Ballistic Overkill - Jay

Hello everyone!

Update 1.4.1 is now available on our test branch! A big feature was introduced and now you can compete with other players for the best positions on global leaderboards! Read full details below.

The Public Test Branch

As some of you already know and participated in the past, this is our testing environment. We test updates here so we can fix bugs before sending them to the live version. Everyone can try it and if you're playing on the test branch you will level up and drop boxes normally while having access to new features and content! It’s simple to participate: right-click Ballistic Overkill on your Steam’s library > Properties > BETAS > add this code: beta141branch. Then a download will start and you’ll be ready to play once it’s finished! If anything goes wrong on the test branch, you can switch back to live version on BETAS tab again.

Please, make sure you read these test branch guidelines before you start playing it:

PS: Number of servers are limited on test branch. It will be easier to find a match through community servers tab instead of play now.


Leaderboards are now available to be tested and you can check them in-game through a new UI icon, just beside the inventory icon! Your performance within every match is now represented by skill points and tiers. You gain or lose skill points after completing a match according to your performance. At the end of every month and week you will receive rewards based on your skill points and tier! If you want to know exactly how these systems work, please check this thread:

New Season - Third Strike

Even though you’ll see the UI for the new season while playing the test branch, it’s not here just yet! It will only be available when the update is live, so you'll still drop Second Wave boxes. However, enjoy the new season spoilers! :P

Fixes and Changes
  • Brute (Tank) range increased.
  • Slayer (Vanguard) clip size increased.
  • Standing on KOTH point now rewards a player with 50% less score points, however defense kills are now awarded when you kill an enemy who’s inside the point or when you kill an enemy from inside it (including on Capture Points mode).
  • New leaderboards achievements added plus the missing LMG Master achievement.
  • Added a new button on home screen that allows you to read the latest patch notes in-game.
  • Fixed several weapons losing more than intended accuracy when jumping while aiming.
  • Fixed some collision bugs on Blackfield and Reinstate.
  • Fixed admin commands not working. If you’re in a server you own/host, type ./help to see all commands.
  • Fixed first match of the day XP bonus.
Ballistic Overkill - Jay

Hi everyone!

First of all, a warm welcome to all new players! We hope you guys enjoyed the weekend deal on Ballistic Overkill. =)

Today we’d like to share more detailed info on the update we’ve been working on (no ETA yet) that will bring a brand new feature: leaderboards! This update will add skill rating to all players. Skill rating is adjusted according to your score and performance within every valid* match. You can already preview your skill rating on Steam’s performance ladder screen, but note that we’re still working on it and we’ll let you know exactly how SR gain and loss works when the feature is release (we’re currently only testing it). There are 16 ranks you can climb through, each requiring a higher amount of skill rating to be reached. At the end of every month players will be rewarded according to their rank! The top 100 players on leaderboards will also receive monthly rewards. And there are also weekly rewards for the top 30 players on each class based leaderboard! Rewards go from regular scraps to golden lockboxes containing golden weapon skins! There is also a new item, the golden scrap, used to craft golden lockboxes. As long as you’re an active player, you will be rewarded! And rewards increase as you climb ranks and stay closer to the top 10 best players. We’re excited to see how this new feature will play and hope you enjoyed this preview! You can check more leaderboard UI preview here.

*You will only gain or lose SR on valid matches, which are official dedicated servers matches that you’ve played for more than 4 spawned minutes with more than 8 players in it.

Additionally we’re pushing a small hotfix update to improve matchmaking algorithms to better fit the current active player base. Community dedicated servers will now be searched through “play now” button and you can toggle it off on settings menu.

On Linux we're experimenting a 64 bits version! You can try it when launching the game and let us know if it works great. There are also some balance changes you can check out below:

Balance Changes


  • Weapons
    • All SMGs damage reduced
    • Rhino damage increased + ADS re-enabled


  • Abilities
    • New trait: health packs now heal Tank for 1.5x HP (75 from small, 300 from big)
  • Weapons
    • Mammoth damage increased + ADS re-enabled


  • Fixed Switchblade and Executioner displaying incorrect damage when Firearms Expert is equipped
  • Fixed Capture Point score not properly updating on all clients
Ballistic Overkill - Valve
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Ballistic Overkill - Jay
Hello everyone! Today we’re releasing a small hotfix patch to fix some reported bugs (specially the error joining match one) and apply a few balance changes. Ninja was a skill that left no room for counterplay so we’ve completely changed it. We’ve also buffed some of Wraith’s unpopular weapons to make them more competitive and increased Tank's and Vanguard's movement speed a little. You can read full patch details below!

Balance Changes

  • Skills
    • Swiftness movement speed reduced from 15% to 12%.
    • Ninja reworked
      • Shadow loses the ability to become invisible. In return, this soldier gains +15% damage resistance, +25% melee damage and his footsteps volume is reduced by 100%.

  • Weapons
    • Hydra clip size increased from 16 to 20
    • Demon and Firebrand damage increased (2 points)

  • General
    • Tank and all LMGs movement speed increased

  • General
    • Vanguard and Slayer movement speed increased

  • We’ve made changes to fix the “error joining match” issue. After leaving a match, wait a few seconds before joining another match to avoid this issue.
  • Awareness (Marksman trait and skill) now properly detects Shadow and has a skill icon feedback.
  • Fixed an issue with Wonderdome health packs not respawning.
  • Fixed some elements missing on Hollow’s (map) sky.
  • Fixed loadouts breaking after leveling up and equipping new skills between matches.
  • Fixed duplicated player connected/disconnected messages on killfeed.
  • Refined matchmaking algorithms.

Thanks for playing and have fun!
Ballistic Overkill - Jay
Hello guys! This week we’ve been monitoring the new matchmaking system and reading your feedback and we’ve decided to add our official servers back to server browse.

We’ve pushed some updates that improved the algorithms of the new matchmaking system and we will keep the “play now” button as we believe it’s a great tool for new players. But now, according to the veteran community feedback, you can also choose and join an official server through community servers list. The autobalance after every match will still happen on official servers.

We hope your gaming experience with Ballistic Overkill will be better with this small update!
Ballistic Overkill - Jay

Hey guys!

Update 1.4.0 is now live! On this update we’ve worked to improve the player matchmaking experience, assuring that with a single click the game will take you to the best match according to your region and latency. As you know, the game usually had many servers with none or very few players, and a few servers almost full, that made it hard for new players to start new servers. Now with the new system, the players are placed in the servers in a more balanced way, distributing them more equitative and scalable way. It may take a bit longer for you to enter a new game, but the final experience should be better in terms of lag and stability. If the game hasn't found the best server in 2 minutes, then it will place you in a more crowded server with an empty place and with the best conditions in terms of ping and occupancy.

We’ve also made a few balance changes to address Berserker’s dominance and Shadow’s underperformance. Read the full details below!

Play Now and Community Servers
Prior to 1.4.0 all servers were listed on a server browser, allowing you to choose any server among official and community made ones. Now we’re separating official servers from community ones. While Community Servers can still be browsed (and joined with a double click), official servers are no longer visible to players. Instead, they are accessible through the new “Play Now” button, that will take you to the best match according to your latency and will avoid putting you on a full match as spectator. We’ve added an option on the game’s settings to uncheck regions you don’t want to be put in by the Play Now button. Note, however, that you will be stuck searching for a match if there aren’t any players playing on the checked servers at that moment.

Autobalance is back!
Now when a match ends, the game will split teams according to player’s previous match scores to make sure the MVPs will play against each other rather than stay on the same team. Because of this, you will no longer be able to choose teams. You can still join your friend’s matches through the home menu interface, but playing on their same team will not always be possible in order to maintain a fast and fair matchmaking running.

Balance Changes

  • Skills
    • Go Ballistic base damage bonus reduced from 10% to 5%
    • Bloodlust fire rate per stack reduced from 5% to 3%
    • Guts damage resistance reduced from 15% to 10%
    • Hide in Plain sight now reduces 100% footstep volume during Fury Mode

  • Weapons
    • All Machine Pistols movement speed increased
  • Skills
    • The instant invisibility effect is now a trait and Shadow Walker only adds +15% damage. Additionally Shadow Walker and Assassin had their names and icons switched.

  • Skills
    • Consistency accuracy reduced from 40% to 30%

  • All melee weapons are now “automatic”

  • The “I see dead people” achievement is now working again
  • Overhead crane sounds are now being muted through the sound effect slider
Ballistic Overkill - Jay

Hello soldiers!

Meet “Second Wave”, the second drop season of Ballistic Overkill! This new season contains 5 rarity tier skins collections: Urban (common), rest of the Jungle skins (advanced), White Tiger (special), Rose (elite) and the legendary Seaquake skins!

There are also 4 new accessories. You can unlock the Cat Backpack, the Frog Shoes, the Paw Shoes and the Samurai Helmet by collecting this season’s skins!

Here’s how the lockbox drop system works if you’re wondering.

The 13th weapons are here!
Recently Tank received his 13th weapon, and now it’s time for all soldiers to get theirs! They're the last unlock.
Spectre: Berserker’s silenced SMG is back (it was available during early access)!
Slayer: An assault rifle with iron sight that rewards headshots for Vanguard.
Demon: Wraith’s second LMG, with more balanced attributes compared to Firebrand.
Hammer: Grenadier’s shotgun. Slower than Terminator, but more powerful.
Devil: High mobility and accuracy SMG for Shadow.
Hunter: A silenced assault rifle with scope for Marksman. A lot of ammo.

Have fun and best of luck with this new drop season!
Ballistic Overkill - Jay
Hello everyone! Today’s update is focused on stability improvements! We’ve been testing this build during the last days and hopefully you will see FPS improvements if you used to have performance issues. We’ve also fixed some issues and added a few balance changes. You can read detailed info below!

Please, if you’re still having performance issues and general issues/bugs when you join a match, use our Steam forums to report them to us. Your feedback is really important! Here’s a guideline for reporting:

Balance Changes

In the past we gave a quality of life buff to all pistols to make them more comfortable to use and macro-proof. We missed Vanguard’s pistols, so here they are!
  • Weapons
    • Switchblade and Agent are now full automatic

To continue the sniper damage adjustments, now we’re increasing Custodian’s power so it can double tap Grenadier in most cases too.
  • Weapons
    • Custodian
      • Damage increased from 110 to 130

Once again - to make Grenadier less dominant with SMGs and MPs loadouts - we’re removing Firearms Expert from his skills pool. We’re adding Pyromaniac in its place, a skill focused on explosives. PS: This change will reset your Grenadier loadouts.
  • Skills
    • Firearms Expert removed
    • Pyromaniac added
      • Grenadier gains +15% explosive damage (affects both grenades and GLs)

  • Several stability and queue system improvements.
  • Fixed Magistrate and Curator damage to properly deal 200 damage on Guts Berserker.
  • You can no longer cancel reload animation with shooting with Tormentor, Mohawk and Piledriver (causing an “infinite” ammo effect). They are now automatic and have had their reload speed adjusted to maintain a similar balance they had before this fix.
  • Pistols no longer bypass draw animations. This was done to refrain macro usage.
  • Fixed some Assault Rifle’s GLs doing less damage than intended.

We hope you liked this small update. Thanks for playing!
Ballistic Overkill - Vitzz
Hey everyone! Today’s patch contains some bug fixes, improvements to the queue system and some balance changes. We hope you like it!

Also, stay tuned! A new season is coming soon. =)

Balance Changes

Felon is Berserker’s longest range weapon and we’re reducing its fire power a bit as it often felt too strong. Supernova is also a very strong option because of its great hip fire accuracy, so we’re taking some of its range away.
  • Weapons
    • Felon
      • Damage per bullet decreased from 38 to 34
    • Supernova
      • Minimum range decreased from 15 to 11 meters (i.e. after 11 meters this weapon’s damage starts to fall off).

Wraith’s snipers have some sort of “damage tier”, where’s Ironveil does the lowest damage and Interdiction does the highest damage. Magistrate’s damage was in a tier it didn’t give the player a real advantage, so we’re adjusting its damage specially to deal with Berserkers. Additionally, we’re adding Curator to this damage tier and adjusting Judge to be able to deal with other 150 HP classes.
  • Weapons
    • Magistrate
      • Damage increased from 225 to 235
    • Curator
      • Damage increased from 205 to 235
    • Judge
      • Damage increased from 130 to 150

Grenadier has been underperforming for a while and increasing his HP on a previous patch (sorry about not mentioning it) was something we wanted to give him to make Grenadier feel more viable, especially when using his GLs. We believe he’s feeling great with his new HP pool, but he’s also feeling too strong when using his Machine Pistols (which were always reliable picks even before his HP buff). This patch we’re nerfing Rattlesnake, Serpent and reducing some bonus movement speed from Last Laugh skill. An aggressive playstyle combining these weapons + Last Laugh should be less dominant now.
  • Weapons
    • Rattlesnake
      • Minimum range decreased from 10 meters to 8 meters.
      • Spread increased.
    • Serpent
      • Minimum range decreased from 10 meters to 8 meters.
      • Spread increased.
      • Damage reduced slightly.
  • Skills
    • Last Laugh
      • Bonus movement speed reduced from 25% to 20%.

Recently we’ve added Tank’s first melee weapon, the Sledgehammer, and it’s nice to see players having a lot of fun with this weapon! However, Raging Bull (which was previously buffed to be an overall better skill option) was feeling a little too strong, especially when combined with his new weapon. We like how Raging Bull works and its synergy with Tank’s close range weapons, but we’re tuning it down a little on this patch.
  • Skills
    • Raging Bull
      • Damage reduction decreased from 50% to 40%.

With Grenadier’s HP buff, we believe it’s safe to adjust Marksman’s snipers to deal with 200 HP classes, directly countering Berserker or another Marksman player.
  • Weapons
    • Drone and Warden
      • Damage increased from 195 to 205

Bug Fixes
  • Several improvements to the queue system and spectator mode. Please let us know if you’re still facing issues with these systems
  • Fixed an issue with Shadow Walker skill making Shadow permanently visible
  • Headshot numbers are red again
  • Fixed frozen 3rd person animations

Thanks for playing and see you soon!
Ballistic Overkill - Chipmunk
Hello Folks! The last update changed some fundamental parts of game to introduce many new features. That cause problems to many users and like we discussed over Discord and foruns, we are working as fast as we can to make it stable again.

This update should fix most of these problems. Others can take a little longer and may be fixed in a next update.

Game doesn't open
Ballistic now saves all user preferences in local files, which is great because you won't lose your graphic or control settings each time the game updates. For some reason, some systems were not able to write the correct resolution and fullscreen settings for the first time, making the game display just a black screen. We pushed this detection a little further to avoid problems. If you still can't run the game, try to edit BallisticConfiguration files in the instalation folder.

Editing the file outside the game with Notepad should now have a more consistent behaviour as well.

For Linux Users: If you're still having problems to launch the game, add this command to your Steam launch options.

-screen-fullscreen 0

Wrong loadouts in Soldier Screen
By introducing the Sledgehammer, the unlock order of all Tank weapons changed. That caused the Soldier screen to display completely wrong loadouts. We were forced to reset everybody's loadouts to fix this problem. Don't worry, your player progression is unchanged.

Performance regression
Detect performance regressions can be tricky sometimes and we may never be done optimizing the game. A few things that would help:

For design and performance reasons you will now see your teammates identified by an arrow instead of their outlines in the distance. This is not just a cleaner solution but prevent the characters to be rendered all the time.

Since your resolution was reset to your monitor's maximum resolution by default, you may have to revisit the settings screen and decrease the resolution to something more suitable to you video card.

We belive there are still possible optimizations. Let us now if your game is still slower compared to version 1.3.5

Bug fixes
We fixed lots of bugs related to the queue system and spectator mode. All the flow should be smoother now.

We will keep you informed of new bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for playing Ballistic Overkill!

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