Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added map, item, vehicle, skin and object type workshop tags/filters. [Only compatible with newly uploaded workshop files]
  • Added item node type to Horde mode for getting items with score.
  • Added civilian night vision goggles. [ID 1044]
  • Added kryzkarek, yuri, nykorev, matamorez, snayperskya and viper drops.
  • Improved server list to not show results if version is out of date.
  • Improved consistency of economy items by making new tool/updating old to new format.
  • Improved military night vision goggles appearance.
  • Improved lovely mythic effect.
  • Improved mythics to lock to bones properly when leaning/looking.
  • Tweaked farms/bushes to give some experience.
  • Tweaked ace animation holding position.
  • Tweaked roadmap button text.
  • Tweaked zombies to wear any clothes.
  • Tweaked night vision colors.
  • Tweaked maximum ammunition spawn.
  • Tweaked zombie counts in Horde mode.
  • Tweaked wealthy mythic effect fade-in.
  • Tweaked bluntforce to spawn on Washington.
  • Tweaked some mythics to trail behind the player.
  • Tweaked divine/rainbow mythics to no longer drop.
  • Tweaked economy icon hosting to use AWS.
  • Tweaked party/freezing/energized mythics to drop.
  • Fixed skins on ready-to-use workshop.
  • Fixed missing key icons on box.
  • Fixed standing with non-space key.
  • Fixed muzzle flash/tactical light/etc locking.
  • Fixed glow on flashlight.
  • Fixed missing fuel tank at racetrack.
  • Fixed blowtorch particles.
  • Fixed taking off clothing.
  • Fixed headphones material.
  • Fixed glowing mythics casting shadows.
  • Fixed detailing on barrels.
  • Fixed glossy blood splatter.
  • Fixed including empty folders in maps list.
  • Fixed scrapping night vision goggles.
  • Fixed bright spot on road models.
  • Fixed moving muzzle flare in first person.
  • Fixed special case for Gold skin backwards compatibility.
Sorry about the super early update! Something got mixed up and some parts of the update were distributed incorrectly, so may as well release everything else as well. :)

One of the time consuming parts of this update is the tools upgrade for the economy. This is not really visible, but will make it a lot easier to quickly fix bugs or adapt to updates to the inventory service like tags.

Today I got a new AppID on Steam named "Unturned Experimental" which is very useful to test upcoming Steamworks-related updates without messing with the release version, for example adding the new Workshop tags! In the future it may be used for closed testing of networking improvements (it has its own listing on the server browser) which leads into the next topic:

Which of these would you like me to work on in October? Originally my intent was to create a huge Halloween event with Horde mode, but I think it may be more important and better for the future to really focus hard on optimizing the networking. I've been reading up on as many networking articles as I can find, and while 3.0's networking is better than 2.0's there's still plenty of room for improvement. Either way at the very least I will add some cool Halloween easter eggs/items!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added Steam trading cards, profile backgrounds and emoticons.
  • Added cosmetic woodland, arctic, multicam and desert weapon skins as free drops for playing the game.
  • Added inspect screen to items on the menu.
  • Added ability to prone holding crouch when in toggle crouch mode.
  • Added ability to jump up from crouch/prone.
  • Improved input for various things to work more nicely with the Steam controller.
  • Improved in-game character rendertexture scaling.
  • Improved downloading workshop content from servers.
  • Improved rainbow tie/bowtie to use shader for scrolling.
  • Improved skins/mythics to be creatable for workshop and added documentation for them.
  • Tweaked resource achievement values.
  • Tweaked recipes that required specific wood to either use all wood or metal.
  • Tweaked random characters to not have beards.
  • Fixed bright white water on medium/high setting.
  • Fixed ace attach animation.
  • Fixed repairing pan with wood.
  • Fixed maplestrike description.
  • Fixed inspecting crossbow.
  • Fixed forest APC spawning on Washington map.
  • Fixed floating tub at Tignish Farm.
  • Fixed getting kicked after larger authentication packet.
  • Fixed inventory authentication failure message.
  • Fixed wheel #7 missing collision/navigation data.
  • Fixed diner #3 counter height.
  • Fixed including DX11 motion blur.
  • Fixed pilot jacket and biker jacket not dropping.
What do you think of the woodland/arctic/multicam/desert weapon skins? They're intended to provide a bit more customization to your items, and the colors are intentionally high contrast to avoid an in-game camouflage advantage.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
Washington Map:

A new map set in Washington state is available to play now! With the military quickly deploying to try and prevent the spread of the infection you will find many more exciting PvP locations! It also features the biggest city in Unturned to date: Seattle.

With this map being balanced more towards PvP PEI has been taken back a notch so that firearms are rarer and some of the locations to easily get weapons have been moved.

If you have any ideas or feedback about these maps please let me know! There are quite likely some missing spawns or floating objects somewhere that will need fixing as well.

Edit: on 20/09/15:

This patch fixed a few things for users with specific graphics cards and fixed pink materials on workshop content that has not updated to Unity 5 yet (which you should do!) The downloading process for workshop content from servers is also much better, but more details about that in next Friday. Update Notes:

  • Added Washington state map.
  • Added military tower #3.
  • Added diner #3.
  • Added diner sign #1.
  • Added road tee cap #2.
  • Added lighting control over cloud blending color.
  • Improved cloud shader so dark maps can look nicer. [Requires tweaking by creator]
  • Updated to Unity 5.2.
  • Updated to Steamworks .NET 7.0.0.
  • Improved divine mythical effect.
  • Improved object editor to allow copying between levels.
  • Improved assets to cancel loading if inside official ID range.
  • Tweaked gun spawn rates lower on PEI.
  • Tweaked layout of PEI.
  • Tweaked chainsaw/blowtorch quality loss.
  • Tweaked bat/golfclub to not spawn on PEI/Yukon.
  • Tweaked low quality guns/melee to have a minimum damage.
  • Tweaked height of bridge #2 supports.
  • Tweaked sportshot gunshot sound.
  • Tweaked camera model size.
  • Tweaked midday water color on PEI.
  • Fixed slightly offset edges of bridge turn #2.
  • Fixed road model mipmap bug on map image.
  • Fixed racecar default spawn health.
  • Fixed quads vibrating all over the place.
  • Fixed sideways friction on vehicle wheels.
  • Fixed racecar to not have a horn.
  • Fixed mythical effect direction on magic cape.
  • Fixed toggling night vision right after loading into server.
  • Fixed school table model size.
  • Fixed yuri magazine to use ranger ammunition.
  • Fixed properly checking whether barricade is on vehicle.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alex Wiltshire)

I get so many emails from people saying they thought the game looked atrocious and they played it just to laugh at how bad it was. Nelson Sexton has a pretty good attitude towards his game, Unturned [Steam page].

On first glance, the Fisher Price art direction of this Early Access zombie survival sandbox surely wouldn t trouble old man DayZ and his gang. But it s had 17.5 million downloads on Steam, with 1.25 million people playing it in the past two weeks. Players really> like Unturned: its Steam ratings are 92% positive. And Sexton, its sole maker, is just 18. I was really curious who this guy is, so I rang him up. I think you might like him and maybe Unturned, too.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
Several updates ago the idea was proposed to create a new map set in an American state and then split the different playstyles (hardcore pve, pve and pvp) into the maps that best fit them. Judging from the comments/feedback on that announcement post this is a popular idea, so earlier this week I began working on the new map and tweaking PEI/the Yukon.

Here are the current plans for what to do with the maps (Although definitely open to suggestion!) and some questions to get some more feedback:

In 3.13 right now I'm moving this more towards the survival end of the spectrum by doing things like removing player spawnpoints from the military bases, moving the police checkpoint to the airport, reducing the spawnrates of guns and ammunition and getting rid of extravagant fortified locations like the crashed helicopter, submarine and Scorpion-7 (Moved to the American map). How would you like to see it changed? What would you like to see fill in where Scorpion-7 was?

For 3.13 I haven't planned any changes for this map yet, although in the future I agree it would be nice to expand the temperature system beyond simply whether you have clothes or not. How would you like to see it changed or made more difficult to survive on?

American State (which state undecided):
This is definitely on the combat side of the spectrum with many more fortified locations like an evacuation zone constructed by the military, destroyed military convoys and military encampments set up to help protect the populace. It also has some cool locations to visit like a racetrack for fast vehicles or a golf course great for building bases. What sort of things would you like to see in this map? Are there any content additions you can think of that would fit well into this map?

If we're lucky will be ready for next Friday (the 18th of September), but there's still a lot to do so if not there will be a progress report to let you know.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Added Gold katana and desert falcon cosmetic skins for Gold members!
  • Added ability to equip Gold cosmetic skins from the cosmetic item menu.
  • Added racecar. [ID 77-84]
  • Added tractor. [ID 85]
  • Added bus. [ID 86]
  • Added military jeep. [ID 87-88]
  • Added yuri. [ID 1041]
  • Added yuri magazine. [ID 1042]
  • Added racetrack to default road bundle.
  • Added racetrack fence block #2.
  • Added bleacher #1.
  • Added baseball diamond #1.
  • Added agriculture equipment #1.
  • Added transit bench #1.
  • Added transit cover #2.
  • Added destroyed racecar.
  • Added destroyed tractor.
  • Added destroyed bus.
  • Added destroyed jeep.
  • Added unwrapped katana, timberwolf, zubeknakov, ace and desert falcon sources.
  • Added info about custom ambience to maps documentation.
  • Improved vehicle handling/responsiveness.
  • Improved vehicle networking/control smoothness.
  • Improved how clients update moving vehicles.
  • Improved reflective stips on firefighter/construction uniform.
  • Improved fuel filling object detection.
  • Tweaked gun damage dropoff when quality is low.
  • Tweaked militia item spawns on PEI.
  • Tweaked farm and military vehicle spawns on PEI.
  • Tweaked snayperskya/sabertooth range a bit higher.
  • Tweaked cobra recoil a bit higher and reduced damage.
  • Tweaked kryzkarek to accept ranger suppressor.
  • Tweaked heartbreaker damage a bit lower.
  • Tweaked size of campfire glow.
  • Tweaked katana blade curvyness.
  • Tweaked viper magazine appearance.
  • Tweaked cargo pant/parka armor a bit lower.
  • Tweaked military shirt/pant armor a bit higher.
  • Fixed shell casing direction in left handed mode.
  • Fixed window resize order issue causing tiny screen.
  • Fixed hat armor when not wearing pants.
  • Fixed crawler zombie ragdoll head flopping.
  • Fixed toggling headlights on vehicles without them.
  • Fixed viper inspect animation magazine.
  • Fixed character to randomize if loading outside range.
  • Fixed desert falcon durability loss.
  • Fixed scrapping matamorez.
  • Fixed displaying name of unknown item.
  • Fixed wearing astronaut shirt on feet.
  • Fixed case where arrows could take too much damage.
  • Fixed avenger magazine position.
  • Fixed duping by taking items out of destroyed crates.
  • Fixed kryzkarek animal damage.
  • Fixed bullet casing shinyness.
  • Fixed bunker basement door rotation.
  • Fixed resetting item packages list.
The katana and desert falcon were voted as the most desired weapons to see Gold which is why they were picked, but fear not several more of the top choices will quite likely see the same upgrade!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton

When PEI first came out it had to balance every different playstyle from hardcore survival to casual combat. With the addition of the Yukon map those hardcore survival players have a huge harsh location to explore and build bases, and it is the perfect location to begin adding more complex survival mechanics such as temperature and aggressive animals in the future.

Next up I would like to create a map set somewhere in the USA for the opposite side of the playstyle spectrum which will have a much stronger military presence fit for lots of fun PvPing as well as crazy locations to find like a racetrack with racecars.

With those two maps PEI can then be balanced to somewhere in between the extremes, more hardcore mechanics can be added to the Yukon and new weapons can be added to the USA.

What do you think of this plan?
What sort of things would you like to see in the USA map?

Warning: Today's update contains some of the new items/vehicles intended for the USA map, so if you want to experience it all for the first time when this map comes out make sure not to spawn in the sabertooth, peacemaker, heartbreaker, golfcart or taxi.

Update Notes:

  • Added sabertooth. [ID 1018]
  • Added sabertooth magazine. [ID 1020]
  • Added avenger. [ID 1021]
  • Added avenger magazine. [ID 1022]
  • Added police baton. [ID 1023]
  • Added peacemaker. [ID 1024]
  • Added peacemaker magazine. [ID 1026]
  • Added viper. [ID 1027]
  • Added viper magazine. [ID 1029]
  • Added frying pan. [ID 1030]
  • Added shovel. [ID 1031]
  • Added crowbar. [ID 1032]
  • Added paddle. [ID 1033]
  • Added pitchfork. [ID 1034]
  • Added machete. [ID 1035]
  • Added katana. [ID 1036]
  • Added heartbreaker. [ID 1037]
  • Added kryzkarek. [ID 1039]
  • Added kryzkarek magazine. [ID 1040]
  • Added golfcart. [ID 75]
  • Added taxi. [ID 76]
  • Added ability to inspect attachments and melee. [Default F]
  • Added support for animation named "Inspect" on any item.
  • Added official wallpaper background to Unturned/Extras folder.
  • Added friends server list browser in-menu.
  • Added current player count to in-game playerlist.
  • Added example animal bundle to the sources folder.
  • Added refresh button to inventory screen.
  • Added exit button to menu and return button to pause menus.
  • Added destroyed golfcart and taxi models to the editor.
  • Added empty itemdef issue report screen.
  • Added maxplayers warning.
  • Improved manually spawned guns to have full ammo.
  • Improved bloom to work on viewmodel.
  • Improved in-menu server browser options and layout.
  • Improved appearance of fire, blowtorch, muzzle, spark and explosion particle effects.
  • Improved appearance of glowing, electric, divine and rainbow mythical effects.
  • Improved cobra/deagle iron sights to glow in the dark.
  • Improved pistol animations.
  • Improved example assets to use importable .unitypackage files.
  • Improved clothing menu to show equip/dequip.
  • Improved inventory networking.
  • Tweaked clothing menu name.
  • Tweaked in-game swap button position.
  • Tweaked horde label text.
  • Tweaked snayperskya to accept ranger suppressor.
  • Tweaked masterkey one less slot wide.
  • Tweaked item spawns on PEI.
  • Tweaked item spawns in the Yukon.
  • Fixed super bright water in dual render scope.
  • Fixed rotated ace/cobra/colt/deagle ADS animation.
  • Fixed resource exploit.
  • Fixed jumping on edge of object like tree bark.
  • Fixed lack of chainsaws in the Yukon.
  • Fixed out of sync item/icon IDs.
  • Fixed duplicate counters at Yukon ski lodge.
  • Fixed small sight level of detail.
  • Fixed key/unbox button colors.
  • Fixed clamping vehicle/spectator camera pitch.
  • Fixed material on maple fortification.
  • Fixed flying barricade vehicle deathtrap issue.
  • Fixed refilling cobra/matamorez magazines with other sizes.

One thing I'm considering right now is making it so that Gold members can toggle Gold versions of their weapons as an extra bonus. For example on the Timberwolf the main black body part could become shiny Gold, or the barrel/bolt could be Gold accented. What do you think of this idea?

Which gun would you like to see Gold most?
Which melee would you like to see Gold most?
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
Steam Economy:

The Steam economy is now fully integrated into Unturned spanning from trading cosmetics to selling them on the Community Market! This allows you to give your character a unique appearance and keep that appearance between servers regardless of what loot you find.

The easiest way to get cosmetics into your Steam backpack is to play the game! After playing a certain amount of time you will occasionally see a cosmetic drop notification showing what has been given to you. Feel free to sell it on the market to make some money!

The rarest drops are Mystery Boxes which, when opened, will give you a random super rare mystery item, or if you're extra lucky you might even get one that has a special effect like fire or sparkles! These require a key to open which cost $1 or your currency equivalent, and are a new way to help support the game if the Gold upgrade price seems a bit steep.

While in-game if you find an item you would like to show instead of your cosmetics, for example a ghillie suit, you can click the button underneath your character preview to toggle them on and off.

If you would like to get your own cosmetics into Unturned's economy you can submit one to the curated Workshop! More details on how to do that can be found here:
Update Notes

  • Added quad. [ID 67-74]
  • Added reset world button to the singleplayer menu. [Finally, after sooo many requests]
  • Added secondary suit, tie and tophat for Gold members.
  • Added clothing view/context menu.
  • Added support for metallic textures on shirts/pants.
  • Added destroyed quad models to editor.
  • Improved design of [Previous one was a blank page]
  • Improved formatting of in-menu patch notes.
  • Tweaked cold environments to increase calorie consumption.
  • Tweaked warmblooded skill to reduce calorie consumption as a bonus.
  • Tweaked Gold tuxedo pants to have a Gold chain.
  • Tweaked desert uniform flag country.
  • Fixed spawning on beds outside the playable area.
  • Fixed empty location node on Yukon. [Thanks konig and everyone on his server]
  • Fixed saving location nodes with no name value.
  • Fixed clothing menu scaling issues.
  • Fixed blurry edges of scaled item icons.
  • Fixed loading empty item tables.
  • Fixed pressing escape after closing an alert on the menu.
  • Fixed beds on vehicles to properly transfer ownership.
The in-menu patch notes now show just the changes portion of each announcement, and should fit better on most screens.

Originally the quad was going to be part of the USA map update, but it was too much fun to make so I did it a couple days ago!
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
  • Improved map to show player directional arrow.
  • Improved glue to be edible so that it is more useful.
  • Tweaked snow density lower.
  • Tweaked agriculture skill levels/cost.
  • Tweaked Yukon moose spawn density.
  • Fixed backspace not cancelling binding properly.
  • Fixed leather pack blueprint.
  • Fixed server list crash when leaving quickly.
  • Fixed build hitmarker consistency.
  • Fixed climbing edge of biodome #1.
  • Fixed climbing edge of hangar #2.
  • Fixed modified lighting exploit.
  • Fixed modified objects exploit.
  • Fixed shirt/pants particle stacking issue.
  • Fixed major issue with clothing networking.
  • Fixed barricade crash when disconnecting.
Community Announcements - Nelson Sexton
Yukon Map:

A new map set in the Yukon is available to play now! It's much harsher than PEI, with the snow making finding clothing a much higher priority. The increased separation between locations means that building a base is highly recommended, and log cabins found intermittently throughout the woods provide places to fortify for the night.

Feel free to leave any feedback about the map, as you probably have some amazing ideas on how to improve it! I fully expect that there are some bugs which need fixing and spawns that need balancing. In the future it will hopefully be expanded on further with hostile animals like wolves and more survival elements such as traps and a better warmth system.

If the Yukon is not your cup of tea rest assured because PEI is still available, the workshop is full of awesome community created maps which can now use the new items/vehicles/models/animals and additional official maps should be completed within the next month or so.

Update Notes:

  • Added new survival map set in the Yukon.
  • Added options for crosshair/hitmarkers/cursor color.
  • Added explorer. [ID 58]
  • Added snowmobile. [ID 59-66]
  • Added leather pack. [ID 1014]
  • Added biohazard suit. [ID 1015-1017]
  • Added moose. [ID 2]
  • Added biodome.
  • Added ice sheet.
  • Added snow drifts.
  • Added lodge #3.
  • Added lodge #4.
  • Added warehouse #2.
  • Added research lab #2.
  • Added research sign #2.
  • Added orange cargo ship.
  • Added ski path flag #1.
  • Added helicopter #3.
  • Added mine cart.
  • Added mine tunnel.
  • Added support for emissive textures on shirts/pants.
  • Added support for particle effects on shirts/pants.
  • Added ladders to the shipyard docks on PEI.
  • Added yield signs to some intersections on PEI.
  • Added various other small editor models such as wrecked vehicles, snowmobile wheels and steering handlebars.
  • Improved nightvision lights to glow in the dark.
  • Improved outside of dual-render scope to blur when zoomed.
  • Improved tree loading/saving to better support custom ones. Recommended to re-save your maps to update their data to this new format.
  • Tweaked flower stem color darker.
  • Tweaked steam inventory to be visible.
  • Tweaked cam tools to need Shift held at the same time.
  • Tweaked agriculture skill to affect drop chance rather than only when full.
  • Tweaked orientation of Scorpion-7 radar dishes.
  • Fixed toggling tactical laser.
  • Fixed ice sheet material.
  • Fixed t-shirt names.
  • Fixed extra high zombie health in survival mode.
  • Fixed scrapping fishing top and police vest.
  • Fixed missing crossing #1 model.
  • Fixed desert military vest color.
  • Fixed mobile #1's navmesh.
  • Fixed loading item/zombie spawns with nonexistant assets.
  • Fixed ragdolls perpetually dancing.
  • Fixed glowing white character on menu.
  • Fixed underground hero on menu.
  • Fixed igloo level of detail.
  • Fixed extended cobra magazine spawn rate on PEI.
  • Fixed boulders/grass damaging vehicle.
  • Fixed dock #2 damaging vehicle.
  • Fixed map2 button tooltip.
  • Fixed military barrel rotation on gun.
  • Fixed potential cause of UI shader issue.
  • Fixed swapping seats in third person.
  • Fixed footprint on objects near the region border.

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