Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]™

In addition to launching two new languages, we've got a bunch of balance tweaks in this 'ere patch!

New languages
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Spanish

Balance Changes
  • Starting Farms are always next to each other
  • Boar: 120 HP (from 100), death bomb does 6 damage to units, 12 to structures, no longer in a checkerboard, and can hit air.
  • Badger: 25 max Damage, 65 HP (from 20/60). Weapon spindown takes 2 seconds (was 1 second).
  • Chameleon: 7 Damage, 40 HP (from 8/35)
  • Toad: 11 HP (from 9)
  • Pigeon: No longer targets commander, no longer rallies to commander while focus firing (attack moves unless the commander has no focus fire target, then retreats)
  • Balloon: 14 Damage per shot (from 16), 10 Vision (from 8)
  • Warren health per tier: 50/65/80 (was 50/75/100)

Bug Fixes
  • Memory leak fixed
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]™

For those not fluent in Simplified Chinese or Korean, that reads MOLE MOLE MOLE, which is the major change this patch.

Also, don't forget to go vote for Tooth and Tail for Best Strategy Game in the 2017 Game Awards!


Two new languages were adding to the game this patch! You can now play the entire game in:
  • Korean!
  • Simplified Chinese!

  • Focus firing units on top of warrens is much easier now
  • Melee units surround enemies much better
  • Toads no longer derp out on their way to their targets
  • Ranked matchmaking now goes through the entire search once with the "Far" filter, and then if no matches are found, it runs through it again with the "Worldwide" filter. This will result in longer queue times but fewer bad connections, which was necessary as we expect an influx of Chinese and Korean players.

Balance Changes
  • Lizard - 2 Range, 8 HP (from 1 Range, 11 HP). No longer hit barbed wire. Yes, I finally relented. Everyone’s favorite range 2 lizard is back. FML
  • Mole - The headliner of the event. They are now 15 HP, 4 DMG + x2 DMG to structures (from 25 HP, 2 DMG, no crit). This makes them less effective at killing early game pigs and far less effective as mid-game tanks, but they are now a constant threat vs your structures. Players can sell off their structures and invest in moles at a moment’s notice and push in on your stuff. They will go from being an early game threat to being an ALL game threat!
  • Toad - Dmg reduced to 8+2AOE (from 9+3AOE)
  • Pigeon - They were listed as healing 2 HP per second, but were only healing 1 per second. This is fixed. They now heal 2 per second.
  • Chameleon - 35 HP from 40 HP
  • Snake - Last week I accidentally nerfed them to 30 HP, they are back to their intended 35 HP.
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]
Tooth and Tail was nominated for Best Strategy Game in the 2017 Game Awards! Winners are picked by popular vote, so go vote now or I'll nerf lizards!

(also, please share wtih your friends! We can win this!)

Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]™

This patch is mostly bug fixes and balance changes, no major new features to announce. We’re trying to fix some of the problems with the meta from the past couple of patches so we can push a patch to PS4!


As for balance changes, we’ve scaled back some of the more drastic changes from previous patches, trying to bring things closer to a balanced meta. And there’s a 1 HP lizard buff that we’re hoping makes all the difference in the world to high level lizard players!
  • Tier 3 units now take 45 seconds to build the warren and unit production (up from 40)
  • Lizard: 11 HP (was 10)
  • Toad: 9 damage to single tile, 3 damage to 3x3 aoe, 9 health. Still has double damage to structures. Once initiating their 0.25 second self-destruct, the explosion is guaranteed, and will be centered on the tile where their target was standing when they initiated the self-destruct countdown. Primary damage is limited to 1 unit and 1 structure. (Toad was a flat 7 dmg in a 3x3, centered on their own tile, they had 10 health and structure crit)
  • Mole: 2 dmg, 25 HP with double damage to structures. Selling has returned, but there is now a 1 second sell timer, if they take damage during that countdown it is cancelled. This brings moles back close to what they were when mole rushes were dominant, but with the nerf of the sell timer.
  • Fox: 0.5 second movement freeze post shot (from 0.75). Since they still have a 0.25 second cast time, they are now rooted for a total of 0.75 seconds instead of a full second.
  • Boar: Butter still has a bomb, but it’s less dominant and his stats are largely returned to what they were before the bomb. He’s now 100 health (from 80), with double damage to structures. He is no longer slow. His bomb now explodes in a checkerboard pattern covering his entire range. Each tile in the bomb creates a single flame, doing the same damage as his primary flamethrower, for 0.8 seconds. This does not hit air. Tile offsets are specifically: (-4, -2), (-4, 0), (-4, 2), (-3, -3), (-3, -1), (-3, 1), (-3, 3), (-2, -4), (-2, -2), (-2, 0)… etc
  • Barbed Wire: Health 30 (was 25). Now takes damage for ALL damage that it deals, as opposed to just a single target at a time.

World Gen changes
  • Several map types have fewer forests and decor, leading to fewer linear maps.
  • A couple of map types that had nearly zero decor have had some added to make them slightly more dense.
  • A couple of map types that had TONS of water have had their max lake and river size reduced.
  • Many map types had more random ramps added across the board.

Story Mode
  • Howling Vell stationary defenses reduced
  • The War For Meat stationary defenses reduced
  • Sage Marro Speaks: swapped one lizard warren for squirrels, reducing the intensity of the nightly raids

Bug fixes
  • Platinum Achievement (actually) fixed
  • Holding rally near to structures with units that can’t target structures (fox, snake) will allow those units to find alternate focus fire targets, or allow them to retreat. Fox will no longer get hung up when the player is trying to retreat through warrens.
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]™

SURPRISE PATCH! 1.0.5 is here, and it's got some nifty stuff in it.

Flag Customization

Adorn your flag with a variety of symbols! Every Achievement you unlock will grant you new ways to look like you just walked out of Hot Topic. Go to Customization under Extras & Options.

Editor Preview
We're including access to the world editor in this build. NOTE: We are not currently fixing bugs or adding features to the editor. Please log requests with our discord community and we will eventually address things. What do we say to the god of level editor bug fixes? Not Today.

Discord Rich Presence
If you are playing Tooth and Tail, your Discord name will now have all sorts of fancy info attached.

Balance Changes

  • Mole HP -5 (25)
  • Toad DMG +1 (7)
  • Landmine DMG +3 (15/5)

    Bug Fixes
  • Boar explosions that trigger boar explosions no longer trigger boar explosions which trigger boar explosions which trigger boar explosions.
  • Black screen on starting some replays, or zooming out as an observer is fixed.
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]™

I hope you're wearing your flame retardant undies, the Butterbomb is here.

Massive changes in this patch both from a feature perspective and balance adjustments.

First up: campfires have made their way to multiplayer! Campfires are like a mini-mill/farm combo. They cost 60 food, take 30 seconds to build, and they produce 1 food per second for 300 seconds. They do stave off starvation and they do have to be destroyed to win.

Map Customization
Not just campfires though, desert, snow, and other environments are now mixed into multiplayer matches!

On the world selection screen in unranked play, you'll see this list of options for world generation. You can add more gristmills, make larger maps, or play in a variety of environments featured in the Single Player campaign. Now you can make your opponent fear Howling Vell as if it was their first time all over again.

Massive Balance Changes
Our goal with the balance in this patch was both to mix things up and provide more incentive to tech up out of tier 1 play. So many matches were ending in the first 3 minutes that we had to make some major changes to Lizards, Toads, Moles, and Pigeons.

Boar - Get ready for the Butterbomb! Slower movement (67%). HP-20 (80) His flamethrower No longer does 4x damage to large structures like warrens and gristmills, instead does 2x damage to ALL structures. Upon death, he explodes in a 9x9 tile massive explosion that does 10 damage to units and 20 damage to structures. We made this change so as to make Uncle Butter’s gameplay have a little more texture and decision making. He’s a lit fuse, kill him before he gets to your base!

Barbed Wire - HP+5 (30), any damage it deals out it also takes. Will no longer damage commanders. We made this change because there was no real way to clear Barbed Wire from the field with certain unit compositions. Now you can just tank the damage to make a path. Barbed Wire should see lots more play because of the follow two unit nerfs.

Mole - No longer does double damage to structures. Cannot be sold after they have fully spawned. Damage -1 (2) HP +5 (30). This is admittedly underpowered now, but Moles were such a huge problem in high level play last patch that we had to nerf them. Expect them to get a buff next patch.

Lizard - Range-1 (1). HP+1 (10) Having a ‘melee’ unit with 2 range never made any sense, and significantly reduced barbed wire usage. Making lizards range 1 makes barbed wire more effective against them and reduces their viability in large numbers. To go along with this nerf, though, we made a fix for targeting and patchfinding that will allow lizards to surround their targets more effectively in large numbers. They can still hit air units.

Pigeon - Range -1 (1), HP -1 (4). Reducing pigeon range means that the max number of heal stacks is 9 rather than 25, which should reduce the Tier3+Pigeon Spam strategies we were seeing (while still leaving that somewhat viable).

Toad - Apply equal damage to all in AOE (6 to all instead of 18 to single target, 3 to others). HP + 3 (10). Double damage to structures. Explode on own tile rather than target’s. While the previous meta had toad as the third element of a tier 1 rock paper scissors, this change is intended to make toad be viable versus squirrels, and to force your opponent to tech up. Exploding in their own tile means that they are more likely to hit 3 units rather than 6, so they should be marginally weaker versus lizards even though the lizard range was reduced.

Snake - Remove ability to poison structures. It was always dumb. It's gone now. They are still good.

Chameleon - Will not unstealth to attack the enemy commander.

Owl - Removed death-bomb. Mice last 60 seconds rather than 30 (so they can build up to a maximum of 12 mice). HP +10 (50). Mice no longer aggro to enemy commander. Mouse damage -1 (2). Might be a sleeper hit here.

Fox - Damage +6 (24). HP -10 (25). Cast time +0.25 secs (0.25), post shot movement freeze +0.25 secs (0.5). Another day another fox change. Hopefully she's easier to catch now that she has to stand still for a full 3/4 second around each shot.

Badger - Fixed bug where her weapon spindown was taking as long as the weapon spin up. Minigun now spins down in 1 second, rather than 6.

Machine Gun Turret - HP -3 (32)

Landmine - Damage +3 (12, 4 to AOE).

Warrens - Health per tier: 50, 75, 100 (was 60 for all tiers)

Other Stuff
  • Version number now visible on main menu
  • Players no longer spawn quite so close together
  • Passworded lobbies fixed
  • Crash in audio code fixed
  • Fixed issue that would cause the match to end when a spectator leaves a match in progress
  • Still hard at work on GOG crossplay, no news yet
  • These changes will all be coming to the next PS4 patch, no schedule on that yet


    Hotfix is live!

    Given that was a controversial patch with some big new features, it’s not surprising that we’d need to hotfix some bugs and fix some imbalance. Here’s all the stuff we’ve fixed since the Butterbomb arrived!

  • Badger Windup wasn’t completing all the way. Fixed. Also reduced her max DMG to 20 (from 30).
  • Boar DMG was listed at 3 dps but was actually 4. It is now actually 3. Also, the flame coverage was reduced from 10 tiels to 8 tiles.
  • Fox cast time and movement freeze was supposed to total 0.75 seconds, but actually only froze for 0.6 seconds. This is fixed, and may affect other units with a movement cooldown as well (squirrel, etc)
  • Warren health was listed as 50/75/100 but was still 60/60/60. Fixed.
  • Roads in Monastic Gardens now give speed buff
  • Lobby creation crash on mac fixed
  • Ranked match auto-disconnect fixed
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro [dev]™
It's true, we fixed all bugs, ever. Here's the list of those bugs. And to celebrate having fixed all bugs, ever, here's some wallpaper we made for promo art that we never ended up using. Enjoy!

  • Users that couldn't play online due to "Please log in to steam to play online" can now play online. (it was all you silly folks with symbols in your steam name)
  • Top scores on the leaderboard are no longer missing or blank
  • Improved lag handling that was introduced in cross-play patch.

We expect to be fixing a few more bugs in the days to come. Please continue to report them to the Technical support forum!
Tooth and Tail - NoRepro

Good news and bad news for you snipers out there: Kasha’s getting nerfed… but Thermal Airsnipers (balloons) are going beast mode. Patch 1.0.3 is out!

  • GOG Crossplay - At long last, GOG and Steam players can now play together!
  • Ranked Matchmaking searches with “worldwide” filter to solve people not finding matches
  • Added a player list to the post match screen
  • Passworded lobbies - When you create an Unranked lobby, you can optionally enter a password. This lobby will only show up for users that search with that password.
  • Friend Invites temporarily disabled to support crossplay (we hope to re-enable invites next patch). For now, use passworded lobbies.
  • Warren Health now 60 (was 50)
  • Wolf now stims for 12 seconds (meaning they stim up to 6 units), but their stim does not affect other wolves’ stimming ability
  • Skunk Health now 32 (was 30)
  • Badger Health now 60 (was 50), Warm up time now 6 secs, warm down time 1 sec (was 4, 2)
  • Fox Damage per shot now 18 (was 24), vision reduced to 5 (was 8)
  • Artillery Damage to single target now 12, damage to surrounding tiles now 2 (was 4 on all tiles)
  • Balloon Damage per shot now 16 (was 12)
  • Barbed Wire Health now 25 (was 20)
  • Landmine Damage to single target now 9, damage to surrounding tiles now 3, range reduced to 3x3 square (was 3 to all tiles, range was 5x5)
Story Mode
  • Revolutionary Achievement fixed
  • Victors Will Feast - Heroic fixed
  • Sage Marro Speaks - Primary Objective no longer requires you to recruit neutrals
Other stuff
  • Ultra-widescreen support
  • UI Audio cleaned up
  • Added ambience to post-match feast screen
  • Game now allows for us to balance single player and multiplayer independently
  • Implemented an option called “ModDir” (in your options.xml) that allows the game to load data xmls from a user defined folder.
DEFCON - (Brendan Caldwell)


Hello. This is Spawn Point, a new not-quite-regular feature in which we take a genre, series or other facet of gaming culture, and try to convince you to give it a shot. It might be those hero shooters you ve always wanted to get into, or that terrifying space game played by thousands of jerks. We ll briefly explain the thing, followed by some ways for you to breach it.

First up, it s… the real-time strategy. (more…)

Tooth and Tail - NoRepro

Patch 1.02 is live - We've fixed a bunch of problems pertaining to multiplayer and sanded down some of the mission difficulty. Hopper's campaign is less brutal across the board, and a couple of her heroics are made a touch easier. Howling Vell is significantly nerfed.

  • Ranked Matchmaking searches with "far" filter to solve people not finding matches
  • Fixed Ranked Cheating problems: Increased redplug timeout (which results in a draw) to be longer than the Steam lobby timeout (which results in a loss). Players should timeout of their lobbies first. Increased to 30 seconds rather than 9 seconds.
  • Ranked - Reduced queue times for higher tolerances: Changed to 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 from 5, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90

Story Mode
  • Snikaree Liberation - Removed time requirement on Heroic
  • The Sand Kiln at Levacaloo - Removed time requirement on Heroic
  • Scrapetown Cutpurse Changes - Removed skunk patrollers, Revised mission hint
  • The Hungry Face a Stiff Wind - Removed 2 artillery cannons, several machine gun turrets, and 25% of the barbed wire.
  • Howling Vell - Reduced enemy mills from 3 to 2, Spaced out mills better to prevent enemy pigs from spawning in range of player pigs

Bug Fixes
  • Added option to disable video (for people that crash on video playback)
  • Fixed problem where game would crash on start because it couldn't load the audio - now it just disables audio :-/ If you are experiencing this bug, you may need to update your drivers for one of your external devices, like headphones.

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