Shacknews - Steve Watts

The Indie Gala bundle has gotten a time extension, as well as a new game added to the line-up. You now have until January 6 to grab the name-your-price bundle, and the indie game Vizati is packed in as well.

The rest of the bundle includes Zombie Shooter 2, inMomentum, Hacker Evolution: Duality, Your Doodles Are Bugged!, and Saira. Bonus items include Zombie Shooter 1, Hacker Evolution: Untold, and DLC for Doodles, and several soundtracks. You can obtain the bonuses by paying more than the average, which at the moment sits at a low $1.78.

All of the games except Vizati are granted via game codes that you can redeem through Steam, but the newly-added game isn't on Steam yet.

The bundle lets you choose how much of your contribution goes toward charities Save the Children and Child's Play, and you'll need to use a PayPal account for the transaction.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

InMomentumInABundleThat scene in Brazil where Robert De Niro gets crushed by paperwork? That’s me right now, except with press releases about pay-what-you-want indie game bundles. I can see why, as it’s a way of getting gamers’ attention without having to go anywhere near a publisher, but I worry about buyer fatigue (and blogger fatigue too). Anyway! That’s probably my hangover and resultant grumpiness talking. I shall instead attempt to celebrate the latest bundle, The Indie Gala.

Included: the lovely InMomentum, the agreeably stupid Zombie Shooter 2, puzzle platformer Saira, scribbly puzzler Your Doodles Are Bugged and the Uplinky Hacker Evolution: Duality. (more…)

Shacknews - Jeff Mattas

Yet another bundle of indie games has gone on sale today to satiate your independent gaming needs. Called The Indie Gala, the bundle includes five indie titles from developers like Sigma Team, Digital Arrow, and Nifflas. The incredibly popular "pay-what-you-want" pricing model is in place for those interested in picking it up, and as if that isn't enough of an incentive, The Indie Gala also includes a couple of extra bonus games and extras for those who purchase it within the first two days it's on sale (today and tomorrow).

Normally, The Indie Gala includes the action-RPG, Zombie Shooter 2 (Sigma Team), the platform racing game inMomentum (Digital Arrow), the hacking sim Hacker Evolution: Duality (exosyphen studios), the colorful puzzle-based drawing game Your Doodles Are Bugged! (Spyn Doctor Games), and the exploration-based platformer Saira (Nifflas).

The aforementioned bonuses for those purchasing The Indie Gala either today or tomorrow include Sigma Team's Zombie Shooter 1, exosyphen studios' Hacker Evolution: Untold, some "Bonus Doodles" Easter-themed DLC for Your Doodles Are Bugged!, as well as "the official theme of the Zombie Shooter series."

At checkout, some (or all) of the proceeds from each purchase can be donated to the Save The Children and Child's Play charities. Just be aware that you'll currently need a PayPal account to facilitate the transaction. You can grab The Indie Gala from the official site.


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