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When we looked at survival platformer Rain World [official site] we found a gorgeous and intriguing world but one that often felt too brutal to fully enjoy. So it s good news that an upcoming expansion will add an easier mode, where you play as a yellow slugcat nicknamed The Monk who needs less food to survive and doesn t provoke the ire of as many of the world s vicious animals. Namaste, little Monkcat.

This is only one feature of the upcoming update, say developers Videocult. Also planned are a level editor, multiplayer arenas and perhaps most exciting a host of new creatures. Come peep at the deets. … [visit site to read more]

Rain World

For those who bounced straight off Rain World due to its difficulty, the game's forthcoming expansion will be a good reason to return. Among other things, the update will usher in two new playable characters, basically coloured variations of the game's slugcat protagonist.

The new yellow slugcat (aka The Monk) will attract less ire from the game world's volatile inhabitants and is, overall, "more at peace with nature". Meanwhile, the new pink slugcat (aka The Hunter) will up the difficulty further. "The hunter must make predators into prey, killing and eating larger creatures such as lizards to survive," so says the description. 

"Its heightened metabolism makes it faster, stronger and more dangerous, but also means that it requires significantly more food to survive hibernation." Good luck with that, masochists, though the hunter will be able to carry more spears.

New creatures, flora and fauna will be added too, and will feature depending on which of the three slugcat varieties you're playing as. But most interestingly, a new multiplayer mode will be introduced. It's a four-player arena-style mode which take place in "over 50 unlockable new rooms". 

Finally, Steamworks compatibility is being worked on too, with a level editor scheduled to roll out with the update. As for when that happens, there's no official date yet, but we'll let you know. Read the full update post over here, or read my review of the game.

Rain World - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

Here s some cheapo games because you like cheapo things and you re a cheapo person. Don t give me that look, I m just being honest. The same folks that do this sort of thing all the time are Humbling Bundling survival platformer Rain World together with Glittermitten Grove, which is a fairy management sim and definitely not hiding any other amphibious videogames inside its slimy belly sac, if that s what you re thinking. This is all part of the Adult Swim bundle, which includes some other bits and bobs. … [visit site to read more]

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Hark! It’s the sound of our sweet voices taking up an hour of your precious time. The RPS podcast of old, the Electronic Wireless Show, has returned in a fresh new body. We’ve got news, interviews and silly features, as well as some of the traditional idle chat.

This week, Pip, Adam and I are chatting about Far Cry 5‘s “Last Supper” image, the recent layoffs at Hitman developer IO Interactive, and enjoying a jaunt through melancholy puzzler Old Man’s Journey. There’s also some Quickfire Questions with the developers of survival puzzler Rain World, news from Paradox Con and lots more. … [visit site to read more]

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I finally completed Dark Souls III [official site] last week, a world that I have been dipping in and out of between bouts of listlessness since its release in April last year. It didn t grip me like the first revered Dark Souls, but it still made me sad to know it was all over. Where could I go now for my Souls fix? The answer, it turns out, is loads of places. The games industry is quietly reverberating with the series influence. From small games boasting souls-like combat, to bigger games doing weird things with death and player messages. Meanwhile, our PlayStation brethren got Nioh, which took the pocket full o souls idea and simply renamed them Amrita . There is a popular complaint that everything in the industry is now being compared to Dark Souls, and it’s easy to forget that games embraced difficulty and strangeness long before the Bed of Chaos made you weep with frustration. Nevertheless, the mechanics and the tone of Miyazaki s magnum opus is leaking into games everywhere.

That there’s an influx of Soulsian disciples out there isn t a problem to me. My problem is that they are learning all the wrong lessons. At least, they are neglecting the most important one. But first let s look at what sly tricks are being lifted from the series, and who is lifting them. … [visit site to read more]

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Deceptively cute platformer Rain World [official site] has launched an update to make surviving the post-apocalypse marginally less punishing and, crucially, a bit less frustrating. The map is now improved, some resources are more common in places, and several control problems have been ironed out. Our boy Brendan wanted to like Rain World, oh he did, but he found control issues, poor explanations of crucial systems, and harsh penalties for failure just too much for him. Last night’s patch hasn’t massively changed how Rain World works, so it’s still a hard-as-nails game of mystery and misadventure, but it does take the edge off. … [visit site to read more]

Rain World

Ah, Rain World. Killer of slugcats, destroyer of dreams. The challenging survival platformer has just received its first patch, and it does a pretty good job of fixing some common complaints, without making it "easier" per se. For example, now you're far less likely to get caught in a tunnel you don't want to get caught in, thanks to "disconnected exits" (ie tunnels to nowhere) no longer snagging you.

Elsewhere, slugcat will have a subtle glow when navigating murky water, meaning – generously! – that you'll be able to see yourself. You'll also have a larger lung capacity while swimming. More food has been added to certain regions (read the full notes if you want, names could be considered spoilers), while certain gated areas will be easier to access (ie, the rank you need to be to pass has been lowered).

To be honest, as much as I loved Rain World at launch I think these changes are welcome. They don't sound like they'll take the edge off the game, but it'll mean playing it will be a little less punishing. The full notes are over here, but beware of region name spoilers if that kind of thing annoys you. Oh, and if you've just started, I wrote up some beginners tips last week.

Rain World - NormalPrimate
Hello friends and slugcats! We present to you patch #1: Rain World v1.01

This quick patch is intended to accommodate some early player feedback and polish assorted rough edges on the various game systems, etc. These were all low-hanging fruit that we think improves the player experience without taking anything away from the concept of the game. Rain World should be an existential experience: unforgiving and even occasionally unfair. But it should be the jaws of a Lizard that gets you or the Rain, not some ragdoll physics wonk or design oversight!

Gameplay improvements:
* “stuck in holes” fix - disconnected exits will no longer snag you
* subtle backlit slugcat in low visibility swimming situations
* quicker turning around in tunnels
* larger lung capacity while swimming
* nerfed the more intense waterfalls in Shoreline to prevent repeated drownings
* more pearls near Scav tolls in Garbage Wastes
* more food in central Garbage Wastes
* more food in central Shaded Citadel
* more karma flowers in world
* karma gate requirements on the Shaded Citadel, Drainage System and Underhang side were lowered to prevent players becoming stuck in challenging regions
* food / karma flowers regeneration now ticks forward on deaths (helps eliminate stuck / starvation situations at low karma)
* players will now keep map progress between deaths (Id say 99.5% of people asked for this)
* map now features gate karma symbols and shelter icons when locations are discovered
* karma depletion on game exit removed if done within 30 seconds of sleep cycle
* full karma drop on exit bug fixed (that was a brutal one, sheesh!)
* intro cinematic is now skippable by holding start / esc
* for players having issues with Grey Screen of Death and starting the game from sav files, you can now entirely skip loading the intro by holding "s" when pressing "New Game." hopefully this helps until we have a real fix!
* many many minor room fixes

Stability improvements:
* map loading bug fixed (was causing the corrupted savs, ugh)
* gate crashing bug fixed
* assorted stability improvements


Next steps: More patches and content is on the way, of course! We would like to see how this current round of bugfixes land before digging into further issues, as we have a feeling that these might solve a lot of the problems we've seen. But of course if you could keep sending in those bug reports and sav files that would be fantastic and hugely beneficial.

Thanks to all for feedback and please keep it coming! Let's all get through this tedious fixing and tweaking so we can get rolling on the fun stuff: new content!

--Rain World team
Rain World - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

The Darwinian platforming of Rain World [official site] left me with mixed emotions. Surviving day-to-day in its brutal ecosystem can be an unfair slog, not to mention cursed with janky controls. Yet it’s also a stunning depiction of a harsh new world, with a host of spine-chilling, adorable, and wondrous wildlife. Here s an incomplete collection of some of the animals and plantlife I ve encountered, often resulting in a quick and painful death, all presented in the perfect format: GIF.

Important note: a big part of Rain World is its surprising world, and discovering how each animal lives and feeds. If you want to find that stuff out for yourself, ignore the siren call of the GIFs. You ll appreciate it more.> … [visit site to read more]

Rain World

By now, if you’ve any interest in survival platformer Rain World, you might have cottoned on that it’s hard. I said as much in my review, and many have echoed the sentiment since the game launched yesterday. Still, you probably want to persevere. While the game does have a cryptic yellow ghost as a guide, that little jerk barely explains the game’s weird systems. So that’s what I’m going to do, in as spoiler-free fashion as possible. These are for beginners, by the way: hopefully this guidance will make the opening hours less painful and more enjoyable, as you’ll kinda know what’s at stake immediately and, happily enough, you’ll know how the game works right from the beginning. 

The importance of hibernation

Apart from dying at the hands of Rain World’s enemies, this is probably the main barrier to entry for newcomers. The game explains that you must eat in order to hibernate, and that hibernation can only be done in special waterproof chambers which also serve as save checkpoints. What it doesn’t explain is that every hibernation has a deeper effect on the world, and crucially, so does every death.When starting out, understand that every hibernation and death moves you up and down a ladder respectively. Rungs on this ladder are marked by a symbol. Why is the symbol important? Because you need to be on the right “rung” in order to unlock certain crucial thoroughfares to other areas of the world. Ie, these things.

Notice the symbol at the top of the left glyph, above slugcat? That needs to correspond with the symbol on the bottom left of the screen – the “rung” I was currently on when I took this screenshot. What if you’re not on the right rung? You’ll need to hibernate enough times to climb onto it. Yeah, that’s painful I know. But such is life. 

The importance of death

While hibernating will move you up a rung, if you die, you’ll move down a rung. That means if you’re climbing (or let’s face it, grinding) to reach the correct “rung” and die on the way, you’ll lose a fair bit of progress. Keep dying, and things will get even worse. Does this suck? Yes. Do you need to deal with it if you want to play this relentless videogame? I’m afraid so.

Is there a way to make death suck less?

Yes, there are little golden flowers – usually found around the vicinity of hibernation chambers – which will lock you to the current rung on the ladder for one death. It’s better than nothing. 

How do I deal with being (and feeling) rock bottom?

The ranking / symbol / season system is punishing, but it does at least demonstrate that even though you feasibly could be moving through the first handful of Rain World’s areas quickly, you really shouldn’t. The way I survived was thus: try to roleplay the slugcat. If you were a useless little cat-that-is-also-a-slug, would you move on from an area while perfectly good food is still available, especially given food (which doesn’t respawn) is scarce? Make sure you’re well fed before daring to rest at a new hibernation chamber. Do a few quick reconnaissance runs (but get back before the rain!) Take it slowly. Focus on eating. If you’ve got empty food slots, make sure they’re bloody well full. I can’t stress enough: playing this game like it’s a rush through levels, is bad. Take your time. Focus on survival. Move on when you have to.

About that rain…

Bring up your map. The little dots around the rung / season meter in the bottom left of the screen counts down to when it will start raining. Keep an eye on it.

Can I survive outside of hibernation chambers if it rains?

Haha, no.

So, where do I go?

There are broadly two places you can go in the beginning of Rain World. Avoiding spoilers, both of these areas are gated by one of those symbol doors pictured earlier in this article. I’ll just say this: the first one of these doors you’re likely to encounter is the one you’ll need to go through. Or to be more specific: don’t go down, go up.Or, if you want spoilers: go to the bloody Industrial Estate. That is, up into this purple glowing tunnel and through the glyph door (pictured below: if you don't know where this is yet you probably don't need to move on).

Slugcat is very bad at jumping. How do I make him less bad?

You can’t, but there are skills that he has that you might not know about. Doing a long jump is well explained at the beginning of the game, but he can also do a backflip jump which is achieved by pulling back at the moment you start jumping. Practice a bit: it’s fiddly but once you figure it out, you’ll be happy. Also, there are poles strewn around the world which you’ll probably use to throw futilely at enemies. They have another useful function too: throw them at certain types of walls and they’ll stay there, meaning you can feasibly get places you thought were impossible. Make sure you aim properly though, because once they’re stuck in walls you can’t pull them back out.Also, I was stumped in the early hours thinking certain jumps were impossible. It’s worth persevering sometimes, and remember if you’re plunging towards a platform you’ll need to press “up” at the right moment in order to catch it.

Why should I persist with this game when real life is difficult enough as it is?

Because it’s a fascinating world and progress is rewarding. But yeah, life is difficult enough as it is. I’m confused, really. Tell me if you arrive at an answer.


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