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Hey there again fellow undead vengeance seekers!

As a very small way of saying thank you for all of your amazing continued support for Hard West, we've just released a piece of Free DLC called "Printable Posters."

The Hard West - Printable Posters DLC includes three exclusive custom poster designs in high quality, print ready PDF format; so they should be easy to print-out or use as digital backdrops should you wish. These posters were all especially created for the game by the following amazingly talented and renown Comic book artists:

  • Romano Molenaar: Romano is a Dutch comic artist, best known as the second artist of the popular sci-fi series 'Storm'. He has drawn covers and interior art for US comic books since 1996, starting with the Liar Comics miniseries 'More than Mortal' and 'Witchfinder'.His other credits include 'Lady Death', 'The Tenth,' 'Witchblade' and 'The Darkness', as well as the miniseries 'Cursed'.

  • Grzegorz Przybyś: A concept artist, ilustrator and Co-founder of Division 48 studio, living in Wrocław, Poland. He worked on "Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood", "Dead Island" and "Call of Juarez: The Cartel" whilst at Techland. After this time, he created animations, ilustrations and promotional materials. Portfolio includes projects such as "Witcher 3", "Dying Light" "Call of Juarez: Gunslinger", "Might and Magic X" and "Heroes VII", "Heartstone" and others.

  • Andi Ewington: A British comic writer who broke onto the comic scene in 2010 with his critically acclaimed debut OGN 'Forty-Five'. Since then he has written Dark Souls II: Into the Light, for Bandai Namco, and Just Cause 3: World on Fire, for Square Enix/Avalanche Studios. He has written numerous other titles including: BlueSpear, Overrun, Exmortis, S6X, Sunflower and Red Dog. Andi is also a demon designer who enjoys creating alternative posters with a retro edge.

In addition to this, we have a lot of exciting new announcements coming-up soon that we can't wait to share with you guys. So please keep an eye on this space, and thanks again for being amazing everyone!

Hard West - Latenights7

Hey there again you lovely people!

The next few days are going to be really special for us, as we’ve teamed-up with the amazing folks from One Gamer Fund and have put our entire library of Good Shepherd Entertainment published titles on sale for the lowest prices each respective title has ever been available for here on Steam to benefit the One Gamer Fund during its inaugural charity weekend.

The One Gamer Fund is a new philanthropic initiative comprised of seven gaming nonprofits: AbleGamers, Child’s Play, Games for Change, Global Game Jam, the IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up and Take This. Between 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 21 to 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 25, half of all proceeds generated by purchases of Good Shepherd games after Steam’s share of revenue is factored will be donated directly to the IGDA Foundation on behalf of the One Gamer Fund and subsequently dispersed among all partnering nonprofits.

This is not all though! We’ve also just launched a special new Good Shepherd Entertainment Bundle to coincide with this sale. This bundle will allow those whom already own some of our games to easily complete their set at a special additional 25% discount! This means that you can add even more gaming goodness to life whilst helping these seven amazing charities and causes.

A number of Twitch personalities will also be hosting special streams to aid the One Gamer Fund throughout the weekend. Individuals can learn more about ways to participate by visiting www.OneGamerFund.org and following @OneGamerFund on Twitter.

We can’t tell you guys how much this sales means to us and how proud we are to be a small part of helping these amazing causes. None of this would be possible without all of your help though, so on behalf of everyone involved in this benefit sale, we just wanted to say thank you very much for your continued support!

Here’s to the power of gaming!


The Good Shepherd Team
Hard West - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Adam Smith)


At first glance, Phantom Doctrine [Steam page] looks an awful lot like a Cold War flavoured XCOM. That’s quite an exciting prospect and the closer I looked, the more exciting it became. There are agents instead of aliens, and some novel infiltration and reconnaissance systems, but everything from the UI to the cover system is immediately familiar. The tactical missions are hiding unexpected twists though, and zooming out to the campaign map shows that the setting informs every aspect of the game.

It’s early days, and there’s a lot of work to be done, but Phantom Doctrine might well be one of 2018’s strategy highlights.


Hard West - CFG_Blaze
In all seriousness, you've told us loud and clear that the ability to save at any point was important to you. While individual missions aren't that long and we originally tried to minimize hiding behind saves to avoid the cruel hand of fate, that was an idea which didn't suit everyone. Adding the save game functionality after launch was actually quite tricky and required extensive testing but here it is. We're calling it an experimental feature because the game was originally balanced without it but we've put it through a lot of tests, and we believe it works well.


1. Go to Options > Game > Enable Quicksaves
2. You can re-bind the keys (default F10 save, F11 load); on a controller, it's bound permanently (LT+RB save, LT+LB load in the in-game menu).
3. Have fun!
4. There are certain rather obvious situations when the game can't be saved: during cutscenes, during the enemy's turn, while your characters are performing an action.

Full 1.5 patch notes:
  • added quick save&load experimental support
  • added official support for the Xbox One Controller
  • rendering optimizations
  • fixed a pesky old bug with corrupted saves in world map (where only skull and fog were visible after load)
  • fixed another old bug with corrupted saves in Method in Madness world map (block after visiting Laboratory)
  • fixed a bug with infinite enemy turn in A Matter of Time second mission (Lake Hideout) after using the Terror card in specific place
  • fixed a bug with corrupted dialog options in the Riverbank location in In Gold We Trust scenario (while pursuing the cowards)
  • fixed a bug with inability to use Petrification Bolt item using X360/XONE Controller
  • fixed a bug with a corrupted cursor while using a controller in Hard Times scenario world map
  • fixed a bug with corrupted O'Connell animation after he bleeds out in In Gold We Trust fourth mission
  • fixes to Fan Localization Support

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support! That includes everyone who believed in Hard West when it was first revealed, all of you who bought the game and all the amazing community translators who bring the game to more audiences through their work!
We're hard at work on our next game and we're hoping to show it to you quite soon. In the meantime, have fun in the Weird West!
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 60% on Hard West!*

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*Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Gambitious
Dear Fellow Undead Gunslingers,

We greatly appreciate all of the time and hard work that some fans have invested in translating Hard West into different languages, and so we are very happy to announce that Patch 1.4,3 introduces Support for Custom Language versions of the game and its DLC. This will enable almost everyone to easily enjoy these new translations of the game, should they wish to.

The complete localization kit for Hard West (including the Scars of Freedom DLC) is available for download, translation and sharing from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zvka8p4qmo20unb/AABnPR1IdWd3QM-C5iRb7Nbxa?dl=0

The above link also contains clear instructions for importing localized files and utilizing this new custom language support. In a nutshell however, this process simply involves extracting and merging the new localization files that you wish to use in the game’s local folder. The new feature then recognizes custom translations and displays them in the Options menu for easier access.

Please note that this Custom Localization support is Windows-Only for now. However we will look into developing and releasing this feature for the other platforms should there be a clear demand for it.

Thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time out of their life to translate Hard West into new languages on their own. Your passion never ceases to astound us, and we’re hoping that this custom localization support is a good first step in us showing our appreciation for your efforts.
Now let’s teach people the true meaning of vengeance in numerous whole new languages!
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 40% on Hard West!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - CFG_Blaze
In the Weird West grim news is great news! The large 1.4 patch for Hard West is now available to everyone with a number of fixes and completely new additions to the game. Especially worthy of your attention are the Gameplay Mods, optional tweaks which can radically alter the way the game is played. From affecting difficulty, to changing important game mechanics, they allow for completely new ways of completing the Hard West campaign. Below are the highlights of the patch:

Patch 1.4 New Features
  • Added the Gameplay Mods feature, i.e. ten new features modifying some of the rules established in Hard West, such as disabling reaction shots from enemies, forcing AI to use a wider array of abilities more frequently etc.
    Gameplay mods are only available for the vanilla game and cannot be used in the expansion.
  • Added the missing Straight Flush hand.
  • Added a new graphics option: Water reflections.
  • Added an additional highlight to the tile, from which a usable object will be used, when hovering the cursor over said object.
  • Improved dynamic cover cursors for more clarity.
Fixed issues
  • Fixed a rare issue where saved games could be corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where the XBOX 360 wireless controller would not be recognized by the game on a Mac.
  • Fixed an issue in which the barter screen would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to open a world map location after loading the game from the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where game completion achievements would not be unlocked correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in which decomposing bodies would not disappear when the camera changed elevation to a lower one, than the body.
  • A Matter of Time: fixed problems related to purchasing the Laxative Potion (different price + money is subtracted correctly)
  • Improved ability balance.
  • Increased Fate Trader item prices.
  • Fixed some missing GUI text in the French localization.
  • Fixed a bunch of erroneous gamepad controls descriptions.
  • Fixed several typos across game text.
  • Fixed wording on certain achievements.
  • Improved the credits section to prevent ugly line breaks.
  • Made the face in the Cracked Skull icon to be a little more serious.
  • Fixed a couple of minor texture glitches.

Scars of Freedom DLC

Return to the unforgiving world of Hard West for an adventure in the Civil War Texas. Libertee is an escaped slave-turned-vigilante, enhanced without her consent with superhuman capabilities by one Doctor Gorman. Hungry for answers, and for revenge, she tracks down the mad surgeon, but his motivations turn out to be the opposite of what she had anticipated. As she makes up her mind about the doctor’s fate, the two will have to face an even more powerful enemy.

Experience a brand new tale in the weird world of Hard West during 7 new, specially crafted tactical combat encounters and overarching world map gameplay. Make strategic purchases for your gunfighters, then wreak havoc on your enemies and use their technology for your benefit. Enjoy a story narrated by two protagonists whose outlooks on life vary wildly, but who, deep inside, are more similar than they would like to admit.

DLC Features
  • A new tale in the Hard West universe, featuring a unique mix of classic western and gothic horror.
  • A deeper, longer story, narrated through its numerous twists and turns by protagonists, Libertee and Dr. Gorman.
  • 7 new tactical combat encounters and a world map with new, unique mechanics.
  • New Unique Surgical Bodily Augmentation System: Revamped character development system, allowing for strategic planning and more informed choices.
  • Rebalanced combat and character progression, offering a tighter, more challenging gameplay experience.
  • Fitzpatrick Revolver - a new, powerful gun in your arsenal.
  • 10 new playable characters
Community Announcements - CFG_Blaze
If you have been longing for some more Hard West action, you will be happy to hear that the wait is almost over! Hard West’s new expansion entitled Scars of Freedom will hit Steam next Thursday, on March 3rd and will retail for $2.99.

Hard West: Scars of Freedom offers a juicy new scenario with a dedicated story featuring new characters, 7 new tactical missions, a powerful new weapon, a bunch of new mechanics and ramped up challenge!

Meet Libertee, an escaped slave-turned-vigilante, and her nemesis - Doctor Gorman, a surgeon with somewhat radical views on the future of medicine. Discover their intertwining stories set against a backdrop of Civil War Texas, where classic western mixes with gothic horror.

Apart from a new story inspired by the works of Mary Shelley, the expansion also offers an equally Frankensteinesque new character development system which consists of acquiring body parts, and implanting them on your posse members. Thanks to a new trade mechanic, you will now be able to purchase your upgrades rather than get them randomly, which in turn will allow you to make strategic plans for how you want your posse to develop.

It's not all just about this new expansion though, as the main game will also be getting a major update shortly before the Expansion ships next week. This update will correct a number of outstanding issues and will add several new features and options, which will enable you to experience Hard West in new ways.

More news will be available soon. In the meantime, please be sure to check out some screenshots from the new instalment in the Hard West universe!!!
Community Announcements - CFG_Blaze
Hard West 1.3 Patch Notes

Hello Gunslingers! Continuing the great tradition of regular patches and improvements, here's patch 1.3 for you. We're already working on the next one and something a bit bigger down the road so keep sending us your feedback and we'll keep doing our best to make your visit to the Weird West an enjoyable one!

- Fixed: blocker in the 'Meteor Crash Zone' location in the 'Method in Madness' scenario.
- Fixed: pressing ability hotkeys during the tutorial no longer causes a block.
- Fixed: some weapon stats no longer display incorrectly in stores
- Improved: various UI rendering tweaks for various screen resolutions.
- Fixed: text in Options menu scales correctly after resolution change.
- Improved: cursor indicator for the Move order changes depending on the 1AP or 2AP cost.
​- Fixed: killing Diego before being told to do so no longer creates a blocker.


By the way, remember the game has an official Manual (available in your Steam Library) as well as some cool community guides.

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