Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added extended matamorez magazine. [ID 1005]
  • Added extended cobra magazine. [ID 1006]
  • Added adaptive chambering attachment. [ID 1007]
  • Added rangefinder attachment. [ID 1008]
  • Added Twitch promo t-shirt. Not sure about when this will be available though.
  • Added forest camoflauge variants of all military items, vehicles and objects to replace the current ones. The old desert variants are still available with the following IDs:
  • Added desert beret. [ID 1009]
  • Added desert military helmet. [ID 1010]
  • Added desert military top. [ID 1011]
  • Added desert military bottom. [ID 1012]
  • Added desert military vest. [ID 1013]
  • Added desert ural. [ID 55]
  • Added desert humvee. [ID 56]
  • Added desert APC. [ID 57]
  • Added stone fence #2.
  • Improved layout of Summerside Military Base.
  • Improved menu to save singleplayer/editor map selection.
  • Improved animals to have configurable speed.
  • Improved horde mode to not save/load.
  • Improved horde mode to spawn zombies in waves.
  • Tweaked masks/glasses/backpacks to be repairable, although there is currently no downside to wearing low quality ones.
  • Tweaked balaclava/bandana spawn rate lower.
  • Tweaked food/water/virus to not decrease in horde mode.
  • Tweaked workshop to feature 8 items at a time rather than 5.
  • Fixed save event issue when using shutdown command.
  • Fixed shirt/pant alpha in item icon/world.
  • Fixed highlighter when selecting transparent items and material flags.
  • Fixed highlighted item material instancing and associated AO noise issue.
  • Fixed loading empty objects.
  • Fixed default time not dawn.
  • Fixed case where laser could disappear.
  • Fixed toggling non laser/light tacticals.
To see rangefinder distances in yards swap from metric to imperial in the options menu.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Tweaked zombies to scale randomly a little so that their heads do not line up so much.
  • Tweaked maximum safezone size 4x larger.
  • Fixed clothing models using wrong shader.
  • Fixed items-only curated workshop alert.
  • Fixed camera orbit to reset when entering first person.
  • Fixed swapping to camera while in first person.
  • Fixed crosshair size when swapping to third person after starting aiming in first person.
  • Fixed field of view when changing perspective while aiming.
Updates for the most part will now be coming out on Fridays (voted for here) to avoid downtime and help server owners by not worrying about getting the patches at crazy times.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added ability to click clothing headers to take them off.
    The same applies to the hands which dequip items or storage to close the dashboard.
  • Added hat/mask/glasses headers to the inventory screen.
  • Added rudimenterary functionality to horde levels.
    (You can start creating them, ideally small with one navigation area.)
  • Added quality percentage label to item jars in inventory.
  • Added quality/amount information to item pickup hint.
  • Improved full moon zombie alert detection.
  • Tweaked inventory header font size larger.
  • Tweaked workshop to allow curated items.
  • Fixed nightvision to only apply in 1st person.
  • Fixed dequipping when equipping.
  • Fixed spawning hats with >100 quality.
  • Fixed barricade (bed, door, storage) owner in singleplayer.
The curated Workshop is now available for cosmetic items to be uploaded. This can be swapped to by changing "ready-to-use" in the submit tab to "curated". Right now the focus is on clothing as in shirts, hats, masks, etc.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added focus camera tool for cinematic pans. [default F4]
  • Added filter command to enable the old name filter.
  • Improved inventory to show clothing icons and quality.
  • Improved storage to drop items when destroyed.
  • Improved camera tool to work while in vehicles.
  • Improved helmets/vests to be scrappable/repairable with metal.
  • Tweaked camera tool to be useable on server when admin.
  • Tweaked clothing quality to not go down in easy mode.
  • Fixed vehicle bumper collision issue.
  • Fixed singleplayer to not start listen server.
  • Fixed interacting in camera tool.
Note: This should fix the crash when loading Linux singleplayer on 64-bit machines.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added safezone nodes to the level editor.
  • Added quality to clothing. Lower quality has less armor benefit. Quality decreases when damage is taken.
  • Added repair blueprints for shirts/pants/hats/vests.
  • Added ability to use basic 3rd person camera tools in singleplayer. [F1-3 by default.]
  • Added executable specifically for 64-bit Linux servers.
  • Improved zombies to take armor into account when attacking players. Different zombies target different body parts, ie crawlers damage pants while mega zombies damage helmets.
  • Tweaked crawlers to do 2x damage.
  • Tweaked sprinters to do 0.75x damage.
  • Fixed a possible cause of getting stuck on the loading screen.
  • Fixed vehicle running into its own barricades.
  • Fixed using clothing/consumeable when safe.
  • Fixed getting stuck behind crate in scorpion 7 on PEI.
  • Fixed getting stuck behind bed in prison cell on PEI.
  • Fixed zombie materials.
  • Fixed loading zombie textures.
  • Fixed loading good/bad outline material.
  • Fixed scrapping the engineer hat.
  • Fixed Hawkhound to repair with maple planks. [Pine trees are repurposed for another map.]
  • Fixed filling desert eagle magazines with civilian ammo.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Improved zombies to wander around every once and a while.
  • Improved singleplayer to save the current time, and start by default at dawn.
  • Improved clothing to track state allowing night vision to save whether it was on or off.
  • Fixed relay servers not being used.
  • Fixed build type naming convention.
  • Fixed wheel force application distance.
  • Fixed despawning items away from spawn points.
Every single type of content in the game is now documented! This means you can replace or create your own of anything you see.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Improved web request implementation.
  • Tweaked password/workshop filters to not block others when enabled.
  • Tweaked levels to be unlockable.
  • Fixed crash when loading clothing.
  • Fixed zombie animation index issue.
  • Fixed crash with misconfigured vehicles/zombies.
  • Fixed crawler damage in singleplayer.
  • Fixed primary/secondary getting included in crafting.
  • Fixed birch rampart color at from far away.
  • Fixed pausing tooltip issue.
Note: The Trello page has been re-organized to offer a better idea of what's being worked on and how to get involved. If something seems to be missing be sure let me know!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

  • Tweaked loading screen to show which asset is loading.
  • Fixed replacing worlds folder.
  • Fixed dawn/dusk fog uglyness on PEI.
  • Fixed resetting full moon state.
  • Fixed inspect camera color issue.
Sorry about the delay with this update, I had my wisdom teeth out which fortunately went well.
There are some formatting issues with the news feed on the title screen, but those will be tidied up with the update to Unity 5 UI (hopefully soon!)

Thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

Today, the 7th of July 2015, marks the 1 year anniversary of Unturned's release on Steam.
It seems fitting to celebrate this by putting Unturned 3.0 onto the main branch!

While 3.0 still has plenty of room for improvement the majority of the playerbase has been enjoying it for months and at this point it far surpases 2.0 in quality. Going forward there are definitely many more goals to achieve, bugs to fix and rough edges to smooth (particularly the networking), however even with all its issues 3.0 is far superior to the archaic 2.0.

Over the coming months I can't wait to continue developing 3.0 with all of you, it's been a blast and can only get better in the future!

Here are just a few of the highlights from the past year of development:
  • Available on OSX and Linux.
  • Dedicated servers with both built-in admin tools and fun expansions such as airdrops or game modes provided by Sven's Rocket modding API.
  • Graphical improvements and enhancements as well as the upgrade from Unity 4 to the Unity 5 game engine.
  • Improved inventory with item space, quality and per-clothing storage.
  • Support for translations to any language.
  • Fully featured built-in level editor.
  • User created items/vehicles/objects.
  • Workshop integration for all of the above with automatic downloads from servers.
  • Cloud syncing of settings and singleplayer worlds.
  • Tons of new content.
  • Multiple character save slots.
  • Expanded skill system with speciality branches and per-character speciality bonuses.
  • Easier, but more complicated crafting system with skills like cooking and repairing items.
  • Deeper character customization with superior animations and details like weapons on the character model.
  • Smarter zombie AI capable of taking sneakier routes such as climbing through windows.
  • Full Steamworks networking integration for features like VAC bans, joining through the friends list and an in-game server list.
  • Building fortifications on both structures and vehicles.
  • Physics for ragdolls, items, debris and more.
  • Underwater exploration.
  • Both 1st and 3rd person perspectives.
  • Engaging survival with fishing, expanded hunting and farming.
  • Full moons trigger wave survival at midnight.
  • Zombie variety with mega zombies, crawlers and sprinters.
  • 32 and 64 bit support.
For users wishing to continue playing 2.0 or go back for nostalgia sake it's still available by visiting the steam library, going to Unturned's properties and joining the "classic" branch under the betas tab.

Thanks for reading!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

If you're interested in testing out this upcoming update head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access by right clicking on Unturned in your Steam library, selecting properties, navigating to the Betas tab and entering the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF".

  • Improved sprinter animations.
  • Improved crawler/sprinter positioning.
  • Tweaked special zombie rate a bit higher.
  • Tweaked farm item spawn rates.
  • Fixed crawlers/sprinters standing up when alerted at range.
  • Fixed loading blueprint repair/refill icons.
  • Fixed top/bottom of flag UVs.
  • Fixed linux key release. [Unity issue fixed in 5.1.1p3]
  • Fixed workshop filter with others set to any.
Today is the one year anniversary of Unturned 2.0 releasing on Steam!

Thanks for reading!

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