Dec 20, 2017
This War of Mine - Rufus Blackwood

Hi there,

we've introduced a small patch which should fix some issues that you might have been experiencing since the Father's Promise DLC update:
  • scavenge locations in The Little Ones scenarios fixed
  • stability tweaks
  • minor bug fixes
DLC content no longer should leak to the main game or other scenarios - but it's something we are tracking case by case - so if you are still encountering it - please contact us at

Also, be sure to update the game and fully disable any mods.

This War of Mine - Rufus Blackwood

Hi there, everyone!

Thanks to your feedback we were able to eliminate some annoying DLC-related bugs.

Here's the full list of changes and fixes:
  • fixed bug with DLC content available in Classic Mode - even if you don't own the DLC
  • fixed classic scenarios descriptions
  • fixed missed notes on scavenge locations
  • fixed incorrect bio entries while helping neighbours
  • fixed comments about Amelia during Classic Mode scenarios
  • added hints in scavenge locations descriptions
  • Amelia is no longer a coffee drinker
  • improved stability
  • some minor bugs fixes and polishes

Thanks for supporting us and thank you for the feedback! And as always - if you experience any additional issues/bugs, let us know by writing to
This War of Mine

It's been three years since powerful civilian war survival game This War of Mine put Polish developer 11 bit Studios on the map. To celebrate, a new series of Stories downloadable content will be released, starting today and continuing in 2018.

The first of the Stories, Father's Promise, is available now for 1.69. It's based on an audio drama written by Polish author Łukasz Orbitowski, and follows father Adam as he struggles to save his daughters from the horrors of war. "Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate and sacrifice - the emotions we all share in the darkest of days," the blurb says.

Father's Promise apparently offers several hours of play across four new locations and five remastered ones. There are new mechanics too, both in dialogue and when searching for clues.

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This War of Mine

To commemorate the three-year anniversary of grim survival game This War of Mine, today developer 11 Bit Studios released Father's Promise, the first episode of a new DLC series which "focuses on narrative over pure survival." It's now available on Steam for $2. 

The season pass for This War of Mine: Stories goes for $5, with more episodes to come in 2018. Additionally, through Tuesday, November 28, This War of Mine itself is available for $4 at 80 percent off.

"Father’s Promise is a story-driven experience based on an audio-drama by award-winning Polish author Łukasz Orbitowski," 11 Bit says. "You take on the role of Adam, a father trying to save his daughter from the horrors of war and escape the besieged city. Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate, and sacrifice."

11 Bit says Stories episodes will introduce new systems as well as characters. For example, Father's Promise features new dialogue functionality and a "clue searching" system. It also includes four new areas, and reworks five existing areas. 

While we enjoyed This War of Mine, as we said in our review, its survival elements sometimes felt like obstacles to its compelling storytelling, so it's promising to see it double down on the latter.

This War of Mine - (Matt Cox)


If you like your emotional gut-punches delivered via authored narratives rather than emergent stories, then I’ve got some great news. This War of Mine is stepping away from the wartime survivalist Sims strategy that makes up the the main game, and now wants to tell you about how miserable the lives of specific people are in more detail. “Father’s Promise” is out today, and it’s the first entry in the “Stories” DLC series that will tell a different story with each episode.

If that tickles your tear ducts (in a good way, I’m presuming), you can check out the trailer below.


This War of Mine - Rufus Blackwood

It’s been 3 years since This War of Mine debuted on PCs.
The experience of surviving war presented from a civilian angle quickly became a global phenomenon - a game triggering strong yet sad emotions that has been found engaging and compelling at the same time. Huge community grew around the game and inspired us with hundreds of ideas. These are ideas brought to life with a brand new DLC: Father’s Promise.
Father's Promise DLC is an original tale set in the world of This War of Mine. It tells a story of family’s struggle to preserve the last pieces of humanity in times of despair and cruelty.

Become Adam - a father trying to save his daughter from the horrors of war and leave the besieged city. Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate and sacrifice - the emotions we all share in the darkest of days.

DLC offers a brand new, distinctive experience with additional game mechanics and several hours of thought-provoking gameplay. It is also the opening of the first season of This War of Mine: Stories. The next episodes will follow in 2018.

The Father's Promise DLC introduces:
  • a brand new storyline based on an audio-drama written by the famous Polish author, Łukasz Orbitowski
  • 4 completely new locations
  • 5 reconstructed and remastered locations
  • set of new game mechanics: dialogue and clue searching systems

You can buy the DLC it here:

This War of Mine - Rufus Blackwood

Warchild Armistice Bundle is Now Available on Steam!*

In partnership with War Child charity, the Armistice bundle is a collection of best-selling titles that promote or have non-violent playthrough options and are donating up to 100%* of developer proceeds towards children affected by conflict.

Supporting games include:

• This War of Mine (11 bit studios) - Donating 50% of developer proceeds to War Child UK
• Styx: Shards of Darkness (Focus Home Interactive) - Donating 30% of developer proceeds to War Child UK
• Styx: Master of Shadows (Focus Home Interactive) - Donating 30% of developer proceeds to War Child UK
• Democracy 3 (Positech Games) - Donating 100% of developer proceeds to War Child UK
• Verdun (BlackMill/GameDrive) - Donating 50% of developer proceeds to War Child UK

Warchild Armistice Bundle is also a part of This War of Mine Third Anniversary celebrations. Click here to learn more about it.

*Discounts ends November 13 at 10AM Pacific Time
This War of Mine - (Brendan Caldwell)

Bit nippy

Frostpunk [official site] sounds like a musical subgenre invented on the hoof by a jolly Kerrang reporter but it s not. It s an upcoming videogame invented by the makers of the very un-jolly (but not bad) This War of Mine. It’s set in a freezing future where earth is caught in a global whiteout and you have to manage a circular city that s growing around a generator your people s principle source of warmth and energy. All the while tough decisions have to be made, like: “Graham is dead. Should we eat Graham?”

Here, there s a new vid to show you. (more…)

This War of Mine - (Adam Smith)

In the first week, we put the children to work. They weren’t forced into dangerous jobs, so we told ourselves, but when you’re living on the brink of extinction, what work is truly safe? One afternoon, a man collecting coal complained of numbness in his arm. Frostbite had taken hold. We could have left him to die but instead we opted for an experimental treatment.

He lost the arm and he’s no longer capable of contributing to our dying society. One more mouth to feed with no body of work beneath it. What should we do?

Frostpunk [official site] is a city-building survival sim from the studio that brought us This War of Mine and it is beautifully bleak.

… [visit site to read more]

Left 4 Dead 2 - (Brendan Caldwell)

The Steam summer sale is in full blaze. For a while it even blazed so hot that the servers went on fire and all the price stickers peeled off the games. Either that or the store just got swamped with cheapskates looking for the best bargains. Cheapskates like you! Well, don t worry. We ve rounded up some recommendations – both general tips and some newly added staff choices.

Here are the things you should consider owning in your endless consumeristic lust for a happiness which always seems beyond reach. You’re welcome.

… [visit site to read more]


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