Aug 15, 2014
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Hey Everyone,

Well we're at the end of our first week of release and there were quite a few bugs that flew past our radar prior to launch. Thanks to our community's help, I believe that we've squashed them all. Thank you all for your patience, below is a summary of what every patch fixed and added, please enjoy our latest stable build. :)

1.0.5 Aug 11 @ 8:17pm
• Easier time for players who manage to get outside of the camera to get back in.
• Mounts partially off-camera are no longer able to be mounted.

• Disabled the debug console.

1.0.6 Aug 11 @ 11:06pm
• Fixed a bunch of crashes that user's submitted.
• Users who play at a 4:3 resolution can now progress past stage 3.

1.0.7 Aug 12 @ 2:54pm
• Slightly tweaked stage 8 spawns to avoid a rare spawning situation.
• Sanitized the drawing of save game stats to avoid a crash users were having.
• Fixed a crash that could happen where Papa Smurvoff targeted a player that just died their last life.
• Fixed a crash that could happen when an enemy shoots a projectile at a player that just died their last life.

1.0.8 Aug 12 @ 10:33pm
• Camera doesn't follow remote players anymore and remote players are allowed off-camera.
• Players regain camera control after the stage 4 pre-boss event.
• Some zone boundaries changed.

• Fixed an issue where the game could get stuck after killing the stage 5 boss in online multiplayer.
• Fixed a spelling error during the tutorial.

1.0.11 Aug 13 @ 10:48pm
• Reduced the number of player movement packets in online multiplayer.
• Reduced the delay on the next obstacle if multiple players die at the same time in stage 7.

• Fixed problems with the stage 5 boss during online multiplayer.
• Fixed crashes related to score.
• Fixed instances where the game would freeze between levels with "waiting for players" in online multiplayer.
• Falling in pits is much more reliable in online multiplayer, which improves stage 7 stability.
• Fixed a launcher crash if the user's profile directory is unwritable for whatever reason.
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1.0.12 Aug 14 @ 2:28am
• Fixed some reported crashes.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when continuing the game.
• Fixed various issues with the stage 5 boss. Should work well in online multiplayer now.
• Items are no longer picked up twice on client computers during online multiplayer.
• The Max HP of the enemy is sent across the network in online multiplayer. This solves some issues where the server is on easy mode and the clients see a boss health bar that isn't at full life.

1.0.13 Aug 15 @ 2am
• The "I'm attacking the darkness", "Do you even lift bro?", and "Make it Rain" achievements should now work.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the server to not properly respawn players in stage 7 who fall in pits during online multiplayer.
• The main menu screens will now look fine with non-widescreen resolutions.
• Enemies won't spawn with 0 HP in Easy mode and instantly die anymore.

1.0.14 Aug 15 @ 5:00am
• Clients that disconnect during online multiplayer are now properly handled by the server.
• Character select during online multiplayer is now more robust and will work to prevent double character selection issues.

1.0.15 Aug 16 @ 5:30am
• MP is properly synchronized when enemies are killed.
• Death race obstacles won't collide with remote players (fixes odd desync issues).
• Fixed a bunch of reported crashes.
• Fixed an issue where the game wasn't unloading resources properly.
• More achievement fixes.
• The stage 5 boss won't run away if the player loses all their lives in certain situations.
• Fixes for clients leaving the game during cutscenes.

1.0.16 Aug 17 @ 1:37am
• Possible fix for a rare Motar death desync bug in online multiplayer.
• The credits background is black again instead of white.
• Fixed some of the "complete the game as" achievements.
• Fixed a problem with the stage 4 intro cutscene if it was already viewed once during the gameplay session.
• Clients exiting to the menu screen will be properly removed from the server in a timely fashion.
• The stage 5 boss won't glitch out and run back and forth anymore.
• Fixed an issue where the stage 5 boss would stop moving and become stuck.
• Fixed a rare issue during level changing where players could get deleted from the client.
• Assorted crash fixes.

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