Community Announcements - BetaSparkUK
Over 100+ new achievements and trading cards are to be added to Tales of Adventure 2 by BetaSparkUK over the next 24 hours.

The new achivements will also come with a bunch of new trading cards avaliable publically shortly and avaliable for you to earn and purchase on the community market.

If you are interested in assisting us with the trading cards or achivements and want to earn some quick cash please contact BetaSparkUK.

Callum Jones
Community Announcements - BetaSparkUK
Hello Tales of Adventure 2 fans and players!
I'm personally outreaching to all of you to help us design some images for our trading cards and much more.

Okay, so we need some achivement icons and some card designs. If you are a good designer would you post on my Steam profile so I can talk with you and discuss it. It would be paid! :)

Callum Jones :D
Community Announcements - BetaSparkUK
Hello Tales of Adventure 2 players,
I've personally been working on a few changes including a new EULA and one achivement as a test (sadly it cannot be activated at the moment but we plan to make it work soon!)

We are working to improve our game constantly and should be releasing some more visual updates soon.

Kind Regards,
Jul 17, 2014
Community Announcements - XIAOYAO
1.30 update of game
1. increase full-screen mode without black frame
2. improve 30% of the game performance
3. increase glass effect in changing interface.
4. increase two big icons of tools and storage
5. change the role of spider into the starfish monster.
Jul 16, 2014
Community Announcements - XIAOYAO
update of Game:
1:Delete strengthening menu and the upper limit of role skills,
blood volume and magic is strengthened to the maxium upper limit
2:Increase recovery amount of magic

3:The players can pass levels without removing all the enermies

4:Increase tools and you can summon tools after pressing red button
in the lower right corner and consuming 300SP

5:Increase sound effect of enchanting partially

6:Increase a kind of tools. After getting the role, the releasing speed
of bullet will accelerate twice. For the details, please refer to the video
on the page of shop. The video is a little jammed, but the game is
played very smoothly.
Community Announcements - BetaSparkUK
Hey, time we offered an new promotion.
If you'd like to support a site which really does work hard to provide decent content about technology and such then is for you. If you are a developer, it's also for you.

We are offering an new promotion for any who register at and comment with there username will recieve a free serial key!

First 100 people only, after that - no more keys will be given!

Kind Regards,
Callum Jones.
Community Announcements - BetaSparkUK
All those who've already got the game via partners and myself will be able to play the game very soon and let us know what they think!

I'm pumped for this release and I know most of you are too!
Let's begin the countdown!
Community Announcements - BetaSparkUK
Oh my! I cannot tell you how relieved we both are that this game is finally ready and will unlock automatically. Seriously, this has been an amazing ride and we've enjoyed development as much as you will enjoy the final finished product.

In advance before the release, we'd both like to give you a huge thank you for the support you've given us during these periods and we cannot express how much you've helped us grow.

Special thanks to Carlmundo for promotion and support during the project.

pangzhengyao & BetaSparkUK.

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