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Announcement - Valve
Back to the Future: The Game is available at 60% off now through Thursday at 4pm Pacific Time.

Includes all 5 episodes of Back to the Future: The Game

Episode 1: It's About Time
Episode 2: Get Tannen!
Episode 3: Citizen Brown
Episode 4: Double Visions
Episode 5: OUTATIME - Finale!

Shacknews - Alice O'Connor

[Update: 08:50] Telltale has also announced an agreement with Sony. This'll see Telltale publish retail PlayStation 3 versions of its PlayStation Network games, also starting with BTTF, also at $20.

Adventure game aficionado Telltale Games will be bringing its Back to the Future: The Game to Wii this October as a $20 retail release, after signing up as an official Nintendo publisher. Being on a disc should let Telltale avoid the problems that troubled its previous WiiWare releases.

"Securing a publishing agreement with Nintendo of America ensures that we can make our popular content available on every major console platform," Telltale CEO Dan Connors said in the announcement. "This signing is a significant milestone in our long-term growth strategy."

Telltale has released games for Wii before, but only as WiiWare downloads, where they had to deal with Nintendo's small size limit. WiiWare is hardly a high-profile sales channel, too.

"The voices and textures are the way they are because we're limited to 40 megs for WiiWare titles," one Telltale member said of Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1. "The PC versions of our games are usually 150+ megs, and most modern games range anywhere from 1-10 gigabytes or more. Talk to Nintendo about this one."

Being a retail disc, Back to the Future on Wii should hopefully look and sound a lot better. It was originally released in five episodes for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and iPad. The first episode launched in December 2010 on PC, with the last arriving this June.

Telltale is working on a tasty slate of big-named licensed adaptations that'd easily find homes in the Wiis found in almost every living room across the land. Along with Jurassic Park: The Game, it's working on games based upon Law & Order: Los Angeles, The Walking Dead, and comic book Fables.

PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Back to the Future review">BacktotheFuturethumb

There are moments in Telltale’s latest episodic adventure series that will remind you exactly why you love Back to the Future. And you do. By law, you do. The little twinkling sound as the story starts. The sheer joy of seeing Marty and Doc reunited for one last adventure. The moment the DeLorean hits 88mph. Nostalgic hits like that fondle the old geek glands like nothing else, and just for a split second, a game that offers them can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, Back to the Future is five episodes long, and those warm fuzzies are a distant memory by the end of the first. For the rest of the game, you have to make do with Telltale at their least inspired, clearly focused more on hammering their latest licence around their standard adventure game template, rather than working out how best to turn Back to the Future into a game. There are no cool time-travel brain twisters like the ones back in Day of the Tentacle for instance. None.

Instead, you’re forced to stumble through lots and lots of very easy, uninspired, but worst of all, boring puzzles, based more on cartoon logic than the tropes of the films. Where those had romanticised but iconic time periods, Telltale fail miserably at making their own circa 1931 Hill Valley anything more than a studio lot. A studio lot full of comedy gangsters and slapstick that makes Bugsy Malone look like Goodfellas. Almost everything you bump into feels, if not bad, cheap, rushed and phoned-in.

The one exception is the main storyline linking all of the puzzles. This time, we get to see Doc’s past, back at the start of his scientific career, with the timeline first put at risk by one of Biff’s gangster ancestors, and then a love affair that risks turning Hill Valley into a Big Brother style state.

What makes it work is that despite some incredibly silly individual moments, there turns out to be an incredibly strong emotional core to the story. As with all decent spinoffs, the best bits are when it expands on the films’ philosophies and asks new questions. Without wanting to spoil anything, the big one here is precisely what gives Marty the right to choose the ‘correct’ timeline, just because it’s better for him and his loved ones. The game still often struggles to find that authentic Back to the Future feel, the final episode especially going off the rails several times, but at least it tries.

With the same story, better puzzles, and the licence taken more seriously, this could have been the Back to the Future game fans deserve. As it is, while its adventure chops make it more than one of those old side-scrolling platformers with a popular movie’s logo on the box, the exact same kind of production-line thinking is clearly, painfully, in full force here. Marty and Doc deserved better. So did we.
Shacknews - Xav de Matos

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcoming games everyday. The most anticipated titles receive their own post, because we know you're eager to see that content. For the rest, we have the Daily Filter, a place to feature all of the media we add to our enormous database on a daily basis.

Today's Filter includes dev diaries for Assassin's Creed Revelations and Driver: San Francisco along with new videos for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, FIFA Soccer 12, Back to the Future, and Orcs Must Die.

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Orcs Must Die

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Driver: San Francisco

FIFA Soccer 12

Back to the Future

Product Release - Valve
Episode 5: "OUTATIME" for Back to the Future: The Game is now available.

The season finale features a very special guest star, Michael J. Fox!

Six months after the events of the third film, the DeLorean Time Machine mysteriously returns to Hill Valley - driverless! Marty must go back in time and get aid from a resistant teenage Emmett Brown, or else the space time continuum will forever be unraveled!

Shacknews - Andrew Yoon

Telltale's episodic Back to the Future games have been wonderful offerings of fan service. AJ LoCascio's portrayal of Marty McFly, in particular, helps cement the experience as an authentic continuation of the classic films. But, Telltale has one more secret to share: Michael J. Fox will be making an appearance in the final episode of the series, OUTATIME.

The developer isn't revealing exactly what character Fox will play, but apparently Marty has met this character in the original film series. Can you figure it out from the screen above?

The final episode will be available on PC and Mac on June 23. iPad and PS3 releases will follow shortly.

Shacknews - Steve Watts
Telltale Games revealed today that the fourth episode Back to the Future: The Game will come next week. "Double Visions" is the last episode before the finale, "OUTATIME."
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Back to the Future: Episode 1 is now free">

The first episode of Telltale's series of Back to the Future adventure games is now free to all. You can download it from the Back to the Future site. You'll need to sign up for a free Telltale account first, but once that's done, the game is yours. Episode 1 is called "It's about time," and has Marty travelling back in time in the trusty Delorean to save Doc from trouble. Episode 3 of the 5 part series came out last week.
PC Gamer
title="Permanent Link to Download Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1 for free">

Telltale Games is using the power of love on PC gamers, offering the first installment of its latest adventure series, Back to the Future: The Game, completely free! Sure, this isn't our favorite of Telltale's episodic adventures, but you'd be an April fool to turn down a free game. Read on for a download link—it is your density. I mean, your destiny.

It's no prank—Telltale has a history of generously giving away game episodes in the past: Episode 1 of the Tales of Monkey Island series was free on Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th, for all you landlubbers), and the fourth episode of Sam & Max season one, Abe Lincoln Must Die!, is free to all indefinitely. Now why don't you make like a tree, and download Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1 - It's About Time now.

Product Release - Valve
Episode 1: It's About Time of Back to the Future: The Game is now available on Steam at 10% off.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown return in a completely new Back to the Future adventure.

Six months after the events of the third film, the DeLorean Time Machine mysteriously returns to Hill Valley - driverless! Marty must go back in time and get aid from a resistant teenage Emmett Brown, or else the space time continuum will forever be unraveled!


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