Community Announcements - Mayto

Hey there!
I juste released a small update for Worlds; it adds some new visual effects including specular lights, which greatly improve indoor environments. This update also fixes the annoying crash occuring in target practice.

  • Added specular lights on reflective materials
  • Added cloud shadows on the ground

  • Improved water rendering
  • Increased color saturation on Lesna and Sfhyr

  • Fixed the crash sometimes occuring in target practice
  • Fixed the rendering of the ocean in some districts of Bangahar
Community Announcements - Mayto

Here comes Worlds v2.0! This update adds a lot of things (hence the name), notably updated graphics, a refined HUD, a new dynamic camera and a bigger font.

  • Updated graphics
  • Updated HUD
  • New dynamic camera
  • New primary font and dialog design
  • You can now set the controls in the in game menu
  • Added a new "checkpoint" animation
  • Added a new "mission complete" animation
  • Added a red glow when you're low on health

  • The gladiators AI has been tweaked (colosseum)
  • You can now see the "tension" of the gladiators through the analyzer
  • Jumps have been tweaked
  • Enemies hear less in snowstorms
  • Target score for ????? now set to 200000 points
  • New enemy placements on Teira
  • ??? removed from some ending sequence
  • The plateform bit in The Cube has been refined
  • Splashscreens are now faster
  • Secondary fonts have been altered / updated
  • Added some new information on the score menu

  • Fixed the crash occuring when using R-Goggles in the colosseum
  • The "resolution" button in the options menu now works when using custom resolution
  • Fixed some collision problems with iargatrices

Don't hesitate to give me some feedback.
Have fun!
Community Announcements - Mayto
Hey everyone!

Big news today, Worlds is now available for Linux!
And here comes the first update for Worlds, which mostly includes bug fixes.

  • Linux version!
  • Added a "clear" button in the Weapon selection menu + the "remove" button won't show if no weapon is selected
  • Added a "clear" button in the Equipment and Power selection menu + the "remove" button won't show if no equipment or power is selected

Bug fixes
  • Dialogs on Haos won't display in french anymore
  • Fixed the "I won't insist" line which prevented from exiting the dialog with the girl from Suraja (en only)
  • You won't be able to buy a "third special weapon" at Vijna Firearms anymore (leftover)
  • The final score can't be negative
  • You can't get a second Lock-91 in the cutscene with Lyria01 on Suraja anymore
  • Removed the line about reflection in the building (Lesna, leftover from an ancient version of the puzzle)
  • Fixed the position of the PWR::INSIGHT marker when you're holding the enemy
  • You won't lose the HLS-0 or WP-Gun if you pick up a Trai-LV or a Trai-G2 on Teira

That's it. Feel free to suggest any features you'd like to see added to the game (little things like the new "clear" buttons, nothing too big!), and I'll see what I can do :)

See you later!

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