll need to do the following:

- Open Steam
- Open your Games Library
- Right click on Basement game

- Select Properties
- Select BETAS tab
- Select "Inception" beta from dropdown

- Wait for game to update (or install if it’s not)
- Plug in your gamepad
- Start the game
- Have fun
- Post feedback on our special Gamepad Feedback forums

This is it. Cheers!
Community Announcements - Halfbus

Hello everyone it been so long since our last update and we're so happy to push it now. First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for your patience, hope you'll enjoy new features we've been working on.

The main feature for an upcoming update is *Character Items*. It opens door to lots of tactics in game as you can equip character with different weapons, use drugs as buffs, heal, read books and increase stats with special clothing. Basic items can be acquired directly in character context or item shop room. With upgraded shop you'll get more, and the most rare - drop from enemies. Weapons have different ranges, attack effects (like shocking or bleeding), hit cooldowns.

The next thing is combat system. It was completely rewritten, supporting character control and many-to-many fights.

It been asked and it's done: Sandbox configurator

New stuff:
  • New gameplay track!
  • Female employees
  • Revamped character UI
  • Upper floors
  • New speed controls x0.5-x4
  • Stamina-bound movement speed
  • And many more
Have a nice game!
Jan 31, 2016
Community Announcements - Dmitry_Minsky
We've fixed some annoying issues found in yesterday's update. We hope everything will go smooth after.

* Fix issue when sales were not counted as income
* Fix level restart on mission fail
* Fix error after switching locale in main menu

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