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Sky World being finished, i'm now working on the Under The Sea mode:

You'll start in a cavern located under a huge ocean. As you can see in the second picture, the ocean will be ~330 block deep! If you like playing with water physics, I think you should enjoy this one.

Contrary to the Sky World mode, this mode doesn't have too much randomness, I tried to design an interesting progression and discovering of the world. So in order to preserve the gaming experience, i'll wait for it to be complete before adding it to the beta branch. That shouldn't be long now, as the world is almost complete. I just have to define the monsters/bosses locations and add a few surprises...
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
A first version of the Sky World mode is now playable on the Beta branch.

(As a reminder, the Sky World mode is a world with various floating islands, with a lot of randomness. Each world will be very different, you won't have any idea of which direction is best to explore)

It's still very early, the game cannot yet be finished with it (missing bosses and ores, etc.), but don't hesitate to try it if you whish to help me build it.
I'm especially interested by suggestions about some new zone layouts (shape of islands + ore placement + monsters).
And also by a question about the plants life conditions (especially the altitude one) ; should I keep the default game ones or modify them?
Here is the best place to discuss about it: http://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/1489987634005238608

Also, I realized there was a setup isssue with the cloud - it's now properly activated (on defaut branch too).
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
I've just finished a big part of the v1.0 release version: the hazardous environment option.

"Sharknado" event: not only water falls from the sky!

Here is the full list of the events names : Heat Wave, Rain Flood, Meteor Shower, Volcano eruption, Earthquake, Restless Night, Quiet Night, Planetary Alignment, Aciditic Water, Drowsiness, Mating Season, Lucky Day, Sun Eclipse, Mist, Electromagnetic disturbances, and Sharknado.

Those events are not very well polished, they are not very realistic... but they are fun, and I think that's something that was really missing in the game.

To know more about the events, you can follow the v1.0 topic on the forum : http://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/1489987634005238608/ or simply play the game on the beta branch, as I upload versions very regularly.
Then you can create a new game with the option activated, and you'll get one random event about every 1 or 2 days. You can activate the option in your old game by modifiying the m_eventsActive custom param. Or you can trigger any event directy with the /event command.
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games

At last, I've finished all the minor tasks I wanted to do before the release. Now my task is to add the real new content of the v1.0, and that's going to be fun!

First, there will be a few game modes that have been discussed in the forum. If I have enough time, I hope to do those four ones: "Sky World" (a very random world layout), "Under the sea" (you start in a cavern under a huge ocean), "Tower Defense" (build a base to survive as long as possible, with regular income), and an "Editor Mode" that will give you a little more options than the current post-game mode.

But I'll also add another feature that wasn't planned at all, but should add a lot of interest to the game: a "Hazardous Environment" game option! It will be available for every mode (and for existing games too, with the /param command). This option will add some catastrophic events every day: massive flood, meteor shower, water turning acid, etc. I can't wait to do it... and try it!

As planned, the final v1.0 will increase the game price to its final $12. And as for the previous major updates, you'll be able to try the changes in the Beta branch while i develop them (and help me find the issues!)

About this minor v0.35 update, here is the change log. I'll most probably upload some minor fixes and balance builds, as some changes have not been tested very well. So don't hesitate to give me any feedback about the changes - especially the new Demon attack!

v0.35 (Build 638)

- Improved pathfinding: ground monsters should be better at climbing high steps, hitting the ceiling less often
- Improved aggro mechanism : monsters and bosses don't switch targets all the time when attacked by several players
- Added game options: "Run in background", "Max framerate" and "Screen shaking" (to reduce it at gun firing)
- Pickup priority for the player who just digged it. Pickup are now displayed bigger

Bug Fix
- Fixed Minimap reset when client quitted-rejoined and host didn't use the minimap
- Fixed rare freeze bug for the client in multiplayer
- Chat is now deactivated when in options menu
- Monsters current target is now correctly saved
- Monsters cannot "dig to spawn when no spot found" during the day anymore
- Lightning Mine : fixed bug with bosses detection
- Wires properly capped at 250kW
- Turrets cooldown is now reset when electric turret are not powered
- Other players are now hidden while spawning (during the character colors choice)
- Fixed bug with bosses and monsters stucked without firing

- Reversed autobuilder recipes order (input on the left, output on the right). Fixed the missing feedback on crafting
- Wires are now displayed when any electric item is selected (not only the wire)

- Monster now spawn further away from screen. At day, 7 monsters around by default instead of 4.
- Demon boss: damage reduced from 20 to 15... but with a new special attack every 10 seconds, a big fireball that creates lava on impact. Enjoy! :-)
- Rocket Launcher requirements modified (15 Radioactive Blood instead of 10 High Radioactive Blood)
- ZF-0 gun: 7 damage instead of 6.
- Burning monsters now take 6 damages instead of 4 (every 0.7s)
- Storm gun damages increased from 50 to 55, but now with heating
- Lightning Mine: damages increased from 80 to 150.

- Replace all small texts fonts by a one easier to read (was added on in a v0.34 hotfix)
- Now able to miniaturize higher walls with a low miniaturizer
- File name validity is now checked at save
- Added a "m_gravityPlayers" variable, that modify the gravity on players
- Fixed controls options panel title hidden on large screens
- Added a tooltip on the easy/normal difficulty levels
- Updated Koreana & French language

v0.35 (Build 639) - 2017.09.30
- Fixed persistent lights from projectiles
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
I just release the v0.34, please find below the change log. Most useful changes are the lobbies list improvement, the "no spawn on backwall" now absolute rule, and the better display of water trickle/drops.

I also just created a discussion on the forum about the future v1.0 game modes. Please tell me what you think and give suggestions, to help me choose which ones I'll do: http://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/2579854400756094312/

v0.34 (Build 617)

- Display the player number & day count in the lobbies list. Display title of the columns. Improve refresh
- Monsters don't spawn anymore over backwalls, never!
- If no free spot to spawn monsters, they will come "from behind" by breaking some holes into natural backgrounds (dirts, rocks)
- Invincible during 3s after respawn

Bug Fix
- Fixed a rare bug that froze suddenly the server (open load screen at 0%)
- Fixed a bug that made the monsters targeting a disconnecting/unresponding client invincible and in constant movement (or static)
- Keep character choice if reloading a game before first save
- Fixed flamethrower sound bug in multiplayer
- Fixed looped sound bug (the smooth speed depended on the framerate)
- Fixed bug on the day counter (and some achievements) when auto-save option was set at 0/day.

- Water: more random trickle (not all the same time), and better display the sparse falling water drops (no more sparkling)

- Balance solar panel requirements (no infinite loop with solar lamps)

- Character customization auto-saved, used as default value for next game creation
- Add a Close button on Inventory, Crafting and Help panels.
- Add Korean localization (thanks 의 하루!)
- Update Russian & French localization

EDIT on auguest 25th:
v0.34 (Build 619) HOT FIX
- Fix freezes on clients in some rare cases
- Update backwall help text
- Replace all small texts font by a one easier to read
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Here is a new minor update, with a lot of fixes and improvements, mostly for the multiplayer. Still a few lines in my high-priority TODO list, and then I'll start working on the final v1.0 features!

v0.33 (Build 607)

- Added Minimap death marker ("X") on the last death position, if loot was dropped. Reset when we go back at this position, game reload, or new death.
- Added specific death messages in multiplayer chat (killed by x, drown, burnt, etc.)
- Optimized of monsters position synchronisation
- Added an autobuilder / miniaturizor if none was found in connected players inventories & world for 30s (added in the host's inventory)

Bug Fix
- Teleports back a boss to its home after 2min out of its normal area (to prevent some rare boss disappearing bugs), and fix a bug that was preventing bosses to (re)spawn
- Fixed player teleport sync on clients
- Fixed monsters HP bar never full on non-targeted players
- Fixed lava spiders/bat that made damage underwater on close range
- Fixed crafted item that were not added to the item bar on clients
- Fixed bug that was creating a duplicated loot when loading just after killing a monster (especially for boss)
- Fixed bug that was preventing from loading a saved game of another player
- Prevent placing items when clicking to save a game (in the save game menus)
- Fixed bad display of repair turret target area overlay

- Reduced the cost in Radioactive Flesh for advanced potions

- Show Miniaturizor effects on other players
- Reduced the Jetpack volume
- Added a Quit validation message
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Another minor update. I usually wait to get more content before releasing them, but this crash issue is really urgent and I hope this update fixes it! If you had some crashes before, please tell me if it's better or no.

I also fixed some multiplayer bugs, and did some balancing : your trips into the volcano should be a little easier now (but health potions in quantity are still in order!)

And don't forget, if you wish to follow the beta versions I upload almost everyday, follow this forum post: http://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/2592234299545724164/ and/or activate the Beta branch

v0.32 (Build 589)

- Fix the crashes - at least I hope so!
- Add a mouse-over box to show the full text (host name, game name, params)
- Add /ban and /help commands

Bug Fix
- Fix Storm Gun that was firing the storm on other players' mouse position (finally !)
- Prevent getting regularly 5 damages in multiplayer when digging fast, and in the Strange Rock.

- Burning does a total of 15 damage instead of 50, but fire projectiles set fire at each hit. Fire ants/bats do 15 damage instead of 20/30, cooldown at 1/0.7s
- Balance : shield has 1/2 of full HP, instead of 30 HP
- Higher tier monsters die faster when missing air (and lower tier monsters a little slower). Boss stay immune.
- Higher tier monsters drop Radioactive Blood (level 1) a little more often.
- HP Regen Potion require 10 Radioactive Blood instead of 15, and 4 blue flower instead of 3
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
I just released the v0.31 to fix several bugs that might have affected you after the v0.3 release. The biggest one made a huge drop in framerate: it's now fixed (and it should even be a little better than before now). I also fixed the walls that were sometimes destroyed when you removed a turret just below. Sorry for the issues!

I also created a branch "debug", with the last version but with additionnal debug info inside. If you happen to experience some regular crashes, please contact me (best on the forum), and if you can play with on this branch it will help me a lot to investigate the issue.

🢂🢂🢂 If you have crashes, or bad framerate, or just whish to help me solve this major issue (priority #1 now), please check this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/2592234299557496149/

v0.31 post on the forum : http://steamcommunity.com/app/315460/discussions/0/2592234299545724164/

Here is the change log:

v0.31 (Build 581)

- Optimize graphic performances

Bug Fix
- Fix very bad framerate for some players since v0.3
- Fix a bug that was destroying walls above a turret you miniaturized (when they are in front of a background and a backwall)
- Custom params command: you can now set an empty string (useful to remove a password, check the wiki: )
- Fix out-of-screen player names shaking when player is jumping

- Remove the Bloody Flesh in the Heavy Turrets recipe
- Fix very bad framerate (for some players)

- Chat lines now behind the inventory panel
- Add German localization
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
Multiplayer coop, interface upgrade, custom params, and a lot of improvements!
Here is the updated trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPPgOYDBrnI

You can now play the game in coop, with your friends (max 4 players). Just create a new multiplayer game and ask you steam friends to join it! The player who creates the game will be the host (better if he has a good computer and connection), he will be able to save and load. In multiplayer player respawn, so as bosses after H24, so you can all progress through the game until being able to escape from the planet!

About saved games, old ones are not compatible with v0.3. But you can continue playing them by activating the "v0.25" steam branch (in the steam properties of the game).

This update took a very long time, it was quite a challenge for me, so I really thank you all for your patience!

As planned, the price is now set to $10.
It will be increased to $12 for the final major update (v1.0), and there won't be any major sale nor bundle before at least one year after the release

Here is the change log :

v0.3 Change Log (Build 563)

- Multiplayer: play the campaign in coop with your friends.
- Player character customisation
- Add a Parameters system to customize the games (rain quantity, weight of block, monsters damages, monsters drop chance, volcano eruption params, etc.). They can be modified in config files or in-game with commands. More details here: https://digordie.gamepedia.com/Custom_Params
- Steam Cloud for saved games. Moved saved games folder, now in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Dig or Die\<SteamId>\Saves. Old saved games are incompatible (activate the "v0.25" steam branch to continue playing them).
- After completing the game, you can now start new game with all Ultimate (= over-cheated!) items. Add a some new Ultimate items: ultimate miniaturizor, ultimate wall and ultimate armor
- Right-clic on devices icons to use them, "use by shorcut" option improved, quick heal option removed
- 3 new night musics
- Some multiplayer additions: players can throw items out of their inventory (drag & drop), players and bosses respawn (can be activated in solo with custom params), player penarly for death (low hp + drop minerals), command to kick players.
- Add MK5 recipes to craft all rare minerals from basalt and catalyst plants

- +2 blocks to use, miniaturize and pick distances
- Give flashlight at start in peaceful and easy difficulties
- Explosive fireflies don't explode if they are shot (but they are faster and make more damage)
- Sun lamp light much stronger: only one needed every 7 blocks (instead of 3 before) to run an underground farm
- Rocket launcher : no more damage to the ground
- Monsters have more change of spawning in front of the player, when moving (easier to hunt, harder to escape)

- full UI graphic makeover
- 2 new artworks (home screen backgrounds)
- Improved texts visibility

- Fix electricy bugs: signal powered items caused some bug in some electricity network configuration
- Fix spike turret (target ground monsters much better)
- Repaired blocks stop burning after being repaired
- Fix Load/Save and Help panel titles
- Fix some bug in minimap player coordinates

- Update French, English, Russian, Polish, Dutch localization
- Lots of typo fixes
- Game still visible if out of focus (if you have clicked on a 2nd screen)
- And a great lot of various bug fixes and improvements I forgot to add here...
Apr 11, 2017
Dig or Die - Gaddy Games
This should be the last announcement about the v0.3 before its official release (and its price increase). It's almost finished but I'll wait for (end of) May as I move back to France next week so I won't be able to work for a time.

Here is some of the v0.3 changes since the last announcement:
- Lots and lots (and lots) of bug fixes
- Penalty for death (low hp and drops, depending of the difficulty level)
- New Kick and params modifiers commands (so you can change params during a game, like rain quanitity, or even difficulty level).
- A lot of new custom params (to modify the weight of blocks, monsters drop chance, eruption params, day/night duration). Check the Wiki for more info: https://digordie.gamepedia.com/Custom_Params
- New MK5 recipes to craft most minerals (and dirt) from basalt + some plants catalysts
- Sun lamp light much stronger: only one needed every 7 blocks (instead of 3 before) to run an underground farm.
- New cheated items: ultimate miniaturizor, ultimate wall and ultimate armor. Enjoy!
- Improved ingame texts visibility

Here is an example of a farm with the old lighting system, and the new one: much easier to manage (check this post to know more about this problematic ) !

I also created a mailing-list, don't hesitate to register to get news of the major updates (and on day, my future game !), no spam, I promise: http://eepurl.com/cIQ6lr

Finally, two videos of the game: a speed run (17min to kill the Mad Crab in normal difficulty): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133691595
And if you happen to speak french, a very nice let's play: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjPOihUuuxuD2qNZOwrrxUVnnPRtd8SN_
It's the first multiplayer let's play I see, so don't hesitate to suggest the game to your favorite youtubers! :-)

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