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Community Announcements - Egosoft
We are happy to announce the availability of update 1.30 for X Rebirth, with many new features and fixes:

New Feature: Steam Workshop support.
• Improved support for joysticks and multiple input devices.
• Improved mining behaviour for all sizes of ships.
• Improved trade ship behaviour to favour profitable, non-empty runs.
• Improved station scan mode which no longer highlights objects that are not relevant.
• Improved attack and evasive maneuvers and AI.
• Improved flight pathing during normal flight, when following other ships, and when docking.
• Improved collector drone flight behaviour near large objects.
• Improved map handling of ship command hierarchies.
• Improved trade menu, including text search, sorting and colours.
• Improved appearance of small ships flying in lanes around stations.
• Enabled comm/info interactions with player property that is more than 10 km away.
• Added missions relating to the upkeep of ships and stations.
• Added new ship types to DeVries.
• Added list of platform NPCs to station menu (only available if you're in the same zone).
• Added more information and command hierarchy to player property menu.
• Added information to encyclopedia about stations/ships that can be built.
• Added option to stop displaying steering mode message.
• Fixed missing manager comm option.
• Fixed wrong mouse-steering mode being entered in some cases incorrectly when leaving a menu.
• Fixed several other incorrect or inconvenient menu behaviours.
• Fixed calculations for gathering certain resources out-of-sector.
• Fixed player being sent to NPCs on ships or on hostile stations when asking for directions.
• Fixed some objects left in construction state after building finished (still at least one rare case remaining).
• Fixed trade missions not completing if the station storage was full, notably the food trade plot mission.
• Fixed trade ships not stopping their current order after clearing their shopping list.
• Fixed trade orders for selling items using ships in player squad.
• Fixed ships blocking docking bays after having docking interrupted.
• Fixed incorrect docking icons under certain circumstances.
• Fixed not being able to unlock skills of defence officers on platforms.
• Fixed displayed total counts of stored units.
• Fixed drones that should have a commander appearing in property owned menu.
• Fixed destroyed drones not being properly removed from drone storage.
• Fixed incorrect ship position after leaving a highway with a menu open.
• Fixed stations creating trade offers with higher value than it can afford.
• Fixed building and production remaining paused after modules having been hacked.
• Fixed ships assigned to stations being incorrectly assigned mining jobs.
• Fixed outdated trade offer information appearing on event monitor.
• Fixed trade ships assigned to player stations sometimes not updating their range.
• Fixed object menu not restoring after closing station trade offers.
• Fixed production menu information not updating correctly.
• Fixed production showing very long production times in certain cases.
• Fixed production stalling due to stations filling up with intermediate wares.
• Fixed several pathfinding problems, which should prevent ships from flying through stations.
• Fixed ships equiping drones or ammo getting stuck in the shipyard.
• Fixed problem that could cause following ships to get stuck when the target changes zones.
• Fixed most cases of dropped containers being stuck inside each other (can still happen occasionally).
• Fixed architect destroying drones in storage without adding them to the station.
• Fixed issue with parking ships when manager (stations) or pilot (construction vessel) are not present.
• Fixed trade ships waiting too long for a free parking location when intended trade is no longer possible.
• Fixed calculation of required funds when trading with other player property.
• Fixed pilot not being placed on ship's platform.
• Fixed ships trying to go to the same coordinates by default.
• Fixed mining for medium size ships.
• Fixed incorrect mining order for ships which can't transport the mining wares.
• Fixed blocked trades involving discounts if there is only enough money for the discounted amount not the full amount.
• Fixed built ships not leaving the shipyard after shipyard construction module has been destroyed and subsequently repaired.
• Fixed several other cases of ships getting stuck, not moving when they should.
• Fixed owner of fuel station in Gemstone Manufacture.
• Fixed incorrect lasers being used by medium ice collector ships.
• Fixed problem with accuracy of time data in savegames with long play time.
• Fixed rotation of construction ships after flying to build location.
• Fixed visual glitch on map when targeting/entering/leaving highways.
• Fixed animation problem with highways in games with long play time.
• Fixed stalls when entering highways in savegames that have been saved/loaded many times.
• Fixed another cause of the game stalling for a short time.
• Fixed crash when loading certain savegames.
• Fixed several causes of apparently random crashes.
• Various optimisations resulting in performance improvements.
• Significant performance improvements on some AMD graphics cards, particularly R9.

Localisations for text relating to the new Joystick Deadzone option are not yet included. These will be added as soon as possible.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
Just a small update for you today. We've applied a small hotfix to version 1.25 with the following:

• Improved stability of cutscene playback while on a platform.
• Fixed stuck drone production on URV Forge.
• Added French localisation for texts that were new in 1.25.
• Improved font for Russian localisation.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
This week we have several new things for you. Our 1.25 update introduces a couple of important new features. We also have a video explaining some of the things we've added recently to X Rebirth and a news update telling you more about our plans for the next few months.

Patch 1.25 Release Notes

New Feature: Player-owned ships and stations can now be renamed.
New Feature: Smalltalk reward allowing you to receive trade offer updates for a station remotely.
• Added logbook entries for refuelling, trade and building.
• Added call from manager when a station is low on credits.
• Added ship name when player gets a call requiring a response from a player owned ship.
• Fixed a cause of occasional crashes when loading savegame.
• Fixed a cause of occasional crashes during large battles.
• Fixed several other causes of occasional crashes.
• Fixed another cause of the game hanging after Alt-Tab.
• Added prices for small ships so that these can now be sold.
• Cargo value is now taken into account when selling a ship; you get roughly half it's value.
• Fixed price calculations for intermediate wares.
• Fixed two causes of disappearing ships and one of ships ending up in strange places.
• Fixed certain station elements being rotated incorrectly after loading a savegame.
• Fixed problem with random station elements being built and preventing further building.
• Fixed problem with small ships preventing building.
• Fixed problem with drones not being able to dock at certain mining ships.
• Fixed incorrect container amount being dropped from cargo drones.
• Fixed another issue with cargo collection.
• Fixed buy offers for more wares than can be stored.
• Fixed player being able to start multiple boarding operations on the same ship.
• Fixed abort button for boarding operations.
• Fixed info and comm options for externally docked ships.
• Fixed issue with operational range settings resulting in ships looking for trades in the wrong places.
• Improved station-owned mining ship AI to prevent station from filling with more resources than it wants.
• Improved shooting logic for NPC ships (more improvements to come).
• Fixed a problem resulting in inactive patrol ships.
• Fixed a problem with NPC beam weapons not firing correctly.
• Fixed tag darts occasionally tagging something other than their intended target.
• Added inter-system traders to DeVries.
• Fixed station scan mode remaining active when it shouldn't.
• Fixed rare case resulting in missing info points and dock icons.
• Fixed subordinate count in orders menu.
• Fixed incorrect trade status in ship menu.
• Fixed "+" button not working in map menu under certain circumstances.
• Fixed sold ships and collected drones being displayed as destroyed in the logbook.
• Added missing descriptions for systems to encyclopedia.
• Improved rewards after successful smalltalk on platforms, including trade subscriptions.
• Improved dialog structure to find people on platforms.
• Fixed missing architect on plot builder ship.
• Fixed player being sent to a hostile NPC when asking for directions.
• Fixed ships not in player squad requesting player input when out of fuel.
• Fixed visual flicker when returning to the cockpit from a platform.
• Fixed location of visor/glasses on certain NPCs.
• Fixed missing physics data when loading a savegame.
• Added graphics settings for SSAO, Glow and Distortion.
• Fixed incorrect display of certain options in graphics menu.
• Fixed incorrect resolutions when changing displays in borderless mode.
• Improved stability of job system and patch code with modified games.
• Added support for catalog files in mods.
• Added Korean localisation (text only).
• Added Spanish localisation (text only, incomplete but included to enable feedback to translators).
• Further optimisations resulting in small performance improvements, particularly on lower-end graphics hardware.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
• Increased amount of Fuel Cells produced per cycle by Cell Recharge Factories and decreased price.
• Improved logic for ship AI to refuel earlier.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
This update includes changes from version 1.23 that was not released outside the Beta process.

• New feature: Manual target control with keys for target nearest crosshair, closest enemy and next/previous target. Further improvements planned.
• New feature: Logbook system covering non-plot missions, player ships, discounts/commissions and game tips. Logging of a wider range of events planned.
• Added shipyard to Gemstone Manufacture.
• Added escort fighters to some capital ships.
• Increased Pirate, Reiver and Xenon activity for more action.
• Increased yields for mining regions in DeVries and Maelstrom.
• Fixed error causing map to suddenly close under certain circumstances.
• Fixed more causes of being teleported into the middle of nowhere on loading a savegame.
• Fixed cases where destroying a ship could result in the target element not getting removed.
• Improved update frequency of target elements.
• Fixed cargo collection mode.
• Fixed mining ships collecting ware containers.
• Fixed builder ships not being able to trade with stations reliably.
• Fixed one problem with building restarting when player not present (another build issue remains).
• Added filtering by station/ship in trade offer menu.
• Added Hire option with negative response for certain NPCs.
• Prevented certain plot ships from being sold.
• Fixed problem with timing of money transfer to/from manager.
• Added means for NPCs to return to player ship from assignments.
• Fixed marines not showing up in player ship units.
• Fixed builder ship menu not updating player account.
• Fixed negative total yield amounts for asteroid fields.
• Fixed more inconsistencies in weapon counts.
• Fixed drone count calculation for ship trader.
• Fixed several issues with active mission/guidance info being disabled.
• Fixed missing/incorrect highway names in mission objectives.
• Fixed assigning a ship to a station without a manager.
• Removed "taglauncher" from encyclopedia.
• Removed civilian factions from encyclopedia.
• Fixed several encyclopedia layout issues.
• Fixed several issues with build/repair drones.
• Fixed incorrect cargo prediction based on shopping list data under certain circumstances.
• Fixed trade menus not keeping track of selected ship in some cases.
• Added default "protect" behaviour for ships in your squad.
• Improved capital ship fight behaviour.
• Fixed problem with ships not attacking.
• Fixed enemies not attacking correct target in certain circumstances.
• Fixed another cause of jumping ships ending up in invalid positions.
• Fixed player ship sometimes being in the wrong place after undocking.
• Fixed problem with engineer sometimes being paid twice for player ship repairs.
• Fixed incorrect player engine price calculation.
• Fixed incorrect weapon counts in ship menu.
• Ships working for a station no longer sell wares to their homebase (goods just transferred, no money involved).
• Shipyards and fuel stations should no longer run out of resources (may take a while to take effect).
• Fixed cargo drones bumping into hull of mining ships and blocking trade.
• Reduced likelihood of mining ships transferring more minerals to a station than it wants.
• Added hotkey for docking (Shift-D by default).
• Fixed welder drones appearing in property menu.
• Fixed "keycode NNN" appearing in Options menu.
• Fixed problem remapping keys used in Detail Monitor (C, I and G)
• Changed resource cost for ship-building in Omicron Lyrae
• Changed ships available for construction in DeVries
• Fixed URV Wharf modile in Integrative URV Forge not producing drones
• Fixed scan sound being replayed for something that has already been scanned.
• Fixed scan highlighting not being properly removed when leaving cockpit.
• Fixed trade missions not completing.
• Fixed problem resulting in player getting stuck in Canteran air ducts.
• Fixed floating crate on Albion platform interior.
• Fixed floating ad signs and incorrect traffic at DeVries wheat station.
• Fixed DeVries shipyard interior orientation.
• Fixed lights in prison being too dark.
• Fixed bench obstructing hangar entrance of DeVries repair platform.
• Fixed NPC stuck in locker on DeVries repair dock.
• Fixed not being able to take cases out of cardboard boxes.
• Improved Russian localisation.
• Improved support for Chinese text.
• Fixed another problem with borderless window mode on certain hardware.
• Fixed freeze and memory-related crash caused by ships shooting excessively under certain circumstances.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes.
• More small performance improvements.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
• Fixed more causes of crashes.
• Fixed more causes of negative cargo amounts.
• Fixed several causes of zero-credit trades.
• Fixed incorrect display of station upgrade levels.
• Fixed engineers running wrong scripts.
• Fixed problems with cargo collect mode (mode must be stopped and restarted to take effect).
• Fixed problem with mining ships gathering the wrong resources.
• Added pilot command to stop current task.
• Reduced frequency of station warnings when attacking.
• Helpfulness of NPCs now depends more closely on relations.
• Added trade and welder drones to Canteran home station.
• Added options for borderless window mode and mouse confinement.
• Some small performance improvements.
• Added otherwise-unavailable wares to player station during plot mission.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
• Added new Refuel order.
• Fixed more causes of crashes.
• Fixed another case where the player could be teleported into the middle of nowhere.
• Fixed problem with NPCs being assigned to multiple locations.
• Fixed scan overlay not being removed when docking.
• Fixed capital ships standing still forever with the boost effect running.
• Fixed trade menu problem (in German only) when trying to sell and the ship doesn't have the requested ware.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
• Fixed several more causes of crashes and freezes.
• Fixed mouse controls not working after loading certain savegames.
• Fixed trade ships getting stuck after upgrade.
• Fixed skipping trade menu when going back to it.
• Fixed graphics options not setting correct shaders.
• Fixed missing build notifications from architects in other sectors.
• Fixed player trade ships trying to trade with enemy stations.
• Fixed menus showing out of date info about build progress.
• Fixed trades in another sector taking too long.
• Fixed upkeep mission to deliver architect to builder ship not ending.
• Fixed player ships not being returned during plot missions (will not re-create ships already lost, sorry).
• Improved ship movement in certain situations.
• Improved logic for station owned miners.
• Cell Recharge (fuel) stations in Omicron Lyrae now require Bofu instead of Food Rations.
• Various performance improvements (should be most noticeable when shadows are NOT enabled).
Community Announcements - Egosoft
• Fixed major slowdown after loading savegames.
• Fixed several more causes of crashes.
• Fixed more cases of trade ships getting stuck.
• Fixed large ships being unable to trade with Canteran station in DeVries.
• Fixed undocking problems after trading.
• Fixed ammunition trade problems.
• Fixed mining drones getting stuck.
• Fixed negative number of drones in cargo.
• Fixed cargo bays containing more wares than they can hold.
• Fixed cockpit animations hanging (see note below).
• Fixed problem with targeting player-owned ships.
• Fixed incorrect player position during highway flight.
• Fixed player owned ships being assigned the wrong commander.
• Fixed ships with missing AI functionality.
• Fixed problems with Engineer functionality.
• Improved flight behaviour for boarding and claiming.
• Improved combat behaviour for capital ships.
• Fixed station defence problems.
• Fixed incorrect defence routines being used on ships.
• Fixed switching the AI mode of the Defence Officer.
• Added defend and attack mode options to Defence Officer.
• Rebalanced skills of existing NPCs in line with new ones.
• Rebalanced contents of boxes and other containers on platforms.
• Rebalanced cost of ship and station repair.
• Fixed transport passenger mission getting blocked after cutscene.
• Fixed sounds not stopping sometimes.
• Fixed buttons not working with mouse input.
• Added facility to unmap controls in control mapping menu (press Delete).
• Added video capture mode with ability to switch off cockpit (Expert settings).
• Fixed too many missing extensions breaking the load game menu.
• Several localisation improvements.

NOTE: If cockpit animations are still stuck after loading an old savegame then you may need to press Enter 5-5 and then return to the cockpit for this fix to take effect.
Community Announcements - Egosoft
• Fixed several causes of crashes in-game and when loading savegames.
• Fixed a specific problem resulting in periodic slow-downs.
• Improved general performance (first small improvement only, more to come).
• Fixed several problems resulting in trade ships getting stuck.
• Fixed several problems with ship/drone docking/undocking behaviour.
• Fixed problem with player drone formations.
• Fixed several small localisation issues.
• Improved skill levels for new NPCs.
• Improved readability of entries in interaction menus.
• Improved GPU listing on laptops with multiple GPUs (still some driver-related issues on certain hardware).

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