Enter the Gungeon

Dodge Roll Games has announced that its fab twin-stick bullet-hell dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon will release on Switch starting next week.

Why "starting", you ask? Well, for whatever reason, Enter the Gungeon's launch will be staggered across different eShop territories. North America will get it first on Thursday December 14th, while Europe and Japan will be graced with its presence on Monday December 18th and Thursday December 21st respectively.

If you've yet to be acquainted with Enter the Gungeon, it might help to imagine something like The Binding of Isaac with military-grade experimental munitions. Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin, however, likened it to a "twin-stick Spelunky" in his Recommended review.

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Gungeon Payday

Last year’s Enter The Gungeon [official site] was a rather pleasant surprise, offering a satisfying blend of bullet-dodging shmuppiness paired with a bit of Binding of Isaac-ish’roguelite’ dungeon-crawling and looting. This week saw the release of a cross-promotion update between Gungeon and Payday 2 [official site], with both games gaining a generous handful of free extra gubbins. The funny thing: none of them are guns.


Enter the Gungeon - br33dlove

Dodge Roll, OVERKILL, Devolver Digital and Starbreeze have released a special crossover event between Enter the Gungeon and PAYDAY 2. The crossover event includes three heist-worthy items from PAYDAY 2 introduced into Enter the Gungeon and four Gungeon-inspired masks and trophies available in PAYDAY 2.

Gungeoneers will discover three new items lurking around the game including the drill (opens locked chests while you fight waves of enemies), the bank bag (acquire more money but it spills out when you are hit), and the PAYDAY 2 mask (adds in a new Heister minion for each PAYDAY 2 item you possess).

PAYDAY 2 fans will now have access to new masks and trophies based on four of heroes of Enter the Gungeon. Select from The Bullet, The Robot, The Marine, and The Cultist and work to get the trophies associated with each new mask!

Full Patch Notes:

Enter the Gungeon - Valve
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Enter the Gungeon - br33dlove

Hey there Gungeoneers,

We are excited to announce our second major update: Advanced Gungeons & Draguns.

The focus of the update is on community requested changes, quality of life and convenience features, hundreds of new and substantially more powerful synergies, a bunch of new guns and items, and getting revenge on the Gungeon’s most hated resident, our new boss. Of course there will also be new rooms, npcs, secrets, and a new mini-boss. Our primary focus was to make the Gungeon a more generous place, while retaining options, for players who really engage with the difficulty of the game.

If you tried Gungeon in the past and found it too hard, too stingy, or too slow- this update will be the version for you. If you liked it just the way it was, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as well.

The aim is to release this update simultaneously, or semi-simultaneously on each platform, and yes that includes the Nintendo Switch, this fall. In the meantime, if you want to check out some of the new stuff- swing by the Devolver Booth at Pax West next week.

We see this update as the ‘complete’ version of the original release of Enter the Gungeon, hence the word advanced in the title. We’ve included nearly everything that we had in our original and insanely over-scoped plan for the game, as well as tried to incorporate as many pieces of thoughtful feedback from our lovely community. We read the comments, and we’ve stolen many of your ideas wholesale. As we get closer to the release of the update, we will have a detailed post about the changes included in the update. Thank you so much for your continued support of our silly game, Dodge Roll, and Devolver Digital. This update is not the end of Gungeon, we’ve got something small (but awesome) coming in September, and next year we’re breaking down walls. Until then, punch that Rat in the face for us.

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Another week has gone by and with it came the news of Destiny 2, a Witcher TV show and a whole stack of new gaming deals to check out. Conveniently enough, I m here to take a closer look at that last thing and it s about the only thing that s keeping me from playing more Prey. Without further hesitation, let s go ahead and check out what s on offer this week, shall we?

As usual, we ve got deals that ll work in the UK, deals that ll work in the US and some deals that will work in both the UK and US, as well as presumably many other places. Let s get started.

… [visit site to read more]

Mar 24
Enter the Gungeon - Rubel
  • Optimizations for physics and projectiles; the focus was on large bullet attacks (e.g. Gorgun's scream, Kill Pillar’s circle attack), but this has produced performance gains across the board

Improvements/Balance Changes
  • The Elder Blank is now usable while dodgerolling
  • Continue is now the default title screen option if you have an available midgame save
  • Table Tech Rockets and Melted Rock explosions no longer damage players
  • Bullets are no longer stopped by torches
  • Enemy self destruction (e.g. Mine Flayer mines, bells) no longer recharges active items
  • Explosive Pyre and Final Attack no longer affect Ammoconda spawns, Blobulins or Poisbulins
  • Blobulon Rancher no longer triggers when shooting enemy bullets out of the air
  • Hegemony credits will now drop when doing a Blessed + Double Challenge mode run

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Empty Bottle couldn’t pick up some hearts (ones that spawned inside a locked chest room)
  • Fixed an issue where using the Prototype Teleporter immediately after entering a new room could lock the room permanently
  • Fixed an issue where the blank shrine would spawn reward chests on top of each other
  • Fixed an issue where destroying the High Priest homing skulls with some weapons would result in the burst spawning near the player
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by the Devolver and the Blobulord boss
  • Fixed multiple issues with Lament Configurum spawning enemies in odd places
  • Fixed an issue where Full Metal Jacket would stop working after picking up the Badge or Broccoli
  • Fixed an issue where Forge Hammers and Gatling Gull rockets could damage the player while they were falling into a pit
  • Fixed an issue where Mine Flayer could get stuck in walls
  • Fixed a bug which caused Daisuke to ask for 6 credits to activate double challenge mode after the cheaper challenge mode prices are unlocked (30 attempts)
  • Fixed an input issue with the Directional Pad
  • Fixed an issue where Helix Bullets could cause guns to instantly reload when switched
  • Fixed an issue where invisible pot fairies could spawn in some Challenge Rooms
  • Fixed an issue which caused Casey to drop in odd locations
  • Fixed an issue which caused some rooms in the Abbey to remain open while enemies were present
  • Fixed an issue where Tailor was requesting the wrong shortcut materials in Polish
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Wallmonger if you used certain items
  • Fixed an issue with Bullats and the Final Attack challenge modifier
  • Fixed an issue which Blobulon Rancher spawning enemies through walls (in a small number of rooms this could soft lock the player)
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by pressing buttons on the Ammonomicon's death screen too quickly
  • Fixed the Unsteady modifier
  • Softlocks during dungeon generation can now be recovered using the Continue button on the title screen
  • Stunning Blue Shotgun Kin in the middle of their attack now correctly prevents their second blast
  • Fixed an issue where the speedrun timer would start with time on the clock after a Quick Restart
  • Fixed a minor exploit where the Bullet could be used to play without starting the speedrun timer
  • Fixed an issue where the Robot could be killed by electrified water while in the High Stress near-death state
  • Fixed an issue where Final Attack didn't affect enemies in reinforcement waves
  • Fixed an issue where doing the F8 sprite refresh didn't fully fix projectiles

Hotfix 1
  • Fixed an issue preventing projectiles from reflecting properly (this also causes a soft lock in the bullet's past)

Hotfix 2
  • Fixed an issue where the Crest wouldn't always spawn correctly in the Oubliette
  • Fixed an issue where the shortcut elevators could become inoperable
  • Fixed an issue where Lead Cubes could keep contact damage if disabled at a certain point in their attack.

Hotfix 3
  • Fixed a physics issue which could cause players to get stuck in objects in the Breach
  • Fixed a physics issue which could cause the game to slow down to an extremely low frame rate, possibly followed by a crash (thanks CachoTognax for the detailed info!)
  • Fixed an issue with Unknown Controllers which could prevent the left stick's input from being recognized in the slow motion gun select menu
  • Fixed an issue where opening the slow motion gun select menu while entering a boss fight could cause a soft lock
Enter the Gungeon - br33dlove
Check out the new glow in the dark Cultist shirt from Enter the Gungeon available on the Devolver Digital Shop!


Feb 23
Community Announcements - Rubel
Hey Gungeoneers,

Quick patch today with various bug fixes and some tweaks to challenge mode. Most of the team will be gone next week for GDC, so we may be a little slow to respond, but as always please send bugs to bugreports@dodgeroll.com or post them here on the Steam discussions.

Patch notes below:

Patch 1.1.2

Improvements/Balance Changes
  • Reduced Glass Guon shop chance
  • Updated input library for better handling of new controllers and OS updates
  • Added more inputs to advance NPC conversations (this was causing some players to get stuck in certain conversations)

Challenge Mode Changes
  • All Floor 4 bosses now have a single, unique challenge
  • Zone Control - Number of boxes now scales up with room size
  • Gorgun's Gaze - Timing is a little more forgiving
  • Gorgun's Gaze and Shockwave now have custom timing when both selected for a room
  • Hammer Time - Increased time between attacks slightly and removed attack timing variation
  • Adrenaline Rush - Reduced the increase speed and max speed in boss fights
  • The challenge mode cost is now reduced after 30 attempts

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where players could be teleported out of bounds in the GTCKTP (Gun That Can Kill the Past) room (finally tracked this one down!)
  • Fixed an issue where players could be on fire in the GTCKTP room
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Bloodied Scarf and the GTCKTP room
  • Fixed an issue where shots reflected by Unfriendly Fire could not be blanked or destroyed with Blasphemy
  • Fixed an issue where the Chest Teleporter could place chests in the incorrect room
  • Fixed an issue where launching the game outside of Steam would delete your midgame save
  • Removed a Shadow Magician room that was causing soft locks
  • Fixed an issue where enemies charmed by the Yellow Chamber were not always removed at the end of rooms
  • Fixed an issue with the Sixth Chamber not affecting coolness
  • Fixed a bug where quick restarting at the Hunter could unlock the Battle Standard
  • Fixed a VFX issue caused by leaving a room while the Supply Drop item is in use
  • Added a workaround for those experiencing disappearing sprite issues; press F8 to rebuild all sprites
  • Alt-tabbing while watching the DraGun intro will now pause the game
  • Fixed a bug where quick restarting from the Pilot's past could load an invalid character
  • Blank damage items no longer affect enemies in rooms that have not yet been activated
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed repeated use of the Supply Drop item
  • Fixed an issue where Shelleton's reforming after falling into a pit could spawn directly on the player
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • Fixed a word wrap issue in Chinese

Please note; we have some updates to the Chinese localization but they are not yet integrated into the game. We'll be adding these in the next patch, thank you for your patience!
Feb 7
Community Announcements - Rubel
Hey everyone,

We're pushing a new bug fixing patch today; we're getting a whole lot of bug reports and feedback from the Supply Drop update, and we plan to spend the next few weeks polishing and bug fixing. We're also looking into some balance changes for Challenge Mode, which we should have some news on soon. Hope everyone is enjoying the update, thanks again for all of the feedback!

Patch notes below:

Patch 1.1.1

Improvements/Balance Changes
  • Secret Characters can now be chosen as your quick select character (once unlocked)
  • Ammoconda spawns are now real enemies (which means they can be affected by status effects and should behave more consistently with some guns)
  • The "offscreen enemy" indicator now works for Ammoconda's spawns
  • Reduced Ammoconda's healing on spawn pickup slightly
  • Added an options file line to toggle smooth camera mode
  • Added an options file line to toggle gun hotkeys
  • Ash Bullet Kin now have a short firing delay when spawning near the player
  • Chaos Bullets is no longer mega OP with beam weapons
  • Cursula can now sell Spice

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the new secret character costumes had 1 less i-frame than other characters
  • Fixed an issue where the Ammoconda could be damaged before entering the boss room
  • Fixed several issues with the Prototype Teleporter's room selection
  • Fixed an issue where the player was still able to be damaged by poison/fire during boss deaths
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the Shrine of Glass to spawn less frequently than intended
  • Fixed an issue where some spawned chests weren't showing up on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue which caused the RC Rocket's guided abilities to trigger later than intended
  • Helix Bullets now works correctly with the Polaris and Rad Gun
  • Fixed an issue where the Dueling Laser would be reset when dropped
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck with an uncharged Dueling Laser in Gun Queue
  • Fixed performance issues caused by electrifying very large pools of water
  • Fixed a visual issue with Daisuke
  • Fixed an issue where Lament Box was spawning challenge waves in certain rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the Microtransaction Gun could cost varying amounts per shot
  • Fixed an issue where options file manipulation could be used to play as secret characters that were still locked
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by dying to the Demon Door as the Robot
  • Fixed an issue with the Super Hot Watch and some floor transitions
  • Fixed an issue where Ash Bullet Kin could randomly teleport once when first spawned
  • Fixed a rare save issue that could prevent further progression
  • Fixed an out of memory error caused by leaving the game paused for a long time
  • Fixed a freeze caused by grabbing an ammo box with the grappling hook
  • Fixed some issues with the Bloodied Scarf's teleportation
  • The Chest Teleporter can no longer create chests inside of the maintenance shaft
  • Flak Bullets now handles spawned bullets better
  • Fixed an issue where some items could give the player flight even in the area with the GTCKTP
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the Battle Standard to unlock incorrectly for the Hunter
  • Fixed a visual issue caused by the Com4nd0 and Helix Bullets
  • Fixed some weird beam behavior caused by having the Metronome and Helix Bullets

Hotfix 1
  • Fixed an issue with glass guon stones that could cause a soft lock when falling into a pit
  • Fixed an issue with glass guon stones that could cause the player to take repeated damage nearly instantly
  • Fixed an issue with the grappling hook when stealing from the shop

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