Community Announcements - red51
We wish you a Happy new Year!

Hi folks!

Finally the long awaited update is available! It introduces dungeons, but also some other features like weather, new items, a gramophone (which can play music) and much more!

The dungeons include underground generated structures, abandoned cabins in the woods and underwater ruins. More dungeons will follow in the near future. Unfortunately there are no enemies in the dungeons yet, but once that changes, the dungeons will be much more interesting!

Apart from the dungeons, this update introduces weather, including rain, snow, fog, thunder etc. More effects (like sandstorms) are planned.

This update also introduces several new items, new animals (a deer, boar and a polar bear) and some new objects, including a working gramophone! You can find some records for the gramophone in abandoned forest cabins.

Last but not least we did a lot of changes under the hood, including a reworked rendering, and especially the implementation of a logarithmic depth buffer. This greatly improves the rendering precision, reducing z-fighting (i.e. the "flickering" of construction elements or posters) drastically. Unfortunately, the logarithmic depth buffer has an impact on performance - to improve your framerate, you can disable it in the file (set "graphic_logarithmic_depth_buffer" to false).

Have fun with this update and stay tuned for the next one! :)

  • [New] Dungeons, including underground dungeons, underwater ruins, forest cabins
  • [New] Spike traps and ground traps, which spawn randomly in dungeons
  • [New] Weather, including rain, heavy rain, snow, storm, thunder, fog, cloudiness
  • [New] New animals: boar, polar bear, deer, rat
  • [New] New creative mode tools: block placement and terrain area edit
  • [New] New object: gramophone, which can be used to play records
  • [New] New item: record (including 10 different classical pieces)
  • [New] New items: wooden grill spit and skewer (can be used to cook meat)
  • [New] New objects: torture rack, iron maiden, judas cradle, cages, bones, bone throne, bone torch, bone statue
  • [New] New objects: bear skin rug, mattress (useful for custom beds), old piano, old table, old shelf
  • [New] New items: bear pelt, polarbear pelt, deer pelt, moose pelt, goat pelt, fox pelt, sheep pelt, boar hide, cow hide, pig hide
  • [New] New block textures: grass, dirt, stone, gravel, farmland, sand (terrain textures)
  • [New] Added glare effect to torches and lights (can be disabled)
  • [New] Logarithmic depth buffer, which provides much better precision (greatly reduces flickering of objects [e.g. posters] at large distances)
  • [New] New underground music (3 new tracks)
  • [New] Added footstep sounds to animals
  • [New] Added fire sound to torches (which are placed in the world)
  • [New] Added size info to area selection tool (e.g. blueprint area selection)
  • [New] Added breath/air indicator when underwater
  • [New] Added dummy image for images which are still downloading
  • [New] Added settings for color vibrance
  • [New] Added slider to change intensity of the depth-of-field filter
  • [New] Added setting "graphic_fog" to the file to enable/disable fog
  • [New] Added setting "mp_query_timeout" to the config to change the server query timeout value (milliseconds)
  • [New] Added audio settings to adjust volume of weather effects and world music (gramophone)
  • [New] Added "offlineban" command to ban players who are currently offline
  • [Change] Greatly reduced flickering of overlapping construction elements (e.g. planks)
  • [Change] Improved overall framerate
  • [Change] Improved performance of dynamic lights (i.e. flares, flashlights etc)
  • [Change] Blueprints which contain blocks can be rotated now (in steps of 90°)
  • [Change] Blueprints will be kept in inventory after using them (in creative mode)
  • [Change] Added illuminated display to the ore detector, also added red/green indicator lamp
  • [Change] Thirst will be slowly quenched when it's raining or snowing
  • [Change] Ground gets wet when it's raining (only affects footstep sounds at the moment)
  • [Change] Tweaked sunrise/sunset effect
  • [Change] Animals will now drown when they are underwater
  • [Change] Grass will be removed now when placing a blueprint
  • [Change] Increased visible range of grass (increased render distance)
  • [Change] Improved many sound effects
  • [Change] You can hold the keys now when selecting a blueprint area
  • [Change] You can use the PgUp and PgDown keys to vertically resize blueprint areas
  • [Change] Changed some recipes (some recipes are just placeholders until we have proper items in place)
  • [Change] Changed font of status messages (improved visibility)
  • [Change] Changed preview shape when placing dirt, stone etc.
  • [Change] Adjusted depth-of-field effect
  • [Change] Increased SSAO (ambient occlusion) intensity
  • [Change] Increased spawn chance of willow saplings
  • [Change] "Inventory full" message stays visible for a longer time now
  • [Change] Did some minor tweaks to some gui dialogs (e.g. being able to tab in blueprint creation dialog etc)
  • [Change] Plugin "onEnable()" will only be called once all plugins are loaded now (added onLoad() method)
  • [Change] Plugin database implements AutoCloseable now (i.e. you can use it in try-with-resources statements)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed DPI scaling issues in combination with certain monitor types (Windows 7-10 only)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed DPI related issue which caused the camera to spin randomly
  • [Bugfix] Fixed tnt not causing any visible damage to blocks
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing name for ramp corner block
  • [Bugfix] It's now possible to respawn when dying in creative mode
  • [Bugfix] Fixed broken grass occlusion when enabling this setting during runtime
  • [Bugfix] Fixed grass removal when placing multiple blocks
  • [Bugfix] Fixed post-processing effects not loading properly in rare cases
  • [Bugfix] Fixed jumping behaviour when player is in shallow water
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which allowed users to create accounts with invalid usernames
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing water splash sound (when player jumps into water) in creative mode
  • [Bugfix] Fixed rare crash when starting the game

Bugfix (2017-01-01):
  • [Change] Greatly reduced spawn rate of abandoned shacks
  • [Change] Weather changes less frequently now
  • [Bugfix] Fixed start issues on MacOS
  • [Bugfix] Fixed vcredist 2015 incompatibility (Win7 Home)
  • [Bugfix] Underwater dungeons spawn correctly now
  • [Bugfix] Abandoned shacks no longer spawn under water
  • [Bugfix] Fixed broken dungeons when reloading the world (only objects were still in place)
  • [Bugfix] Dungeon chests no longer "regenerate" loot when accessing them again
  • [Bugfix] Dungeon chests can be removed properly now
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "randomness" of furniture in abandoned shacks
  • [Bugfix] Rain will no longer go through glass
  • [Bugfix] Fixed world generation issues (missing caves, ores, water, wrong textures etc)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing name of bear skin rug
  • [Bugfix] Fixed manhole covers

Bugfix (2017-01-10):
  • [New] Added setting for color vibrance ("View adjustment")
  • [New] Added setting to the config file to disable grass (only works in singleplayer)
  • [New] Added new animals to world creation dialog
  • [New] Added multiplayer server option to disable weather (settings_weather_enabled)
  • [Change] Increased transparency of rain
  • [Change] Changed loot spawn for dungeons
  • [Change] Adjusted some sound effects
  • [Change] Slightly increased spawn chance of abandoned shacks
  • [Change] Adjusted spawn position of abandoned shacks (previously shacks sometimes spawned half sunken into the ground)
  • [Change] Umlauts are now allowed in blueprint names
  • [Bugfix] Underground dungeons spawn properly now
  • [Bugfix] Rain/snow is now visible through glass panes
  • [Bugfix] Screen should no longer turn red for no apparent reason (need feedback)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed slow loading of custom images (posters)
  • [Bugfix] Lightglare can now be disabled in the settings properly
  • [Bugfix] Smoke is no longer visible through walls when logarithmic depth buffer is disabled
  • [Bugfix] Fixed bug which enabled Lightscattering automatically
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong rotation of horizontal ramp blocks after rotating a blueprint
  • [Bugfix] Fixed rare crash when converting an old world
  • [Bugfix] Fixed spinning meat when trying to place it on a grill

Bugfix (2017-01-13):
  • [New] Weather can now also be disabled in singleplayer via config file (game_weather_enabled)
  • [New] Added command "gamedir" to open the game directory
  • [Change] It's no longer possible to create worlds with invalid file names
  • [Bugfix] Fixed crashes related to shader compilation errors on Linux
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with disappearing construction elements / objects in certain situations when placing a new element
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which caused animals to be freezed
  • [Bugfix] Fixed sky shader issue on Geforce 200 series graphics cards
  • [Bugfix] Now rain should REALLY be visible through glass panes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with vanishing planks when placed directly in front of a block (need Feedback)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed console command "deleteplayer" (mp)
Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks! A new update has been released, which introduces some new features. Especially two interesting items are now available: On the one hand you're now able to craft flares, which are quite useful to light the area around you, they work even under water, and - most important - they won't extinguish if you drop them.

On the other hand, this update introduces dynamite. Not much to say about that, just use it to blow everything up. This way it's quite easy to create a "tunnel", although you have to keep in mind that you won't get any resources that way. Also make sure to keep enough safety distance ;)

Apart from that, this update also introduces new music for underground caves - which is a good preparation for the upcoming dungeons. The same applies to some other changes we did, for example we added reverbs/echos to underground caves.

Last but not least this update contains a lot of bugfixes, as usual. Stay tuned for the next update :)

  • [New] New item: dynamite (let's blow something up!)
  • [New] New item: flare
  • [New] New ore: sulfur ore (can be processed into sulfur)
  • [New] New music for underground caves
  • [New] Added reverb/echo to caves
  • [New] Added new sound effects
  • [New] Added "unban" and "deleteplayer" commands (see permissions) in multiplayer
  • [New] Added command "resetphysics" as a temporary workaround in case your character suddenly gets stuck
  • [Change] Improved update speed (i.e. place/remove elements etc) of chunks with lots of construction elements
  • [Change] Improved placement speed of blueprints
  • [Change] If an error occurs in a plugin, a proper exception will be thrown now
  • [Change] Errors caused by plugins will be printed in chat now (in addition, an error dialog comes up when too many errors occurred)
  • [Change] Removed cobalt (ore and ingot)
  • [Change] Changed some sound effects (e.g. hitting wood blocks)
  • [Change] Increased max size of windows (construction elements)
  • [Change] KeyInputEvents will no longer be triggered when textfield is focused or game is paused
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing item hotbar when changing from creative mode to survival
  • [Bugfix] No longer getting stuck for no apparent reason (physics freeze)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed crash related to physics engine
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issues when compiling plugins on the fly (invalid classpath)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed commit issues when a plugin accessed the world database
  • [Bugfix] Fixed Plugin API related issues, did some changes and added new functions (see API changelog)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with connections when plugins queried MySQL world database
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when placing multiple planks in a line in creative mode

Bugfix 2016-11-02:
  • [Change] Adjusted "ringing in the ears" when being too close to an explosion
  • [Change] Changed some sound effects
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from putting fuel into the furnace (placement range was too low)
Community Announcements - red51
A new update is available :) It mainly focuses on the new plugin API, so it is possible now to run your plugins.

The plugin API can be considered as a "lite" version of modding, especially since it became quite powerful over the last weeks. Of course it's not exactly the same as creating real mods (e.g. a "total conversion" mod wouldn't be possible this way), but in return, it's much easier to use, and when playing in multiplayer, there is no need to download anything in order to join the server.
But the plugin API not only relevant for multiplayer, but also for singleplayer.

Here are a few examples what could be achieved with the new API, just to give you an impression of the potential of the API (especially since it cannot be compared to the old Lua API):

  • Elevators (not just basic command/teleport stuff, instead a cabin you can step in, select the target floor, and it will actually move to the desired location)
  • Windmills with rotating sails
  • A tool rack for your items
  • A huge mining drill
  • ...

We will upload an example plugin within the next hours. It's basically a guestbook, which gives an overview of all players that have played on your game world in the past (obviously this is mainly interesting for multiplayer server). But as mentioned, it mainly serves as an example plugin. Of course you can still find the Javadoc (which also contains several small examples) here:

We are also going to provide a new AreaProtection plugin very soon.

Probably the current Lua API will still be supported for 6-8 weeks until it will be discarded. If you need any help converting your scripts to the new API, or if there are any Lua scripts you urgently need for your server, just let us know. We are not going to leave anyone out in the cold ;)

Apart from that, we also did some changes to the game of course, and fixed some bugs. Among others, we added a "pause" mode (when pressing esc), added a new mini pig (just for fun), fixed some lighting issues (rough light transitions between chunks), reworked and improved many sound effects, and got rid of some crashes. As always, you find the full changelog attached.

We will fully concentrate on the dungeons now. We are really sorry that the dungeons update takes so long. Working on the API was actually quite time consuming, but it was really important for us to get it ready as soon as possible.

  • [New] Full release of the new Plugin API
  • [New] Plugin sourcefiles can be compiled "on the fly" and will be loaded directly from your project folder
  • [New] Added command "reloadplugins" to reload plugins during runtime (also added permission)
  • [New] Game will pause now when pressing ESC (singleplayer only), can be disabled in settings
  • [New] Added banister corner element
  • [New] Added minipig (currently only spawnable via command "spawnnpc minipig")
  • [Change] Returning to main menu should be much faster now
  • [Change] Speeded up game startup time
  • [Change] Improved animal collision (especially object collision)
  • [Change] Reworked and improved many sound effects
  • [Change] Blocks which are "half sunken" into the terrain will spawn above the ground now when removed by a sledgehammer
  • [Change] Preview when placing stone, dirt etc. can be disabled in config (game_show_terrainfillselector)
  • [Change] Sticks and lumber are now also craftable at the sawbench
  • [Change] Increased min/max size of glass panes
  • [Bugfix] Fixed lighting issues (rough light transitions between chunks)
  • [Bugfix] Static lights are now visible in lod chunks again
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong light colors when placing several lamps in hell
  • [Bugfix] Objects (furniture etc) will now be affected by new lights (which have just been placed) correctly
  • [Bugfix] Slegehammer can now also be used to deconstruct loam blocks
  • [Bugfix] Fixed rare crash when changing resolution
  • [Bugfix] Items no longer disappear when dropping them from a chest
  • [Bugfix] Fixed red colored screen (when player had low health) when returning
  • [Bugfix] Apples can no longer be collected from cut appletrees (same applies to lemon and cherry trees)

Bugfix 2016-10-19:
  • [Change] Adjusted sound for minipigs
  • [Bugfix] Fixed trees not getting removed properly
  • [Bugfix] Fixed world only loading very slow when teleporting
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing blueprint preview images
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing text for "GuiLabel" elements
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from shearing sheeps in certain situations
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some sound issues
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a crash when creating a model without collision (API)
  • [Bugfix] JDK path "plugin_jdk_path" in the config file to compile plugins on the fly works properly now
  • [Bugfix] Adjusted spawn position of tree logs when removing the stump
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with plugins not working properly in multiplayer when a player disconnects and reconnects

Bugfix 2016-10-21:
  • [New] New command "plugins" to show all active plugins (sp only)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some sound effects
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing water slash sound
  • [Bugfix] Fixed weird physical behaviour when cutting trees
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing custom models after reloading a world

Bugfix 2016-10-22:
  • [Bugfix] Fixed crash in certain situation when uploading an image for the poster tool
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with api labels (wrong position/color after changing properties)
Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks! A new update is available now, it took much longer than expected, and we are really sorry about that. First of all: This is unfortunately not the dungeon update. They're still in the works, but other things (Plugin API etc) caused a big delay.

Nevertheless, this update is quite mentionable. It can be considered as a preparation for the dungeons, but it also introduces some new features, and many bugs have been fixed (especially the annoying "falling-through-ground" bug - if you still encounter it, please let us know).

Main focus of this update was the improvement of the animal behaviour (that was necessary for the upcoming dungeons update). Animals still need work (proper water detection, better AI etc), but especially the collision detection should work much better now - in other words, animals will no longer be able to walk through walls or fences (which happened sometimes in the past), so you should be able to create a small farm now and fence in some animals.
Apart from that, animals now also get fall damage (and die eventually) when falling from a certain height.

Please keep in mind that we did many extensive changes to the animal implementation, and of course there is a chance that there are bugs or other unforeseen issues, or that the animals simply don't work as intended, so we need your feedback on this. If you encounter any issues with the animals, just let us know.

Apart from these changes, this update introduces some new features: For example there is now a chance that animal attacks can cause bleeding. This can be cured by using a bandage, which is introduced with this update as well.
There are also two new plants in this update, a hemp plant and a cotton plant. You can can get hemp fibers / cotton from these plants, which can be used to craft cloths (which are needed to craft bandages).

By the way: Be careful when breaking your bones, since this has a negative impact on your mobility now. It can be "cured" with a splint (requires sticks and bandages), but even though it restores your mobility, it takes some time until the broken bone is really cured. During that time you should be very cautious, even minor falls can break your splint and deal some extra damage.

Furthermore, you have "infinite" stacks of items in creative mode now. This makes building a lot easier. Another new comfortable feature is the ability to place multiple blocks vertically now.
Last but not least placed blocks can be "deconstructed" (i.e. you can pick them up) by using the sledgehammer.

There are several other additions and changes, to get a full overview, check out the changelog.

PS: Probably the Plugin API will be available by the end of this month.

  • [New] Added moon to nightsky
  • [New] Bleedings can now occur when being attacked by an animal
  • [New] New item: bandage, which can be used to stop bleedings
  • [New] New item: splint, which can be used to heal bone fractures
  • [New] New items: hemp leaves, hemp fibers and cotton (can be used to craft clothes)
  • [New] Added notification when collecting items/resources
  • [New] New objects: various sized wooden crates (can be used to store items)
  • [New] New door: saloon door (15 variations)
  • [New] New plants: hemp and cotton (can be cultivated)
  • [New] Item stacks are infinite now in creative mode (new creative permission: infiniteitems [true/false])
  • [New] Multiple lines of blocks can be placed vertically now
  • [New] Added spawn protection for 20 seconds (hostile animals will not attack), can be adjusted in properties
  • [New] Added "makeadmin", "revokeadmin" and "setplayergroup" as direct input command for the server
  • [New] Added information about smelting furnace to the journal
  • [New] Placed blocks can be deconstructed (and collected) by using the sledgehammer
  • [Change] Improved collision of animals, they should no longer be able to walk through walls (need feedback!)
  • [Change] Aggressive animals can no longer hit you through walls
  • [Change] Animals get falldamage now when falling from a certain height
  • [Change] You hear a notification sound now when block or object placement is not possible
  • [Change] Block placement is now less restrictive if the player is very close
  • [Change] Signs need to be labelled manually now after placing them
  • [Change] Previously hit block/plant/object is stored now, so the damage does not reset when you stop hitting it
  • [Change] Improved many sound effects and also added new sounds
  • [Change] Screencolor slightly changes now when player is on low health
  • [Change] Improved ladder climbing (no longer getting stuck)
  • [Change] Improved player and item sync in multiplayer
  • [Change] Slightly improved readability of gui texts
  • [Change] Slightly changed color of day sky
  • [Change] Changed date format
  • [Change] A server restart will be advised after 24 hours now (can be disabled in properties)
  • [Change] Bone fractures now reduce movement speed of the player
  • [Bugfix] Fixed various bugs which caused some crashes in certain situations
  • [Bugfix] Greatly reduced occurrence of "falling-through-the-ground" bug (if you still encounter it, please let us know)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "invisible animals" attacking you in rare situations
  • [Bugfix] Fixed underwater fogginess
  • [Bugfix] Fixed water lod surface generation (sometimes resulted in disrupted water surfaces previously)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed other players being invisible in multiplayer sometimes (need feedback)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed ban message (reason was not displayed)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed custom image permissions not being applied correctly in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Fixed filling up of furnaces (sometimes it was possible to place ores between the slots)

Bugfix 2016-09-19:
  • [Bugfix] Fixed bug which prevented you from collecting ores
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing hemp and cotton saplings
  • [Bugfix] Fixed spawn of hemp and cotton plants
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a crash which occurred in certain situations
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "splinted bone" indicator still being visible after loading another world

Bugfix 2016-09-20:
  • [Change] Playercollision no longer affects items
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing labels in crafting menu
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "invisble" signs
  • [Bugfix] Fixed items not being saved correctly in large crates
  • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue which affected the "WorldEdit" Lua script
Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks!

A preview version of the new Plugin API is now available. You can get an impression on what is possible with the API, and you can also start working on your first plugins.
You find a new section in the forum now, which is dedicated to the Plugin API. You can ask questions or discuss any API related things there, or request new features in the "Feature Requests" section:

In contrary to the Lua API, a documentation (Javadoc, which also contains some examples) is also available. In can be downloaded with the Plugin API (you can load it in your IDE and access it while coding), or alternatively you can watch the online version here:

Unfortunately you can't add the plugins to your server yet. The servers will be updated within the next weeks, you can take advantage of the time to get used to the new API, or to prepare your plugins. Once the servers have been updated, the old Lua API will still be supported for ~ 4-8 weeks until it will be removed.

Please note that a few events and functions are still missing, they will be added soon. If there is something wrong with the new API, or you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave your feedback :)

Download link:

Update 2016-08-23:
A newer version of the API is available (same download link), we also updated the Javadoc accordingly.

The server will be updated very soon, so you will be able to load and test your plugins.
Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks! A new update will be available soon, but today we want to give some information about two important upcoming features.

As you probably know we're currently working on dungeons, they're going to be available soon. This includes various underground dungeons, underwater ruins, but also other "abandoned" buildings like old shacks in the woods. Here we have two preview screenshots for you (still work-in-progress):

Plugin API
We are also working on a new, Java based plugin API, which will replace the current Lua API. The new API allows you to create custom "gamemodes" and influence the gameplay, basically it can be considered as a "lite version" of Modding. The first release of the plugin API allows you to (among others):
  • Take control of various events
  • Create custom gui elements, including images
  • Place and move custom 3d models in the world
  • Get full access to the world database
  • Query keyboard events of a player
  • Spawn items and modify player inventories
The new API will have a proper documentation from the very beginning, unlike the current Lua API.

Stay tuned!
Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks! A small update is available. This time it's mainly about furnaces: Now you will need fuel in order to use a smelting furnace. Currently you can either use coal or lumber to fuel a furnace (you find a small hatch on the left side of the furnace).

This update also introduces a new, bigger version of the smelting furnace. Apart from that, we did some smaller tweaks and fixed some bugs, you find an overview of all changes in the changelog.

Have fun :)

  • [New] Smelting furnaces require fuel (coal or lumber) now
  • [New] New object: Big smelting furnace
  • [New] Dedicated server now accepts input commands (say, yell, tod, saveall, shutdown [now])
  • [New] Total amount of available/existing servers now visible in server browser
  • [Change] Half-filled canteens can now be refilled at watersources
  • [Change] Removed some debug output messages of dedicated server
  • [Change] Decreased timeout for servers in serverlist (so high ping servers no longer delay the result)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed invisibe door placement indicator
  • [Bugfix] Fixed whitelist/blacklist issue in multiplayer
  • [Bugfix] Fixed items sometimes spawning multiple times in multiplayer
  • [Bugfix] Hopefully fixed furnace bug ("ghost" ore remaining in furnace) in multiplayer (need Feedback)
Community Announcements - red51
Hey folks! Another update is available. It gives server owners the ability to create custom pages in the journal. This may be useful if you want to put the server rules there, or any other information regarding the server.

This update also introduces modular scaffolding objects, as well as two new items: A bucket (which can be used to place water in the world) as well as a canteen (if you want to drink water while traveling).


Apart from that there is an experimental command to find your base - in case you get lost. If it works well, it will be added to the creative mode. However, it's still recommendable to build a bed at your base and sleep in it (so you will always respawn there, and the compass can also lead you to that position then).

Custom Journal:

Last but not least this update contains several changes as well as bugfixes. Check out the changelog to get an overview of all changes.

We are also working on dungeons at the moment, probably a few preview screenshots will be available soon.

  • [New] Server admins can add custom pages to the journal ("server notes")
  • [New] New item: bucket, can be used to collect and place water
  • [New] New item: canteen, can be used to drink water
  • [New] New object: Scaffolding
  • [New] Added experimental console command "findbase" to find your base coordinates (singleplayer only)
  • [New] Added preview grid when placing dirt or stone etc, it's also possible to move the grid with your arrow keys
  • [New] Added help screen (F1) when filling up terrain
  • [New] Added player whitelist and blacklist feature for multiplayer servers
  • [New] Added "savep", "saver" and "savel" commands to permanently save current setp/setr/setl values (also reset-commands to reset values)
  • [New] Added "technical" smoke object to create artificial smoke (don't place too many of them)
  • [Change] Changed night sky (no longer blurred)
  • [Bugfix] Water is no longer invisible when it's behind a transparent object
  • [Bugfix] Fixed particles being invisible when in front of water
  • [Bugfix] Fixed sound distance of sledgehammer
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with Steamworks not being initialized correctly
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "dummy world folders" being created when joining a multiplayer server
  • [Bugfix] Fixed rare crash when placing construction elements
  • [Bugfix] Fixed movement issue with blueprints
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong memory arguments on Linux
  • [Bugfix] Fixed LWJGL issue ("no display modes found") on Linux/Fedora

Bugfix 2016-06-22:
  • [Change] Adjusted collision of scaffoldings (ramps)
  • [Change] Lua terrain edit function now also accepts water id
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with wrong object and construction placement (being unable to remove or interact with them)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with custom journal not being loaded properly in multiplayer
  • [Bugfix] Fixed missing messages when being kicked from a server
Community Announcements - red51
Hi folks! It took a long time, but finally the long anticipated water update is available :) You will find water in ponds and lakes, randomly spread over the world, as well in big oceans.

Please note that this is only static water, in other words, it does not adapt to the terrain when you dig up the banks of a lake, for example. But it's our intention to implement dynamic water in the long run.

There are of course a lot of other new features, like the ability to drink water (key F), or new vegetations and objects, as well as several bugfixes. You find an overview of all changes in the changelog.

If you have trouble loading an old world, please let us know.

Have fun :)

  • [New] New feature: Water
  • [New] New biome: Ocean
  • [New] Ponds and lakes in regular biomes
  • [New] Creative terrain tool to place water
  • [New] New trees: Cherry tree, dead willow, dead rowan, maple (swamp variation)
  • [New] New plants: Sea plant, tube sponge (although it's an animal)
  • [New] New objects (decoration): Wicker beach chair, life saving ring
  • [New] You can drink fresh water now to quench your thirst (use interaction key)
  • [New] Added error handling for native crashes
  • [New] Added detection for outdated graphics drivers
  • [New] Added square terrain edit area (Creative mode)
  • [New] Added option to keep inventory on death (settings -> miscellaneous)
  • [New] Added various other options to settings menu (allow commands, flymode, change custom images resolution etc)
  • [New] Added new permission "general_keepinventory" (to keep inventory on death)
  • [New] Added falling leaves when cutting a tree or plant
  • [New] Added option to set window resizeable (only via config at the moment, will be changed shortly)
  • [New] Added various new soundeffects
  • [New] Added 'setl' command (to change resize precision for construction elements)
  • [New] Added 'clearinventory' console command
  • [Change] Greatly increased growth time for plants and saplings
  • [Change] Blueprints can hold much more construction elements now (~65 million)
  • [Change] Fixed refraction leaking (i.e. wrong refractions when objects were in front of refractive surfaces)
  • [Change] Multiplayer: Admins gain full permissions now (unless 'settings_admins_all_permissions' is set to false)
  • [Change] Increased despawn time for dead bodies in singleplayer (30 minutes now)
  • [Change] Did some smaller visual adjustments to snow biomes
  • [Change] Reduced thirst interval, increased hunger interval
  • [Change] Command "setr" now also works for image placement
  • [Change] Traffic cones can be picked up now
  • [Change] Changed some object descriptions
  • [Change] Improved some sound effects
  • [Change] Commands and Lua output now show up in rcon tool
  • [Change] Inactive physics objects (items, chopped trees) will be reactivated on nearby activity
  • [Change] Changed recipe of sandstone blocks
  • [Change] Updated detection for unsupported graphics adapters
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue which prevented you from walking through doors after teleporting
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with invisible collision after cutting trees
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with still getting damage from lava (hell) after respawning
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with chunks suddenly disappearing after respawn and regenerating
  • [Bugfix] Fixed start problems on some machines
  • [Bugfix] Greatly reduced occurrence of "flying plants" over cave entrances
  • [Bugfix] Inventory no longer closes when looting corpses using the interaction key
  • [Bugfix] Fixed false graphics card warning with integrated Intel graphics adapters
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some localization issues (message dialogs)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with ingame registration
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong fog calculation for distant objects (furniture etc)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a crash when the clipboard (e.g. in chat) was not available

Bugfix 2016-05-26:
  • [Change] Lakes spawn more frequently now
  • [Bugfix] Fixed load/conversion problem with old worlds
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue when loading a world once again
  • [Bugfix] Fixed permissions not working correctly for admins (Multiplayer)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with water effect when reloading a world

Bugfix 2016-05-27:
  • [New] Creative water tool can now also be used to remove water
  • [New] Added setting to enable/disable water reflections
  • [New] Added serveroption (Multiplayer) to determine if Lua output should be forwarded to Rcon
  • [Change] Creative paint tool no longer affects water
  • [Change] Native crash dialogs are shown in correct language now
  • [Bugfix] Fixed crash on Linux and SteamOS
  • [Bugfix] Fixed sound issues on some machines (loud, distorted or missing sounds etc.)

Bugfix 2016-05-28:
  • [Bugfix] Fixed start problems with 32 bit operating systems
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