Community Announcements - Krita Team
(I'm hoping those translations are correct...)

We're happy to announce a new update, which add the following features and fixes:
  • NEW: Language-pack (please read below)
  • NEW: Stabilizer mode for smoothing input
  • NEW: Multilayer selection
  • NEW: Edit selection mask
  • NEW: Support 8-bit and 16-bit heightmaps (as .r8 and .r16)
  • NEW: New launch option for sketch-mode "--sketch"
  • NEW: HDR Painting with the LUT Docker
  • FIX: Memory leak in colour transformation
  • FIX: to colour smudge brush engine
  • FIX: lens-blur filter artifacts when used as an Adjustment Layer
  • FIX: Conversion of clone layers into paint layers and selection masks
  • Plus various other minor fixes!

Language Settings in Krita
We felt a few users would benefit from the language packs, and we were hard at work getting an early version of these in Krita Gemini, though there is still room for improvement. We've identified that there is still a little problem, but in general:
  • Krita Gemini defaults to English (US)
  • Currently only the Desktop mode allows setting the language (though we're working on translations of the sketch mode)
  • If you open the "Select Application Language" dialog under the Help menu and change it to anything other than English (US), then it will ignore that setting, and display in the language which matches your "Formatting" setting in Windows Control Panel (Region and Language) - we're investigating why it doesn't correctly allow the setting of other languages.
If we're missing a language, please free to let us know - we'll add a discussion topic with language instructions you can comment in.

Have fun / Viel Spass! :D
Community Announcements - Krita Team
Some of you may have already seen yesterday's announcement on, and the video by Timotée Giet demonstrating HDR painting in Krita.
It's still being developed, and one of the Windows dev machines ran into trouble using the new LUT docker, so we're not pushing this out to everyone just yet, but you can enable the Beta branch to try it yourself.

Here's how to try out HDR painting:
First, switch to the "Beta" branch. You can do this by:
  1. Right-click on Krita Gemini in your Steam Library, select "Properties".
  2. Select the "Betas" tab.
  3. Select the "beta" branch (not a strict beta, more "unstable")
Now Steam should update Krita Gemini to this branch, and you will see "Krita Gemini [beta]" in your Library. You can follow the same procedure to return to the (default) branch.

To play with the HDR painting, using the new LUT docker:
  1. Create an OpenColorIO config, or download one from OpenColorIO
  2. Create a new custom image, you'll want to use RGB, 32-bit Float, scRGB (linear) Color.
  3. Open the Dockers menu under "Settings" and enable the LUT docker
  4. Enable OpenColorIO and select the .ocio profile that you previously downloaded
  5. You can adjust the gamma and exposure using the docker, or you can assign your own canvas-input shortcut.

To assign shortcuts to exposure:
  1. Select "Configure Krita" from the Settings menu
  2. Choose the category "Canvas Input Settings"
  3. Expand the "Exposure and Gamma" setting at the bottom and you can assign a shortcut for Exposure mode. We're going to set it so that holding Y and dragging the mouse up and down with adjust exposure (this may already exist)
  4. Select "Add shortcut..." and as type, choose "Mouse Button".
  5. Double-click on the center column entry "None". Click the entry for Mouse-Button and when it asks you for mouse-input, click the left-mouse button.
  6. Click the button for "Modifiers" and press Y on the keyboard.
  7. If the far-right column says anything other than "Exposure Mode", then click that entry and select Exposure Mode from the popup-list.
  8. Close the dialog and try it out :D

For more information, check out the
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We might have released an update yesterday, but there's a fun new feature, some improvements and an important bug-fix in today's update:
  • NEW: Scalable Distance option for weighted smoothing of brush strokes - this makes weighted smoothing zoom/resolution independent, for a more natural feel
  • Transform tool now has easier to use handles with a larger "grab" area
  • Fix default saving as PSD format if no extension given
  • Improved layout of floating messages
  • Fixed some potential crash conditions
Jun 10, 2014
Community Announcements - Krita Team
Just a quick shout-out to let folks know what's in the latest update!
  • Display a regular open-file-dialog from the Welcome screen
  • Show export dialogs when saving in desktop mode
  • Improvements to layer handling in Sketch-mode
  • Improvements to the mirror axes display
  • Canvas-only mode can now be exited by pressing Esc as well
  • Updates to the clone tool
  • Various bug fixes
Community Announcements - Krita Team
In our enthusiasm last week when we announced "72h left!" we hadn't accounted on the public holiday in parts of Europe today - so that gives everyone an extra day to pick up the lifetime upgrades version of Krita Gemini at a considerable discount!

Meanwhile, we're preparing another update. You'll continue to see We'll continue to be working to bring some additional features once we leave early access.
Community Announcements - Krita Team
Good news! As a Thank-You for supporting us so far, everyone who buys Krita Gemini during Early Access will receive lifetime* upgrades to each new version we release!

We're getting things ready to leave Early Access in the next week or two. Krita Gemini will come with two upgrades, that is approximately 1 year of upgrades. But the early access birds get all the new releases, forever! So now's the time to grab the chance of a super-discounted deal on Krita! :D

We will be releasing with Krita Gemini 2.8. New customers will then continue to receive updates to 2.9 in October and 3.0 in April. If you step in with 2.9, you'll get 3.0 and 3.1. And so on: with each release, we'll update the store to offer an additional 2-version updates. We'll set the price for Krita to about ~€40. And there will be a lifetime upgrades package as well, for ~€100... Well worth it, because...

* Krita's lifetime:
Krita's been going for 10 years already, and we have no intention of giving up any time soon!

New to Krita? Try out the fully-featured Krita Desktop or the Sketch interface with the Steam Demo - Krita Gemini gives you both!
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We've been hard at work, fixing bugs, improving some features and implementing others, and we have another big update!
  • Krita now runs with or without Steam services
  • Use templates from the Welcome Screen
  • Visible, draggable mirror-guides
  • Plus a big overhaul to bring it in-line with the latest 2.9 pre-alpha updates
We haven't stopped yet - coders and artists from the Krita community have joined us in Deventer for a weekend of hacking - so expect more to come in a few days!

Community Announcements - Krita Team
This is the first full day of a big push for bug fixes and features, with the entire Krita Gemini team around the same table (literally!), with a host of 2 in 1 convertible devices, graphics tablets and cups of tea or coffee at the ready.

Included in today's update:
  • Krita now remembers your preset from the last session
  • Tagging of resources is fixed and works between Krita Gemini installations
  • G'MIC plug-in includes a filter-search box
  • Sketch: tabs now drop down for quicker inspection
  • Sketch: tooltips for some buttons, hover-over or long-press to display (with more tips to come)
  • Sketch: improved layer controls
  • Sketch: add duplicate/clear buttons for layers
  • Krita runs full-screen from Steam Big Picture
  • Added a test of graphics driver version in the crash handler, to alert users who might still be using older drivers
  • Plus fixes to some crashes users had reported
Community Announcements - Krita Team
A small number of users appear to be experiencing problems running Krita on computers with AMD graphics cards or internal graphics. This typically has the effect of causing a crash when trying to create a new blank image, or opening an existing one.

Usually this is a result of running older version of the graphics driver. The first advice we have is for you to upgrade your graphics driver to the latest version from the AMD support page:

Let us know if this fixes things for you or, if it still doesn't work then we can explore the issue further. (please leave a note here, in the forums, or supply your email in the crash report so we can contact you)
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We pushed another update today which should make Krita open or create a new image significantly faster than it was previously!

Also, the Custom Image panel now remembers the settings from the last time you used it (per installation). So, if you usually use the same settings, you can get working faster too!

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