Community Announcements - Laugilus
Hey everybody :)

The RPG Maker Midweek Madness sale is upon us! Also attend the GiveAway event on RPG Maker web!

In addition to great deals, we are pleased to announce that we are publishing a new update for Game Character Hub! This update brings new features which we hope will make editing characters with GCH easier than ever!

This update comes along with a new item set Second Story (released independently) which should be published soon. This set will supply hundreds of new character parts for you to choose from! And we have heard your feedback: you are free to use assets of this new pack in commercial games and without an RPG Maker license or using RPG Maker engine!

Here is a complete list of changes that come in the new update:
  • The Change Grid Size window comes with many more features: you may now insert, duplicate, remove, clear rows columns or frames easily.
  • New pixel selection tools: you may now shrink and grow the pixel selection!
  • Improved the item library installer. Now libraries can install custom character types, animations, generators and frame mapping processes.
  • Many tools now have their own mouse cursors.
  • Made drawing tools simpler to use (removed the confusing feature where you could draw on only specific frames).
  • Improved design of the Item library explorer.
  • Revamped character type editor (custom types may now have an icon).
  • Revamped character animation and frame mapping process editors. The user interface should be easier to handle. You may now import and export character animations or frame mapping processes.
  • Simplified the use of the Color dock widget (the active color is now always the primary color).
  • Lots of changes under the hood, including performance improvements and bug fixes.

Enjoy :)
Dec 19, 2014
Community Announcements - Laugilus
The whole Game Character Hub team wishes you a merry Christmas!

This comes with a unique discount on Game Character Hub, along with the long awaited Workshop integration! You can now open your creative abilities to a whole new world of infinite resources!

Along with the great deal, Game Character Hub also comes with an update:
  • Steam workshop integration: You can share characters and generator parts easily via Game Character Hub. You will also see your subscribed items on Game Character Hub, and you will be able to easily install them.
  • Revamped graphic asset import: Game Character Hub now features a new import window to help you import your resources into GCH library. You may now create several-layered items, and add color variations, just like any other item of the library!
  • Revamped frame mapping processes: Frame mapping processes can now resize frame contents as well. You may now use this to convert GCH Faces to RMVXAce Faces.
  • Resize character: Added an option to resize the open character easily.
  • Many bug fixes and improvements.

We hope you will enjoy it :)

Happy Christmas everybody!
Community Announcements - Mitchell
The RPG Maker Midweek Madness sale is upon us!

In addition to great deals, we also have some exciting new changes to the Game Character Hub, including an all-new character generator tool! It is now possible to generate thousands of random characters in just a few seconds.

Find the full list of changes below and have fun creating your new characters!

-New character generator tool. It’s now possible to generate thousands of random characters in a few seconds.Character generators can be customized to give you more control over what kind of characters are generated. In other words, you can create generators that match your game engine.
-Layers now have a blending mode.
-The character grid can now be changed more easily.
-The gche and gchi item formats have been merged into a new format that should help simplify things.
-The item library installer has been revamped, and is now ready to accept DLC. --When you buy DLC, all you have to do is launch the software and it will be installed automatically.
-Accidentally selecting the current tool again no longer switches back to the previous tool.
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes!

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