Game Character Hub - Jake_Degica
Hi everyone! The latest version of GCH is now live with a few changes:

  • Improved workshop support: workshop files are easier to browse and install. You can also now share workshop files with GCH: PE (new workshop files and updated ones will be automatically published on GCH:PE workshop as well).
  • Fixed an issue where on a few occasion an invalid frame selection could make GCH crash
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

We wish you a happy new year :)

We come with some good news: the DLC issues have been fixed. We apologize again for the trouble it may have caused.
It is now possible to buy any DLC for any GCH version, even if you don't own both GCH versions.
The DLCs you may own with the base GCH version are still available for free with the Portfolio version (and vice versa).

Since you could not benefit from the winter sales discount on the DLCs, we are launching a new weeklong discount. The discount will be similar to the winter sales (50% off) and starts next week (1/9). We hope you will enjoy it :)
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

We hope you had a nice Christmas :)

As you may have noticed, since a few days, it has no longer been possible to purchase any base GCH or GCH-PE DLCs, unless one owns both versions of GCH. Be assured that this was not intended. It is the first time we released DLCs across several products, the issue comes from some misconfiguration on our end.

We are sorry about that and we understand the frustration it may have caused. We are working closely with Valve to have this fixed as soon as possible. Considering this is the holiday season, it may not be fixed until mid January.

Trying to change some things on our end until we get a reply from Valve is not an option, as it will make the DLCs unplayable for those who have managed to buy them :/ Of course this would be unacceptable so we will keep things as they are until Valve replies. We will post another announcement when the issue is resolved.

Note that this temporary issue only affects the DLCs. Game Character Hub can still be purchased normally, and you can still purchase the DLCs if you own both versions of GCH.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and we wish you a happy new year!
Community Announcements - Mitchell
Hi there,
We've just launched Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition.

There's a ton of new features, improvements, and enhancements.


The Game Character Hub Team
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

We are glad to inform you that a free Second Story update will be rolled out in the next hours :) The update contains 17 new items, with new outfits, new hair styles, and new accessories! This is packed along with an updated character generator to account for the new items!

Once the update files have been downloaded, simply restart GCH and it will install the update.

All the credit for this update goes to VexedEnigma :)

We are also happy to announce that another Second Story expansion is planned for the next couple of months :)

We hope you will enjoy it :)
Community Announcements - RM Dev
Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of RPG Maker DS/DS+ generator parts! Invoking the feel of SNES-era RPGs, this pack contains more than 150 new unique items to be used with RPG Maker VX Ace engine. We hope you will enjoy these new character parts in retro style :)

Together Game Character Hub has been updated to v2.6.1 including the following features and fixes :

[+] Item library explorer now keeps the selected color variation when selecting a new item.

[+] Sped up the generation of random characters

Bug fixes:
  • Log files are now properly removed after 15 days.
  • When importing characters, auto-generated color variations were not properly computed.
  • Fixed a bug in GCH's random number generator which gave a wrong spawning probability to some character generators' layers.
  • Item library explorer now stretches correctly when enlarged.
  • Custom icons in character type manager are now displayed correctly.
  • Tool "Generate palette from character" was not working when launched from the color picker docked-window.
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

I am writing this announcement to inform you that MV generator parts release date in GCH will unfortunately be delayed until Summer 2016.

I worked for several weeks on this pack. Alas the overall result wasn't satisfying as these generator parts couldn't fit in GCH properly. This is due to the complexity of MV items: they are made of several spritesheets and GCH has difficulties synchronizing them, and each item is quite large which slows GCH down. Hence I am not comfortable with releasing the pack as it is for I want it to provide you with the best experience possible :)

However, a new release of GCH is planned, which will bring new features along with an improved support for more complex items like MV's :) MV generator parts will be shipped with the new release of GCH. Hence they are only delayed until the new version is out.

I'll keep you updated with the next release :)

Have a nice day!
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hey everybody :)

The whole team would like to wish you a happy Christmas!

We are pleased to announce that we have not come up to Christmas empty-handed but with a new free update of Game Character Hub along with a new free item pack! In addition you will be able to join the Game Character Hub community with a unique discount during the winter sales!

This update brings the following changes:
  • [Item pack] Enjoy the Looseleaf item set with more than 300 new items. The new item pack comes bundled with the free update and gets installed automatically when GCH launches. It is released under the same license as RPG Maker XP's resources.
  • [Feature] Improved drawing tools: the shapes/lines you can draw now have handles. You may grab a handle with the mouse and move it to modify the shape you drew.
  • [Feature] Revamped gradient tool. Gradients are much more intuitive to use.
  • [Feature] New option in the File menu to open a new file and add it directly to the current character.
  • [Improvement] Improved character generator editor window. The window now gives more directions on how to edit the generators.
  • [Improvement] Character generators now operate about twice faster.
  • [Improvement] Small improvements on the tutorial. A new chapter has been added.
  • [Improvement] Improved French text in the user interface.
  • [Bug fix] The noise tool is now more predictable. A new noise is not regenerated every time we undo/redo the noise command, making it more reliable to use.
  • [Bug fix] Sometimes layers were generated with a wrong color by character generators.
  • [Bug fix] A right click on the color palette now selects the secondary color.

RPG Maker MV will be supported in the coming weeks. The update should be released in the next 24 hours.

We hope you will enjoy it! And once again we wish you a merry Christmas!

PS: If you are curious about the results of the last survey, don't hesitate to check out the previous post.
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hello everyone,

I'm posting this announcement to keep you informed about the last survey. It may have seemed like a long time, but we had to make sure we had enough responses to have a reliable feedback. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to take this survey. This is mainly why I am making this post: to thank you, and to make it up to you by giving you the overall feedback.

I am really pleased by the overall positive feedback! It was extremely nice going through all the kind things you said and I took a note of all your remarks (even the funniest ones, like a recipe for a chocolate cake that I have yet to try out :) ).

I am not going to give you the numbers of how many people want this or prefer that, but instead I'm gonna give you what really matters: the conclusions I drew from this, and where GCH is heading.

The main thing you are craving for is new item packs :) I was surprised by the amount of users who took the time to emphasize it in the free text part of the survey, and I am glad they did! Don't worry, we won't let you down on this. We will try to release several item packs in the upcoming months. I would love to see the GCH graphic assets grow in size exponentially in the future, to have fully-fledged RPG Maker packs, but not only :) We will start by releasing upgrades to existing packs.

This brings me to the second point: you do wish to have more item packs, but also to have more animations. This would be a great addition as well! One minor issue though: GCH currently falls somehow short on this. While GCH can handle any kind of custom animations, it doesn't do well on synchronizing several animations of the same character if they are on different spritesheets. The next big update of GCH (not this December update) will bring improved support to characters with various animations so that we can supply you with more varied item packs with plenty of new animations :)

Last but not least, many users also wish to have a tileset editor, or at least to have some tileset editing capabilities. It's too soon to talk about it, but I have several ideas on how I could bring this to life :)

And finally, a word about RPG Maker MV: I hadn't originally planned to add support for RPG Maker MV in GCH until the next update I talked about. But you guys insisted so much for this, and besides I really want to thank you for taking the survey that I changed my mind. We will officially bring support for MV generator parts in the coming weeks :)

That's it guys! Sorry for the long post, but I felt like I owed you a big thanks, so I wanted to share with you an overview of GCH's roadmap. I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks again =)

So long, I have a chocolate cake to bake. And it's not a lie.
Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hey everyone,

This short announcement to tell you that we have opened a short survey about Game Character Hub. This survey goes along with our intent of ever-improving Game Character Hub and always providing you with new features.

Through this short form we aim to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of Game Character Hub, so that we can keep improving your GCH experience :) We also aim to know what are your expectations about the future of GCH so that we will put all our efforts in.

And there are no better ways of doing that than asking our valued community :) Your answers will help improve GCH and even better, help shape its future!

This survey has been made very short so that it will take you much less than five minutes to fill it in.

Thank you very much for your time!

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