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Hi everyone!

Again quickly on the heels of our 3.1.1 beta release follows the ADOM 3.1.2 beta release.

If you already are using the beta branch, it will be updated automatically. Otherwise you should follow the instructions in should you want to test it.

ADOM 3.1.2 again fixes a number of important bugs in the last release and fine tunes some other game aspects.

You can find the full announcement here:

I expect probably one more beta release before the 3.1.x ADOM branch will become the stable standard for Steam.

And now: happy hacking!
Thomas & Team ADOM

P.S.: Our newborn daughter still is taking a toll on my concentration skill - I announced ADOM 3.1.2 everywhere but here. *Sigh*
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

On the heels of our 3.1.0 beta release follows the ADOM 3.1.1 beta release.

If you already are using the beta branch, it will be updated automatically. Otherwise you should follow the instructions in should you want to test it.

ADOM 3.1.1 finally fixes our "trap fix" (they got deadlier instead of less deadly) and adds a lot of other bug fixes.

You can find the full announcement here:

And now: happy hacking!
Thomas & Team ADOM

P.S.: Sorry for taking so long to get the next bugfix up but our newborn daughter still is taking a certain toll on my schedules and I'm still in the process of accomodating to that ;-)
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

Starting now you can try out ADOM 3.1.0 as a beta version here on Steam.

ADOM 3.1.0 comes with a greatly revised talent system that should make talent choices a lot more interesting (and hard due to more competing & compelling abilities).

Additionally we have revised the internal trap mechanisms to lower instant death situations and replace them with more exciting challenges.

And there is an extensive list of minor enhancements and bug fixes, fully available here:

This link explains how to activate the beta version:

The following blog post contains all the details about the changes in 3.1.0 beta:

Please note that 3.1.0 still is beta - their might be bugs or other problems. Only try it if you feel adventurous! So far no serious bugs have been reported so we feel pretty good about the release.

As soon as we have ironed out any remaining oversights we will release this as a general public version (without the beta status).

The next major release after this one finally will tackle customized PC sprites showing your equipped items, etc. In our internal version this already is working quite decently but we need to work out some more kinks before we can release ADOM 3.2.0 with this exciting feature.

Stay tuned and have fun in the meantime!
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - (Dominic Tarason)


Ancient Domains of Mystery – ADOM, to its friends – has been kicking around for a good long while. A complex and traditional roguelike in the vein of Nethack, where everything seems to interact with everything else on some level, and death seems inevitable without extensive trial and error.

The past few years have been treating this old workhorse well. While traditionally freeware, it returned to full development thanks to sales of a Deluxe edition of the game via Steam, and a crowdfunding drive, giving paying players access to new builds early. Now a major new update for the game has just rolled out for everyone, bringing all players free and paid alike up to the same point.


ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
A Happy New Year to everyone!

May 2018 become your best year ever full of health, love, happiness and success!

Oh, and we just released ADOM 3.0.6 most importantly fixing a minor bug with challenge mode:

The update will be installed automatically.

Thomas & Team ADOM
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

One day before Christmas we are very proud to release ADOM 3.0.5 to the general Steam public. ADOM 3.0.5 is the culmination of the crowdfunding campaign started in 2012 (

ADOM 3.0.5 consists of a spectacular set of features including:
  • extensive character generation options including 12 races and 22 classes, point-based atttribute generation and a lot more,
  • extensive game customization options (permadeath versus save & load, monster lethality, treasure rates, etc.) to truly create your preferred way of playing ADOM,
  • several hundred dungeon levels to explore,
  • more than three dozen specific quests during the main quest,
  • various play modes (tutorial, standard, roguelike, challenge, network, customized, etc.),
  • 140 exciting unique artifacts,
  • 480 monsters, 896 base items, 47 spells, 41 skills, 100 talents,
  • a large number of (fair and meaningful) achievements,
  • a global highscore server at (see to learn how to register),
  • a simple and easy to use UI with extensive tooltips, hints and a detailed tutorial mode.
  • and so much more.

Please note that this will not end ADOM development. Quite to the contrary we have an almost infinite amount of ideas and improvements to continue ADOM development. As a consequence you can expect new releases for years to come. Nonetheless we are very proud about finally finishing our 2012 crowdfunding campaign.

We wish you a Merry Christmas. And now go and enjoy ADOM - the current sale is the best you can get, so buy some more ADOM codes as Christmas gifts and give them to your friends and loved ones :-) !

Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

We are very close now to a general public release: You already can try out ADOM 3.0.5 as a public Steam beta. Here you can find a description about how to activate it:

ADOM 3.0.5 is a _huge_ update compared to the last Steam release 2.3.8. It contains a significant amount of new content, the most important features being:

  • dozens of new items
  • 50+ new artifacts
  • dozens of new monsters
  • 3 new community quests, 4 new mini maps, the legendary volcano quest, the quest for Rolf, forefather of dwarves and various other special quests
  • many dozens of new items
  • a completely revised and better integrated online manual
  • a global online highscore server at which allows you to compare your skill to players all over the world; especially the challenge mode will benefit from this as we now can compare our skill week by week
  • 100+ bug fixes and refined features.

Detailed descriptions are available here:

Enjoy the beta and let us know if you find things that misbehave. Extensive testing has been done so we are very optimistic about the stability of the release - and intend to make it generally available very soon.

Axes high!
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

Thanks to your awesome support we managed to get into the top 100 for Indie game of the year 2017. Now I'd like to ask for your support one more time as teh visibility we gain due to these things helps us greatly in continuing our work on ADOM and releasing ever more content for you!

Please vote for us one more time in a brave attempt to rise to the top. You can find all the details here:

Thanks so much - your enduring support means everything to us :-)

Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM

P.S.: The beta for is going very well - we expect to release ADOM 3.0.5 by the end of the week on Steam. With many new quests, monsters, items, artifacts, global highscores and a lot more. It was a long journey but the crowdfunding leg of that journey finally is coming to an end!
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

While we are ramping up for the next series of releases (very soon now - important bugs fixed today ;-) ) we'd like to ask for your support in voting for us as Indie of the Year 2017 over at IndieDB.

Here you can find the details (e.g. the link):

Thanks for your continuing support!

I now return to making tomorrow yet another special day ;-)

Thomas Biskup
ADOM Maintainer
ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) - TheCreator
Hi everyone!

If you want to support ADOM please nominate us for the Steam awards - just follow the purple links on the store page at

We'd prefer the labour of love category but naturally you are free to do whatever you like :-)

In the meantime there is a short update (with this call for action plus some more brief details on the global highscore server plus the new statistics module for ADOM) at

So if you like the idea of global highscores or detailed player statistics, all this soon is coming to Steam. You want to use the current sale to get into ADOM if you haven't done yet ;-)

Thomas & Team ADOM

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