Community Announcements - SDGNelson
  • Added claim flag. [ID 1158]
  • Added maple syrup, dough, pancakes, waffles, doughnuts and pizza. [IDs 1159-1164]
  • Added nailgun. [IDs 1165-1166]
  • Added police launch. [ID 108]
  • Added deadzone node, biohazard suit protects against this.
  • Added button to center map on player.
  • Added separate durability to suppressors rather than using gun durability.
  • Added search and hide uncraftable filters to crafting.
  • Added option to swap between black and white interface.
  • Improved clientside item physics to clamp within server range.
  • Improved performance of navmesh tile updates significantly.
  • Improved zombie update and audio performance.
  • Improved scrollbars to get tinted as well.
  • Improved skycrane's electromagnet to be usable in singleplayer. [Default Ctrl]
  • Tweaked arms to shake as death approaches.
  • Tweaked progress bar text to not tint.
  • Tweaked bone quality names.
  • Tweaked skills label text alignment.
  • Tweaked shadow normal bias based on lighting quality.
  • Tweaked status icon colors.
  • Tweaked port inputs to round incase of query port input.
  • Tweaked punching only allowed in survival.
  • Fixed shooting from inside objects on server.
  • Fixed potential cause of stuck while loading server.
  • Fixed dragging items with triple monitors.
  • Fixed attachments labels with triple monitors.
  • Fixed unable to use same key in commands list.
  • Fixed tinting of server name colors.
  • Fixed tinting of inventory quality/headers.
  • Fixed tinting of blueprint quality/amount labels.
  • Fixed crash when inventory packet arrived early.
  • Fixed potential cause of invisible skin bug.
  • Fixed character index changing with overlay enabled.
  • Fixed water culling on extra large maps.
  • Fixed boats with no fuel to despawn.
  • Fixed editor to verify object region.
  • Fixed color tag regex.
  • Fixed freezing damage prediction.
  • Fixed status icon positions in arena/horde mode.
Community Announcements - SDGNelson
Update Notes:

  • Added police helicopter. [ID 106]
  • Added hummingbird. [ID 107]
  • Added revised character skillsets.
  • Added UI color options for Gold members, free players now own the dark UI skin.
  • Added thief outfit. [IDs 1156-1157]
  • Added decay to buildable items. More info in full post!
  • Added SkillsetID parameter to loadout command. More info in full post!
  • Added back buttons to the menu.
  • Added animation quality option.
  • Added graphics settings tooltips.
  • Added keybinds for plane/helicopter yaw/thrust.
  • Improved stability of building on water vehicles on servers.
  • Improved map zooming and to focus on player after teleport/respawn.
  • Improved suppressor balance, ranger ones are more durable than military.
  • Improved certain interactable objects to close automatically after a set time.
  • Improved salvaging to show timer and reduced abuse.
  • Improved vehicles to use character rollback system.
  • Improved radio buttons for colorblind players.
  • Improved text shadowing to work with formatting.
  • Improved performance of camera related code.
  • Improved performance of player/zombie animations.
  • Tweaked Arena to encourage kills with XP, but lost on death.
  • Tweaked zombies to be more threatening.
  • Tweaked equipped item draw distances higher.
  • Tweaked graduation cap Steam item color/type.
  • Tweaked jetski a bit faster.
  • Tweaked fall speed/damage higher.
  • Removed option to disable item physics.
  • Removed option to disable effects/debris.
  • Tweaked explosive traps to have configurable range/effects.
  • Fixed gun damage not decreasing with quality.
  • Fixed bubbles teleporting underwater in 3rd person.
  • Fixed infinitely crafting scrap/sheet metal. []
  • Fixed crashing game with translation files.
  • Fixed medium/high quality shadow artifacts.
  • Fixed missing gold lock icons.
  • Fixed max accepted XZ non-car travel distance on server.
  • Fixed some unnecessary game/editor rendering.
  • Fixed item despawn responsiveness.
  • Fixed loadout to not play sound on spawn.
  • Fixed level list going offscreen.
  • Fixed washing machine tag/layer.
Building Decay:

One issue on large public servers is players who join, place a few buildables and leave forever. With the decay command you can now specify a delay before these items will no longer be saved. By default the timers last 7 real-life days, and are reset whenever the owner or group who placed the buildables joins. You can disable them by using 0 as the timer length, or for example 604800 to restore the 7 day timer. To avoid issues with losing bases on private servers or servers which only boot up every few days the timers also reset when the server has not been launched in half of the duration of the decay.


Skillsets have made a return from! By default they do not spawn with loadouts, but you can configure this on your server by using the ID of the skillset in front of your normal loadout commands. To give the items to all players similarly to how loadouts worked before this update use 255 as the ID, or for a specific skillset the following are supported:

0 - Civilian
1 - Fire Fighter
2 - Police Officer
3 - Spec Ops
4 - Farmer
5 - Fisher
6 - Lumberjack
7 - Worker
8 - Chef
9 - Thief
10 - Doctor
255 - All Skillsets
Community Announcements - SDGNelson

You can now explore the waters with nautical vehicles! PEI and Washington have spawn points for several of each new transport, so all you need to do is hunt them down and launch without sinking. Similarly to cars/aircraft you can expand on the existing ones with in-game buildables, or create your own custom sailing contraptions using mods! The documentation and workshop have been updated to accommodate boats and other floating vehicles.

Update Notes:

  • Added Otter. [ID 96]
  • Added Runabout. [ID 97]
  • Added Jetski. [IDs 98-105]
  • Added amphibious qualities to the APC.
  • Added keybinds for roll left/right and pitch up/down.
  • Added more Arena centers on PEI/Alpha Valley.
  • Added buildables/throwables stats and Fortified achievement.
  • Added loading info to debug text.
  • Improved map UI scaling.
  • Improved Arena to show player count instead of groups.
  • Improved direct connect to work with URLs with more than 2 dots.
  • Improved navmesh cutting performance with shipping containers.
  • Improved grenade/rocket to have configurable effects/range.
  • Improved vehicle command to fill health/fuel.
  • Improved aircraft to support more than 2 rotors.
  • Tweaked campfire to be destroyable with gun/melee.
  • Tweaked aircraft health higher.
  • Tweaked scrap per sheet.
  • Tweaked Arena winner time longer.
  • Tweaked Arena field speed slower.
  • Tweaked experience on Arena lower, but raised stamina.
  • Fixed plane/heli exit distance and position.
  • Fixed entering slowly moving aircraft.
  • Fixed interacting with vehicles while dead.
  • Fixed snow blend when flying upward in aircraft.
  • Fixed placing multiple door/gate in same spot.
  • Fixed dead players included in Arena list.
  • Fixed max accepted XZ car travel distance on server.
Community Announcements - SDGNelson

You can now take to the skies with airplanes and helicopters! Each official map has spawn points for one of each, so all you need to do is hunt them down, fill them up and take off without crashing in an explosive mess. Similarly to cars you can expand on the existing ones with in-game buildables, or create your own custom flying contraptions using mods! The documentation and workshop have been updated to accommodate these new vehicle types.

Update Notes:

  • Added Sandpiper. [ID 92]
  • Added Huey. [IDs 93-94]
  • Added Skycrane. [ID 95]
  • Added server name filter to list.
  • Added item search bar to inventory.
  • Added option to disable inbound/outbound voice.
  • Added ability to mute specific players.
  • Added ability to win arena as a group/team.
  • Added more cover to Alpha Valley and Monolith.
  • Added arena wins stat and achievement.
  • Added equilateral/right triangles. [IDs 1144-1155]
  • Added PEI Arena map.
  • Improved red sights to use your crit color instead.
  • Improved arena to allow skills upgrades.
  • Improved some input fields to show hint.
  • Improved map to scale Arena field area better.
  • Improved master server to return multiple versions.
  • Tweaked lobby to block outside entry.
  • Tweaked field speed based on map size.
  • Tweaked sawed-off range/durability/spread.
  • Tweaked pillar/post supply cost.
  • Tweaked version display.
  • Fixed interacting with buildables on vehicles.
  • Fixed jumping out of Arena lobby.
  • Fixed sleeping bags in Arena.
  • Fixed suiciding in safe zone.
  • Fixed full sabertooth ammo.
  • Fixed arena clearing mythics.
  • Fixed server password field size.
  • Fixed belt on side of festive top.
Community Announcements - SDGNelson
  • Added multiplayer-only Arena game mode.
  • Added Monolith Arena map.
  • Added Alpha Valley Arena map.
  • Added basic obstruction check to ray inputs. [Patched some exploits.]
  • Added browse workshop content button.
  • Added note #13.
  • Added high-res item icon .pngs to the Extras/Icons folder.
  • Improved sphere volume display in editor.
  • Tweaked debug info available.
  • Tweaked reject message for plugin use.
  • Tweaked player spawns to be more useful for mods.
  • Tweaked hiking/roadtrip achievement requirements.
  • Tweaked leave timer to not apply with 1 player or in safezone.
  • Fixed placing buildables inside player.
  • Fixed tutorial messages with hints disabled.
  • Fixed target framerate on dedicated server.
  • Fixed crash when run over by empty vehicle on server.
  • Fixed barricade interact range verification.
  • Fixed vehicle spawn ID error.
Community Announcements - SDGNelson
Update Notes:

  • Added sawed-off masterkey.
  • Added "votify" command to allow/configure voting on server.
  • Added items crafted, plants grown and fishes caught stats.
  • Added accuracy and headshots stats.
  • Added foot and vehicle distance travelled stats.
  • Added crafting, farming and fishing achievements.
  • Added headshot and sharpshooter achievements.
  • Added hiking and roadtrip achievements.
  • Added rotation snapping option for freeform buildables.
  • Added notes #11 and 12.
  • Added salute gesture.
  • Added sun shafts/ambient occlusion quality settings.
  • Added "sync" command to share player savedata locally between your servers.
  • Improved help[command name] to show inputs.
  • Improved voting system with more information/options.
  • Improved authoritative character movement physics. [Patched noclip/flying.]
  • Improved sirens to only play audio when it has a driver.
  • Improved crafting to allow item state transfer for guns.
  • Tweaked generator fuel burn rate lower.
  • Tweaked tutorial vehicle text.
  • Tweaked tutorial look text.
  • Tweaked tutorial berry text.
  • Tweaked tutorial skills room.
  • Tweaked open/closable interaction delays.
  • Tweaked ctrl to slow camera speed.
  • Fixed audio balancing issue.
  • Fixed crosshair UI size when swapping perspective while aiming.
  • Fixed prediction error with crossings.
  • Fixed prediction error when teleporting/exiting vehicle.
  • Fixed prediction error on ice.
  • Fixed simulated look direction deviating slightly.
  • Fixed smoothing position correction.
  • Fixed prediction error with ladders.
  • Fixed ragdoll interpolation.
  • Fixed pumpkin/ornamental wire still craftable.
  • Fixed loading attachments without supported hook.
  • Fixed prediction error with sedan roof/police/taxi.
Vote Kicking:

Vote kicking is back with more information/options, but disabled by default.
You can use the votify command to configure it. Here are the default values:

Pass Cooldown: 5 // seconds delay for vote caller after a successful vote
Fail Cooldown: 60 // seconds delay for vote caller after a failed vote
Vote Duration: 15 // seconds length for the vote to time out
Vote Percentage: 0.75 // multiplier of the server population required to pass
Players: 3 // minimum players needed to call a vote
Community Announcements - SDGNelson
  • Added tutorial.
  • Added graduation achievement.
  • Added graduation cap.
  • Added notes #8 and #9.
  • Improved some strong weapons to ignore vulnerable flag on buildables.
  • Improved freezing and musical mythics.
  • Disabled event drops, moved Festive PEI to extras folder.
  • Tweaked umbrella falling to no longer damage and shake view.
  • Tweaked vehicle explosion damage against buildables much lower.
  • Tweaked exercise/diving/parkour skills.
  • Fixed empty generator replacements.
  • Fixed graphics loading crash.
  • Fixed barricade/structure loading crash.
  • Fixed in-game mouse/numeric hint names.
  • Fixed exercise to parkour used for jump stamina.
  • Fixed animals/zombies all acting upon spawning.
Edit: Vote kicking has been temporarily kicked from the game by popular vote! Worth a try, but maybe doesn't work so well with this sort of game for now.

Happy new year!
Dec 17, 2015
Community Announcements - SDGNelson
Festive Event:

PEI is now decorated for the holidays!
Explore to find some new loot and easter eggs like snowmen and ornamented trees!

As you play you'll also receive new Festive Gift Presents which can be unwrapped (no keys/etc needed) to get cool Holiday themed cosmetics and skins. These will stop dropping after the event, but can be used year-round.

Thanks for all your great suggestions in the teaser comments! While playing in-game you may run into some of the new content/features you suggested.

Update Notes:

  • Added Festive PEI map.
  • Added new winter objects for the editor.
  • Added Festive Gift Present to event drops.
  • Added Purple Mystery Box to playtime drops.
  • Added ornamental buildables. [IDs 1130-1131]
  • Added snowball. [ID 1132]
  • Added scarves. [ID 1133-1140]
  • Added reindeer. [ID 7]
  • Added note #5-7.
  • Added new billboard #3.
  • Added billboard #8.
  • Improved traps/bedrolls to be destroyable with guns/melee.
  • Improved notes to support localization.
  • Tweaked grenade damage.
  • Tweaked explosives required for C4.
  • Tweaked box key text.
  • Removed Carbon Fiber Mystery Box from playtime drops.
  • Removed Chrome Plated Mystery Box from playtime drops.
  • Fixed campfire on moving vehicle.
  • Fixed pine crate health.
  • Fixed refilling kryzkarek magazine.
  • Fixed note #3 opportunity spelling.
  • Fixed eaglefire side cap skin mask.
  • Fixed fishing catch time range issue.
  • Fixed resource baking collision outside loaded regions.
  • Fixed backwards garage on house #2.
  • Fixed server buildable ownership without group.
  • Fixed instant respawn at home exploit.
  • Fixed deleting buildables on client.
  • Fixed floating in camera mode when crouching.
Dec 11, 2015
Community Announcements - SDGNelson

As winter begins to set in on PEI the water freezes, snow covers the landscape and the zombies... put their festive lights and decorations up!

Next Friday (18th of December 2015) marks the release of the Festive update! Among other things it contains some special holiday content and a new gift present. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see as part of this update? Let me know in the comments!
Dec 4, 2015
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

The temperature system has been overhauled to make winter gameplay more interesting than simply rushing to the nearest clothing store! Clothing is instead a protective layer by increasing your resistance to the snow [same with warmblooded] before you start freezing and reducing the damage you take from cold weather. If you begin freezing you can find cover to temporarily warm up a bit, use a heatstim or settle down by a campfire.


You can now pick up buildable items if they have full health, or if they have been damaged you will get some of the ingredients back! This can be done by the player who placed it and the group they were in. Now that weapons are not needed to remove these most guns and melee do not damage them anymore, so explosives are your best bet to take down a base.

Update Notes:

  • Added ability to pick up full health built items and scrap damaged ones.
  • Added new temperature system.
  • Added directional snow which decreases temperature when exposed.
  • Added colored umbrellas. [IDs 1122-1128]
  • Added heatstim. [ID 1129]
  • Added note #2/3/4.
  • Improved swimming in frozen water to start freezing player.
  • Improved campfires to provide warmth and burn player if inside.
  • Improved umbrellas to only affect downward velocity.
  • Improved bear model.
  • Improved cow model.
  • Improved animals to attack player in vehicle.
  • Tweaked most guns/melee to no longer damage buildables.
  • Tweaked display options to show refresh rate.
  • Tweaked animal neck edge alignment.
  • Tweaked snare to spawn at campsites.
  • Tweaked makeshift vehicles to drive well in snow.
  • Removed 3x damage multiplier against buildables from singleplayer.
  • Fixed building on edge of makeshift 6 seater.
  • Fixed fog turning on when exiting water.
  • Fixed animals following players underwater.
  • Fixed adding spawns without a table.
  • Fixed hitting passive animals on server.
  • Fixed pushing self when placing fence.
  • Fixed eating meat not providing health.
  • Fixed snare icon.

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