Creativerse - PlayfulDavid

Today is the third anniversary of Creativerse’s original debut on Early Access!

We just finished a celebratory livestream (if you missed it you can still watch it on Twitch or on YouTube). We also have a free gift for all players, a collection of our favorite player-inspired moments from the past three years and a week-long sale on all coin bundles in the store.

Get the code for your gift and the other details here.
Creativerse - Brainsloth
Hey Creatifriends,

We've been so inspired by the blueprints you've been submitting to Steam Workshop that we decided it was time to join the fun!

But simply making a blueprint wasn't enough for us. Our blueprint had to be EPIC, and it needed an epic behind-the-scenes video showing how we did it.

Without further adieu, we present...
Creativerse - Brainsloth

Greetings, Creators!

In the two years since we introduced the very first blueprints (Pigsy Statue 4 LIFE~!), we've carefully kept our blueprint creation tools under lock and key here at Playful HQ. Today, for the first time, we're unleashing those tools and putting the power of blueprint creation in your hands.

The Blueprint Revolution Update adds Steam Workshop support to Creativerse to give players access to unlimited blueprint content published by our brilliant community. You’ll be able to browse through an always-expanding library of community blueprints to spark your creativity and revolutionize your world.

Think you’ve got a build that’s blueprint-worthy? Craft up a Capture Block (they come in a few sizes) and use it to generate your own blueprint to publish directly to the Workshop!

And the Blueprint Revolution wouldn't be complete without a fully streamlined and polished blueprint experience. Upgraded visuals, better menus and interfaces, and full 3D blueprint previews (including custom swapped blocks) round out this revolutionary set of changes.

The wait is over -- launch Creativerse NOW to join the Blueprint Revolution!

New Features and Content
  • New! Steam workshop support for player blueprints
    • Craft capture stones (consumable) to capture small, medium, and large blueprints
    • Publish blueprints directly to the Steam workshop from within the game
  • Blueprint system overhaul
    • New blueprint placement visualizations
    • New simplified flow for blueprint activation and kit purchase
    • New advanced options for blueprints (under Settings / Controls)
      • Allow blueprint override placement - allow placement of incorrect blocks in blueprints (also works by holding shift on placement)
      • Show all blueprint previews - shows previews for the unactivated cornerstones of other players
    • All blueprint cornerstones now free to craft
    • Cornerstones no longer included with blueprint kits
  • Minor improvements to inventory scrolling
  • Camera UI reskinned to match other UI elements
  • “Last Online” time / date for player lists now correct
  • Fix for broken sound on industrial switch
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow Pet Bow Ties now correctly have a chance to drop
  • Several minor fixes for text
Creativerse R45 - The Blueprint Revolution Update
Creativerse - Brainsloth

Greetings, Creators!

Power up the Industrial Update to get your hands on the new Indusrial set, featuring 26 brand new premium recipes! We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to play with these new blocks, so for a limited time anyone can claim the FREE Industrial Mini Recipe Bundle from the store to score five industrial recipes - and you'll also be able to grab a free kit to build the new Hoverjet blueprint!*

There's another new blueprint to explore: the detailed and epic Robo Retreat! Plus we've included our usual spread of bugfixes and improvements (try rotating a window or a fence).

We've got some truly exciting features cooking for the future, and we can't wait to start sharing the details. Stay tuned for more on those features, and thanks for checking out the Industrial Update!

* These free bundles will only be available for a limited time, so grab 'em while you can!

New Features and Content
  • New Industrial block set (including five free recipes!)
    • Industrial Floor
    • Industrial Non-Skid Floor
    • Industrial Wall
    • Industrial Grated Wall
    • Industrial Light
    • Wide Industrial Light
    • Industrial Lamp
    • Industrial Locker
    • Industrial Fence
    • Industrial Gate
    • Industrial Door
    • Industrial Ladder
    • Industrial Bellows
    • Industrial Gear
    • Industrial Lever
    • Industrial Switch
    • Industrial Table
    • Industrial Fan
    • Industrial Number Pad
    • Industrial LED
    • Industrial Stairs
    • Industrial Window
    • Industrial Vent
    • Industrial Chimney
    • Industrial Chimney Top
    • Industrial Crowbar
  • New blueprints!
    • Robo Retreat
    • Hover Jet
  • New store content!
    • Industrial Super Bundle
    • Industrial Pack
    • Industrial Recipe Mini Bundle (free!)
    • Hover Jet Blueprint Pack (free!)
  • Customizeable Cursor visual options (in settings screen)
  • Windows and Fences are now fully rotatable
  • New item sheen indicators
  • Claim player management UI improvements (especially for worlds with lots of players)
  • Added visual highlights to ore nodes
  • Arctek Chest Costs reduced by 1 arcstone each
  • Iron decoratives textures revisited to unify material types
  • Fix for “pushing” of pets at the end of harvesting from them
  • Fixed visual corner icons for medieval carpeted stairs
  • Fix for block phaser area display sometimes being visible without the wiring tool equipped
  • Fixed hint block highlight in blueprints getting offset on certain entity types
  • Improved block placement in blueprints to prevent some cases of accidental placement behind solid walls
  • Clamped long text inputs to prevent breaking the UI
  • Wiring UI can now be brought up with hotkey on logic gate & number comparison
  • Minor store visual fix (mis-sized underline on “Items” header)
Creativerse R44 - The Industrial Update
Creativerse - Brainsloth

Summertime is nearly here, and Pebble’s kicking the season off with a Super Summer Sandcastle Contest!

As you already know, Pebble is a renowned sandcastle expert and art lover. Your challenge is simple: build the ultimate sandcastle (in Creativerse!), or create some Creativerse fan art that’ll fill Pebble’s thorax with summer spirit!

Challenge & Prizes

Build a sandcastle in Creativerse and submit your best screenshots, or create and submit some summer-inspired Creativerse fan art.

We’ll pick our favorite TEN submissions and award the creators with:
  • A Creativerse Pro Steam DLC key;
  • a Welcome Bundle Steam DLC key;
  • and a Bucket of Coins!
How to Enter
  • Post your entry (a link to your sandcastle screenshots or summer-inspired Creativerse fan art) on the official contest thread on our Steam forums (in other words, here!);
  • or Tweet us your entry @creativersegame including the hashtag #CreativerseContest along with your Steam ID (and make sure you’re following us so we can DM the winner).
Official Rules
  • Deadline for entries is 6/21/2017 at 12pm CST.
  • Limit one entry per person.
  • You’re free to work together with others, but the prize will go to the person that submits the winning entry.
  • Sandcastles don’t have to be made completely of sand, but they should definitely *look* like a sandcastle.
  • You don't have to, but you can submit up to five (5) screenshots to show off your sandcastle build.
  • Your sandcastle builds should make us say "wow!" Creativity, design, and aesthetics matter.
  • Screenshots and artwork will be judged and winners selected by Playful and a scuttle of discerning Pebbles. (Turns out “scuttle” is the scientific name for a group of Pebbles. Who knew?)
  • Make sure you’ve registered your e-mail in Creativerse so we can contact you if you win.
  • Neither employees and family of employees of Playful nor Pebble’s Uncle Rockster are eligible to participate and win.
  • No purchase necessary; purchase does not enhance chance of winning.
  • Void where prohibited.
Creativerse - Brainsloth

Greetings, Creators!

We're excited to introduce the Welcome Bundle - a brand new DLC stacked with coins and rare recipes. It's a perfect pick for new players or anyone that appreciates a stellar deal.

And by popular demand, we've added corner versions for all the remaining slab and slope sets (like dirt and grass). Henceforth let no dirt hut be un-cornered!

This is a relatively small update, but it's got some important fixes (we bribed your pets to make sure they don't mysteriously disappear so often), and we've got plenty more exciting stuff on the horizon!

New Features and Content
  • Additional corner blocks for these blocks:
    • Grass Slope and Stairs
    • Dirt Slope and Stairs
    • Peakstone Slope and Stairs
    • Bedrock Slope and Stairs
    • Blue Adobe Slope and Stairs
    • Red Adobe Slope and Stairs
    • Yellow Adobe Slope and Stairs
    • Adobe Slope and Stairs
  • New “Welcome Bundle” DLC now available for purchase! Includes:
    • 1500 coins
    • 5 rare crafting recipes
      • Gold Sword
        • About as sharp and choppy as an iron sword, but gold-plated!
      • Gold Potion
      • 3 Unique Decorative Gold Blocks
    • over 900 bundled blocks and items!
  • Warmworm and Hotfoot now sometimes drop iron ore
  • Added store hotkey to remap list
  • Pets default to follow when tamed
  • Basic bed now has unique color
  • Added basic option to disable corruption (both global for world, and for individual claims, defaults to off in both cases)
  • Corruption balance adjustments
    • Reduced radius of corruption bomb
    • Corrupted forests of different wood types can now be purified
    • Increased corruption resistance of all wood types
  • Added break effect / animation when tool breaks
  • Additional protection against many cheats
  • “Bundles” header in store now called “Items”
  • Block kits and bundles now auto-sort to the top of the inventory
  • Existing lumite-strength Gold Sword renamed Legendary Gold Sword
  • Tweaks to craft description UI
  • Fixes for pets mysteriously vanishing when wandering
  • Fixed many cases of visual sparkling, especially in first cave layer
  • World chats that incorrectly attributed TNT detonations fixed
  • Fix for machine connection hotspot issues when rotating some machines
  • Screenshots now work for 4K resolutions
  • Menu of resolution options now scrolls for monitors that support lots of resolutions
  • Fixes for some alt-tab issues where Creativerse loses focus
  • Fixed math errors resulting in errors in some loot tables
Creativerse R43: The Welcome Update
Creativerse - Valve
Creativerse is Now Available on Steam!

An adventure as big as your imagination.
Creativerse - Brainsloth

Welcome, Creators!

Early Access may be over but the ride is just getting started. Grab a friend and join the fun -- Creativerse is officially LAUNCHED!

We're kicking off launch by releasing a top community-requested Creativerse feature: stair and roof corner blocks! Plus we've leveled up the game with our usual fleet of fixes, optimizations, and balance tweaks. (You spoke. We heard. Super extractors just got super-charged.)

Whether you're a Creati-veteran or discovering the world of Creativerse for the very first time (in which case, try to find some shelter before nightfall - you’ll thank us later), we're thrilled to have you along for the ride!

P.S. For a glimpse at what comes next, don't miss this blog post by our game director.

New Features and Content
  • New corner blocks!
    • Process crafted stairs and roofs in the processor to make inside and outside corners
  • New placemat item
    • Use to place and arrange decorative items on most flat surfaces
  • New block bundles
    • Medieval Pack
    • Hidden Temple Pack
  • Memory usage & performance improvements
  • Added teleporter tutorial screen
  • Additional protection against some exploits
  • Balance adjustments
    • Super extractor now returns 3.5x base ore value (up from 3)
    • Forge time for iron ore is 20 seconds (down from 30)
  • Fixed most cases of missing visual chunks
  • Fix for visual “missing block” when half-pulling other blocks
  • Fix for broken block outlines when building blueprints
  • Fixed low light level of medieval torches
  • Purchased bundles now show up properly when inventory page first opened
  • Fixed bad shader on medieval throne
  • Medieval door can now be wired
  • Tweaked loadscreen to fix minor visual issue
  • Fixed minor issues with missing text strings for some items
Creativerse - PlayfulDavid

Yesterday we announced that Creativerse will launch out of Early Access next week on May 8. Today our game director, Daniel Havens, posted a write-up on our vision for what comes next. We have a lot planned and we're excited to hear what you guys think!

You can read the full post here:
Creativerse - PlayfulDavid

The day is nearly here.

Creativerse will graduate from Early Access on May 8.

In 6 days, we will cross a very important milestone in the game’s development. It’s the moment we say to the world, “Ok, everyone into the pool!” We will open the doors to an even bigger audience and invite them into the amazing, delightful world of Creativerse.

For all of you who’ve been on this journey with us and helped us build this game together, this will be just another step. Our shared hopes and dreams for what this game can become have no limits. We still have much more planned for Creativerse. Tomorrow, for the first time ever, we’ll share a glimpse of that roadmap with you—details about what we have planned and where we hope to go from here.

Until then, we wanted to thank all of you for supporting us during Early Access. Your feedback is invaluable to us and influences the game’s destiny every single day. To show our thanks, use the code “THANKYOU” in the game’s store (click the “redeem” button) from now until May 7 to get the super rare recipe for the Unicorn Sword, aka The Rainbownator 5000, as well as the Ultimate Machines Pack!

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